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#MumLife|Winging It Since 1997! 

If anyone would have told me when I was a younger child that at 16 years old I would become a mummy or even that I would end up a single mummy to 6 children at 37 years old! I honestly don’t know what my reaction would have been?! 

Shocked….? Absolutely! 

Falling over laughing…? Maybe Yeah!

I have never done the nightclub scene, I have never done the holidays with my BFF’S! I cannot even remember the last time I had a girly night out! 
But I HAVE learned responsibility at a young age and I HAVE learned how to grow up quickly too!

And you know what…? 

I wouldn’t change anything in my life!!
I dont believe in regrets and I have never wished for my life to go in a different direction! I have however spent all these moments in my life feeling truely loved and extremely blessed! 

So here is my blog and my take on mumlife after 21 Years!

Welcome to #mumlife | Winging It Since 1997!

Before becoming a parent!

Before becoming a parent, I didn’t know I could ruin someone’s life just for asking them to put pants on!


Leave home without those raisins, rice cakes, biscuits or whatever you use as bribery at your own risk!        

The ordeal and drama that is caused because my child didn’t have the last yoghurt! (It is the end of the world don’t you know?) 

The long and winding hour they have gone without a drink because they are absolutely thirsty! 

We are starving our children because they haven’t eaten in the last half an hour! Yes I have childline on speed dial because of the countless times my children have used that against me…many times. (yes kids use bribery too, I’ve no idea where they get it from!) 

Shopping!                                        Walk into a store with the full intention of treating yourself then walking out with many items for your kids and you have nothing! 
Spending your shopping trip, running around the store looking for your kids! 

Just don’t even attempt to go anywhere near anything breakable! 

And let’s not get into store floor tantrums shall we!

This is indeed mumlife and there is no such thing as a perfect parent!
We are all just winging it one day at a time so laugh off the mistakes and let’s give ourselves some proper credit because as all us mum’s know…we deserve it! 

Thanks for reading.

Much luv.

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Log Off, Shut Down And Go Outside!

Life these days we get so caught up in everything and anything that is online in the world of social media and becoming a mummy blogger has added to that. Don’t get me wrong I love blogging so much and I would never regret deciding to take this direction in our life, but it is so easy to forget to 


As a family there’s nothing more in life we love and that we are very passionate about than waking up early, packing up a picnic in our rucksacks, putting on our walking boots, getting out to seek adventures and having fun with some outdoor activities. We love trekking out into the woods, canal walks and even covering big distances over moorlands. Just to be able to switch off and get out with plenty of fresh air and the serenity of a quiet, peaceful environment with spectacular views, just getting away from the noise and the smells of a big city…it is just the best!

This coming year has been such a whirlwind for us and we are hoping to get back to our home life and get back into our usual routine of weekend hikes out in the woods, moorlands or wherever our feet may take us.

To make walks less boring one thing we love to do is a scavenger hunt, it is so easy and so much fun. Looking for certain objects, spotting wildlife, searching for items and ticking them off on the scavenger hunt list is a lot of fun and great learning for children. You can find printable scavenger hunts all over the Internet to download and take with you on your walks and kids love a good scavenger hunt.

There are so many activities you can also discover whilst out on your walk like stepping stones, rock climbing and another favourite of ours is Pooh Sticks!

Pooh Sticks is basically a race with sticks in a flowing river or stream. Each person finds a stick and then everyone throws their chosen stick into the flowing water at the same time and the first person’s stick to reach the chosen end of the race wins. It is just a really fun and exciting game to play and kids love it.

Another great outdoors learning game is Leaf Spotting, finding different types of leaves on the ground and matching them with the trees they belong to is really fun and in Autumn there’s nothing better than a good leaf fight, I love Autumn, watching my children running around in leaves, playing, squealing and giggling whilst throwing them in the air or at each other, it just puts a massive smile on my face to watch them having so much fun.

The world wide web is full of activities and ideas to enjoy whilst outdoors on your chosen walks, that make your journey or adventure so much more fun and exciting.

Where is your favourite place outdoors that you love to visit?
What is your favourite outdoor activity? 

Thank you for reading!

Much luv.

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Family Games Review | Indoor Snowball Target Game. 

As a family there is nothing we love more than having a really chilled day with nothing to do and just be able to play family games. Unfortunately with school runs, appointments and food shopping to do (typical mumlife basically) it is rare we get to have that quality family time. 

Since just before Christmas I have been making a big effort to hit the shops and look out for good family games that are not too pricey, but also games that the kids will enjoy time and time again.
So just before Christmas whilst out shopping I called into Poundland and I found this fantastic game. Snowball Target Game £1
It is not complicated in anyway, it is fun for any age child or adult and so simple yet so much fun.
My children loved playing this game all over Christmas and even recently we have played it.
You basically have coloured numbered targets to stand up on the floor, table or virtually anywhere…even in the garden in the summer!

You have six pom poms that look like snowballs that you throw at the targets to try to knock as many of the targets down as you can and then you just count up your score and the person with the highest score wins.
It is so easy and yet my children absolutely love it!

What games have you found that your family has enjoyed?
What is your favourite family game to play?
Thank you for reading.

Much luv.

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Xander’s Favourite Food. 

I first started to wean Xander at around 5 months and I tried him on basic porridge which he seemed to like, I wanted to try him on different tastes so I bought him a few Ella’s Kitchen yoghurt pouches and some Heinz Banana Porridge. I added the yogurt into his porridge for his breakfast and he really loved it and has since loved all the range from Ella’s Kitchen.

Now he’s 8 months he’s really enjoying his food and he has not yet turned away anything I’ve tried to feed him. All my children have been good as babies for trying new foods and have always finished every meal they have loved (completely different now).

Now Xander has tried quite a few different meals, I now know what his favourites foods to eat are!

He loves his porridge with either an Ella’s Kitchen yoghurt mixed in or he loves his Heinz Banana porridge, I’ve tried him on toast but he’s always become bored with eating it and I have always found chewed up pieces in his chair so I don’t really give him it that much.

From the Ella’s Kitchen range, he loves the carrots, peas and kale. He also loves the peas, broccoli and potatoes. More recently he’s started loving the sweet potato too. I love the pouches because they are so easy to heat up if I chose him to have a warm meal, I just pop it in a jug of hot water and within a couple of minutes it is ready for him to eat.

I’ve also recently tried him on the Ella’s Kitchen Punchy Pork Roast Dinner with Apple Sauce which he really enjoys and the lovely Lamb Roast Dinner.

If he is ever not wanting a certain meal I always either give him a yoghurt from the Ella’s Kitchen Range or his Rice Pudding or even 1 of his Apple and Cinnamon crumbles which he also really loves.

To begin with when he was 5 months I just started him on 1 breakfast a day for a few days then I would introduce him to a breakfast and lunch for a few more days and now he eats just like the rest of us…breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes a dessert if he wants one and he really loves his food. I also bought him a travel food on the go holder that I can put fruit in the netted bag and he just sucks on the netted bag to get all the fruit juice out and he absolutely loves that.

What are your babies favourite foods?

Is their any foods your babies haven’t particularly took a liking to?

Thanks for reading.

Much luv.

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Future Plans For 2018

With 2018 suddenly upon us (crazy I know) every New Year we all go through the whole making our New Year’s Resolutions process. I do this myself and guaranteed I always break it, so this year instead of making the famous Resolutions I decided to set myself acheivable goals to aim for instead.

1/ Blog More.                                    I’ve had so much going on lately in my personal life that my blog had taken a back seat, so my aim for this year is to get back on it again, because I’ve missed it so much.

2/Get Out More.
I’m a great lover of being outdoors, walking and meeting new people in the process and this is 1 of my biggest aims from this year, I’ve felt like such a recluse lately and I’ve hated it.

3/ Photography
All my life my biggest passion has been Photography and I used to love getting out and about taking photos of everything that caught my eye, but this is also something I’ve not done for a while and I’ve missed it. This year I’m hoping to get back into my photography again.

4/Stable Family Life                            So much has happened since September that has really made us as a family become unstable and although I cannot discuss details, my main and most important aim for this year is to get us back stable again!

New Life New Home!

5/Getting More Organised
Definitely something I really need to improve on and hopefully with the help of my new Bullet Journal and Diary I bought myself from Paperchase I’m hoping this will help me on my way to organising my life.

I don’t want to make too many goals because if you aim for too much, too quickly they will feel more like chores than goals, so these are mine I’m setting myself for this year.

What are your goals for this year?
Do you love Bullet Journal’s? 

Thanks for reading.

Much luv.

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Xander’s Eight Month Update.

As I write this post I’m still finding it difficult to comprehend that my teeny baby is now eight months old and he is no longer so teeny! I know we say it all the time and it really sounds so cliché but seriously where does the time go??

So much as happened throughout Xander’s eight months of growth and everytime he still surprises me with his clever ways and the milestones he reaches, I can’t get enough of just watching him learn through play and his mind being stimulated by everything he sees and touches. I love teaching him new things everyday and it feels amazing when he comes across something new, like this month he’s learned to clap his hands and his feet, learned to move his body and roll around. Everytime I feed him he grabs his spoon and then giggles with excitement because he’s managed it!
It’s these little things to us…yet massive milestones for him that I only get to see once and once he’s done it and seen that joyful look on his face, well it’s not as exciting the second time.
I never want to miss anything with Xander, I want to capture every moment, every step for as long as i can because let’s be honest at 37 years old, the old baby brain I’ve gained repeatedly over the years is now not as great as it once was and this is another reason why I love my blog, why I love making these memories to look back on when the brain fails me to do so.

Xander has really found his voice this past month or so and all he likes to do is project it (as loud as possible) it is amazing just how loud and high a baby’s scream can be!!

I’ve also found out that Xander has a big love for books just lately, no matter what toy you give him he will play with it for about 3 minutes and get bored of it, but when I give him one of his soft books he will happily sit there for a good 20 minutes while I’m cleaning just looking at his book, taking in every page and every detail, it is so fascinating to watch him and his facial expressions as he looks at everything in the book and touching the different textures. As I watch him discovering new things I am always wondering:
What is he thinking?
What is going through his little mind?
What is he feeling?

Well unfortunately it hasn’t all been fun, the one thing I was absolutely devastated about was breastfeeding! With my other children I’ve never been able to breastfeed for very long due to my milk just drying up for no reason! It has happened with all of my children and everytime it has happened it has been just as upsetting as before. You would think now that I’m on my sixth baby it would just be something I could just expect to happen, but no I was so upset when it happened again, I think that I had the expectation that this time would be different. When Xander was around 3-4 months old Xander would cry near the end of his feed and get so angry and frustrated because my milk had just stopped producing and there was nothing left. At first it just happened towards the end, after he had a good feed so I managed to settle him okay. After a few weeks it just became worse and eventually when it came to feed Xander, my milk had just dried up completely and I was devastated! It was like my other babies all over again, although with Xander I managed to breastfeed for the longest time…that wasn’t much comfort. I tried everything in me to keep my milk flowing, I tried skin to skin contact, drinking more water and even spent hours holding him to my chest but no matter what I tried nothing happened and once again I was left feeling like a failure, failing to produce what was so natural for my baby and yet I couldn’t provide him with the milk he needs. I was completely heartbroken, even now writing this, it upsets me and tears are flowing once again. No matter how many children you have…trust me it does not get any easier!

It was just before Xander reached 5 months that I finally gave in and changed him to formula milk and please trust me when I say that I hold no judgement about how any baby is fed, in my eyes as long as a baby is fed and healthy, it is all down to a Mums choice on how that baby is fed, nobody has the right to judge another. Anyway I managed 5 months and that is better than what I reached with my other children which was around 3-4 months max. I should feel proud that I had done the best that I could, but all I felt and all I still feel is failure because I wanted to feed my babies for as long as possible and it just wasn’t meant to be.

Since Xander was a born he has always been carried in a baby wrap, outside travelling around and even around the home because he’s always been a very clingy baby so it’s all seemed natural to me to just carry him around whilst I got all my jobs done, it was easier and he has always felt very settled being carried around so it just worked. Since he has become heavier I’ve started to use his pram/pushchair more…much to his dismay although he is getting used to it more now. He became too heavy for his wrap at around 4 months because he seemed to go from being this tiny, dainty baby to piling on the weight and literally filling out to become a very stocky baby (haha!) Using the wrap was starting to feel very uncomfortable for me and so I decided to buy him a Ergo baby carrier because they are the best for comfort for travelling babywearing mums and growing babies. He loves his Ergobaby carrier and I try to get as much use out of it as I can while I can.

Another not so great occurance in Xander’s 8 months is that Xander at around 3 months had become quite ill and his breathing deteriorated, I became quite concerned so I took him to the doctors who straight away was not happy and had us in A&E where he was treated and I found out that (as I expected to happen) he was diagnosed with Asthma or baby bronchitis as they like to call it because apparently Asthma cannot be diagnosed at such a young age. We knew this would actually happen before it happened because both his father and myself have asthma and Mason his older brother (almost 7 years now) was also diagnosed with Asthma (sorry Baby Bronchitis) as a baby too so it really was inevitable that Xander would be on his own spacer and an inhaler like his brother too. Anyway cutting a long story short Xander has had days that have been up and down, he will get a day or two when he’s fine and not wheezy at all, but then he will go a good solid week being really poorly, very wheezy and struggle with his breathing.

I’m now thinking of buying him a dehumidifier to see if this will help him with his breathing because it is quite bad now and I’ve heard they are pretty good for Asthma sufferers.
I’ve been through all this many times before so I know what to expect and how to deal with Asthma/Bronchitis, especially the bronchitis because I myself had become seriously ill with Bronchitis and ended up being rushed to hospital (but that’s another story).

Xander now 8 months is doing so great, he is currently growing his 4th tooth (2 bottom, almost 2 top) and although he still struggles some days with his breathing, he has never let it bring him down and he has always been a happy baby, he’s had his cry days as any baby has them, but no matter what he’s gone through, he is always still smiling and still shares a few giggles.

Anyway sorry this has turned out to be a very long baby update.
The last update I did was my bump update so their was a lot to update on after taking a long break away from my blog. 

So if you’re still reading this then thank you so much, I am very greatfull that you have taken the time to read it all.

What has been the best milestone in your baby’s growth?
Does your baby like Xander have to deal with Asthma/Baby Bronchitis?

Thank you so much for reading.

Much luv

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Xander’s First Christmas.

A baby’s first Christmas is always the most special, but also one of the most fascinating times in their life. That look on an older babies face is just amazing, when there’s so much going on and all the excitement of Christmas, It makes me always wonder what is going through their tiny little minds?!

Xander absolutely loved Christmas and I’m so happy he was at the age to be able to see everything and discover so much of what was going on. He loved all the unwrapping of his presents and discovering he had toys awaiting him, he didn’t know where to look because there was so much going on!

Being as young as he is, I didn’t go too mad because I knew he is just too young to understand about Christmas and to him at his age it’s all about the lights on the tree, the noise surrounding him and all the paper/cardboard to play with of course, because that is all babies of 8 months are bothered about really! 

After all the excitement of the unwrapping he realised he had new toys to fascinate him and that big look of happiness on his face I just never want to leave my memory, I just love his big beaming smile and I could watch him forever when he’s that happy!

His Chad Valley PlayGym (£14.99) he got from us for Christmas he absolutely loves it and has since been using it almost everyday. PlayGyms are such a must have for babies because it gives them the ability to move and learn about different colours, textures and how things look and feel, while also having that freedom of learning to move his body, legs and arms wherever he likes and that is also so important in a growing babies life. He loves to roll over and play, playing with his feet and discovering his body.

My mum had bought this Redkite booster seat for Xander for Christmas because she didn’t know what to buy him with him being so young, so I asked her to buy him this because he was fully into the weaning stage now and unfortunately he only had his pram to sit in to eat his meals. He loves his booster seat, he loves the fact that he can sit as high as his siblings and join in with mealtimes. I chose the Redkite Panda booster chair because it was in black and white which he seems to favour things in that colour the most and who doesn’t love a cute panda?!   He loves that he has toys fixed to his tray to play with, unfortunately sometimes I have to remove them when he eats because they become a distraction from him eating. I love the fact that you can also use it on the floor as a baby chair and he loves to sit in his chair on the floor and play with his brother’s and sister. 

Xander also got a rain maker shaker toy from Wilkinsons for Christmas because I always love buying him toys that not only make sounds but also toys that I think are going to fascinate him too. Other than them I bought him clothes because this past 2 months he has grown very fast, he was barely even touched his 6-9 months clothes before he flew into 9-12 and he’s only been in the size 9-12 for a couple of weeks and already he’s growing out of them!! I really wish babies didn’t grow so fast, it seems like within no time at all he has gone from a very tiny dainty baby to a very big and heavy boy! 

Since Xander started his first foods at 5 and a half months, he has always loved his food! Right from the first taste of his porridge to now discovering new tastes, his love for food has grown. I’ve tried Xander on a few different types of food now and he seems to favour the Ella’s Kitchen brand. He especially loves the fruits and yoghurts in his morning porridge. 

He has had a few different types of food from that range and he really loves them, the vegetables range he really likes and the desserts like the yoghurts he loves…strawberry and the berry flavours are his top favourite. 

So for his Christmas meal it was only right to buy him the famous Ella’s Kitchen Christmas Dinner and he was not disappointed, he loved it and it did not last very long before he had cleaned his entire bowl on Christmas day! He certainly loves his food!!

Xander really enjoyed his first Christmas and was fast asleep before the day was done, he hasn’t been very well over Christmas so that would’ve been a major factor also, but I’m so proud of him because he got through the full day smiling and still happy.

Xander seemed to really love his first Christmas and it was the best feeling seeing him so happy, but I’m looking forward to next year when he will learn his new milestone of being able to unwrap his own presents, so another special day of the year to look forward to. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year to everyone. 

Much luv

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Why I Took A Year Off? New Year! New Life!


As I’m writing my first blog post after deciding to finally come back after a whole year of being away from my blogging, I’m feeling very uneasy and strange because it has been so long since I’ve written anything and so much has happened in this year of me being away. 

I’m not sure what to say, how to write or even where to begin! I feel like I’m right back to when I first started blogging back in May 2015, I feel like everything I’ve learnt since I started…I’ve lost and I’m having to learn things all over again!

Anyway all I can do is wing it and do the best I can so here goes…

To cut a very long story short…I took a break from blogging because I’ve had some very personal things going on in my life and I won’t really go into any detail, but I’m now a single mummy to my 6 children. 

I took a year out because I simply lost everything I had in my life that I loved and now I have to start over! Personal belongings including my laptop that was my escape from me being just a mummy and a housewife, photographs I had stored on my laptop of the last 15+ years of my life and treasured memories of my children growing up and so much more that meant the world to me…all gone! I had to leave it all behind.

Anyway I am now going through the steps I need to take to get my children’s and my life back to being stable again and starting 2018 with a fresh start. 

Making the massive decision to quit our old life and start over and making myself a single mummy has been the most hardest choice I’ve had to make in the 37 years that I’ve been alive. It is not a choice I wanted to make, but ultimately I wasn’t left with much choice, it was either this or literally live in misery with my children as witnesses, they are my absolute world and they come first in my life always! 

So we are now unfortunately in a battle to get our life back on track and hopefully it will have a good outcome! It has been the hardest and most emotional time in my life to date and is still very raw, I’ve got plenty of ongoing decisions still to make, but I’m hoping 2018 is going to be better and I’m finally going to make something of our life together…facing the world head on together as a family. At the moment I’m only able to write my blogs using my phone and the wordpress app, but I’m back to doing what I love and what my passion has always been. I’m hoping to try and get myself a laptop soon so I can write my blogs properly and become a much better Blogger than I am now.  I’ve also made the decision to hopefully become a full time mummy Blogger and I do want to eventually get my own website and take the steps to make it into something bigger and more official, but baby steps for now! I still have a lot going on at the moment in our life so I’m just taking things one day at a time and at my own pace. 

I’ve had so much support from my family and some lovely new friends which has made me stronger in myself and since things happened I’m slowly regaining my confidence in myself and our life and I never thought that would happen. I’ve also started Vlogging again on a daily basis…only on my Instagram Stories, but it’s a start and that alone has massively gained my confidence and self belief in my capabilities. I never used to talk for my stories in public out of fear of people staring etc but this is now getting better as well. 

So this is me Lisa A.K.A it’s a Mom’s World taking back control of our life and making plans to make it better with new memories along the way.

Thank you for reading!

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4 Christmas Red Lips

Christmas as everyone knows is the time for anything and everything that is festive!!
Present buying, gift wrapping, cards and all the trimmings in between and after all that you then have all the Christmas food shopping to buy and get all ready for Christmas!

Within all the stresses that surrounds Christmas, we also have the good times at Christmas too.
For some people there is all the glitz, glamour of parties and/or work do’s we may be invited to, a time to forget all the stress we have been under at Christmas and make ourselves look fabulous.
A time to relax with our families & our friends over drinks and meals, to be able to just let our hair down and really celebrate Christmas!

So you have your favourite party wear and your favourite shoes and when it comes to make-up the obvious choice around Christmas is the very brave wearing of a beautiful Bold Christmas Red Lip!
No other shade could be as perfect for parties and what better time to bring out the reds!

In this Blog Post I share with you my 4 favourite reds that I will be choosing from to wear this year, I very rarely brave a red lip, but Christmas is definitely the perfect time to bring out that seasonal shade.

Estee Lauder – #250 Red Ego

I love wearing this Red lipstick, it is such a beautiful shade, applies really well on my lips and has a quite thick consistency without the feeling of being caked on.  It gives a nice full colour and lasts on my lips for quite a while without the need to reapply, which is perfect for parties. 
It is a Red lipstick I definitely recommend purchasing.

2True Pro 8hr Power Lip Colour – Angelina

This Lipgloss is the brightest shade of Red I own, it is very vibrant, but beautiful in colour and I love it. It applies very wet looking but dries like a matt and a little warning…it does dry very fast!
It can be more a little more difficult to apply than any other Lipgloss I’ve used before, I’ve made a few mistakes whilst using this previously, like over applying and slipped a few times too, so it does take quite a steady hand, maybe a few tissues/wipes and a bit of patience. 
But once applied the end result is worth it because it really does look amazing on and certainly has lasted me on a full night out without needing reapply.


Sweet Sheen Lip Balm By Makeup Academy

If my lips ever feel more dry than usual, the last thing I want to do is apply a Lipstick or LipGloss that is going to enhance that, so when I found this beauty from Makeup Academy I was very pleased. 
It is a Lip Balm with added moisturiser, but gives a subtle shimmer of colour in this beautiful Red shade too…which is fabulous. 
So even when my lips feel a little poor, I can still wear a gorgeous Red Lip without the worry of my lips drying out even more.  
I have noticed while using this that you do need to reapply throughout a night out, but in my opinion I would rather use this and reapply, than use a LipGloss or Lipstick that is going to dry my lips out even more. 

