So My Photography journey started roughly about 10 years ago but all my life I have loved Photography.

I love how each picture tells a story. I love how literally anything you choose as your subject can be made to look beautiful & tell a story. 

I have always had issues with confidence due to personal issues to the point where my Photography has never really gone anywhere so I have just kept it as my hobby and personal to myself & because I didn’t think I was any good which is still kind of what I think but my friends & family would argue that fact.

I suppose it takes a lot of feedback to make you see differently. I have recently now been getting great feedback on my Photography which is helping my confidence & slowly allowing me to believe in myself a little more than before. 

love all aspects of Photography & now due to the amazing support I am receiving, my Photography is slowly being noticed. With only the use of my Galaxy Note 3, not a photography camera or even a simple point & shoot camera nope just me & my phone.


Just in one week thanks to an amazing friend I have had one of my Photos I had taken on the front cover of a local events Magazine & another used at a recently funded Nature Reserve that has been created from an empty land that wasn’t used for anything. My amazing friend sent them my photo without me knowing & they loved it so much they used it at the Nature Reserve & I received an Email asking my permission if they could use it. So yeah all that in one week, that made my week & obviously I was very stunned & shocked. It was literally the best week for my Photography ever.

It felt great knowing that my Photography was finally getting recognised after 10 years of doing Photography. The feeling you get you cannot even describe or put into words but it felt amazing. Now 10 years on & my Photography is finally out there I now have enough confidence to want to finally turn into a career which 10 years ago if you had told me I would be this far I would most likely laugh at you.


Now im looking into getting my 1st Dslr camera & looking into getting better by looking at Photography Courses to start me on my big journey as a recognised Photographer, which I have never ever claimed to be an actual Photographer or called myself a photographer before as I knew I never was, it WAS just a hobby!

Life is looking brighter!

So this is my very 1st blog ever!

Just wanted to take people on my Photography Journey, I hope people like to read my blogs & take this journey with me.

Any Feedback, Comments & Likes are all appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

Much luv.



Not posted a new blog for a while because I’ve been so busy with home life & other commitments. 

So since my 1st Blog I posted so much has happened. One of my photos has again been chosen to be used on a Nature Reserve Opening Day Flyer which I am very happy about. 


I have recently decided to take the plunge & make my own Photography page on Facebook. I was very nervous and apprehensive about doing this as I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out or if it would be a success, but so far so good. In the first few minutes of making it public I had received around 15 likes. Which I was stunned but very happy about & I have received quite a few more since.



I had never created my own page before so was very sceptical about how it would turn out but now my confidence is growing daily I’m just enjoying promoting my page. 

I am really happy because everyday I’m still learning what I have loved & I have had this big passion in my life for more than 10 years, only being self taught. 

So I just thought I would write my 2nd blog as a sort of update really. I’m still not used to blogging yet & I’m hoping my blogs are ok and are an interesting read.

Worst thing about blogging for me is the thought of boring my readers that like to read other people’s blogs but I am still learning all this so I’m sure my blogs will get much better. 




Sunday 5th July my family & I took a nice walk to Shipley Glen to go see some Vintage buses that were on display for the day, for people to take a look around & even go inside some of the buses. Aswell as buses there were Vintage Coaches & old Vintage Bus Tow trucks that helped buses if they had broken down.


As we were looking around I felt unsure who was more fascinated my children or myself.  I was born in 1980 so I don’t remember much about these old vintage buses but they were really interesting to me. It was fantastic seeing them all lined up. It started to amaze me how different they looked then to how they look now, how far luxury travel has extended & grown since these buses were mainly used back then. 


Things we take for granted now such as Pram & Wheelchair bays, the availability of the bus ramp & the bus being able to lower at 1 side to make it easier for parents with prams & pushchairs to get on & off the bus. It really makes you wonder how much people struggled when these old buses were in service.

Whilst looking around  I also noticed how very small & compact the buses were compared to how much wider & bigger they are now, it must have been very uncomfortable on very hot days because I know how uncomfortable they feel now on hot days but it must have felt much worse back then


One of the first things my little boy wanted to do was sit in the bus drivers seat & straight away I noticed how different the steering wheel was, so much bigger & the gear stick looked much more fiddly compared to how much easier gear sticks are modernised today. 


Wallace Arnold was founded in 1912 & was named after its founders Wallace Cunningham and Arnold Crowe. We was lucky enough to see one of there more modern but still quite old coaches. Very vintage looking & very compact in size. Day trips must have been an uncomfortable & very hot journey.


Something that caught my attention & although I have seen old vintage buses before still seem to fascinate me was the open back of the bus with no door & the fact that people could just climb aboard & alight from the back of the bus.

  A very distant vivid memory I do remember from being young was seeing Clippies as they was known then or Conductors as I remember them & more known as. They have now become a thing of the past & no longer seen on buses anymore.

This day has made me realise how much times change & how even public transport changes through the years & it makes me wonder how public transport will look when my children grow up & how much different they will be again to them. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

All Comments, Feedback & Likes are all appreciated.

Much luv.



2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Susan014 says:

    Awesome, love reading about people putting their fears behind them and looking to the future. I love that you have been brave enough to share your story here too, This is the kind of act which makes people ‘inspirational’ beings, so if you ever feel your confidence waning just remember that the simple act of sharing your work in whatever medium that takes makes you an inspiration to others. Have a fab Weekend girly, I’m sure I’ll see you about on Facebook and Twitter. Keep smiling it makes you a huge difference to your mood.

    Also FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. Keep your mind focussed on what your love and that False Evidence will disappear.

    Susan xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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