Rimmel By Kate Lipstick – #01 Red Nose Red

Since Kate Moss first released these beautiful Rimmel Lipsticks, I have always loved the Reds.
They are such a gorgeous vibrant shade and I’ve now owned and worn quite a few Reds since they hit the store. 
They have never made my lips dry out whilst using them and they have stayed put on my lips most nights that I’ve been out with family and friends.
I love these Lipsticks and they’re small enough to fit nicely in any clutch purse and perfect for that Christmas Bold Red Lip!

What are your favourite shades to use at Christmas?

Are you brave and dare to wear the brightest Reds or do you prefer to not be as bold and daring and choose a more subtle shade?

I would love to hear what your favourite Lip shades are in the comments!

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post!

Much luv.


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5 Favourite Tree Decorations

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is the Decorating…no not DIY decorating, but Christmas Decorating.  There’s such a great feeling of getting all the decorations out of our loft and hanging them all up with my family, putting up and decorating the Christmas Tree. Every year we always leave the star to each 1 of our children in turn to add on the top of the tree.
I also love buying new decorations to add to the tree and our home too and replacing any old decorations for newer ones. Christmas just doesn’t look nice without our home filled with sparkle, glitter and shiny Decorations hung everywhere and I really do love a lot of glitter and sparkles at Christmas!
In this post I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite Decorations that are hanging on my tree, unfortunately I cannot remember where exactly we bought them and how much…so I apologize for not including that information. 

White Sparkly Star Hanging Decoration.
I love this star because it glistens when light is shining on it and it makes it look like it has flecks of rainbow colours on it, it is really pretty. We have had this hanging star for a couple of years now and I still love using it every year, unfortunately we only have the one for some reason and I would love to find the same hanging decoration in the shops so I can buy a few more to match, because it really is pretty to look at.


Red Glitter Bauble
As I said above…I love a bit of glitz at Christmas and these baubles are really glittery, they can be annoying sometimes as they do get glitter everywhere…but they are worth using because they are really pretty.
This photo above does not do them much justice as they are a gorgeous lush red, brighter than what it shows on the photo and they really do sparkle in the light.
These baubles we only got last year, so are still quite new and I just love them.

Giant Tin Copper Bauble
This Copper Bauble I only bought last year too and I actually bought it to go in my Photography props box, but I got it out this year to hang on my tree, because I just love it. It’s quite heavier than all our other baubles because it’s a giant bauble and it really is quite big!

I’m actually unsure how it’s managing to stay on my tree without falling off haha!
It sticks out more than the other baubles because of it’s size but it doesn’t look odd or out of place for some weird reason…it just seems to look fab somehow.

Candy Canes
No tree is really complete without a few Candy Canes hanging on a few of the branches, everyone loves Candy Canes…right?!

I think they look fab on trees and just makes the tree look even more Christmassy, plus they are great to eat as a treat on Christmas Day too.
I don’t think Candy Canes would ever get old and I’m pretty sure almost every household has some around Christmas time.


Christmas Crackers
Last to mention are Christmas Crackers and it just doesn’t seem right without them placed in between the branches of our tree. We do this every year and we always co-ordinate them to match the chosen colours of our decorations hanging on our tree, it just looks out of place otherwise…although this year we have bought our kiddies some of their own too which are a different colour but somehow still look great!

I love pulling crackers with the family at Christmas over Christmas dinner and what better place to keep them.

What are your favourite Christmas Decorations?
Do you have Christmas Crackers on your tree?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post.

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated!

Much luv.



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15 December Blog Post Ideas

There’s nothing worse than planning great content for everyday in December, just to hit a total blank and spend wasted time not knowing what to write about next! 
Racking your brain desperately trying to think of your next post and your brain just doesn’t want to get into gear…I’ve been there!
Well let me help you with this list of Blog Post Ideas that you could use for yourself throughout December and into the New Year too.
1.) 5 Favourite Christmas Red Lipsticks/Lipgloss
2.) Christmas Recipes
3.) 2015 Beauty Favourites
4.) Day to Night Makeup Look
5.) Christmas Look Book
6.) Festive Hauls (Tree, Baubles, gift wraps etc)
7.) What’s In My Party Clutch
8.) Christmas Gift Guides
9.) Guide To Surviving Christmas
10.) Christmas Party Nails
11.) Favourite Memories Of Christmas
12.) Christmas Party Hairstyle Ideas
13.) My Christmas Wishlist
14.) What I got For Christmas
15.) New Year’s Party Looks

I hope these help you in some way with your own Blog Post ideas because their is nothing worse than hitting a brick wall when it comes to thinking of new content!

Feel free to add any of your own Ideas in the comments to share for others or why not create your own List of ideas in a Blog Post yourself!

What is your favourite Blog Post to write around Christmas/New Years?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post.

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.


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Top 5 Christmas Songs

I love getting myself in the mood on the run up to Christmas and what better way to get into the spirit than by putting on our favourite Christmas classic songs!
I love playing Christmas music while doing my housework, relaxing in the tub reading a book or even just watching a classic Christmas music video on YouTube because I haven’t seen the music video in a while.
Over the years there has been a lot of Christmas songs, some now classed as classics, some cheesy and some that just flopped. So in this Blog I thought I would share with you my ultimate favourite Christmas songs that I play year after year, enjoy just as much and still love listening to.

Fairy Tale Of New York – The Pogues with Kirsty Maccoll

Definitely my all time top favourite of all Christmas songs!
Written by Jem Finer and Shane MacGowan and first released as a single on 23rd November 1987 by their band The Pogues featuring singer-song writer Kirsty Maccoll. It is an Irish-folk style ballad and featured on The Pogues 1988 album If I Should Fall From Grace With God.

In my opinion it’s just a fantastic, well known Christmas classic, that everyone sings along to when heard and is played quite a lot even now and probably many more years to come.


Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

A cheesy Christmas hit but a classic one too, another fantastic song that still gets everyone singing along once it’s played. I love listening to this song every year and to be honest Mariah Carey has such an incredible voice.
Mariah Carey wrote and produced the song with Walter Afanasieff . Columbia Records released it on 1st November 1994 as the lead single from her holiday album and fourth studio album, Merry Christmas.
The songs lyrics declare that the narrator does not care about Christmas presents or lights, all she wants for Christmas is to be with her lover.

Still heard being played even this year in homes, many shops and on the radio, it’s proven that it’s still a great…get in the spirit Christmas classic.


Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Better known for his extremely long white beard and being the lead vocalist of the Glam Rock Band Wizzard, Roy Wood wrote and produced this well known Christmas song which first released in December 1973 where it reached to number 4 in the charts and occupied that spot for four consecutive weeks between December 1973 to January 1974.
“I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” is still being played throughout the Christmas period…year after year and it is indeed one of the most popular played Christmas Songs that never becomes old. Still a Christmas classic I enjoy listening to every year and always puts me in the mood and makes me look forward to Christmas.


Band Aid 1984 – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

I absolutely love this song by Band Aid and I’m not ashamed to say that it always brings a tear to my eye listening to it every time I hear it.
Band Aid…a charity supergroup was formed in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise money for Ethiopa, featuring many mainly Irish and British musicians and recording artists and was recorded on 25th November 1984 and the single was release on 29th November 1984.
It in my opinion is a beautiful song that reminds us about the struggles some parts of Ethiopa face, it’s quite a sad song but a song that raised quite a lot of money to help them.
I love hearing it being played year after year and still as enjoyable as when it was first released.


Wham – Last Christmas

Probably one of the most cheesiest songs ever to hit the charts at Christmas, but still a classic that is still being played every year.
Last Christmas is a song released by British pop duo Wham in 1984 and is an all time classic Christmas Classic, not one of my top favourites but I do still listen to it every year and hear it many shops still being played.

Which Christmas songs do you love the most?
Does certain Christmas songs get you in the spirit when hearing them?

Let me know which ones you love?!

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback are always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.


Much luv.


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4 Favourite Things At Christmas

There is so much about Christmas to get happy and excited about!
Christmas Decorating 
Holidays at Christmas
Wrapping of all the Presents
The list of our chosen favourites can be endless!
There is so many different things around Christmas that excites us all in certain ways and we all have our own favourite things that we love and become happy about.


In this Blog Post I thought I would share with you my top 4 Favourite Things At Christmas
Things that I love, what means the most to me and what excites me more than anything at Christmas time!

Christmas Movies!

Who doesn’t love a classic or new Christmas movie to watch as soon as December hits us?!
The choice of movies at Christmas are literally endless now, from old classics, to more modern titles and even brand new movies coming out every year.

There’s nothing more relaxing at Christmas time than sitting down on a night with your favourite naughty treats, a nice giant mug of hot chocolate, topped with cream and too many mini marshmallows or any preferred hot drink of your choice and just sprawling out on the sofa in your favourite warm Pj’s, comfy winter wolly socks/slippers and your favourite throw or blanket(s) with some fantastic Christmas movies!
It is definitely one my favourite things to do almost every night throughout December!

Christmas Presents.

Christmas shopping is one of the most exciting, yet most stressful things to do at Christmas.
I love Christmas shopping, just that hyped feeling of joy and excitement that warms my heart so much at being able to go out and look for that extra special gift that I know my family members or my close friends have been wanting for so long or a certain present that I buy for them, that will bring them great happiness once opened!
Just the excitement alone of seeing that glow and expression on a persons face when they’re opening there presents is just amazing in itself.
There is nothing I love more than seeing peoples faces light up and shine with happiness when opening presents, it’s really an incredible feeling.

Shopping can also bring so many stressful times too, overcrowding in shops, extremely long queues that can be so time consuming and make you feel all hot bothered inside.
After all the shopping and the presents are ticked off your list, you’ve then got to think about gift wrapping, cards and any chosen ribbons, bows or other decorative items you wish to add to your gift wrappings to make them look that extra special. It’s never ending!

It’s all worth it though when the big day comes right?!


Christmas Dinner.

Ahh Christmas food shopping!
A time that we can really go crazy, splash out on everything luxurious and on everything that’s not really healthy or anything that’s particularly good for you.
(but it’s only once a year right)?!
There’s so much to choose from…from different meat selections (because not everyone has Turkey) to all the vegetables known to man and yes including Sprouts in some households
(gips at that thought…sorry) Potatoes and the many different ways of eating them, personally I love Roast Potatoes and Mashed Potato!

So much selection to choose from and not to mention all the desserts on offer that you can buy or make, from an endless variety of cakes to biscuits and different chocolates galore that have our taste buds tingling.
The Christmas food shopping lists just go on and on and that’s before you have even thought about drinks and then we have Boxing Day to think about too, which we have another big Christmas like Dinner all over again.
Christmas food shopping…even though can be stressful, can also be really exciting seeing all the delicious items to buy, make or even Christmas baking puts us all in a great mood ready for the big day!
My favourite thing to do at Christmas is to bake lots of delicious biscuits, treats and goodies to enjoy over the holiday period. There’s nothing I love more than having a kitchen filled with that gorgeous aroma of freshly baked treats!


Christmas Is All About Family

My most favourite and thee most important thing about Christmas, above anything else is the ones you love dearly, the ones that you are close to and treasure the most in your life is family!
Taking away all the extras, all the decorations and all the fancy things that surrounds us this holiday season, nothing compares or even comes close to being amazing without family by your side.
Not everyone in life is fortunate enough to have their family there on the big Christmas day, which if we think about it…is very sad, but unfortunately there is certain reasons in life that makes us become separated from our family and the ones that we love and all we can do is make the best out of what we have at that time.
But if you are lucky enough to have your family around you this Christmas just stop for a moment, look at them and just think how lucky and fortunate we are to have this blessing, treasure and love them more than ever.

Christmas is all about Family and no matter what we do or don’t have this Christmas, that is not important at all!
They are material things that don’t even matter, all the stresses of Christmas shopping, present buying and troubles of gift wrapping those most awkward of gifts, none of it matters without Family to share it with!
It’s the perfect time to settle our differences, make that special, bigger effort to let a family member know how much you care and love them and most of all pay them a visit…if only just for a day, with or without gifts does not matter, just the thought is the one thing that counts the most at Christmas!

Christmas Eve every single year in our traditional way, we always as a family give our children their own Christmas Eve box, supplied with a few inexpensive items such as a toy (younger ones) or a gadget or something they need (older ones) plus little snacks, treats etc and sit down every night, settle them down and watch family Christmas movies.
We do this every year religiously and we all love it, it’s a great way to spend family time and unwind, relaxing before the chaos of the big day.

Do you have any family Christmas Traditions that you stick to every year?
What are your most favourite things about Christmas?
What are your most favourite treats to buy/have/eat at Christmas?

Leave me a comment and let me know, I would love to hear them all!

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post.


Much luv.

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A Few Of My Favourite Things!

It has been a while since I have written a favourites Blog Post, so I thought I would share with you what I have been loving lately instead of doing a monthly favourites post.
Can I just add how shocked I am that it’s only 2 weeks until Christmas!!
How crazy is that!!

I have been really loving a lot of things just lately, so it has taken me quite a while to boil it down to just a few items…to squeeze into a Blog Post without it being too overly long.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

This product has been a total godsend for me, I’ve loved using this so…so much!! I’ve used it day & night literally to death and now it’s almost gone! ( “Cue cry face!” )
I have used this every time I’ve finished cleansing my face as a swap for my usual moisturiser and I have absolutely loved using it. It has made my skin look and feel so much better after wearing a full face of make-up for the day or just when my face has felt incredibly dry.
You can see my full review of this in my Blog Post Here

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Moisturiser

Another item that has also been so good for me is this amazing body moisturiser, it smells incredible and leaves all my skin feeling super soft for days!
I cannot rate this Cocoa Body Butter/Oil Moisturiser highly enough and I really want to do a full review Blog Post on this product very soon. ( Watch this space!)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I love this Micellar cleansing water, after using my facial wipes to remove all the heavy load of my make-up, I use this to give my face a deeper, much more intense clean and to remove any make-up that has clung to my pores that facial wipes don’t usually remove very well.
This does a brilliant job of cleaning my face, leaving my face with a good deep cleansing feeling and I know I will continue to use this for quite sometime. I have used many other cleansers, but this really has come top rated with me and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t used it yet…to try it!

Garnier Skin Active Pure Active 3 In 1

Another Garnier product I have been loving is this Pure Active 3 In 1 face wash, I use this every morning/night  and it really has done wonders for my skin and the horrible trouble I had with my pores. My skin has become so much clearer since using this and I don’t think I could use any other face wash now.
Another highly recommended product from me.
You can read my full review in my Blog Post Here

Sesame Scrub and Orange Spice Soap Bars By Sabai Soaps

I honestly cannot believe how long these soaps have lasted, I still have them and I’m still loving using them. They are not that big in size, like a huge soap bar, but they have lasted as if they should have been. My 2 little soap bars are still clinging on to life in my soap dish and have not seemed to have become much smaller haha!
They both are amazing quality, smell absolutely incredible…so much so that when I first received them (Thanks to Sabai Soaps*) in the post, you could literally smell them before I even opened my parcel.
I use them every time I go in the shower over my whole body and just the smell of using them, makes my showers more enjoyable!!
If you haven’t tried Sabai Soaps yet, you truly are missing out!
You can read my full review of Sabai Soaps in my Blog Post Here


Ooharr and 7th Heaven Face Masks

With my Face masks I simply couldn’t choose just 1 brand that came top rated or highly recommended because both of these brands I have loved and used so much and both are top in my opinion. They both leave my face feeling super soft and amazing for days after using both brands.
And I really enjoy using them again and again, I think I will for quite some time if I’m honest.
I have been using Face masks a lot this past month and I just can’t get enough of them both, I really need to put an order in for some more because I think I’m down to my last 1 or 2 in each brand.
I really want to do a full review on the 7th Heaven Face masks because they are so so good and I think I will when I buy my next bunch of them, which will be very soon.
Ooharr* I did write a full review on and you can read that review Here



Besides my hair Mousse these two products are the only products that have been on my hair lately and that’s because I don’t feel the need to use anything else.
Argan Oil has been my favourite to use for frizzy, uncontrollable thick naturally curly hair…like mine for such a long time now and that certainly doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon!
It tames all my frizz, keeps my hair smelling gorgeous (I have to say myself) and well It does the job!
Schwarzkopf Got2b is an amazing oil that also tames my frizz but mainly has prevented my hair and the ends of my hair from drying out. They have both been a fantastic styling product that I will be using for a longtime. 


Because this Blog Post is becoming quite a long favourites, I’ve added a collection of my most favourite Make-up together in one type of gallery.

Collection Lasting Perfection has been my top go to foundation for a while now and I really love the coverage it gives me and the fact that it stays put all day, without leaving my skin feeling neither dry or greasy which I love in a foundation. I think I am now on my 3rd or maybe 4th bottle of it and I love it, it’s a great foundation to use.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara I’ve been loving so much and I’ve been using a lot, it really makes my eyelashes look fab without any of my lashes looking all clumpy and this mascara has really given my eyelashes some fantastic volume too. Love it!!

Mac Eyeshadow & Mascara have been another two favourites of mine, really loving this Mac mini eye shadow palette that come in these nice basic natural shades, great shades to use anytime of the day…..going out or not!
I have been mixing the shades up a lot to experiment with different variations of looks and I’ve really enjoyed using it. The Mascara has been so great to use and in my opinion the Makeup Revolution above is a great dupe for this Mac Mascara because they are both very similar which I love too because I can’t always afford to treat myself to a good Mac product all the time.
A great Mascara that doesn’t clump my lashes, stays put all day and makes my lashes look amazing!!

Sunkissed Contour/bronzing Palette I have had for quite sometime now and no matter how many times I use it, it does not seem to want to leave haha! Not that I am complaining because I absolutely love this Contour/Bronzer set.
No matter how many different ones I’ve tried, I’ve found I always come back to this one every time, it just amazing and it contours my face perfectly with no hassle to apply.  The Bronzer I tend to use more in summer to give my whole face that shimmery golden look without looking too dark or orange coloured when applied, I just love the whole bronzed type look it gives my face while using it.

Pure Flowers Perfume from Aldi

This has been my top rated favourite perfume this past week or so, after a friend told me about it ages ago…I finally found it and I’m so glad I did because it certainly does not disappoint and I’ve been using it every single day!!
Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep you in suspense a little while longer about why I love it (unless you go find it for yourself that is) as I’m going to write a full review on it because it’s pretty new, but I just had to add into my faves!

Christmas/Winter Faves

Well seen as Christmas is literally on our doorstep pretty much, I thought that I would add these in here because it would be rude not to!  I mean who doesn’t love Christmas scented candles,  Gingerbread latte’s which are the bomb of all winter drinks! And a good bath bomb or few, I certainly started early this year (Oct/Nov)
Yes I have been lighting my Christmas candles early and as soon as the toasty drinks came out (which they hit the shops earlier every year anyway, let’s be honest!) they were in my basket and who doesn’t love a hot tasty drink of Gingerbread Latte to warm us up?!
The bath bombs speaks for itself really! Showers go more out of the window and in come hot baths to de-freeze our poor bodies when we have been battling the cold temps!
(Any excuse to treat ourselves & shop for more cute bath bombs!)


Tomato Soup and Toast is definitely my fave winter meal to warm me up and what I love and eat most of in the Winter months. I’m not a big fan of other soups but Tomato/Tomato and basil etc etc is my top favourite soup to have and I can’t eat soup without some sort of bread….preferably toast as I love toast too!

What are your favourites just lately?
What are you loving/enjoying more of this month?
Do you have any special treats that you eat or use more of in these Winter months?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thank you for reading my Blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv



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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday’s are the perfect day for rest, relaxation and pretty nice lazy days!
We love our Sunday’s for sometimes (not always) doing the same, we get everything done…like cleaning, shopping and DIY jobs done throughout the week, so when it comes to Sunday we don’t have to do much if it’s a rainy day or generally a really cold day.

On warmer days it is a totally different story, we love nothing better than to spend our Sunday getting out into the countryside that surrounds our little village that we are very lucky to live in!


Surrounded by more trees than you have probably ever seen in your life and endless amounts of green in every square mile that surrounds you, cliffs and rocks like something from the stone ages, incredible views as far as the eyes can see surrounding you and every where you look there is some sort of wildlife, cute looking farms and animals like Deer, Horses, Cows, Sheep, and even the odd Goat skipping about here and there!
So with all this on our doorstep and of course a love….no a passion for the great outdoors, wildlife and nature, it’s pretty obvious that we are outside more than in during the much warmer months. (Winter we hibernate more) haha!


In the woods is definitely one of our favourite places to be and go for lovely peaceful long hikes, we love everything about the woods. It’s so peaceful and serene and it’s an amazing place to teach your children about many different aspects of the countryside and how to take care of everything that surrounds us that lives, like trees, wildlife and important rules of the countryside. As a family we have always loved learning about everything in the world and we can’t seem to get enough of wanting to learn more.
Hiking/walking is not always about learning, it’s also about quality family time, having fun, discovering new places, finding new pathways to walk along and even the excitement of finding something or somewhere you haven’t seen or been before.
Nothing is better on a Sunday than grabbing your walking boots, hiking poles and a packing up a lovely picnic to go for a nice day out hiking/walking.


Rock climbing
Being where we live surrounded by lots of cliffs and rocks, you get to see a lot of pro rock climbers and even groups of climbers and sometimes even tourists that come here in Spring/Summer and go climbing these massive rocks. (scary to watch for me)!
We can actually see them and how tiny they look from our back garden haha! We’ve also seen scary moments of some being rescued on a night (night climbers) because you an see all the lights of people running around the cliffs and helicopters above, it can be pretty scary but no reports of any serious accidents as yet (phew)!
Every time we go out walking on a Sunday we always expect to bump into at least a few of the rock climbers either walking about or in mid climb.
When we are out walking our boys and I love going rock climbing also, by Rock climbing I mean the smaller, lower rocks, we leave the great big rocks to the pros! Haha!

Along this path is the perfect place to take children for “smaller/beginner rock climbers” no ropes needed. The rocks here go all along this path way and are much much lower down to the ground, some literally a jump distance from the floor, some quite a bit higher but totally safe and secure for older children 5+ my boys love it…and so does my daughter too actually, but growing up with all boys, it’s kind of hard not to find that boyish side of you haha!

As well as woodland walks/hikes, we also love having a long walk along our local canal, our little ones love seeing all the house boats and barges that are often seen travelling up and down and the people are so nice and always give our children a wave and say hello, which is lovely!
We also taking bread or bird food and feeding the geese and ducks that are always around and some are really friendly because they are given a lot of attention from so many people also visiting the area. On our canal walk days, we usually end the day with a small picnic and maybe an ice cream for dessert before we head back home for our Sunday Dinner.

Happy Sunday to everyone!

What is your ideal Sunday like?

What do you do as a family or with your family for fun?

I would love to hear your stories of what you get up to at the weekends!

Thank you for reading my Blog, I do hope you enjoyed reading it!

All comments, likes and any feedback as always is appreciated.

Much luv.



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We Are Pregnant! | Pregnancy Bump @ 9 Weeks.

So although some of my followers on my social sites
may already know this news and as the title of this Blog already states…yes I am 9 weeks pregnant!

Let me just firstly say before we get into this new and first of many in my new series of Pregnancy Bump Updates, that this pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned because as some people may know, this will now be our 6th child (judge if you must)!
I felt very reluctant and unsure if to even do a whole pregnancy bump update series of blogs or not because I know how judgemental people can be, especially when it comes to people having big families. After a lot of thought about it, I just thought, well…! People have opinions and that’s fine, but I’m not going to stop what I want to do and what I love doing,  just because somebody has an opinion!
So here we are!


So a few days before the date we found out the news…via Clear Blue, which was 22nd September (and also our son’s 4th birthday)! I was feeling quite ill and I put it down to a cold and a chest infection that I have been suffering with up until very recently and now it has finally decided to leave me….thank god!
I only realised the day before which was the 21st September that I was late (period TMI sorry)!
So the same day we went out & bought a test, but because it was quite late in the afternoon…I wanted to do things right to get an accurate result and so we waited until first thing in the morning!
I don’t sleep great anyway (thank you as always insomnia)! But I was awake from around 3-4 am and all I could think about was this test! So around 4:30am I couldn’t wait any longer, it was killing me…not knowing!

Anyway I won’t go into ALL the details but….


…on the 22nd September (our son’s 4th birthday) at around 4:50am (not exact) we found out that we was due our 6th baby!  To say we was shocked…was kind of an understatement!
I mean please don’t get me wrong we have 5 beautiful children already who are and always will be our world and we love children so much, but when you have set your mind to 5 is enough and spent the last 4 years thinking that exact thing, not even thinking of having anymore let alone planning anymore, it would come as a bit of a shock!!
So we may have spent the next few days in complete shock and it didn’t seem real, still doesn’t if I’m honest, but I think that’s because we found out so early in the pregnancy and in the early stages not much happens…like seeing midwives etc.
As hard as it is to keep anything a secret in our house, we decided to see the doctors straight away, just to get everything confirmed. After everything was confirmed we then told our children, because they would have found out anyway and let’s be honest, it is better to hear that sort of news from us rather than hearing a conversation between us as parents, so we told them and then our family!
(More shocking faces followed) Haha!

Nothing much has really happened in this slow few weeks, I’ve never really had Morning Sickness with any of my pregnancies, so not really had much of that! I think I had 1 school run morning about a week ago where I felt slightly sick, but I was fine! (sorry again TMI)!!
With the shock now pretty much over, we are pretty happy and excited and yet I’m really nervous at the same time…having to go through all this again!
Yes…I know I’ve had 5 already, but trust me when I say that my previous pregnancies have NOT been easy going…quite the opposite in fact! (That’s another whole Blog or few right there)!

We have our first Midwife appointment coming up on 26th October, which I’m kind of nervous about because I have a massive phobia of NEEDLES, it’s actually so bad that I have to go to the hospital to have my bloods done under Entonox…yes gas & air (No Lie) and because my veins don’t play nice, so it takes quite a few attempts…another reason why it’s easier for the nurse to give me laughing gas!

Although I am extremely nervous about it all, my husband & I are also very happy that we are going to have another baby (after the initial shock) haha! I’m just praying that this little bundle of joy will be easier than my previous pregnancies.


Already showing a tiny bump at now 9 Weeks which I’m already loving, but I’m not loving that I’m slowly growing out of all my favourite clothes 😦  Although that is a good thing too….shopping trip!!
Anyway I really hoped you enjoyed reading my Blog Pregnancy Announcement and my first in a future series of Blog Pregnancy Bump updates!

Do you have/had or know anyone with any phobias during pregnancy?
Feel free to share any of your pregnancy stories or Pregnancy stories you’ve heard of before.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

All comments, likes and any feedback is as always appreciated!

Much luv,



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Garnier Pure Active Review 

For the past few weeks now I have been testing out a new kind of face wash, a face wash I’ve never used before. In fact it’s not just a face wash it’s this new Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 which I was sent out a few sachets to try out for myself. It is a face wash, face scrub and a mask all in 1 product which is fantastic! 

It claims to fight the appearance of spots, reduce shine and fight the appearance of blocked pores…but does it?!

The best way to test this Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 fully and to be able to get the best results would be to test it out in the 3 different ways in which it is stated, so this is what I did.

Face wash. 

So every morning & night I used this as my only face wash. The first thing I noticed was that it was quite thick in consistency, very creamy and a really nice scent although I couldn’t really describe what the aroma was, but it did smell really nice. It was very easy to use and felt very nice on my skin. I applied this all over my face and the tip of my neck, it felt a little bit harsh on my face but not in a hurting way, more of a feeling you would get from a facial scrub and it did feel very nice. 

After patting my face dry, I instantly noticed a big difference! My face felt incredibly soft, kind of slightly tingly and really felt like I had just had a spa treatment really. I was very impressed already, which kind of surprised me after just using this once. Definitely a brilliant use for face wash and I am loving using it daily. 

Face scrub.

As with the face wash, I applied this in the same way but this time I massaged this more into my worst areas of my face like my T-Zone area…forehead, nose, cheeks and under my eye area (not too close). I also massaged a little around my chin because these were the areas of my face which suffer the most. I massaged the product on and around these areas for a few minutes to give my face a good facial scrub and it felt really nice. Afterwards again patting my face dry and same as the face wash, I noticed my face felt very soft and slightly more tingly than the face wash, obviously because I left it on my face longer and used it slightly more intensively. It did leave my face feeling incredibly soft and I was really happy with it so far. 

A couple of weeks into using this product and already I noticed a massive difference, my skin was much softer, my spots were indeed reduced to hardly visible at all and the redness that I usually gain when washing my face daily wasn’t there hardly at all either, which is a big effect for me and I was really happy. 

But how did it stand up as far as the Facemask was concerned?! 


The last test was using this as a Facemask. So I applied this like I would with any of my other facemasks, I applied it to my full face, making sure I got it on every part of my forehead, nose area, my cheeks and just under my eyes, again not going too close to my eyes and my the top of my neck. I used 2 of the sachets to get a good, full and thick amount on my face to recieve the full effect. 

As soon as I applied this, I could feel it working it’s magic straight away because it felt very tingly, but in a really nice way. With some facemasks I’ve used over the years, this facemask felt much more intense and more like a facemask you would receive at a beauty salon or a spa, which was brilliant! I left this on my face for a good 5 minutes instead of the 3 minutes that it stated because I really wanted to get a good result and after a pre test…like I do with anything I try on my face for the first time, I knew that this would be ok…especially for my super sensitive skin. 

The result:

So after 5 minutes the mask felt very dry and stiff, which like some facemasks when you move any part of your face, the facemask starts to crack and break up. Now I don’t know about anyone else but I always find this part amusing and always play around with the facemask, making the facemask crack around my face. (haha! #sorrynotsorry) 

Rinsing the product off took a bit of time to remove, which with any drying, stiff facemask…they usually do. My face felt incredibly soft to the touch, still a bit tingly but also felt very fresh and clean. No redness was visible and my whole face just felt amazing! 

Over time of using this as a 3 in 1, daily as a face wash, 3 times a week as a face scrub and once a week as a facemask, my face has definitely seen the benefits of this and it is amazing! My face is no longer dealing with sore, redness that I usually receive when washing my face daily, my dry skin has dramatically reduced and any spots &/or blackheads are now next to nowhere to be seen. 

This product in my personal opinion has made me incredibly happy and has done wonders for my face, my face looks cleaner, more healthy and it just feels softer, better than using any average facewash only face. I have since been using this on my face daily, I’m very happy with it and I will be buying this again when mine has run out. 

Have you tried the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1

What are your thoughts and opinions of it? 

I would love to hear your experiences of using this product. 

Thank you very much for reading my Blog. 

All comments, likes and feedback as always are very appreciated. 

Much luv.


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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Review 

BzzAgent is a brilliant website to help Bloggers work with many collaborations, creating your own profile and answering a few survey questions and in return getting the chance to work with some of the best, top named brands on the market in exchange for an honest review.

A few months ago I was sent an email from BzzAgent offering me a collaboration with Neutrogena to try their new product * Neutrogena Hydro Boost *

New Hydro Boost Water Gel is a refreshing water-gel moisturiser that contains a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix to instantly lock in intense hydration and continuously release it as and when your skin needs it throughout the day. 

Having very dry, Eczema prone, sensitive skin, this product really appealed to me because any products that states that it hydrates your skin is definitely worth a try and upon seeing this, as with most products that say they do this, that and the other, obviously I was very sceptical. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, it comes in a really pretty blue container and on opening it the colour of the gel was also eye catching, because it is a really lovely ice blue colour and the gel smells incredible. When I applied a small amount of the gel on the tip of my finger, the first thing I noticed was how cold it felt, which when applied to my face became very soothing and calming which I really loved. 
I instantly noticed straight away that this Neutrogena Hydro Boost was going to be as good as I’ve read about, because as soon as I applied this to my face and began to massage the gel around my skin, already my skin felt an instant hydration, so I was impressed straight away. Not only did this gel feel incredible on my skin but the scent of this product also made the whole experience feel like a spa facial which I really loved. 

So all in all this product has really impressed me so far, but does it last and keep my skin hydrated all day? 

Yes it did!! 

After using this product every morning during my usual Skincare routine, I would apply this last and on days when I wore makeup and some days I didn’t, either way it stood up to the test and my skin did stay hydrated all day! Now for my skin that is very dry and incredibly sensitive, this is truly an amazing product that I have been loving every single day and I am still loving as you are reading this post. 

This Neutrogena Hydro Boost has really lasted me a long time, I’ve been using it for the past 2 months at least and I still have got no where near the bottom of the container yet. A little really does go a long way and you really do only need a small amount sparingly for your Face, neck and hands, which are the areas I have been testing this product on and I can happily say “I love it”!! 

I am definitely purchasing this Neutrogena Hydro Boost water-gel again when mine has run out and I highly recommend this product to anyone that suffers with dry, sensitive skin that also lacks moisture. This will definitely help and you will be very surprised as I was when first using it. 

Have you tried Neutrogena Hydro Boost water-gel moisturiser? 

Leave me a comment and let me know your experiences of using this product. 

Have you reviewed this product before? Leave me a link in the comments to your Neutrogena Hydro Boost Blog, I would love to read it. 

Thank you for reading my Blog, all comments, likes and your feedback are as always appreciated. 

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My Favourites!

Hey Guys!
So since I’ve taken a back seat to my Blogs for a while and now I’m back I thought I would do a quick update Blog Post of my current favourite things I have been loving recently!
The amount was pretty big but I’ve managed to wittle it down to the items I’ve been using the most!
I hope you enjoy!!

I’m forever swapping between hair products, usually styling products mostly. So here is what I have been loving for my hair recently.


Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-licious
Home Bargains £3 Approx
This has been my go to product every time I have wanted to style, nourish or to just put some life back into my hair again…from being dull and lifeless. It is truly incredible and I definitely highly recommend anyone who has dry, frizzy, lifeless hair issues to try it! This has been my saviour this past couple of months & now I couldn’t be without it.
It has put the shine back into my hair, made my hair a lot more healthy and less dry, it works brilliant for styling when I struggle with making my hair move or be in the certain style I want.
I use it mostly on the tips of my hair to strengthen them, but use the excess to run through my hair and that has made my hair much easier to style on a daily basis.
Applying on damp hair, with a combination of a little blast from my hair dryer and styling my hair as I want it and I’m set for the day, without this product making my hair look greasy in anyway.
It is a product I really have been loving and I am now on my third bottle now I think?!
You only need to use a slight amount as a little goes a long way…although I have been going through it like mad because I literally use it everyday and wash it out on a night.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Twisted Curling Mousse
Superdrug – £4 Approx
I have spent so many years straightening my natural curls out because I wanted straight hair and spent many years having straight hair by doing so.
I used to really hate my naturally curly hair because it was always frizzy, thick and used to drive me crazy!
The downside to this though was having to spend almost 3 hours (Yes 3 Hours) straightening my hair every time I wanted it straight and afterwards my arms would be killing!
So recently I decided enough is enough and I took the plunge to no longer straighten my hair anymore, but to embrace my natural curls and to also go on the hunt for a really good styling mousse that not only tamed my frizzy, thick curly hair but find a styling product that also kept my hair in the style that I had originally created that morning and would last all day!
After trying out many mousse products, I finally found THE ONE! This beauty!
I absolutely love this styling mousse because it makes my curls bounce, creates beautiful curls without the added frizz and makes my hair shine like never before.
I use this almost everyday, especially on going out days when the weather is really nice and I want my hair looking great.
Unlike other mousses I tried, this did not make my hair sticky, nor did it leave my hands in a sticky mess either.
It tamed my frizz no problem and keeps my curls looking great…even at the end of the day.
This is definitely a mousse I’m going to be using for a long time to come and I am now really happy I decided to embrace my curly hair and ditch my hot irons.

Argan Oil
Home Bargains  £2 Approx
If you have read my Blogs before, you will know just how much I love Argan Oil and you have seen this mentioned before in my Blogs. So yes I am still loving Argan Oil, it just really helps my hair stay strong, healthy and takes away any dullness in my hair. I use this in alternate to my Got2b Oil-lishious either because I like to change and use a different product and/or because I have run out of the other product. I actually used this before my Oil-lishious product and have been using it for many months now as you may already know and even though I have found another oil to love, I just cant seem to leave this one alone either…but it’s kind of boring using the same products day in, day out and it’s nice to have a change.
The only downfall I do have with this  Argan Oil that I have recently found out is that I have to use a towel on the floor because I’m quite mad when comes to spraying products in my hair! I mean it goes everywhere and Argan OLil is incredibly slippery when accidentally sprayed on the floor. Other than that minor issue I love this spray, it’s my go to for a quick easy fix if I’m in any kind of rush or like I said…I just want to change what product I use in my hair.
It doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling greasy, but it does make my hair look very healthy and so easy to style when applied.
Not a product that I will be removing from my daily hair routine anytime soon.


Sunkissed Giant Bronzer
It is hard to believe the amount of times I have used this Bronzer By SunkissedBronzing and how long I’ve had it. It was first featured in my Blog review which you can read Here
I’m still loving my Bronzer and use it alternatively amongst my other bronzers I own that I use for contouring.  Even today it still looks almost new and that hardly any of it has been touched, even though I’ve used it quite a lot of times and only the brand name on the lid has faded slightly.
This bronzer is amazing and I love how you only need a tiny amount and a slight sweep across each cheekbone to get a good desired contour effect that lasts all day!
I highly recommend anyone to try this contour because I just love it so much and I love how it looks and the whole look of the patterning in the powder is also just super cute, I can remember not wanting to touch it because I loved the detailing so much and even that has lasted really well.

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette
Coral Glow
If you have been following my Blogs for a while now, you will automatically know just how much I love Rimmel as a brand & how they have always been my first love when it comes to a Makeup Brand.


As most Bloggers who seemed to jump on this band wagon for a big love for RoseGold as did I, although I think I was little later than most (typical for me haha)!
Anyway as soon as this beauty hit the shops I wanted it and it seemed as usual I was the last Blogger on earth to purchase it (It’s really not a competition though) but you know what I mean.
Just looking at this sculpting palette, it looks gorgeous with it’s RoseGold frame and design, it is just super cute!
This is still in my top favourites, even though I’ve had it a while now…I am still loving it just as much. I don’t use the blush section as much because as I have said before, I’m not really a blush type of gal. As you can tell from the photo above, I’ve used the contour/bronzer section the most. I don’t use this to contour that much because in my own opinion I don’t really think it is that pigmented enough to use as a contour effectively, but I have been loving it as a bronzer to lightly brush over my face and neck to give me that bronze type of glow, especially on summery days when I just want that shimmer type of golden glow to my skin.
The highlighter section I really do love and find it gives enough pigment for a good highlight without having to plaster it on repeatedly. I use both the Bronzer and the highlighter regularly and alternatively in between using my other brands and I really do love them both, I have used the blush a couple of times before and I really do like it, I just don’t use blush that often.
I love taking this with me wherever I go because it’s small, compact and will fit in any bag, so this is very handy for evening’s out.
I just love this palette so much and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet tried it.

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation
Cool Beige 3  £5.99
Ok so I have to admit I wasn’t a lover of this foundation at first, I wasn’t keen on the way it looked on my skin and it felt so different on my skin compared to other foundations that I’ve used before, their wasn’t one actual reason that I could say yes that’s it, it was more a mixture of little reasons and I couldn’t actually pin point one main reason out as to why I didn’t like it. It certainly took me a while to get used to using before I actually came to now loving it. After weeks of using it and trying it with my sponge, then my brushes and then back to my sponge. I’ve actually never had an ongoing battle with a foundation before, so that was kinda fun haha!
So why do I love it now?
Because it gives me great coverage, covers most of my imperfections without the need for a separate concealer (although I always use concealer no matter what) and with it being an illuminating foundation, it gives off a kind of shimmer glow that I’ve not seen with any other foundation I’ve used before. Even with all that, what I also love about it is that it doesn’t make my face look shiny nor dull, it just gives off a nice light cover that lasts all day.
The only thing I can now put it down to as to why I didn’t really rate it before was because my foundation is one part of my makeup routine that I don’t change that often and because this was so different to any of my other foundations I’ve used before, I think it was that…that made me feel a bit strange about using it!
Now I really love it and have been using it everyday for the past few weeks, I’m not saying this is definitely the foundation I’m going to be using for the next few weeks or months, but I’m definitely loving using it at the moment.
I’m a bit unsure if I would repurchase it again, but that’s not to say I don’t love it because I really do, it’s just not a foundation that I would definitely commit to using for long periods of time in the near future.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara £2
Makeup Revolution Mascara Awesome Lash £3

Not that I need much Mascara because I really don’t, I have so many already, but I haven’t been able to resist temptation with Makeup Revolution lately. I love all their Makeup and they have become a very close second in my favourites Makeup brands. So when I called into Superdrug a few weeks ago and spotted these beauties, I just couldn’t resist picking them up.
The one and only thing I love with Mascara is volume!!
How they make your lashes look without the need to use any fake lashes
(not that I ever have). But in my opinion I believe Makeup Revolution Mascaras really create this look and I love that about Mascaras.


I love them both, the black volume mascara is incredible and really lengthens my eye lashes and opens them up to give a good fuller lash.
The pink Awesome Lash Mascara doesn’t give me volume that much as the black one does, but does really well at separating my eye lashes to make them look more vibrant and makes them stand out.
I love owning Mascaras that creates different looks to your eyes in this way.
Definitely a repurchase on both of these Mascaras for me and I am really happy I bought them both, even recently I’m still using them and I’m still loving them.



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
£1.29 -125ml
Since buying this about a month ago I think it was now, I have absolutely loved it for taking off my makeup and cleansing my face and neck.
Not only does it take off all my makeup very quickly, but it also cleanses my skin and I can really tell the difference afterwards. My face becomes smoother and just feels amazing…so much so that I look forward to when the day ends and I can wipe off all my makeup and thoroughly give my face and neck a good cleanse.

Before discovering Micellar water I used to use just normal face wipes and at the time it was good enough, but I always remember I went through a lot of them, just to remove the makeup from my face, then I had to use a separate face cleanser afterwards to get that same fresh, clean feeling after removing my makeup at the end of the day.
Now I use this Micellar Water, it does the full job but much quicker and I’m not having to use different products on my face because this cleanser does it all in one go…pretty much!
If you have never tried Micellar Water before and like me you use facial wipes, I highly recommend that you give this a try and you will see the difference it makes.
I still use my trusty facial wipes, don’t get me wrong but they are kept in my bag for emergencies only, like a makeup error or just a quick fix if needed.
I could never change from using Micellar Water now, I just love it too much.

Cuticura Skin + Balance Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturiser
Purchased from Home Bargains £2 Approx
A brand I have previously reviewed before and I am still loving for my Eczema Prone skin.
A few months ago now I purchased this and the Cuticura Skin + Balance Hydrating Facial wash and sadly my facial wash has now all gone, but I am still loving my moisturiser, which is also almost gone too.
These products have been amazing for my skin and I have used them everyday and will no doubt be buying more when I spot them on my next shopping trip.
They are both great for preventing dryness and any Eczema from flaring up, I highly recommend them if like myself you suffer with dry, sensitive and/or Eczema prone skin.
You can read my full review of these products Here

Sabai Soaps £4-£5 Each Approx
Still going as strong as ever are two these beauties and I’m still loving using them as much as ever, I cannot rate this company highly enough for their incredible handmade soaps!
They smell incredible and feel super soft on your skin, the scent on your skin after using them lasts for days…which I love and they leave skin feeling amazing afterwards.
Before discovering this company I’ve always used shower gels and other such soaps, but these soaps just made me fall in love with soap bars all over again and still am loving them, if not more!
You can read my full review on each of these two beautiful soaps Here
If you have not tried this brand of soaps before, I highly recommend you take a look at their website and try them out, you will not regret it!
You can find all their amazing products on their website Here

That is it for my recent favourites just lately, thank you so much if you have reached the end of my blog! I know it was quite a hefty Blog with lots packed in.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog
I would love to know what your favourites have been recently!

All Likes, Comments and Feedback as always are appreciated

Much Luv


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My Dr PawPaw Review


Dr PawPaw has always been the one brand I’ve been wanting to try out for a very long time, after hearing so many raving reviews from my other Blogger friends about how amazing the brand & their products are.
So around the 23rd July I noticed that one of my lovely friends Nishi was hosting a competition to win 2 Dr PawPaw products:

Dr PawPaw Original Balm

1 x Original & 1 x Red Tinted Balm

So as you can imagine…I did become quite excited & of course I entered, not actually having the mind set that I would actually win because that is something I never do.
As it turns out, to my surprise on the 4th July I did actually win and I was over the moon, not because I had won at all…but the reason I was mostly happy was because I was finally going to be able to try out this apparently amazing product that every blogger has been raving about!


When my packaged arrived, it was kinda safe to say that I was a little bit more than excited or so my postman & his poor arm would tell you! Haha!

I have now been using both of these Dr PawPaw products since receiving them and I can see what all the hype is about, they are indeed incredible!!
The original (Yellow) Dr PawPaw has become so great for my Eczema prone/dry skin, I’ve actually noticed a huge difference and I have been using it day & night since receiving it. Because I do a lot of housework…being a FT mum, my hands are always in/out of water, constantly cleaning, washing etc etc. This takes a huge toll on my skin and I’ve always struggled with dry skin anyway having to deal with Eczema, but this has really helped in a massive way, it’s made my skin become softer, less itchy and I’ve also noticed it has relieved my flaky skin I sometimes get with Eczema on my hands and face. I have also being using this on my elbows because of constantly leaning on my kitchen bench…before I got my desk, it would take it’s toll on the skin around my elbows and they did become very dry, flaky and quite sore, but this Dr PawPaw Original has cleared it right up and it is now almost fully healed. I have tried a lot of creams before and nothing has ever touched it well enough…to make it fully heal in this way, but this really has which is amazing!!
I have used this on my lips a few times and really noticed a considerable difference it has made when I’ve had dry/chapped lips and applying this has eased the dryness and felt less chapped after using this Dr PawPaw for around 2-3 days.

So yes late to the party on this brand, but I’m so glad I have been given the chance to try this out for myself, unfortunately being on a hefty shopping ban just lately or I would have purchased these to try sooner.
I really love this and I’m very happy with it, I’m going to be quite sad when it has all gone, but It is definitely one I want to purchase again when this little tube runs out…if I can!
Dr PawPaw Red Tinted Balm
Now this Red Tinted Balm kind of freaked me out a little bit…only because it was soooo vibrant red and it said it was to add a bit of blush to your cheeks!
Now I’m not a massive Blush user the best of times and it is very rare that I will use any blusher, especially any vibrant blushers. So I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I was a wee bit too scared to use this as blusher, but I did use it on my lips because their is nothing I love more than a good vibrant red lip colour!
Wow did I love this on my lips! It was a very gorgeous lush red and felt incredible on my lips, kind of like my favourite red lip gloss that I have recently become addicted to, so this was indeed perfect for me and to top it off…it was good for my lips also! Bonus!!
I have used this so much on my lips since receiving it and I really love it!
Normally I use a lip balm under any lipstick or lip gloss I use to prevent my lips from drying out because my lips always dry out after I’ve worn lip products.
Because this acts as a lip balm also…I didn’t need to, when I say I didn’t need to, I mean I really didn’t need to!
Not only does it look great, feel great, but it also protects my lips from drying out, which is fantastic!  And it really does work so well, after using this I’ve noticed my lips have felt really moisturised and super soft.
The redness of the balm doesn’t stay put for too long, I’d say around a couple of hours to maybe half a day…so you do have to reapply, but in my opinion I don’t personally mind reapplying, if it means it is also good for my lips.
This balm is great for an everyday use and on days when you are not wanting to apply too  much makeup, but you’re still wanting to have a nice colour on your lips.
Definitely a lip balm I would highly recommend and a lip balm that I absolutely want to purchase in the future.  

Again a big thank you to my blogger friend Nishi and please go check out her amazing blog and I also highly recommend that you find her on YouTube too, because her tutorials are incredible and she also daily vlogs.
You can find her on Twitter Here where you will also find the links to her YouTube Channel
You can find all her Blogs Here
And don’t forget to check out all the fantastic Dr PawPaw products on their website Here

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Blog

All Likes, Comments and Feedback are as always highly appreciated.

Much Luv




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May Empties

Hello Lovely Peeps!

Firstly I want to apologise for not Blogging for a while.
I kind of decided to take a little break to spend with my family, which now I know I really shouldn’t have taken as long of a break because it has knocked my confidence backwards in a major way. Don’t get me wrong I love having family time but what was supposed to be 2 weeks break ended up becoming a lot longer. I don’t know why but it just threw all the confidence I had grown….back again!

Anyway I am back with another Blog Post for you!
Spending time with family meant I haven’t used that many products in the month of May, so unfortunately I haven’t got that many empties, but I will show you what I have and why I have been loving them.

May Empties


Nivea Express Hydration Hand Lotion
I’m a big fan of Nivea products and they have been my saviour for such a long time, keeping my hands moisturised and softer than usual. I have very dry hands, especially with the amount of cleaning I do throughout the day and the amount of times I am constantly washing my hands. Nivea creams are so soft and lovely to use and they really do help to hydrate and moisturise my skin and I will be purchasing this again.

Delight Touch Organic Cucumber Cleanser
Delight Touch Organic Sea Kelp Night Cream

Delight Touch Organic Cleanser £12.00
Delight Touch Night Cream £12.00

I absolutely love this Organic Skincare range by Delight Touch they are amazing & they smell incredible. Since I’ve had these, I haven’t stopped using them and using them day and night has actually made me look forward to doing my skincare routine all the more, just because of the way they smell and how fantastic they feel on my skin. They have made such a difference to my skin, my skin feels much softer to the touch (as said by my husband…haha!) and they really have made my skin smell incredible for a long time after using them. I would definitely highly recommend you try them, if you haven’t tried them yet! I am very sad they are all gone and I will be putting an order in for some more very soon.


TRESemme Ultra Fine Hairspray.
Home Bargains Approx £2-£3
I love Tresemme products and I have done for quite sometime now, I have used and tried most of their Shampoo and Conditioner ranges. The hairspray especially I love to use to stop my natural curly hair becoming wild and frizzy…at least for a little while. (my hair IS NOT easy to tame).
I love this hairspray because it is so easy to use and washes out very easily. Tresemme just makes my hair so easy to work with while using it to create any different styles that I choose. What I also love about it, is that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling very greasy or sticky afterwards.
I have since moved on to another product especially for curly hair, but I can guarantee that this will be back in amongst my hair styling products all too soon.

Argan Oil
Home Bargains £1.00
Another hair product I have loved and been using for such a long time now. I love Argan Oil so much, it is perfect if your hair becomes very dry easily &/or quickly and you want to add that extra bit of life back into your hair, also great for people who dye their hair and lose all the moisture that you get with dying your hair a lot. I have used so many hot oil treatments and hair waxes and nothing does better than this!! I have always found I go back to this every single time.
I love how it doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling greasy at all but it does make my hair look and feel amazing, also less dry and frizzy.
This is 1 hair product that will be amongst my hair styling products forever and a day!
Highly recommended to anyone that suffers with dry, damaged hair.

Fantastic purfum
If you have been following my Blogs for a while, you will know how much I love a bargain and how much I love bargain shops like Poundland & any other Pound shops that I may come across.
This is exactly where I found this beauty! Fantastic! (Such a great name)
Not all of the cheap poundshop perfume can be great, I know I have tested dozens or more and they haven’t smelled much better than a toilet cleaner to be honest. So when I saw this, my expectations were not very high at all….until I tested it!
This perfume ”Fantastic” smells incredible and I have used this almost everyday since buying it, it has lasted me such a long time as well because you only need to spray a tiny amount and it literally stays on your skin all day. I have had so many people ask me what perfume it was and where I bought it from. (yes it really is that nice).
The only downside to a perfume I fall in love with is that I spray it everywhere, I don’t use tons but I spray a little bit on each side of my neck, on both wrists, In my hair (yes my hair!) Because who doesn’t love great smelling hair? (#sorrynotsorry) haha! I even spray a little on my clothes and the scarf I’m wearing that day.
It isn’t an overpowering scent but it just simply smells incredible, its not even a smell I can describe because I don think I can compare it to any other perfume. You would just have to keep your eyes peeled in your local Poundshops to see if they have it and I’m hoping that my poundshop has it in, because I will definitely be buying it again.

So guys unfortunately that is all my empties from the month of May, my apologies once again for it being so few. Hopefully now I’m back I will have more for my June Empties.

Have you tried any of the items I mentioned above?
Which products are you sad to see gone this month?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

All comments, likes and any feedback are as always appreciated.

Much Luv.


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Sabai Soaps Blog Review

It seems like forever since all we used to wash ourselves were traditional Soap bars to wash with, now it’s all shower gels, body creme’s and millions of other branded liquid soaps!
I remember when I was younger and you could buy soap bars in every colour shape and size, now they are practically non-existent or not purchased that often.

I was very excited when a company called  Sabai Soaps contacted me via my Twitter and asked me if I wanted to try 2 of their lovely soaps and I happily accepted.

On the 20th May I received 2 beautiful soaps…
Orange Spice Soap


A luxurious handmade moisture rich bar, infused with Vitamin C. This orange bar makes your day more sweet and joyful with a touch of oriental spice, also with clove oil which helps relieve fatigue.

This bar also contains:

  • Sweet Orange Juice and peel are both rich in Vitamin C and are rich in natural oils which moisturise and refresh your skin.
  • Clove Oil traditionally used to release stress it reduces exhaustion and fatigue. Clove is also very effective for reducing acne and is believed to work as an aphrodisiac.
  • Vitamin E is both a nutrient and antioxidant that is extremely nourishing for and protects your skin. Regular application of this soap on the face not only helps in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles but it also thwarts the chances of their occurrence in the future as well, and is well known for keeping skin tight and firm.

Seasame Scrub Soap



A moisturising body exfoliator scrub blended with sesame, spearmint, cedarwood and eucalyptus. This handmade soap exfoliator will help your skin look clean and polished whilst remaining beautifully scented.

This bar also contains

  • Palm kernel oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, as well as an assortment of vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients making it a wonderful ingredient in natural soaps. The oil is very moisturising and never dries out your skin. In natural soap it results in a pleasant lather with nice medium bubbles and also increases the hardness of the bar helping it to last longer.
  • Spearmint oil is common in aromatherapy treatments and has both restorative and stimulating properties. The oil can also rejuvenate your senses and awaken your mind after a long hard day.
  • Eucalyptus oil is excellent for aromatherapy, the inhalation of the sweet-smelling oil helps relax the body and clam you down. It can also be used to sooth sore muscles.
  • Sesame oil, with daily use sesame oil can act as a moisturiser and emollient for skin. The oil also works to detoxify the skin and slow down the anti-ageing process with the antioxidant sesamol.

Instantly I became very impressed before I even opened the parcel that I had received because I could smell the scent of them already, so I was kind of stunned and even more excited.
They don’t have an over powering smell but they do have a strong scent and the scent is incredible, I loved them straight away and I could not wait to try them out.


Sabai Soaps – Background Information

Sabai Soaps supply a range of handmade soaps for retail and wholesale.
Their natural soaps are handmade in northern Thailand and are available in the UK and for delivery worldwide. Their philosophy is to source and provide luxury bath products which are 100% Organic and Vegan friendly. This means that they only use natural ingredients in their soaps and they never test them on animals.
The bars of soap are rich in olive oil, coconut oil and other vegetable oils, the tropical scents available reflect the tropical ingredients that have been sustainably sourced in Thailand and bring a unique flavour to the handmade soap products. Each bar of soap is produced to a spa quality and can be used as part of a regular bathing routine or for special occasions.


I have been using these gorgeous Sabai Soaps for the past 2 weeks now and I absolutely love them, they not only smell incredible but using both of these alternatively have left my skin smelling incredible for up to 2 days after using them. Using the soaps on my skin together with my usual body exfoliator scrub, both the soaps foamed up incredibly well and I felt like I didn’t need to rub too much to create plenty of foam on my body scrub to use.
As soon as I applied this to my skin, I was really impressed at how soft the product felt on my skin and it just felt really nice to use. The smell was very spa like and very relaxing, I just loved using these soaps and the whole experience of using these was just lovely.


Since using these gorgeous Sabai Soaps and still using them, I have now been converted and I want to buy and use soaps again, I am now wanting try any handmade/organic soaps I can and maybe even create a new collection for myself.
I highly recommend trying these incredible soaps from Sabai Soaps because they really are amazing and I definitely want to try more from their range.
You can view all their products and all the Information I provided in this Blog post about these soaps and more on their website HERE

Are you still using & loving soaps?
Which Soaps have you tried lately?
Do you have any favourites that you love?

Product Information & Prices supplied via the Sabai Soaps Website, all opinions about the products used are solely my own.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post!

All comments, likes and feedback are always appreciated

Much luv.


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What’s In My Photography Box?

Hey Lovely’s!
There’s nothing I love more than finding new and pretty item’s to add to my collection of Photography Props that I use for my Blog Photography, my Instagram flatley’s and any other Photography I create in my other Social Media sites.

So I thought it was about time I shared with you what I have collected so far and a few ways of creating your own collection and to show you that it doesn’t have to be expensive but can become very affective at making your Photography look so much better.

This is my Photography Prop Box that I keep the majority of my collection in, although it is getting kind of full now. All it is…is a Johnson’s Baby Box that I had kept from when my youngest child was a baby and I kept it because they are pretty handy for storage and they have a fab lock on the front to keep everything in place.


For my background for most of my Photography, all I use is a plain white large Voile sheet, which you can pick up very cheap in most textile or material shops. You can use absolutely anything for a background and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money at all!
I also save Easter egg backing boards that you get inside the boxes of the large eggs and even chocolate boxes have an extra layered card in them, usually with some pretty pattern on it and I use these for when I only need a small area for 1 or 2 item’s to photograph.
You can also pick up free wallpaper samples from most diy places such as B&Q, Focus or even B&M’s which are also very effective. You can literally use anything around you or in cheap pound shops, bargain shops and even stationery shops will have some card or something similar you can use that will be very cheap to buy.

My top tip for backgrounds is: Use light colours. Dark colours don’t always work as well and can be hard for your subjects to show up on your photos. White/white patterns are my favourite to use.

This is my other handy little sectioned box that I keep all my much smaller nik naks in like pompom balls, flowers, bits of beads from old jewellery, sequins, shiny things and many any other accessories that I find to add to my collection.
There is just so much out there that can buy, make, create and add to your collection that work so well at making your Blog Photography much better and you don’t have to spend a lot of money creating your own collection.

Ribbons, fake flowers, old pot purri and even shells from a trip to a beach are all fantastic to use as props for your photography also and they look so effective and pretty in your pictures.

If you have been following my Blogs for a while, you will know how much I love anything that sparkles or glitters.
So when I spotted these beauties also from Home Bargains for less than £3 each, I had to have them. The Acrylic Diamonds are so so pretty, look amazing in Blog Photography and you can use them in endless amounts of ways in photography. They catch the light so well and look absolutely beautiful.
The diamante style ribbon is also really pretty and can also be used in a lot of ways. You can use the full strand or just a tiny amount in the corner edge of your photography, the choice is entirely up to you and your preference.


Stationery/Office Items.
A lot of Bloggers I see do many Stationery posts, including future goals posts, Blog planners posts and even Bullet Journals. Stationery is such a cheap yet another effective way of displaying and using these as props in your Blog Photography.
You can find Stationery in endless amounts of colours to suit your needs and they look fantastic in your pictures. These I picked up again from Home Bargains and was only 99p which is amazing for how many you get in this full set and again have an endless amount of uses to display them however you like in your photos.

With Love TeaCup And Saucer
Saved the best until last as they say!
Because this is my most favourite recent purchase I picked up only last week from…yes you guessed it
Home Bargains  £2.79 ( You can tell where I love shopping the most! Haha!) I’m really excited to own this and very happy I spotted it. It just too cute for words really, I love so many things about this Teacup, I love how beautiful it looks and I love the gold detailing on it.
It is just gorgeous!!
Again there is so many uses you can get out of this for your photography, you can add items inside the cup or around the saucer and even just have the teacup displayed by itself if you wish.
I was actually very shocked at how cheap this was because I was expecting it to be quite pricey but it really wasn’t, yet it really does look like it would cost so much more.
This was definitely a bargain buy for me and I am looking forward to playing around with this in so many ways in my photography.

Another Little Tip!!
The best tip I can give you to end this Blog Post is Don’t over crowd your layout!
As much as you might love your collection of so many pretty things, putting too many pieces in your Blog Photography can make your pictures look too busy and cluttered.
Space out your items surrounding your subject, best of all use your imagination and just have fun with it and play around with all your items until you find the right positioning for them all.

I am not a professional in Photography, Editing or Blogging and although I have being doing Photography (self taught) for over 10+ years, I am not in any way certified or experienced.
These are just things that I myself have learnt along my mere 1 year of Blogging and also learnt from reading other people’s Blogs and picking up tips along the way.

What are your favourite items to use in your Blog Photography/Flatley’s?
Have you picked up anything that has caught your eye?
What bargains have you found to use in your Photography?

All Comments, Likes And any Feedback is always appreciated!

I hope you liked reading my Blog Post!
Thank you so much for reading it!

Much luv.


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Just A Mini Haul!

Hey Lovelies!

It isn’t very often I get to do that many hauls because to be honest with a home to keep up to, bills to pay, then you have shopping and having children…their is always something they need!
So anyway I was quite excited when I went shopping and managed to treat myself to a few items.
So I thought I would share with you what I bought in a mini haul.



Micellar Water
Garnier is a brand I have used a lot of over the years, from haircare to body care & more hair dye’s than I can remember (I’ve dyed my hair a lot over the years).
So I was very happy to purchase more from Garnier and last week I spotted the Garnier Micellar Water in Superdrug which at the time was on offer for £1.00 so I had to try it. I was recently using Simple Kind to skin Micellar Water so I was pretty excited to see Garnier’s own.


I am so glad I picked up this Micellar Water because I have really loved using it. It has been amazing at removing my makeup quickly and cleansing my face, my face has just felt so soft after using it. Definitely a repurchase for me in the future.


Garnier Mineral Invisible/InvisiCalm
I have bought so many different Anti-perspirant’s but I always end up going back to Garnier Anti-Perspirant time & time again. They are the best to buy in my opinion, they smell amazing & they have always been my favourite to use and I’ve not found any other brand to be as good…which is why I go back to Garnier everytime.
I have been using this Anti-Perspirant and roll on since buying them a few days ago from Asda and I love them!
They not only smell amazing and keep my under arms dry but they also last on my skin all day!
I bought the roll on to keep in my hand bag at all times because you never know when you are going to need to add a bit more throughout the day, but to be honest I’ve barely needed to use my roll on at all. The roll on will always be in my bag just in case I need it. and I love keeping handy roll on’s in my bag, saves carrying around full cans of Anti-perspirant.
I love that the Anti-Perspirant has a lock on the can too, so handy for little children that likes to waste your nice smellies. Haha!


Argan Oil Heat Defence
I have been using Argan Oil on/off now for quite sometime and I love using it for my hair, because my hair gets very dry quickly and dying my hair a lot doesn’t help either to be honest! Argan Oil just really helps my hair so much because it gives my hair back all the moisture and softness that I lose when styling and/or dying my hair constantly over the years.
I have used many of the Argan Oil sprays and leave in sprays and they really are amazing and I recommend them to anyone like me that suffers with dry/damaged hair.
I love these Heat defence sprays especially because they really protect my hair from further damage when styling whilst also feeding my hair with amazing oils that nourish my hair too.



Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Liquid Concealer
I picked up this Concealer from Superdrug for around £2-£3 after my old Concealer had run out, I’ve not used this Concealer as yet but I’ve heard these wand Concealers are pretty good, so we will see.
It says it lasts up to 10 hours which is 1 of the reasons why I bought it, I love makeup that lasts but some say they do but don’t always do what they say, so this will be interesting to see if it does last as long as it says.


Copper Fruit Basket
I picked up this beautiful copper fruit basket from Home Bargains for around £3 because I needed a fruit basket and like most Bloggers now…I love the Copper range of homewares.
I loved this 1 in particular because it is quite a big, deep and spacious basket so I can fit in a lot of fruit & we do go through quite a lot of fruit, so this is perfect.

With Love TeaCup & Saucer
As soon as I saw this  Teacup & Saucer in Home Bargains for a mere £2.79 I fell in love with it because it is just so beautiful and perfect for Instagram photos and Blog Photography worthy!
With quite a lot of gold detailing around the edge of the Teacup and Saucer and cute little gold spots, this is just so pretty to look at and is going to be so useful with many Blog Photography ideas.

Well that is my Mini Haul, I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog Post and thank you for reading!

Which is your favourite item from my haul?
Have you found something fantastic this week?

All Likes, Comments and Feedback are always appreciated!

Much luv.


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May Wishlist

Hey Friends!

I thought I would share with you a few things from my wishlist, these are a few items that I have been wishing for this past month, either items that I have seen on Pinterest or just online window shopping (because we all do that….right)!
All items mentioned in this post are items that I am really wishing for &/or items I’m planning on purchasing hopefully this month or soon after!


Just a little disclaimer to say that all images used on this Blog post today are not my own but they are images  that I have searched for either on Pinterest or on Google (Window Shopping)!
Thank you!

White Desk
his is an item I have wanted for quite a while, since buying my laptop actually.
I want a desk that I can also use for Blog Photography if ever I wanted to, plus I have recently taken up a big love for white recently and this desk is just really nice!

At the moment I am using my kitchen bench and on a night…my living room coffee table or my lap and it isn’t exactly ideal, I really would prefer a nice white desk that I can fit in my living room.


Beautiful Bedroom Mirror
Ok so I have loved these types of mirrors for quite a while, but when I saw this 1 on Pinterest I instantly fell in love with it!
I mean how gorgeous is this? Ok so unfortunately this isn’t something that I’m going to be able to afford to buy myself anytime soon but it is in my wishlist because it would be a big wish of mine to own 1 just like this. I found this only a few days ago on Pinterest & it is now on my wishlist, so I had to add it here. (I can dream, haha)!


Ring light
I absolutely love these Ring lights, not only are they very handy for great lighting to use when taking Blog photos but now I have started back on my YouTube Channel again, these are great for when filming. These are quite pricey I know but I am determined to save up and buy 1. They are amazing for great lighting (so I have heard). It will take me a while to save for a ring light but I definitely want to buy myself a ring light as soon as I can.

Okay so on to a few Fashion items I have seen this month so far!

Adidas Gym wear
I have been loving Adidas Sports wear/Gym wear recently, they have some gorgeous pieces in their range that I really want to treat myself to. I have always had a big love for Adidas, it is my go to brand for anything Yoga or Gym related. I love the colours and also these patterned tights/leggings they have. So I can see an Adidas haul coming along very soon because I need a few bits to wear at the gym.

Adidas Superstars – Gold/RoseGold
These trainers I spotted on Pinterest about 3 weeks ago and as soon as I saw them I wanted them because they are gorgeous!
I’ve always had a love for pretty much everything in Rosegold since the whole Rosegold trend started and to be honest I think most Bloggers have as well.
Superstar trainers have also been a favourite of mine and over the years I have had quite a few pairs, but I’ve not bought any for a while. These are definitely very high up on my wish list, so expect a haul with a pair or two of the Superstar trainers included in there very soon.

Denim dungaree dress
Denim is another fashion trend that has kind of taken over recently and I myself have hopped onto that trend too. I’m loving Denim again, especially now we have better weather. The Denim Dungarees and Dungaree dresses have always been a favourite with me, so it was only a matter of time before I would be planning to buy a few denim pieces. Denim has been a fashion piece for such a long time though to be honest and I don’t think that is ever going to change. Spring and Summer are definitely the perfect seasons to be wearing them and I have recently seen some customised pieces which are really nice.
So yes definitely a purchase for me very soon.

These style of shoes I have seen become a big thing this Spring, everyone is wearing them and I have to be honest I wasn’t that keen on them in the black (shocking I know)!
That is definitely something I thought I would never in a million years hear myself say because If you know me well enough by now, you will know I used to wear everything in the colour black all the time and I still own quite a lot of Black clothes that I couldn’t really part with.
Anyway…I saw these in this red colour and I have totally changed my mind about them.
I love these in red they are gorgeous and now I really want them, it is so weird how changing the colour of an item can make such a big difference.
I have nothing against the black shoes in this style, I just wasn’t that keen on them for me and for some weird reason this Spring I have literally gone colour mad, I am loving everything bright and colourful and these for me are just really pretty.

Bluedio HT Turbine Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones
I first saw these mentioned by 1 of the people on YouTube that I watch called xAmeliax
they are wireless and work via Bluetooth which is fantastic. The white headphones (yes back to white again) Haha! they are really nice and having a massive obsession with music, I listen to music pretty much all day everyday.
I really love music and always have, if I’m seen out I have either got earphones in or headphones on literally everywhere I go…well If I’m travelling alone anyway.
These are gorgeous and believe it or not they are not that expensive, when I searched for them on google (good olde google)! I found that I can pick some up for around £20-£30 which is brilliant to say how great they are rated and recommended.
I really cant wait to get a pair for myself.

Makeup Revolution Brave Palette.
When this palette first hit the shops I was very excited because my husband said he would buy me it, so as you can imagine just how excited I really was…that was until I found out how quick this palette was selling. For around 2 weeks after this being released I tried and tried to buy it and our local Superdrug kept selling out of it and unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of it.
As life usually goes…since then I’ve never had another opportunity to purchase it, due to needing other things or some weeks being put on a spending ban etc.
So this is still definitely high on my wish list and I cant wait for it to be mine.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection.
Lastly in my wish list is the stunning Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes…I mean how beautiful they are??
They are indeed stunning and very blog photography or Instagram worthy, they look amazing!
I do own the purple set of Real Techniques but I really do love these brushes and now I really want these beauty’s.
Of course the rosegold metal brushes are my favourite but I honestly just love them all and I am definitely going to be purchasing this collection asap!

Well that is my May Wishlist done, just a few items I am lusting after haha!
It maybe some time when I can get a few of these but this is what I am loving most and what is on my wishlist for the lovely month of May.

Thank you for reading my Blog post.

What are your favourite items that you have in your wishlists?
Is there anything here that you are really wanting too?

All comments, likes and feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.


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Work In Style With LYDC London

With a lot of things in life, I am a pretty easy going, no fuss kinda girl.
I’m always happy to try new things and I love to experience and discover new places.
The only thing I am very particular with is Fashion and Style and I dread going shopping for myself sometimes, I can be shopping for hours and STILL not
find anything that takes my liking.
(I actually drive my husband mad)!

When it comes to Fashion, I know what I like and I am not afraid to try out a new style…especially if something really catches my eye!.

On the 1st April 2016 I received an Email from the lovely people at LYDC London with a fantastic opportunity to work with them once again.
(You can read my previous LYDC Blog posts HERE and HERE)
So you could say I was a little bit more than excited to be working with them again.

Having worked with LYDC before, they have instantly became my top most favourite brand for Fashion and Design…simply because their pieces are just INCREDIBLE! If you haven’t heard of the brand or visited their website, I really think you should! You view their full website HERE

Sartorial Croc Laptop Bag in Black by LYDC

Recently purchasing a new HP Laptop with thanks to my amazing husband who bought it for me as an Easter gift. I knew I needed a good quality Laptop bag that I could use for my Laptop to be able to take out with me on days when I’m really busy and I can just keep up with my Blog posts and also be able to edit and upload my video’s where ever I go.
So I was very excited when LYDC London had very kindly given me the amazing opportunity to try out and review this stunning yet sophisticated piece.
This beautiful Laptop bag has been created with such style and elegance…it is so beautiful.
Together with it’s beautiful surrounding patent Croc pattern all over the front and rear of the bag, this is definitely my style of bag to use on a daily basis.


What I loved most about this Laptop bag is how much room it has to fit in  everything I need for the day so as well as holding my Laptop I can also fit in my everyday essentials which is fantastic.
With a zipped main compartment down the middle which comfortably holds my Laptop and also has two 2 little slip pockets that could be used for a small bottle of perfume or any other smaller items you may want to use the pockets for and a bigger zipped pocket next to the smaller pockets that could be used for a mobile phone.
It also has a separate side compartment down each side of my Laptop bag with a secure press stud fastening, which is brilliant because it allows me to take my other items that I need on a daily basis, such as notepad(s), stationery etc. It even fits my deodorant and any makeup inside if and when I need them too, as well as offering extra protection to the central compartment containing my Laptop.

Another little quirky feature I noticed and really liked about this bag was the handy leather cuff with press stud fastening on the bag handles, which is a great way of keeping them together when carrying around. The annoyance of handles falling off your shoulders every 2 minutes is real….I know! (Haha).

As well as having the carry handle option, the lovely
*Sartorial Croc Laptop Bag also comes with a separate long carry strap which can be attached to the bag via clips on the ends of the carry strap and 2 D rings attached to the bag which is easily and quickly attachable. While carrying my Laptop in my bag, using this optional long strap, I was surprised at how comfortable it felt on my shoulder and the fact that it did not feel too heavy or weighed down on my shoulder at all or that I even struggled in any way, it really wasn’t at all uncomfortable which is great.

I love that the Laptop bag can be held or carried in just about any way a bag can be carried and I thought it looked great which ever way I chose to carry it around on the many days that I have been using it while out and about. Even just hanging the handles on the middle of my arm was fine and it didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. I am very impressed and I’m more than very happy with it because it is just a fantastic bag that screams quality and I know it will be a bag that is indeed going to last me a very long time.

This brand new *Sartorial Croc Laptop Bag just arrived on to the LYDC London website in April this year and this bag can be viewed and purchased HERE
It also comes in two other very pretty colours as well as the Black that I have shown here in the photos.
It is definitely worth visiting the 
LYDC London website because they have such a variety of wonderful pieces that I’m sure you would find something that you will also love for yourself.

A big thank you to LYDC London who continue to astound me with their gorgeous pieces.

Have you purchased any items from LYDC London?
What are your favourite pieces from them?

Thank you so much for reading my Blog post.

All comments, likes and any feedback is always highly appreciated.

Much luv.


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April Favourites

There has been so many item’s that I have been loving this past month so sadly I have had to wittle it down to just a few things, otherwise this Blog would have been pretty long!

So here is what I been loving in April!

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water.

Simple products have always been my favourite for such a long time now, they are so gentle on the skin and are not heavily perfumed like most skincare products are. Having Eczema prone skin as well…the Simple Skincare range just really helps a lot because they really are kind to skin…especially sensitive skin.

I have never tried Micellar water before but a lot of fellow Blogger’s have been highly recommending Micellar water.
So yeah…I got on that trend straight away.

When I was looking in Superdrug they were so many by different beauty brands and it was so hard to choose….until of course I saw the  Simple Micellar water and like I said because I love Simple Skincare,  I didn’t think twice.
I’m really glad I bought this because it has been so good for my skin when it comes to removing my makeup (when I don’t forget).  My makeup literally just flies off my skin with this and I don’t need to use much to get all my makeup off, I think I end up using about 2 cotton pads and it’s all off, it is amazing!
I’ve also found with this Micellar water that it also hydrates my skin too and my skin feels so good after using it. Personally I highly recommend this Micellar water to anyone….especially if you’re like me and you have Eczema prone or sensitive skin.

Delight Touch Skincare.
Delight Touch Skincare products are absolutely amazing and if you have never tried them…I highly recommend you do give them a whirl!
Not only do all their products smell incredible but they feel amazing…using them on your skin. I have absolutely loved using Delight Touch’s Skincare range & I think I’m definitely going to buy more from their range when mine run low.
I have done a full Blog post review on some of their skincare that the people from Delight Touch kindly sent me for review and you can see my full review HERE

Rimmel and Makeup Revolution.

Of course Rimmel would be in my monthly favourites somewhere, if you have been following my blogs…you will know they are my TOP FAVOURITE brand!
Rimmel foundations I absolutely love and this 25hr Rimmel foundation has been my favourite for a while now (my 4th bottle in pic) and I have to buy more because this has all gone (boohoo!)
It has great coverage for me because I love full coverage foundations and this covers EVERYTHING!! Which with my spot/dry/flaky prone skin…I really need it.
The best thing I love about this foundation is that even though it is full coverage it just doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, in fact it really does feel nice and totally wearable all day…even into the next day.
(yes I forget to remove my makeup sometimes….I’m only human!)
This is definitely going to be my go to foundation for quite a while yet, I’m happy with it so It’s a keeper for me.

My love for Rimmel grew in a MASSIVE way when they brought out the absolutely stunning Highlighter/Blush/Contour palette, I mean OMG the packaging alone is stunning…
Who doesn’t love the prettiness that is Rosegold?
Ok anyway moving on!
I have been loving this palette so much and it has been my go to item every time I wear makeup.
The highlighter is so pretty and so highly pigmented that you only need a tiny amount on your brush, It does have a little fall out so I usually give my brush a good tap before applying.  But this highlighter really does make you glow and it stays put all day, I’ve had so many people ask me which highlighter I use since using this, and saying how pretty it looks so I am more than very impressed with this already.
I’m not a big fan of Blusher and it is quite rare that I will use Blusher but this is a really nice shade, it is not too over the top or full on in colour and again you only need a tiny amount unless you like the whole clown face look. This really puts a really nice bit of colour on the apple of your cheeks, which I do like some days…blusher is just not something I use a lot, but it is still pretty. If you do love using blusher, you will love this.
I love using Contour because I have quite chubby cheeks…I really need that Contour on my cheeks haha!
I love how a simple brown shade can just sculpt your face to make it look defined and create more of a shape to your face, Contour for me is a god send and I love it. This Contour in the palette is a really nice shade, it is not too dark and it just works so well for me. I only need to use a tiny amount to see an effect and again I have had quite a few compliments. This definitely 1 of my top favourite Rimmel makeup items, that I will be buying again and again.

Makeup Revolution.
I haven’t used that many items in the Makeup Revolution range but I have bought enough to know they come a very close second in my top favourite makeup brands because I love them and I just want to own everything by them! Haha!
This highlighter is absolutely stunning and dare I say (cue shock face) it has been my go to highlighter more than the Rimmel highlighter 😱  shocking I know! Haha!
Never did I ever think something would ever become more beautiful to me than a Rimmel item. This ONLY JUST comes in top for me though and the reason is because it is that little bit more pigmented than the Rimmel highlighter and gives me that little bit more glowing look to the tops of my cheeks. I mean just to look at it you can see just how pigmented it truly is before even swatching it! This has been the one I have been wearing the most when I wear makeup and one thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t have as much fall out as the Rimmel highlighter, which is also why it made first between the two highlighters that I use. Both the Rimmel and this Makeup Revolution highlighter are the ones I am going to have in amongst my makeup forever….well as long as they are still around that long! Haha!

Saffron Eyeshadow Palette
Saffron makeup I discovered while shopping in poundshops which has been for quite a while now because if you have followed my blog posts for a while…you will know how much of a bargain hunter I am, I am literally obsessed with bargains and I think I always will be.
I love Saffron makeup because the majority of their items are bewtween £1-£3 and they really are fantastic quality for the price.
Using these eyeshadows are amazing because you don’t need to apply much to get a good colour on your eyes, they really are full of colour and the colours are so gorgeous. I was drawn to these also because of the packaging, I love animal prints and so I just had to own these and of course because of the very pretty shades just made them more beautiful. If you are a bargain hunter like myself then I highly recommend you try these because they really are gorgeous.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick
In the shade #720 Notting Hill Nude
As much as any Blogger I love a good nude lipstick shade and I do have quite a few but again Rimmel tops it off for me. I’ve had this lipstick about 8months now and it has been so good to me because I have had it such a long time, it really has lasted me well and I wear this more than any of my other lipsticks. It is a really nice lipstick that I find myself reaching for every single time, I love how glossy it looks on my lips and it really does last all day without drying out my lips. I love it.

Nivea Pearly Shine Lip balm
If you know me well, you will know how much of a fan I am of Nivea products. I love Nivea so much and I literally own a lot of their products, from moisturisers to body creams and even about 3 or 4 of these amazing lip balms.
These lip balms really keep my lips from drying out and sometimes if my lips are really dry I will use this under a nice light pink lip gloss, not that I need to wear lip gloss on top because when applied this lip balm gives that lip gloss look with a nice pink shimmer which is really pretty.
I like to apply this on a night if I have worn makeup that day, just to put moisture back into my lips and to stop my lips from drying out.
I have so many lip balms but this one is definitely the one I reach for the most, especially this past month with all this bad weather we have been having.

Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss
Another favourite of mine from Makeup Revolution is this lovely pink shimmery lip gloss, I’m not a big fan of pink lips and I don’t own any pink lipsticks but  I love a good shimmery lip gloss and this is so pretty. It isn’t often I wear lip gloss because I prefer lipsticks mainly but I find lip gloss handy to have for touch ups when you’re out on a night out or when you are out during the day and you just want that shimmery no effort lip that you can just reach for and apply even without needing a mirror to apply it.  This does have a good shimmer to it which I love and it is not a too in your face full shade of pink, it’s just a very light pretty pink.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara
Mascara is the one makeup item that I honestly do not need (so why do I wear it I hear you ask?)
I wear Mascara because I love my lashes to stand out and I never wear false lashes (I’ve never even tried them before) I have very long dark lashes (or so I’m told) so I could get away with not wearing mascara but I love that mascara just makes my lashes stand out more than usual and creates a longer lash.
Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex is amazing because it really does create volume (not that I need it lol) and just makes my eyes really stand out which I love. The only downside to this  mascara is that I have found that it is terrible to remove as it sticks like glue, but that has not put me off in any way because the way it makes my lashes look…it is worth the extra scrubbing. My eyelashes look longer, thicker and more full on which for me personally I love.
I have so many different mascaras but this is definitely the one mascara I always go back to every time.

Lydc London Cosmetics Pouch
I received this cosmetics pouch when Lydc London were hosting in a bloggers #FBLChat and I was so happy because….well just look at it! It’s gorgeous!!
I love the colour because it has that rainbow shimmery glow to it, the kind that in any angle it looks all different colours. From purple to pink and then with a hint of gold and…well just so many colours in different lighting, it is just omg so pretty!
I have done a  full blog post review on this beauty, which you can find HERE
The second thing I loved about this that caught my eye was the chain, at first I was thinking ”Ok this is a nice keyring accessory” (yes I’m that stupid!) Haha!
Then it dawned on me (half an hour later) what it was..!
It is so you can clip it inside your bag and it is harder for anyone to pinch it in case you used it for money, jewellery or any other valuables and how clever! Just a brilliant idea.
I love how this is so versatile and you could literally use it for any daily things that would fit into it. For the first couple of months I didn’t use it, it was just put on display on my shelf…it is pretty to look at, let’s be honest!
Now I use it to keep all my hair bobbles, clips and any of my hairbands in one place in my handbag instead of just been thrown into the bottom of it, because I really have a habit of just throwing things in my bag all the time (still do) But since using this I have stopped throwing my bobbles etc in my bag and find I spend less time digging in the bottom of my bag to find one when I needed. There is just endless amounts of ways to use this stunning pouch and it really is mesmerising to look at because of the ever changing colour effects.


Towards the end of April I entered a competition
to win some personalised
and surprisingly I had won. I was very excited that I was able to choose my own colour of pencils and have my name on them….how awesome is that?
They came in this beautiful gift box with my name on which I really loved and I am keeping them in this cute box forever. I just love these so much hence why they belong in my monthly faves!
You can see my full blog post review of these beauties HERE
All their links are also on that blog post and I highly recommend that you check out their website because it is literally insane just how much personalised items they have for you.


Lavishy are a lovely fairly new company that make very beautiful items and I was very happy when they asked me to review some of their products and write a blog post on it.
These are so beautiful and they wanted to make something personal to me that I loved and they really did just that!
They basically tailor to your loves, right down to colours and how each item you order will look so it is right for you and you will love what ever you order. They are simply amazing and their creations are just so beautiful.
Please check out my full blog post review HERE and their amazing website which is linked on my blog post because I guarantee you will love them just as much as I do.

So that is it for another month, I actually cannot believe another month has gone by already, time is really flying!

What are your monthly favourites?
Which are your favourites from my monthly blog post?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog post.

All comments, likes and any feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.


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Lavishy Blog Review


On the 19th April I was very kindly offered to be sent some items for review from a lovely company called Lavishy *


Here is a bit of background information that was provided with the items I received to add to my review which is always lovely to hear when and how a company began.

Founded in 2001, Lavishy designs and distributes unique, fun, affordable and Eco-friendly fashion accessories including wallets, bags, travel accessories and even fashion jewellery. They are well designed, well made and well priced. For example, the material we use to make bags and accessories are custom made and tested by SGS as toxic safe (most of the faux leather has toxic content exceed safe level for example lead which can cause cancer and permanent damage to children’s brain.
The materials we use are also recyclable and biodegradable. All jewellery are nickel and lead free. Some of them use recycled materials.

Lavishy products have been featured by leading trade and consumer magazines including the world’s No. 1 trade magazine for gift industry Gift & Decorative Accessories, Canada’s No. 1 trade magazine for gift industry Retail News, Giftware News, Gift Shop, Specialty Retail, Gift & Tableware, Canada’s No. 1  fashion magazine LOU LOU for over 200 times.

Lavishy is represented by leading rep groups/showrooms including New York, Los Angels and Seattle. We also exhibit at trade fairs in Paris, London, New York and Toronto.

Lavishy have been working with many leading independent gift shops, boutiques and speciality stores across the globe. Type of retailers carry our products include: boutique, gift shop, museum/botanical garden/aquarium/zoo gift shop, airport/hotel gift store, book store, art gallery, flower store and garden centre, online store, catalogue, department store, salon and spa.
Lavishy boutique ( showcases our designs and ship worldwide.
You can find their lovely website Lavishy HERE
You can also find Lavishy on:

I was absolutely stunned when I received the above items shown in the photos by Lavishy because they are simply gorgeous! The print and the embroidered design on the pouch & purse are so adorable and I love that on the pouch there is 2 different designs…1 on each side, also how well they just blend together to make 1 beautiful pouch.
I love anything and everything about wildlife, nature, flowers and many things that have that vintage era sort of style, so these items just really took me by surprise and instantly I loved them.
I love the colours used on both of them and how cute is that little flower design on the front of the coin purse?  I love it!
The materials used to create them felt so soft and supple and both are fully lined too, safe to say I am very impressed with the items I received.

Along with the pouch & coin purse, Lavishy  kindly sent me a beautiful pair of earrings (see above pic). They have a lovely design of a bird on them which I thought was super cute!
I love that the silver metal looks like it has been hammered, so they are not just a plain round shape, they have their own style to them which I think is such a great idea.
You can get so many uses out of this pouch, it can literally be used for almost anything & that is what is so great about it.
The coin purse however is perfect for any night out, if you are not wanting to carry something bulky in your clutch to keep your money in or much money at all, then this is simply perfect for any clutch or purse on an evening out.
You can view all of the beautiful items created by Lavishy on their website HERE

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Blog Review for *Lavishy

Have you tried anything by this company?
Which is your favourite Lavishy product?

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback given are always appreciated.

Much luv.


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The Letteroom Blog – Winners Post



Hiya Friends!
So probably as much as any Blogger I have a big love (more like obsession) for stationery and at home…in my bedroom I have a 3 drawer arts/crafts storage box/s that I keep all my Notebooks, Organisers and a little more stationery and arty bits ‘N’ bobs than I probably would ever need.
So when I saw The Letteroom was running a competition on Twitter to win some personalised pencils in any colour of your choice…of course I had to enter it…right?
I mean who doesn’t want their Blogger name on their own pencils…AND in any colour of your choice?!
Of course you would! Haha!

As with any competition I enter, I just enter without a thought that I would win which to me if you have your mind set that way, it is more of a great feeling…if you do win!
So I didn’t even imagine I would win at all but
On the 31st March my name was announced that I did in fact win the competition and I was soooo happy!
So here are my winning pencils:


with a massive thank you to The Letteroom they are gorgeous and I love them.
They came in a beautiful box with my name added, which I loved and they were just really well presented and I will always keep them in this beautiful box.


I just love the gold lettering they used to personalise them and how pretty they look in the colour I had chosen.  I’m just so happy I decided on Pink because they are gorgeous!
The Letteroom does a lot of personalised stationery items and other items including Homewares, gifts and even celebratory items. The list of items is beyond massive and I highly recommend that you check out their website….they are absolutely amazing!!!
You can check out all of their beautiful items on their website HERE
If you are lover of stationery and also any lovely homewares like myself…then you will love
The Letteroom

What are your favourite stationery items?
Do have a secret obsession with all things stationery?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Blog.

Much luv.


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15 Funny Yorkshire Terms


Hey Friends!
In the uk 23rd April every year is the date that celebrates St George’s Day so I thought I would do a humourous post for you, I hope you enjoy reading it. 

15 Yorkshire sayings/slang

  1. Let’s have a butcher’s? – Lets have a look
  2. See a man about a dog – Do a deal
  3. Don’t get ya knickers in a twist – Don’t get worked up
  4. Give ya a bell – I’ll ring you
  5. You’re the bees knees – You are awesome
  6. That looks a bit dodgy – That looks very strange/ suspicious
  7. Bob’s ya uncle – There you go
  8. Don’t you look the dog’s dinner – Don’t you look nice?
  9. On ya Bike – Take a walk/go away
  10. Fancy a brew? – Would you like a cup of tea?
    11.You having a laugh? – Are you joking?
    12.Just what the doctor ordered – Just what you needed
  11. Beat around the bush – Avoiding a question
  12. Rings a bell that – That sounds familiar
  13. It’s chucking it down – It’s raining

What is your favourite sayings/slang phrases?
Leave a comment with any slang terms that you know of!

Thanks for reading my Blog, Happy St George’s Day!

Much luv.




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5 Things To Do On Sunny Days


When the sun comes out to play, there is nothing I love more than being able to get out & making the most of the sun while we have it because let’s face it, it is now rare that we get decent weather these days…especially in the UK!
So in my Blog post I thought I would share with you how I/we love to spend my/our sunny days out rather than being stuck at home.

  1. Picnic – Who doesn’t love a good picnic when the sun comes out?. Finding a nice place to take a picnic and just enjoy the sun whilst having some lunch. Usually for me…the perfect spot would be either by a nice river or a nice canal with amazing views or somewhere high like moorlands with stunning views. If we go as a family, we usually take a ball, my stunt kite (yes I love flying it…big kid, I know)! or some sort of field games. But if it was just me and my husband (extremely rare) we would just take a nice lunch and maybe a bottle of our favourite wine.

  2. Hiking – For over 15 years or more now we have always had a love for the great outdoors, nothing is better than been able to get out for a long distance hike. We would get up early in the morning and pack up our rucksack for the day, taking all our essentials (I will have to do a blog post on this soon) and then we set off walking. Half the time we don’t even plan a certain route, we would just walk and see where our feet takes us. We always have stayed quite local because we don’t have a car as we literally walk most places or use public transport if it’s too far.
    Nothing is better than seeing amazing views and being able to teach our children about the countryside, wildlife and more while we are out and about on our hikes, we love it!

  3. Parks – Having children…we are always taking ours to a local park somewhere and 1 our favourites we visit on a regular basis is literally 10 minutes away from our home and 1 of the reasons why we moved here too.
    It literally has everything for young and older children, to keep them entertained. It has a big play area that covers all ages, for the very young, it has so many slides, swings and even a sand play area and a big skate park, full of ramps for an older teenager. Also in the same area it has a huge cricket/playing field where regular yearly festivals, shows and outdoor markets take place and they even have car shows there on certain days in summer too. Not only does it have all this but it is also situated at the side of the River Aire which is amazing to see because it has a lovely weir which can be very loud at times but so amazing to see and sometimes we have a local Heron visit the weir which is a such a beautiful but rare sight.
    The Leeds – Liverpool canal is also on the other side of the park, so regular views of the barges and the barge bus going up and down the canal is also really nice to see. I could go on & on because it just has so much more in the park and surrounding areas. The whole park is just amazing.

  4. Kite Flying – As previously mentioned I have owned a fair few stunt kites over the years and our children had theirs, I say had because we need to go buy some more because unfortunately at the end of last summer, they got broken. Flying kites are so much fun when you have young children because they just love seeing kites flying (me too haha). Our 2 older children are not AS interested that much now but our younger children still love them and yes I love buying myself a big stunt kite, If you have never flown a stunt kite and you do like kites then I highly recommend you try it, because it is pretty fun especially if you find a good high spot with plenty of wind good ground to cover, it can be amazing!.

  5. Going for lunch – Another thing we love to do on a sunny day is going out for lunch, we have a lot of places around us with a nice garden seating area to be able to have lunch outside and a play area for young children if needed…which is really nice. It’s not often we get to have lunch at a nice restaurant or a local bar so it is nice when we can.

What do you love to do on sunny days?
Where are your favourite places to visit?

Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog.
All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.


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The Beauty Blogger Tag | LisaGXoX

The Beauty

Joanna from mypinkrambles tagged me in The Beauty Blogger Tag

You can view her lovely Blog Here She has given me 10 questions to answer, which I will do so below.
At the end of this Blog I will tag some other people and set them up with 10 questions to create their own The Beauty Blogger Tag. Please feel free to let me know if you have created your own because I would love to read it.
So here is my Questions and my honest Answers:

  1. Use 3 words to describe your blogging style?
    Honest, Varied and Detailed
  2.  If you could meet any person in the fashion/ makeup industry (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
    Kat Von Dee – Because she comes across as funny, down to earth with a fantastic personality, she’s a bit of a rocker like I used to be when I was younger and I adore her cats. (haha)!
  3. How has your blogging changed compared to when you first started?
    My Blogging has changed in a big way because when I first started, my Photography wasn’t the best and I had a lot of typing errors.
  4. What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
    Be honest in your blogs, always be truthful in expressing your opinions.
  5. As far as my blogging is concerned, I want to become better at…… (fill in the sentence).
    I want to become better at my design and the general look of my blog website.
  6. Where do you get ideas/ inspiration from regarding your blog posts?
    Other Bloggers give me Inspiration and I look for Inspiration literally everywhere like: walking/hiking outdoors, people watching gives me Inspiration also and other places I find Inspiration are books, magazines and anything I purchase along the way. The 1 thing I truly love about Inspiration is that you can literally find it anywhere you look, Inspiration is literally everywhere!!
  7. Name one makeup/ beauty product you have been eyeing, but have not bought yet.
    Makeup Revolution Fortune Favourite The Brave Palette.
  8. Do you have a holy grail product? What is it?
    Anything by Rimmel London! I can’t specify 1 particular product, but I am a massive Rimmel fan (practically obsessed) I have been for quite a long time and always will be.
  9. What was the most recent beauty product you bought? Can you give us a mini review?
    Due to a spending ban I haven’t been able to buy anything recently no, but will be doing a haul as soon as it is possible to do so.
  10. London/ Paris or New York fashion week? Why?
    London definitely – because I have never been to London yet and if I am able to travel anywhere, it would definitely be London before anywhere else. It is 1 of my dreams and future goals to go there.A big thank you to Joanna for tagging me in this fantastic The Beauty Blogger Tag

    I am tagging

    Here are my 10 questions for you!
    1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
    2. Favourite perfume you are loving right now?
    3. What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
    4. What is your most inexpensive beauty item?
    5.  What is your most expensive beauty item?
    6. Eyeliner in Pencil, Gel, or Liquid and why?
    7. What has been your most favourite Blog post to write & why?
    8. If you could choose just 1 high end beauty /makeup product what would it be & why?
    9. Which collaboration has been your favourite & why
    10. Who would you love to collaborate with & why?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

    All Likes, Comments and any Feedback is always appreciated.

    Much luv.


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Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

Garnier have always been one of my big faves for beauty, I’ve used so many of their products from Garnier Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s to Moisturisers and creams. So I was very excited when I found and signed up to a website called BzzAgent They help bloggers by sending out products to test for Blog Reviews and they sent me some new *Garnier Ultimate Blends products to try.
I’ve never tried these before so I was very happy and couldn’t wait to test them out, I have tried the Ultimate Blends Hair Care Range but not the Skincare Range.


This is the set I received in the post.

*Ultimate Blends Body Restoring Lotion10ml
Even though these are only 10ml sachets, they do go along way as only a small amount is needed. Royal Jelly is 1 of my favourite ingredients so I was very happy to see these in the set, they smell amazing and the lotion was so thick and creamy and felt amazing on my skin. I used this after having a shower to moisturise my skin and it did just that. It made my skin feel so soft after just the first use which I was very impressed about and left my skin with an amazing scent afterwards. Applying this lotion I was happy that it didn’t feel at all greasy on my skin, was so easy to apply and blended in quickly and very well. Definitely a beauty product I would purchase in the future.

*Ultimate Blends Body Soothing Hydrating Lotion – 250ml
Any beauty product that says hydrating on it, is definitely a win for me because I have such dry skin and suffer on a daily basis with Eczema, Hydration is one thing I go for the most with my skincare…so again I was very happy to see this product too.
This did not disappoint at all! I used this on a daily basis whenever my skin felt dry and I also used this on my face and hands at night before bed. It felt very cold when applied, but soothing at the same time and instantly I felt it working on my skin to moisturise and rehydrate. It felt so soft on my skin and didn’t feel at all greasy, I was really pleased at how quickly the lotion blended in to my skin and instantly made my skin feel moisturised without any tacky feeling that you get with some creams, it just felt really nice and left my skin smelling amazing and soft all day or night.

Ultimate Blends Face & Body Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm – 200ml
I loved this soothing balm so much and was constantly using this on my hands because my hands are always getting dry due to constant cleaning and always using cleaning products everyday, it takes it’s toll on my hands. I did use this on my body a couple of times after the shower, but because I had the other hydrating body lotion, I decided to keep this to use mainly on my hands and feet if needed. As soon as I removed the lid…it smelt incredible! I think because this was in an open jar and a bit more in your face, I could smell it a lot more and I’m so glad because it really does smell so nice. The consistency is very thick yet creamy, applying it to my skin…again like the hydrating lotion it felt so soft and really cold but nice on my skin.  This has simply been my go to every time I’ve needed to rehydrate my hands and make them feel soft again, It has had a permanent place in my bag and I’ve taken it every where with me. This has definitely made a big difference to my hands and I’ve only needed to use small amlounts…so this is going to last me almost forever, but I love it so I’m happy.

Ultimate Blends Body is definitely going to be among my beauty products for quite sometime now and I will be definitely buying them again if they ever run out. I highly recommend them to anyone with sensitive skin or Eczema prone skin.

Have you tried the Garnier Blends Body range?
Which Garnier product is your go to item that is your favourite?
Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog

All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.


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Delight Touch Daily Skincare Review

Hey friends!
Out of all my Blogs I write my favourite category has to be Beauty and finding new products to try is one of my favourite things I love doing. On the 1st March 2016 a brand new company called Delight Touch followed me on Twitter and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t very intrigued as to what products they had available on their website. As with every follow I receive from a new brand, I always love to have a peek on their website and look at what products they have to offer. I really liked the look of the website and the wide range of products they have, the packaging on their skincare range looked really pretty yet simple and not too busy looking.
On the 11th March 2016 I had received a message from Lou at 
Delight Touch

After reading the message I felt very happy and honoured to be asked to try out their range of skincare and I became quite excited…awaiting the arrival of their products coming in the post. After a few days they came in the post and I couldn’t wait to try them.
Having Sensitive and Eczema prone skin, I always test a little bit of each product on my skin for 24 hours first…just incase. I was pretty confident they would be fine as the skincare I received were all organic (which I loved) but better to be safe than sorry!


Organic Rosehip & Nigella Face Moisturiser
Essence of Tangerine & Sandalwood with Sea Buckthorn Extract. 100ml – £18.00
When I first applied this moisturiser to my finger tips, the first and most distinctive quality I noticed about this moisturiser was the scent. The scent is incredible and instantly made me love it and I became even more excited to try it out.
I loved the fact that this skincare range were all pump action bottles, which I love in most skincare products because they are so easy to use without the worry of using too much. Applying this to my skin it felt very creamy and soft, yet cooling and relaxing too. Blending it into my skin I noticed that it blended very well, was easy to apply and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily, using this moisturiser and the aroma being very apparent, it also made it feel almost like a Spa treatment which I found very relaxing. After using this moisturiser I became very happy at how soft my face was to the touch and have since loved using it in my daily skincare.



wp-1459777531354.jpgOrganic Sea Kelp Night Cream.
With Sandalwood, Frankincense & Chamomile Extract. 100ml – £19.00
The best time for skincare for me that I enjoy the most is on a night before bed because it feels so relaxing and helps me sleep better at night, so when I saw this night cream I was very happy.
A noticeably soft and soothing cream with an incredible scent that is instantly relaxing when applied. A thinner consistency but just as good to apply, blended in well & quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all, it just left my skin feeling very soft. This night cream again…like the moisturiser made applying the cream feel like a Spa experience, with how relaxed it made me feel together with the incredible aroma on my skin just made me feel so calm and ready for sleep.



wp-1459776739556.jpgOrganic Cucumber Cleanser.
A tantalising fresh & light cleanser with a fruity essence of Ylang & sweet Orange.
50 ml – £12.00
This is a lovely cleanser and again like the other 2 products in this skincare range had an incredible scent, but each had their own individual aroma as well which I really loved. When applied on my skin I noticed that this cleanser felt more cooling than previous two products and it felt so nice and soothing to apply. I used this in my daily skincare after using either my facial wipes to remove my makeup or my cotton wool pads and makeup remover I sometimes use also. I’m glad I used the cleanser after this stage because usually when I remove my makeup, my skin can start to feel dry and a little irritated because I have such sensitive skin and deal with Eczema…But this made my skin feel so soothed and relaxed afterwards that it just took that feeling away instantly, which really impressed me. The consistency again was quite thin but like the others in the skincare range was easy to blend in and simply left my skin feeling so relaxed and soft afterwards, without any oily feeling or residue left on my skin.

I have loved and even now I’m still really loving using these skincare products by *Delight Touch and I’m happy to say that they will be in my alternating skincare routine for quite a while because even though I have been using them for the past 2+weeks, they really do go along way as you only need to use a small amount and they are still almost full and I’m very happy about that.
Overall in my own opinion, I am more than very happy with these products and I would highly recommend anyone to try them.
You can view all of their products on the *Delight Touch website Here

Have you tired any of the products by Delight Touch?
What Skincare range are you recommending to other people?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.
All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.




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Finally Getting Organised!

In the 35 years now that I have been on this earth (eeek!) one thing I have never ever been good at…I’m ashamed to say is organisation! Which in my mind is soooo bad! I mean c’mon I’ve had like a good 20 years to get organised, yet no matter how much I’ve tried…I’ve failed!
(bows head in shame)
So this year (2016) I decided that I’m going to try again and FINALLY
I think I’m getting it right!
(only took me this long to get it right, better late than never I suppose!)
. With the help of Blogging & mainly reading other people’s Inspirational Blogs that have helped me so much this up coming year, here are the ways I’ve learnt to be organised so far!

S Planner/Samsung Planner.
This Planner/calendar that is built in on my Samsung s6 edge plus has been my first start to getting organised, especially on the go too. I’ve finally figured out how to use it (I’m terrible with technology…but I’m learning!). First I used it to add in all the updated Blog chats and times, days etc so I could keep up with them and be able to join them when I can. Then I started to use it for my daily routine and that is going well too. Now…It is cram packed with everything like Blog post ideas and lots of other things I have scheduled, as you can see in the pic above and that only shows just one month…yes it’s actually all planned for the whole of my life while I’m still a blogger (#proud!) LOL!


This is the one app I’m so happy I have discovered, I actually read and found about One Note on somebody’s Blog Post and straight away I knew I would get it and love it…and I really am loving it, I highly recommend One Note to anyone because it is so easy to use and you can have it on your phone, tablet and/or Pc/Laptop! It has so many uses, you can literally use to organise your entire life (no exaggeration). This is the one app I use everyday…almost all day without fail. All my links are on it for schedule posts on social media and a long list of Blog ideas for when I get stuck on what to write about. All my up coming Blog notes are on my One Note and even links to other brands, websites and even my favourite Blog address links are in there too. It’s just my one app to go to on a daily basis and has helped me in a massive way to get better organised.


I have to honestly say Notebooks have been the bane of my life! For a few years now I have created quite a collection of them and even though I take at least 1 of them with me in my Handbag or any bag I’m using that day…I never get it out to use it! (Facepalm!) LOL!
I do write in them sometimes, the odd note here and there but I just don’t use it regularly enough to check back what I’ve wrote or keep up to them, I’ve even got a lot of Notebooks with nothing in them at all, they are literally just gathering dust. As for throwing them out or donating them..that just won’t happen either, I always keep them just incase! Haha! I’m terrible.

So this where I am up to as far as organising goes, I’m not sure if there is something I’m missing or if I’m being organised in the right way…but it is working for me so far, so I’m happier and proud of how far I have come! It’s only taken me 20+ years haha!.

How organised are you?
Do you have any great idea’s to be more organised?
What apps or ways have you found to be more effective with being more organised?

Many thanks for taking the time to read my Blog
All comments, likes and feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.



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10 Spring Favourites

Hey you lovely people! 😊💖

With Spring now in full swing & summer days slowly coming back (wahoo!) I thought I would write a blog post all about the things I love about Spring, their is many but I’ve whittled it down a bit to my 1o favourites.


  1. Sunny Days. – After the winter months, who doesn’t get excited when the sun begins to arrive?. Sun just makes everything great, it puts me in such a brilliant mood, makes me want to get outdoors, go for long walks and get some photography shots too. It feels amazing to have warmer weather back after feeling so cold for what seems like forever. The Sun brings out the best times & the best memories like sun bathing, getting together with friends & family having barbecues and even days out or holidays to the beach.

2. Wildlife & Nature. – I love absolutely everything about the great outdoors. I find it breath taking and fascinating to see the world around us grow. Trees, flowers and even seeing new babies in the wildlife. It just amazes me so much. I just love being outside & seeing new places & new growth that is going on around us. Many people are too busy to just stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us.

  1. Holidays. – The holidays…when we do get some sun always makes me want to just get out for the day with my family, heading to the beach is the perfect day trip for me when the sun shines. The beach has been a big love for my family & me & I would love nothing more than to be able to live by the beach 1 day…even though I would miss the countryside too. The beach just brings so much fun and it is relaxing to be able to just get away in new surroundings even for just a day. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was travel and see new places (maybe 1 day).


  1. Easter. – Let’s face it not many people in the world has a dislike for chocolate and what a fantastic excuse to have a binge for a day or a full weekend, I mean it only comes around once a year…so why not treat yourself?. Easter for me brings fun with my little one’s too, Easter egg hunts and being able to bring them joy by creating fun games & gifting them lovely Easter eggs and other such treats.

  2. Shopping. – New Clothes, New Trends like dresses, skirts, summer tees and new shoes…need I say more?. Who doesn’t love buying new staple pieces for our wardrobe when warmer weather comes around?. Finally being able to pack away all our thermals and thick winter items until next year, then going out and buying new clothes ready for the upcoming summer! I for 1 absolutely love shopping and like many others I’m sure…have a pretty big obsession with shopping in general, let alone just clothes and shoe shopping.

  3. Spring Cleaning. – Another pretty big obsession of mine is cleaning, when I’m not busy blogging, scheduling my posts and going shopping, I’m always cleaning my home everyday (sometimes a bit OCD too!.)
    Spring makes me want to do it more, I don’t know what it is about Spring that just makes me want to have a right good clear out, but I love it!! It really makes me feel good too, out with the old and in with the new every Spring! I clean literally everything and everywhere. There’s nothing better than waking up on a morning, having a coffee, putting on my favourite tunes and having a right good clean, it puts me in such a great mood for the day.

  4. Decorating. – Spring always puts me in the mood to have a good change around & no I don’t mean changing around the furniture in my home, I mean changing the look of the rooms in my home (Haha.)
    I always get bored of things very easily and I love to make my home look new, with new little accessories etc…here and there around my home. I love decorating and creating a whole fresh new look. This year I’m wanting to make my home all bright and cheerful with whites and with a few pastel shades too.


  1. Scents Of Spring. – Another thing I love about Spring is the different smells that come alive like freshly cut grass, new flowers in bloom and being able to throw open the windows and just letting the fresh air flow through my home. I love buying new flowers to put around my home, it just makes my house smell so good and puts me in a great mood. Even though I do suffer quite badly with hayfever, it still makes me love all the scents of Spring everywhere and doesn’t stop me wanting to smell everything in this season.


  1. Sounds Of Spring. – I love waking up in the morning, the sun shinning & the birds singing (a bit cliché) but I love listening to the sounds and it just puts a big smile on my face. Rain is another lovely sound, I really love the warm weather and even though rain isn’t always nice…especially being out in the rain, it is so soothing…relaxing to hear it and even more so on warm nights with the bedroom window open. I love sitting in a quiet place while out hiking with the family and just listening to every little sound that surrounds us.


  1. Colours Of Spring. Springtime is when everything blooms, grows and just fills our world with so much life and colour. Colour changes with trees as flowers on trees blossom and everything that was once dull and drab becomes greener and fresher. It’s so pretty to see so much colour blossoming in Spring and stunning colourful flowers everywhere.

What are your favourites about Spring?
What are your favourite things to do in Spring?

Thank you so much for reading my Blog.
All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.
I hope you all enjoy the Easter holidays and have lots of fun.

Much luv.






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Ooharr Face Masks Review

Pamper evenings are amazing & I love being able to have a good pampering session…when I get the chance to make some time for myself, but with a busy family life that is always on the go…this is not always possible!
Face masks are 1 of my favourite beauty luxuries to use and I’m always on the look out for new ones that I haven’t tried before. Ooharr is a Beauty company I came across via Twitter and they were offering to send out their facemasks to people to try, so I was very happy & excited when they kindly sent me these 2 face masks to try.


Dead Sea Cooler Deep Cleansing Face Mask – £1.20 View/Purchase Here
Peppermint, Tea tree and Witch Hazel for a bright, clear complexion, combined with Dead Sea Salts to open pores, detoxify skin and draw out impurities. Bamboo powder exfoliates & refreshes, while Sweet Almond and Argan Oil moisturise & protect. Leaves you with soft, clean skin.

This is such a beautiful scented Face mask and as soon as I opened the packet I could smell just how beautiful it was…without being overpowering, it just has a fresh minty aroma that is very pleasant and I love the smell of Peppermint, Tea tree and Witch Hazel anyway, so it’s no surprise really. I loved the colour of this face mask, it was a really nice mint green shade.

Applying this to my face felt cold but in a really nice way, instantly soothing my skin and even gave my skin a tingling feeling which felt so good. I just know a face mask is going to be a good 1 If it gives me this sensation (In my own opinion.)
The scent was really relaxing too because I could smell it much better when applying it to my face. Rubbing the product around my skin I could feel a grainy texture in the mask which I’m sure is the Dead Sea Salts and it felt so good, a bit weird at first but once I applied all the face mask, it then felt really good. It blended in well and I didn’t need to use much of the product at all, in fact in 1 packet I would say I could easily have 2 applications worth.

I’ve never been to a Spa before but this face mask really made it feel like what I would imagine a Spa facial would be like with a very similar scent and how the facemask felt on my skin as well. It was very pleasant and so relaxing.
With some facemasks that I’ve tried before…when the product has dried, I’ve noticed that they can make your face feel very stiff like you are unable to move your lips, or mouth very much. But this was not like that at all, you could feel the face mask drying on your skin and becoming tight but not too much so you couldn’t move, which I thought was great because you don’t have that uncomfortable feeling like you do with other face masks and wearing it just felt very nice.
Washing the face mask off was so easy, I just used a soft face cloth and warm water and practically patted it off my face. I didn’t need to rub harshly in anyway to get it off my face. I probably didn’t need to use a face cloth but I always use a cloth or a cleansing pad to clean my face in my daily routine, so it just became natural for me to use 1, but rinsing with my hands in warm water would have brought the face mask off just as easy too.

After patting my face dry, instantly I could feel the benefits from using this face mask and I really loved how much softer my skin was, it just felt amazing!!


I’d love to try more of these face masks again, I think I will buy some of these again. I would recommend anyone to try them and even all my friends and family members too.


Star Glow Skin Polisher Face Mask – £1.20 15ml View/Purchase Here
Sweet and succulent Vanilla and Honey work together with moisturising and conditioning Almond and Argan oil, with refreshing Aloe Vera to cool and calm. All blended with natural clay to detoxify skin and draw out impurities.

This facemask has such a gorgeous scent to it, it reminded me so much of Starburst sweets or Chewits as they used to be called when I were younger (ok feeling old now) I love the smell of this face mask, it is so sweet and refreshing!
This face mask didn’t feel tingly on the skin like the Deep cleansing mask did, but it did feel very refreshing. This is the sort of Face mask I would prefer to use during the day if my skin ever felt tired or dried out, simply because it seemed to wake my face up and made me feel less tired and kind of woke me up…which I didn’t mind at all.

It was a really nice feeling to use this face mask, it felt really soft…my skin felt so hydrated and moisturised afterwards. Again this was easy to apply and not needed much of the product to get a good mask on my face, easily 2 applications worth again inside.Very easy to wash off with warm water.


Very happy with both of these face masks and definitely buying some more of these again very soon, I may even stock up on them because I loved them so much.

A big thank you to Ooharr for sending me these to try, they are amazing.

Have you tried these Face masks before?
Which Face mask is your favourite?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, likes and feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.











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Favourite Five Friday

Hey Friends!

Welcome back to the 2nd in my new series of Chatty Blogs!
Just to explain in depth why I decided to make these a REGULAR Friday series?. Well I thought it would be nice to have 1 day out of the week where I can create a blog, to be able to keep all my readers updated with news etc, about what I have been up to the past week, my thoughts on general daily life things that have happened in that week and well just a nice general chit chat to you guys really!
I’m going to add a few questions in here for you as well to be able to create a bit more of a friendly interaction from you all too, please feel free to COMMENT below or TWEET or MESSAGE me if there is anything that YOU would like to see me post in this chatty blog for you, that YOU would be interested in reading…I’m always wanting to hear great ideas from you guys, especially since I decided to create this CHATTY BLOG to be able to chat to you all a bit more, so yeah let me know!


So Spring is HERE & we have finally started to get some sun, is it me or does it seem like we have waited forever for the sunny days to come back?. I can’t really speak for anyone else but for me personally, when Spring arrives & the sun starts to shine…it makes me want to have a big SPRINGCLEAN!!  And that’s exactly what I did this week! I pretty much attacked my whole house with anti-bacterial spray, a few cloths & had a good change around, even sorted out my bedroom!
1 thing that not many people online know about me is that I get BORED with things very easily & I’m always wanting to change something or I am constantly trying to make things look better!  Does anyone else do this?, I’m sure you do!
I love having a GOOD clear out and a clean up in Spring, it just makes me feel like I’m getting ready for the summer.
What do you love doing around Springtime?
Do you love a good Spring Clean?


Blog Photography
I’ve started to learn soooooo much about Blog Photography & learned just how easy it is to
find items around the home that I didn’t even think of and items that I could’ve been using to make my photos look better, even little cheap accessories that I could buy to add into my photos, it’s surprising how many little things you can find in shops, buy & add them to your photos and they make your photos look so much better. So this is also what I have been doing this past week. Wilkinsons at the moment have some BEAUTIFUL items in to be able to use for Blog Photography, they have fake flowers, some lovely stationary items to use and a lot of accessories that are really cheap to buy.

So from Wilkos I bought some fake but pretty Spring flowers, some tiny pastel coloured pegs and some tiny diamante/fake gem stones (you may have spotted these already in my blog photography.)
Because of learning all this, my Blog Photography is looking that little bit better and I’m no longer finding the need to trawl through free photography downloads for bloggers websites as much as I was, I still have the odd photo saved that I’ve found on these websites that I’ve kept just in case I need a quick last minute photo, but most of the photos I used to use have all been deleted and replaced by my own creativity which I’m loving! I love how becoming a blogger makes you much more creative and the want to be a creative person grows so much. In my opinion having a passion for Blogging, sparks other passions that grow with you like being more creative and you appreciate so much more.
Has your Blog Photography changed much and in what way?
What are your favourite items to add to your Blog Photography?


Future Goals
This week I thought I would add a NEW FEATURE where I’d like to let you know of my future plans, like my plans to buy certain items or idea’s I’ve come up with that I feel like I want to share with you guys for an open discussion etc…etc!
Anyway my plans for this next couple of weeks: I want to buy some cute little plants, like mini cacti’s/succulents or just something with a bit of colour too…like a mini flower pot maybe?  To add into my blog photos to brighten them up a bit more now SPRING IS HERE! So yeah my upcoming plans are Spring Blog Photography Shopping! And I really do love shopping…lets be fair who doesn’t?.
Also on my future goals list is that I need to find more backgrounds for my photos, I love white but I don’t want my photos to look the same all the time because it then becomes BORING and I love being CREATIVE, so I’m wanting to find more patterned backgrounds and I also want to stick to THEMES too, I would love to find something that would look really nice to represent the seasons and any other events that I blog about that I could use themes for also. Themes seem to be the key thing with blogging now,  I’ve noticed it has become WIDELY
 popular lately. I think this is great.
The only thing I couldn’t do theme wise is INSTAGRAM! I mean how do some people on Instagram do that? They have it all themed and looking gorgeous, I really don’t know how it works but I honestly don’t think that with everything else I have going on Blogwise and with daily life that I know I couldn’t keep up to that too.

Do you have any future goals for this next week or two?
Got any big changes coming up this next couple of weeks…that’s getting you all hyped about?


Favourite Five Friday!
So on to my five things I’ve loved this past week.

  1. Themes – Its amazing to see different Bloggers own themes & how they have there own things set out and I love seeing them and reading about how you crated your themes too.
  2. Shopping – Now I know what I’m wanting to do with my Blogs and how to make them better, my wishlist is growing (uh-oh!) so I’m loving shopping lately.
  3. The Sunny Days – I’m so happy to add this here because I’m so happy to see the sun is back so I had to add this into my faves list! Fingers crossed for more sun please.
  4. Growing – Watching others grow is so satisfying, I don’t know about anyone else but for me, those who I see post everyday or Blogs I read a lot of..Its just amazing to see how much bigger they are growing! With followers or just general blogs looking better (not that they didn’t look fab before, but you know what I mean.)
  5. Creativeness – If anyone would tell me 10 years ago that this is what I would be doing with my life now and how creative I have become, I think I would have seriously fallen down on thee floor laughing my head off. Haha! Its crazy to think where life takes you. I’m loving how creative I am now and ways of thinking than ever before. I would never ever class myself as a creative person…EVER! But I’m now slowly gaining more confidence in my self and even starting to believe in myself a little more and I’m loving it.

What are your favourite things from this past week?
What has really stood out for you that you have loved?

Feel free to comment & let me know how you all are and what you have been up to this past week?
After all this is why I made this series….to get chatting with you all and find out a bit more about all my readers (nosy I know) and allow you to get to know me a bit more too (If you would like to) Haha!

So that’s it for this week guys!
I hope you enjoy these Chatty Blogs?
Please feel free to leave me any honest feedback (even if it seems bad! Don’t worry, I’m a big girl…I can take it!) Haha.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.






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3 Favourite MakeUp Spring Shades

As I sit here & happily write this Blog post, the sun is shining through my kitchen window, shining on my face and I’m loving it….YES! Spring is finally here!
I’m always looking to try out different ways of wearing my makeup especially because I’m still learning about Beauty and makeup, but everyday I enjoy learning a little bit more and I’ve learnt so much already. So now when different seasons come around I love experimenting with colours to suit each season &/or whatever I’m wearing that day. Like bright shades and pastel colours go well in the Spring and Summer months and cooler and darker shades go well in in the Autumn and Winter months.
Now we are finally in Spring, I thought I would share with you my 3 favourite makeup shades that I’m loving and will be using through out this season.

Before I use any makeup I love to moisturise my face and neck, some people use primer’s as a base, but I never really have (just my preference) Its just 1 thing I’ve found that works for me & my skin. I received this Clinique in a sample pack a while ago and I’ve loved using it. So before adding any makeup I blend this in all over my face and neck.


So this is pretty much my basic everyday makeup, a natural everyday normal daily life look for when you are not really going anywhere, but you still want to look nice. I love nude lipsticks/lip glosses so much, along with any light eyeshadow shades and when I want a bit of a glow to my face…I still use a Bronzer &/or a light blush on my cheeks if I’m at home, this is what I wear the most.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
For quite a long time now I’ve been using this foundation and I really can’t rate it high enough for me personally, it just gives me amazing coverage and is just the perfect foundation for my skin, I love it. It is the only foundation I now use every time I wear makeup. I can use either a foundation brush or my beauty blender, but I do love using my beauty blender that little bit more. For me personally it just helps me blend my foundation better across my face and neck and gives me better coverage.


I haven’t bought that many concealers mainly because I’ve never known before which 1 to go for and which concealer was best to use until now. This concealer is just a cheap 1 I picked up at a pound shop, but because I’ve had it for so long unfortunately the brand name has rubbed off. I usually add concealer under my eyes in a triangle shape, down towards the tip of my nose, around the creases of my nose and my chin.


Bronzers I have quite a lot of and mainly all of them are by *Sunkissed because I just love their Bronzers so much. I add a small amount to my Bronzing Brush and faintly sweep across my cheekbone area.


This big Bronzer is definitely my favourite and the 1 I use the most, I just love the design and how gorgeous it is. This Bronzer has lasted me so long and if you like, you can read my full review of this Bronzer Here


Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Blusher

Not often I use Blusher on my face…even though I own quite a few now. I was very happy to receive this by *Soap&Glory because I’ve never tried this blusher before and I absolutely love it. It really does apply well so I strongly suggest only using a tiny amount…unless you want to go for the whole clown kind of look (Haha!.) I just stroke it faintly on the apples of my cheeks (the very top of your cheek bones) in a diagonal sweep. It gives off such a beautiful pink glow and it is great to use in spring and summer months when you just want a bit of a glow to your skin.

Eyeshadow Base

To create a nice bronze shade to my eyes, I almost always use my gorgeous Maybelline Colour 24HR Tattoo cream eyeshadow. I absolutely love this eyeshadow and it is brilliant to use as a base or looks beautiful just on it’s own. Today I used it as a base, it so easy to apply and really does last 24hrs (hangs head in shame for forgetting to remove my makeup sometimes.) I love how creamy and smooth this eyeshadow is to apply and it feels great on.



Next I applied this beautiful Bronze shade (see above in pic) from my new poundshop eyeshadow Saffron Palette, I am so happy I bought these Palettes because they are so pretty, fairly pigmented and I love the Animal Print on the front. The shades are really pretty and so perfect for the upcoming seasons through out the year. The best thing about powdered eyeshadows is that you can build up the colour by applying more, but I found with these I only needed to apply 2 coats of eyeshadow to get a full on Bronze shade. I highly recommend these palettes to any bargain hunters like myself to try, if they sell them in your local poundshops.



On my Lips I’m using this pretty LipGloss by Makeup Revolution in a shimmer light pink shade, unfortunately it doesn’t state the exact shade name or number on the lipgloss. It is such a pretty shade and I would definitely say it’s a great 1 to use if you like nudes or something on your lips with not too much colour, but love shimmery lips. I love how shiny this makes your my lips look. I don’t use lipgloss that often but I do love pale or nude shimmer ones the best and these are what I wear the most.
Makeup Revolution are an amazing brand for makeup and I love all the products I have of theirs and what I’ve seen that I NEED to buy VERY SOON!



I have a lot of Mascaras I love but as many know that Rimmel wins for me everytime, I’ve always loved Rimmel and this is definitely the Mascara I use the most. It just gives me great length, looks great on and stays put all day.

So here is my finished Bronze look. I love using bronze colours in Spring/Summer because it just reminds me of the sun and getting a tan…It is also a great Autumn look too, so this look can pretty much get you through most of the year.

Instead of making this Blog super long with so many photos, for the next 2 looks I’m just going to show you the eyeshadow shades and Lip colours used because I used the same makeup like foundation, bronzer and blush etc.

I love using vibrant stand out bold colours in Spring and Summer, especially any that sparkle, shimmer and glitter in the sun because let’s face it…who doesn’t love adding a bit of sparkle, glitter and glam to their eyes?. So after applying my base, foundation and contouring in the usual way…
I choose 2 green eyeshadow shades from my Saffron eyeshadow palette for my eyes, first the darker shade of green that my eyeshadow brush is placed on that you can see in the above pic. I added a tiny amount to my brush and brushed this across my eyelid. Then I used my new Saffron sparkle/glitter gel eyeliner to sweep a line at the bottom of my eyelid, just above my top eyelash to create a nice shimmer edge look to my eyes.

Again I used my Makeup Revolution LipGloss because this is a nice shimmery colour, because I knew it would look really well with this look I’m creating for my eyes.

 Used my trusty Rimmel mascara again for my lashes, I love how the brush on this mascara is thick and full looking because I’m not very keen on the thinner, smaller brushes on Mascaras. It maybe just me but I’ve always found that thicker brushes create a much better volume look.

So this is my finished shimmery green look (excuse my messy multi-coloured hair.)

For this next Spring/Summer look I used all the same makeup as mentioned previously again and for my eyeshadow look I used the Blue eyeshadow (shown in the above pic) from my Saffron eyeshadow palette, again swept across my eyelid twice to create a good amount of colour that would stand out. I then took my smaller pointed sponge and used the other lighter blue shade to the left of my brushes and created a deep harsh eye line just above my lashes to give my eyes an extra shimmery look that stood out a bit more. This look on my eyes I’ve worn a few times this week and received some really nice comments, so I thought I would add it here to show you how I created it.

For this look I decided to use my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade #066 Heather Shimmer, I really need to buy some more of this because I’m down to the end and to use this, I have to apply it with 1 of my Lipstick Brushes (Haha) so definitely need to buy another in this shade. Its such a lovely nude/light brown shimmer shade and looks so good on.

Again I used my Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara for my lashes, I think this is 1 mascara I’m going to be using for a very long time because it is just an amazing mascara to use.

And this is my vibrant Blue eyeshadow finished look. I think this shade is definitely my favourite out of all these looks, this is one that I’m going to be using the most these next few months.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.
I really hope this helps you in some way to get some Spring eyeshadow ideas of your own to create for this season.

Which colours &/or shades are you loving for this Spring/Summer?

Which makeup brand/s are your favourite?

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.





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Cuticura Skincare Review

Posted in Beauty

Soap&Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life

Soap&Glory is one of my favourite brands for beauty products, their products smell amazing and always leaves your skin smelling gorgeous for days. The Scrub Of Your Life is no exception, in fact this body buffer is definitely one that I never want to run out of and I know I will always keep re-purchasing. It just smells heavenly and does wonders for my skin, it keeps my skin so soft and instantly gets rid of any dry patches I may have on my skin. Suffering quite badly with Eczema for most of my life, this body buffer has really helped my skin to become a lot less dry.


The Scrub Of Your Life had actually came in a set with some other Soap&Glory beauty products in a gorgeous Soap&Glory Pink Bag and I was so excited to use them because before recieving that I had never actually tried Soap&Glory before.
The body buffer is amazing, foams up really well so only a tiny amount is needed which I was happy about because I instantly loved it so much that I didn’t want it to run out at all and I just wanted to keep it going forever haha! Sadly I have now run out and I’m definitely going back to Boots to buy more.

Soap&Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life
£7.00 – 200ml Can be found Here on the Soap&Glory Website.

You can either buy Soap&Glory beauty products directly from their website Here or Soap&Glory can be purchased Here at the Boots website or in some stores. (Please check stock availability in stores) If you have never tried Soap&Glory before, I highly recommend that you try their products. This Body Buffer is definitely 1 of my favourites from Soap&Glory and in between testing out other body scrubs etc I use this 1 the most often, when I’m not busy testing out other products for my blogs.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my Blog.

What are your favourite Body scrubs, Body Buffers and/or body bars?

Which bath/shower products are you raving about?

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.


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Beauty Facial Cleansing Pad

For a while now I’ve been looking at different facial cleansing pads to try to use with my daily face washes, but with so many different ones in all shapes, sizes and by different brands it is hard choosing which would be suitable. While out shopping my husband surprised me by bringing one back to try because he knew I had been looking.


At first I was kind of sceptical because it looked kind of abrasive and maybe too harsh to use on my skin but I thought I would give it a try.

I really like that it has a suction cup on the back for ease of storage close by in the bathroom and that it has a ring shape so you can fit your finger(s) through to be able to grip the cleansing pad whilst using it. I was really surprised how soft it felt and the small bristles was soft too, it was actually pretty impressive and I became quite excited to try it out.



On first contact with my skin I was really surprised just how soft this actually felt on my face, it felt really soft and not abrasive at all. Each bristle against my face was also non abrasive, not scratchy or uncomfortable in any way and in fact using this facial cleansing pad felt more like getting a soft exfoliating massage. The ring fit comfortably over my middle finger and didn’t slip out at all whilst using it and this was good because I was able to easily cleanse my face.


I love the nice teardrop like shape of this facial cleansing pad because of the point at the top, this means its so easy to get the pad into the hard to reach places like under your eyes, in the corners and easily around the nose area. It was so easy to use, not abrasive in any way and was actually quite nice to use in my daily routine.


After I finished using the pad I noticed how soft and exfoliated my skin felt and was even more impressed that the skin on my face and neck was not red or in anyway over exfoliated or sore.
It is definitely a facial cleansing pad I would highly recommend to try and I am absolutely buying more in the future.

Have you ever tried these facial cleansing pads before?

Which facial cleansers are you loving at the moment?


Thank you for reading my Blog.

All Comments, Likes & Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.


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Swizzle’s Refreshers Body Scrub

When I’m out Shopping I am always on the look out for bargains & any of my favourite  brands or brands that I love that maybe on offer because if you have been reading my Blogs &/or following me for sometime, you will know how much of a bargain hunter I am! I also love picking up new products I’ve never tried before to test out so I can write new review’s for my Blogs. One of my favourite places to shop for bargains is B&M’s I love looking at what new beauty products they have in.
When I was last in B&M’s which was around Christmas time, I picked up a few items, 1 of which I spotted was a Swizzle’s bath set for around £4.00. I picked up the Swizzle’s lipbalms quite a while ago and loved them (as you can tell I have a thing for lovely retro items). They came in a stack of 3 tubs


  1. Bath Salts 50g
  2. Body Butter 150ml
  3. Body Scrub 240ml

Instead of trying all of them at once and making a big blog about all three, I thought I would review them all separately and give each product a fair review.


The packaging is very vibrant & look exactly like the sweet wrappers used to look, very eye catching and perfect for any girly girls (if that makes sense). I noticed after taking off the outer packaging, that they were quite tough to pull apart because they are heavily stuck together with glue. The inside was also sealed to prevent any spillage which is good, but again I found the seal was kind of fiddly and hard to remove because it didn’t seem to have a pull tab to grip on to.


After eventually being able to remove the seal, straight away unfortunatly I noticed how watery this Body Scrub was which was a bit disappointing, by watery I mean there was a small pool of water above the actual product. The Body Scrub’s texture is like a sort of gel but very very watery, I noticed the scent was very nice, not too over powering. The texture wasn’t too great,  very watery and it felt and looked quite a lot like hair gel which to be honest was not too impressive for a body scrub, infact the whole feel of it was just not very pleasant at all. Upon applying this Body Scrub to my skin, instantly I noticed that whatever scent was there…was now gone and I couldn’t smell anything.
Another thing I also noticed was that it didn’t foam up at all and still stayed in a gel like state on the skin, which was also disappointing. In my own personal opinion, it didn’t really do much for my skin and certainly didn’t feel like a Body Scrub at all, it just felt more like a watery gel that didn’t even feel, smell or even look like a soap product. Although this didn’t seem very good for me, I would say it would be perfect as a gift for any little girls that love quirky bath luxuries.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

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Favourite Five Friday


Hey Friends!

Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning in such a great mood & Blog Idea’s just POP! into your head?.  It doesn’t happen to me very often, in fact it is rare & I’m usually the total opposite and  I’m always on the look for Inspiration to give me idea’s for my next Blog, which to be honest I actually hate. I would love to just be able to have idea’s come at ME! 

Anyway I thought I would create a nice chatty post and include my Favourite Five Friday things because I’ve never really done this type of post before and well why not?.
So leading up to this week, I’ve had a MAJOR clean up in our house and rearranged a few pieces of furniture (I get bored of the same things very easily)! I’ve also cleaned my bedroom as best as I could, but not many people know just how tiny our house is!! The biggest room in our house is our kitchen and that’s why if you follow my daily Snapchat Vlogs you will know I Vlog in that room when I’m at home the most haha!. It is ridiculous how tiny our home is, I would really love to be able to find a bigger house but unfortunately we rent and where we live, houses very rarely become available because we have the countryside literally on our doorstep and plus the area is so nice…It took us arout 10 years just to find and get here in this home in the first place!!

For the past few weeks now as some may know I’ve been trying to sort out my hair because I had Black hair and I’m now bored of it (typical me) so I’m now wanting to go platinum blonde and then be able to use temporary wash in wash out dyes to add streaks of vibrant colours into it whenever I like. So going through this process, so far up to now I’ve used Colour B4 from Superdrug and 3x Blonde Highlighter kits. Before last night my hair was a copper red/brown colour, after using the 3rd blonde highlighter last night my hair is now a yellow AND orange colour. Unfortunately I don’t trust any hairdressers so getting my hair done properly is not really an option for me. Two things I won’t be doing again is dying my hair black and using any XXL Live hair dyes. It has been an experience that is for sure and looking back now I actually wish I had written notes on this with photos to be able to BLOG about my experience. Anyway my plan is to now add 2 more blonde hightlighters which should take it lighter and a platinum blonde toner that I’ve seen at Superdrug and tht SHOULD get my hair to my desired shade (fingers crossed). So apart from all of that, all I’ve really done is normal life stuff like shopping and paying bills (what joy)! Haha!

Anyway we are now on to Friday and it is my favourite day of the week as I’m sure it is with most people, so after my little chat, updating you on my past weeks antics (haha)! Here is my


  1. School runs – I won’t lie! As much as I love being a mum (best thing ever)! I hate school runs, because of my Social Anxiety and past bad experiences with people I am just not a people person at all. I won’t sugar coat anything because that just isn’t me! I just hate the whole standing in the playground listening to people gossip and female dog…(I won’t swear in my blogs, sorry yet again just me) haha! But yes it drives me crazy and I find it very hard to bite my tongue with certain things that bug me. So Friday’s, in particular Friday afternoon’s are my favourite.
  2. Drinking – Ok who doesn’t love to be able to either go out or stay in with family or friends having a good catch up over drinks?. It’s the main reason I love and look forward to Friday’s the most. I’m not actually a big drinker and I actually spent many months if not a year without hardly drinking at all, I mean literally like 1 glass of wine or a glass of Bacardi & Pepsi within a whole week or even 2 weeks sometimes. Last weekend was really when we had our first proper good weekend in a LONGTIME! So yes I’m really happy it’s Friday again and another weekend of drinking and catch up’s with family hopefully.
  3. Cleaning – Either leading up to Friday or on Friday I try to get as much cleaning done as I can because I love to just spend the weekends relaxing or just having fun with the family because sometimes you just need that break from the norm! (as they say). Sometimes it doesn’t always work out though…being a CLEAN FREAK, I always find myself still doing the odd bits here and there through out the weekend, just not as much as I do during the week.
  4. Outdoors – If you have read my previous Photography Blogs you will know there is nothing I love more than having a great weekend (by great I mean the weather) to be able to get outside and go for our usual hikes that we go on, mainly in Spring, Summer and Autumn because my body HATES the cold (that’s another story). I love getting out with my family for long walks along our local canal or any kind of events, with my camera (on my phone) and getting some lovely shots of my family out in the great outdoors, wildlife and scenery, basically just anything that catches my eye. So every Friday I check the weather reports for the weekend in hoping that we are going to have a great weekend and be able to actually get out. Now it’s coming back into Spring, I’m checking the weather again…in hope we can get out. Don’t you just love good olde british weather haha!.
  5. Enjoying Friday! – As much as my children ARE my WORLD and I love them more than ANYTHING and as much as I hate admitting it because it must sound awful to other’s, especially people who are not a parent themselves. I love just being able to enjoy 1 last day of a quiet house before a weekend of mayhem, antics. Like I said before I don’t sugar coat anything and I’m not the type of person to tell you how PERFECT my life is, because let’s be honest…What is PERFECT?  Like any normal family, we have stressful times, our kids constantly argue & our home is never quiet at the weekends or in the school holidays. Funnily enough I actually look forward to the holidays more, especially the big 6/7 weeks holidays which is kind of weird….I think that’s mainly because we can plan more fun things to do like going away or just going to the coast for the day, we love it. Anyway I’m sure any parents will understand this 1 haha!


So that is my favourite five things I love about Friday’s!
Do you have a favourite day of the week and why is it your favourite?
I would love to know yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

All comments, likes and feedback as always are appreciated.

Happy Friday!

Much luv.


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MicroBarBox Review

On the 26th February I was lucky enough to win a competition on Twitter run by a Beauty, Fashion & Food Blogger named Katherine Watson You can find her lovely Blog website Here I won a MicroBarBox from which is a subscription box that is basically a bar in a box. They pick out different drinks, mixers & snacks and present them to you by delivery in a lovely gift box. MicroBarBox create single boxes, gift subscriptions, gift cards & they even do a monthly tasting club. You can buy for yourself or gift to friends or family.



I was really happy to hear I had won & I was very excited to receive my box, it’s actually my first time trying cocktails so I’m quite intrigued as to what they are going to taste like. The MicroBarBox is very well presented and made to look really pretty with decorations inside, brightly coloured strips of tissue paper and the contents inside were also wrapped in bright tissue paper.



  1. itsu crispy seaweed thins – sea salt crisps
  2. Hidden Road Pinot Grigio Wine
  3. Brighton Gin
  4. Drambuie Scotch Whiskey
  5. Glen’s Vodka
  6. Fever – Tree Tonic Water
  7. Big Tom Tomato Juice
  8. Tabasco Grand Pepper Sauce




  • Single Boxes:  £24.00 – £89.00
  • Cocktail Duo Boxes:  £9.95
  • Gift Subscription Boxes: 3 Months – £79.00 | 6 Months – £155.00 | 12 Months – £295.00
  • Monthly Tasting Club: £25.00 per monthly box
  • Gift Cards: £30, £50 and £100
  • Check Website Here for p&p Details




MicrobarBox  is a fantastic subscription idea and I’m really impressed with the contents and how much the company has put into making each box look fabulous and glitzy with decorations. Each item individually wrapped in bubble wrap and made secure. It’s made very clear that a lot of effort has gone into making these boxes look their very best.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

All Comments, Likes & Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.



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10 SnapChatters You Should Be Adding

SnapChat – Millions of people use it everyday to chat, daily vlog, promote their content & social media, even have fun playing with the funny face effects that come with SnapChat and change on a daily basis. Like a lot of Social Media, SnapChat has taken the world by storm, even celebrities, brands and businesses are loving it. It has become so big that you can now watch vlogs from around the world on certain events, clips from the latest match or ball game and even something as big as the Oscars can be watched on their now.

When I started Blogging, I also started my own YouTube Channel. Making videos on Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion just like my blog. Unfortunately I only created 3 before I realised that editing with a phone, just wasn’t that easy for me…someone with little knowledge about editing videos. So I made the decision to stop until I could buy myself a Laptop. So when I heard about SnapChat I knew it would be great to use for my daily Vlogs. Personally for me, I love Snapchat. It has helped me so much with my confidence on video and just learning to have fun with it rather than being so serious, which I realised I was doing on my channel. I would now recommend anyone who is wanting to start a YouTube channel, to try SnapChat first before diving in because it just gives you that confidence first before throwing yourself into the deep end so to speak.

Blogging has helped me to find and get to know some amazing people and so far to say that I would love to meet a lot of them for a meet up over coffee. Snapchat has become great for many others like myself for daily vlogging, promoting their sites & just chatting to other bloggers. So many I love watching on Snapchat that just bring laughter and just generally make my day happier. So in my blog post I thought I would share with you the 10 people I watch and enjoy the most on a daily basis and I think you will also love and I recommend you to add them for yourself.

  1. Aisling Keenan – SnapChat: aislingmkeenan | Irish Deputy Beauty Editor at Xposemag, She’s very funny in her Snaps and talks about daily life and anything beauty related. She has a great sense of humour that I guarantee will brighten your day watching her.
  2. Beauty By Nichole – SnapChat: colliiiee | Irish Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. Nichole Snaps about her daily life in everyday vlogs and is very funny. She is also a very talented Makeup artist and to see her work, I highly recommend that you find her on Instagram to see just how talented she is.
  3. Gill A.K.A EyelinerFlicks – SnapChat: eyeliner-flicks | Irish Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. A Rockchic at heart with a love for dogs, Metal & Disney. Gill’s Snaps are full of her life with laughs, her hauls with the odd hair dying story thrown in for good measure. She is such a pleasure to watch on SnapChat because she is very funny and always makes me laugh and in no weird way at all…I love her hair dying stories haha!
  4. Helen A.K.A thelovecatsinc – SnapChat: thelovecatsinc | Style & Beauty Blogger from the NorthEast UK who has a passion for Fashion, Beauty and anything recipe related, Helen’s daily Snaps are brilliant to watch, She Snaps daily about her OOTD, hauls and lots of recipes which I love and anyone who loves to cook would. She makes amazing desserts that will leave you wanting her to deliver them to you Haha!
  5. Hayley A.K.A itsjustmehayleyd – SnapChat: itsjustmehdh | Mummy to be & with a passion for Beauty, Hayley’s Snaps are brilliant! She Snaps about her daily life, hauls and recently all about her love for her unborn baby due soon and her preparation for her new bundle of joy. She is such a lovely friendly funny person who always makes me smile.
  6. Jane Jones – SnapChat: janejonesjj | Jane I added recently from watching her on Periscope after an invite to watch her scope from another person I talk to on Twitter & SnapChat and I’m really happy that I added her. Her Snaps are hilariously funny to watch, so far I’ve seen her show an example of trying to vlog while having children around which was my favourite thing to watch of hers and made me laugh so much because I have children myself, it was just a perfect example of true mum struggles in a vlogging/blogging world. Her loves are testing out apps for review on her YouTube channel, SnapChat and chatting on Periscope. I highly recommend you add Jane if you love watching people who are really funny because she is indeed hilarious and has a brilliant sense of humour and she just makes me laugh so much watching all her Snaps.
  7. Jemma A.K.A Jemma DorkFace – SnapChat: jemmamorgan | I’m sure so many of you will already know Jemma (A.K.A The Queen of GIF’s) because she is widely known on Twitter for creating #TheGirlGang which is a massive group for many bloggers which is now joined by thousands of bloggers all over the Twitter world. She is also an extremely talented designer, illustrator and such an amazing blogger. She is always spreading kindness and gives a lot of bloggers such great support in their blogging journey. Her Snaps are hilarious to say the least, she is extremely funny and just an all round fantastic person to get to know. She Snaps basically all about her life, behind the scenes of her talent, her work and her massive busy work schedule with a lot of hilarious moments in between. You will also find Jemma doing the odd periscope which she also shows you a behind the scenes look at what she does and how she plans her days out, as well as in her tutorial blogs. I highly recommend Jemma to add on SnapChat because shes just a fantastic friend to so many including myself and it’s such a great pleasure to get to know her more everyday.
  8. Lily Pebbles – SnapChat: lilypebbles | A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle London Blogger. Lily’s Snaps are all about her daily life, daily travels and to any events, hauls and her love for cooking. She is brilliant on SnapChat and really funny to watch. She promotes her YouTube Channel and her blogs. You should go check out her Channel, her vlogs and tutorials are fab.
  9. Nishi V – SnapChat: nishi.v | A Beauty Blogger and YouTuber. Nishi is such a great person I can happily call a friend and I would love to meet her 1 day, she has such an amazing, funny sense of humour, so down to earth and very friendly. I love chatting to her often on SnapChat and on Twitter. She puts me into a fit of giggles most of the time I watch her daily Snaps. She vlogs her daily life, daily travels and promotes her blog and YouTube chanel. If you are not following Nishi and haven’t subscribed to her channel yet, you really should! She creates many makeup tutorials that are so easy to create yourself and takes you through them step by step, she is just brilliant and definitely deserves a lot more viewers than she has now. Out of all the amazing people I have come across and got to know, Nishi is definitely the 1 person I feel closest to because she’s just so lovely and a pleasure to know and watch her everyday (in a non stalkish way). Haha! If you are not following Nishi, then please do go follow her and subscribe to her channel because she really does deserve so many more people following her on her channel.
  10. Sunny Lenarduzzi – SnapChat: sunnylenarduzzi | The Social Broadcaster. On Sunny’s Snaps, she shows you her daily life and chats to you about how you can monetize your message across your social media. She also has a youtube channel that you should follow if you are wanting all kinds of tips and help on growing your audience and much more. She has endless tutorials on her channel which she also promotes and talks about in her Snaps. She is very talented in what she does and I for 1 have learnt a lot from Sunny’s skills that she likes to teach to others to help you grow in social media. If you are wanting all this information to help you in social media then I definitely highly recommend you add Sunny and also find her on YouTube for more detailed tutorials. Aside from all this she also vlogs her daily life on her Snaps and is so lovely and funny to watch. It’s great to see what she gets up to when she is not always busy promoting and helping people.


I hope you found this blog handy and find some new people here to add if you haven’t come across them already then please go check them all out because they are all amazing in their own way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Please feel free to add any recommendations of your own in the comments below, it’s nice to share and promote other people to others and what you love about them.

You can find me on SnapChat here:


All Comments, Likes and Feedback as always are appreciated.

Much luv.



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My February Favourites

A bit of a late Blog post but I thought I would write it anyway! So many items I’ve received this month that I’ve really loved using the most through out February, but I have had to downsize my monthly faves to just these few items or this blog would have gone on forever and nobody has got time for that! HaHa! Enjoy!


My first and what I’ve been loving the most of course is my LYDC LONDON bag to which I’ve written a blog review about, so if you haven’t read it yet, you can read my blog Here I was very happy when I received this bag, it has been literally everywhere with me and I’ve had so many lovely compliments about it.


Real Techniques Brushes

Even though my husband bought me these brushes for Christmas from Superdrug, I had to put them in my favourites again because I use these brushes almost every time I apply my make up and I’m loving them and the whole quality of them. They are amazing brushes, so soft yet very strong, I never lose any of the bristles out of them and they are still in perfect condition just as they were when I bought them…well when they are clean they are! I can definitely say I’ve been using these a lot in February. You can visit the Real Techniques online Here

wp-1452543386648.jpg I’m really happy to be able to add these Freeman Beauty Skincare products again in my favourites, even though I use them a lot, I’m quite shocked they still haven’t yet run out. But the bottles are all full size and you do only need a tiny amount of each product per use. I’m still loving these very much and they have done wonders for my skin, I love them all but my favourite out of them all is still the HoneyDew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask. The sleeping mask is just amazing and I absolutely love the smell, I find myself using this more when I can’t sleep very well at night, because of the beautiful scent from this sleeping face mask, it really does help to relax me and also helps me drift off to sleep when I’m finding it so hard. You can read my full blog review of these Freeman Beauty Uk skincare products Here


Apatchy London

Another item that I’m proud to add into to my February favourites is my Apatchy cosmetics case, I mean who wouldn’t add this into their favourites?. It is just so damn gorgeous! I’ve never had a big love for pink up until I received this in a competition I won, since then I have loved anything & everything pink. I just love this so much, I love the design, the glitter because who doesn’t love a bit of glittery goodness in their life? And let’s be honest a woman can never have too many cosmetic bags!  Check out my full Apatchy London Blog review Here



Rimmel London

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you will know I have been a massive fan  of Rimmel beauty products forever and I probably will still love them for many more years to come, so no surprise that some Rimmel products are in my favourites every month. Rimmel lasting 25hr foundation is the best foundation I’ve used and still use every single day. It just gives me the perfect all over coverage and stays put all day and into the next day too (Yes sometimes I do forget to take off my makeup cringe) haha!  One thing I will say is that, this foundation has never caused me to breakout in spots or caused my skin any irritation, which I also love about Rimmel and why they will always be my number 1 favourite make up brand and I’m pretty sure always will be. Another firm favourite of mine is the Kate Moss Lipsticks in the red shades. I’ve always been very self conscious when it comes to change or trying something new and most of my life I have always worn dark lipsticks, so going to a bright a red lipstick was very scary. These are the first red lipsticks I had tried and absolutely loved and still do. I wear them a lot, especially going out on a night or for a meal. If you have never tried these lipsticks yet and like me you are a bit hesitant about going for that full on lush red colour, I highly recommend these lipsticks because they changed my perception about experimenting with different shades & going brighter and I now love them. Most of Rimmel’s products can be found at most Superdrug stores or Here online.

HeavenSkincare Dream Oil Serum

Quite a while ago I came across Deborah with her amazing brand Heavenskincare and to be honest I am so glad I did because her brand of skincare products are truly stunning! I was very happy when I got to try the first beautiful product from her range which was the Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel which you can read in my blog post Here And then recently I was very kindly offered to try this stunning product by HeavenSkincare too. This gorgeous Dream Oil Serum is amazing, I instantly loved it & I’m still loving it. I use it daily in my skincare routine. You can read my full blog review Here HeavenSkincare I highly recommend anyone to try because I know you will love their products as much as I do because they are so beautiful and really do wonders for your skin. If you’re wanting to find out how great they are, then you will just have to read my blogs to find out.


Spaah! Face Mask

Only blogged about this face mask today, but it is in my February favourites because I have been using this quite a lot and I love it. I won it in a competition with a big thanks to Alisha who ran the competition and you can visit her Twitter page Here and go check out her Blogs via the link on her Twitter page too because she is a fantastic Blogger and I love reading her blogs when I get the chance. For the full Blog review on this Face Mask you can find it Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my February Favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

What has been in your favourites lately?

Which products have you been loving and recommending recently?

All Comments, Feedback and Likes are always appreciated.

Much luv.




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I Won A Spaah! Facemask


Quite a while ago I entered a competition ran by the lovely Alisha Valerie and I won this really nice Spaah! Face mask, so I was very excited to try it because I’ve never tried this before. The day it was delivered I just had to try it that night. I love the packaging with the vintage style look and the name is quite unique. When delivered it also came with a lovely handwritten letter by Alisha on some very pretty paper, which I have kept and will be adding it to my blogger’s board (another blog about that soon).


Applying the face mask I was quite surprised at how thin and clear it was, it didn’t look thick like most face masks and it was quite thin. Even though the product came out a white colour, once applied and I began to smooth around my face, it became quite clear and colourless which I thought was great. I know some people can be quite self conscious when it comes to face masks, so this is a handy alternative. I loved the feel of this face mask on my skin, it was cold but soothing and made my skin feel pretty good wearing it. The scent was quite subtle and not too strong, just nice. After wearing the mask for 5-10 minutes I washed it off with warm water and was really happy with how super soft and hydrated it had left the skin on my face. It is a face mask I would buy again if I saw it in the shops or online because unfortunately the company that made it, no longer stock this face mask which is a shame because it is really nice. Since first trying the facemask I have continued to use it and I’m still enjoying using it, alternating between my many other face masks I’m still using.

Feel free to check out Alisha Valerie’s Blog Here

Thanks for reading my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Which Face mask’s have you been loving?

Which Face mask’s are your favourite that you recommend?

All Likes, Comments and any Feedback are as always appreciated.

Much luv.



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MAYA – Black Gold Of The Sun | Blog Review


*BecomeMaya Black Gold Of The Sun Hair Styling & Curling Crème.

I recently received an Email from a new haircare company named BecomeMaya to ask if I would like to try out their new product for thick curly hair, which I had recently spoken on my social media account Twitter about having difficulties with my thick, curly and frizzy hair. So when I received this Email, it seemed ideal for me and I happily accepted.

Description Provided*

Maya Black Gold Of The Sun Hair Crème has a unique blend of 12 natural oils and extracts that repair hair, provide soft, strong, healthy hair, making your curls easy to manage, adding lustre and shine.


  • Shea Butter
  • Flame Tree Extract
  • Tomato Oil
  • Carrot Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Marula Seed Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Cedar Wood Bark Oil
  • Soyabean Oil
  • Rice Extract
  • Radish Root Extract

This hair crème comes in a nice cute little black tub with a twisted lid. As soon as I had removed the lid, I was kind of taken a back because of the smell. Not really a scent I have ever come across before and to be honest, it was kind of overpowering. The crème is white and kind of what looks like a gel type of crème because I noticed it was kind of wobbly like a hair gel but looks like crème. As instructed I washed my hair & I applied a small amount to the root of my hair, working the crème down with my fingers to the tips of my hair. Once I felt enough was applied to the most frizzy areas of my hair, I then proceeded to comb the crème through my hair and at this stage I could tell the scent of this product was becoming quite strong and if I’m honest it wasn’t very pleasant. After combing the crème through my hair, I then started to blow dry my hair and it was at this stage that the scent from this crème became stronger and it really took my breath away at how strong it was getting…the more I was drying my hair.

Because I have very thick hair it usually takes me around half an hour to an hour to dry all of my hair so unfortunately I didn’t get to dry all of my hair, because of the smell, I had no choice but to wash it all out. The smell was just too overpowering for me to take anymore which was pretty disappointing. This product maybe ok for anyone else, but I can only be honest in my reviews and saying that with my experience of it, I felt this product just wasn’t right for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Have you tried Maya before? Have you ever had a product that didn’t work well for you?

It would be nice to hear your thoughts and any stories you have of previous products you have tried that wasn’t right for you?.

All Comments, Feedback & Likes are always appreciated.

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Favourite Facial Wash By Soap&Glory


Soap&Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash

Product Description.

FACE SOAP AND CLARITY™ 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash smoothes and purifies for super clean, fresh and bright skin.

With complexion-friendly, non-drying, easy-rinse ingredients including natural SUPERFRUIT™ YUZU and ULTRA-SOFT SCRUB-BEADS, this high-tech foaming facial wash is a multitasking miracle.

•Cleansing, foaming and smoothing •Gently detoxifies, polishes and purifies •Includes pigmentation-preventing antioxidants •Rejuvenates, energises and brightens •Strategically formulated for oily/combination skin.


I’ve tried so many different face washes and having quite sensitive skin, I’ve found it quite hard to find a good 1 that works. Many face washes have dried out my skin, left my skin sore and even left me with a face full of spots due to it reacting to my skin. The only face wash I’ve found to be good enough for the past few years was any kind of Tea-Tree face wash. Tea-Tree has always been my favourite to use but the only issue I have using this, is that I’ve found it does dry my skin out a little and I have to use extra moisturiser to get my skin back to being soft again. About 2 weeks ago I was sent a sample of the  Soap&Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash to try. I started to use this straight away and put it in my morning & evening skincare routine in replace of my usual Tea-Tree face wash. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how much this has really helped my skin, not only does it leave me with soft skin afterwards each and every single day, but it hasn’t dried out my skin either and stays soft all day, everyday.  I really love how much more healthy my skin looks since using this face wash and my skin just glows. It cleanses deeply removing all dirt & impurities & leaves my skin feeling just super smooth.


It has the most gorgeous scent that I love and the few tiny micro beads that exfoliates your skin without that scratchy feeling you get with some face washes. It is a face wash I can happily say I would definitely recommend anyone to try.

You can purchase the 350ml full size bottle  Here

Do you have a facewash that you are loving?

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

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Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers

On the 22nd February the lovely Tania tagged me in her blog, you can find her website Here
She tagged me to do the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers tag! You can read her post Here! I have some questions to answer, and then time to tag some of my fellow bloggers and give them some questions back.
My Questions.
  1. Where is your favourite place to go with friends?  I don’t hang out with any friends
  2. What celebrity would you love to meet? Vin Diesel (Long life Crush forever) ❤
  3. Fave drugstore makeup brand? Rimmel London (always)
  4. Last holiday destination? Tenerife when I was about 12 (best holiday & place ever)!
  5. If you could be an animal, what animal would you be? Horse (free spirited animal)
  6. What time of year do you love the most? Halloween
  7. Do you currently have a job? If yes, where? Nope
  8. Fave book you’ve ever read? Ok random choices but I love Twilight Saga (all of them) with a passion or obsession haha! & Gok Wan’s Fashion Bible because I love him, he’s a fashion genius ❤😍
  9. What do you do when you’re not blogging?  Family time
  10. What item of clothing do you love?  Too many to mention
  11. What blog post are you most proud of?  My Story because I’ve never ever spoke about it to anyone!!! In my life!
you’re tagged, all you need to do is answer my questions, then set some for the next set of people to do! What would your answers to my questions be? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe.
My Questions for you.
  1. Where is your favourite place to go with friends?
  2. What celebrity would you love to meet?
  3. Fave drugstore makeup brand?
  4. Last holiday destination?
  5. If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?
  6. What time of year do you love the most?
  7. Do you currently have a job? If yes, where?
  8. Fave book you’ve ever read?
  9. What do you do when you’re not blogging?
  10. What item of clothing do you love?
  11. What blog post are you most proud of?
 A big thankyou to Tania for tagging me. She is amazing and you need to check out her blogs and go give her a follow, she’s lovely. ❤
Thanks for reading my Tagged Blog.
Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.
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7 Instagram Recommendations

Instagram is one of my top favourite Social Media Sites to use on a daily basis and I think it is also the one I’ve been active on for the longest time. I have watched it grow massively over the years. At first I used it to showcase my Photography work, but since my Photography didn’t take off as well as I had hoped it would, I decided to change my path into the world of Blogging and put my Photography skills to a better use. One of my biggest passions has always been Photography and editing, now I’ve discovered blogging..this has also now become my third biggest passion in my life and I’m loving it.

Since becoming a blogger my confidence has grown massively, I still have a long way to go in regards to my confidence…but slowly it is getting better by the day. The amazing thing about blogging is the ability to find and get to know some amazing people, who will help and support you along your journey into the blogging world. I have become so stunned and overwhelmed by just how much people are willing to help & support you. How friendly people are in the blogging community, it is literally like one big family of people who are all supporting each other in their passions and their love of blogging.

I want to share with you some of the amazing people that I have come across & that have inspired me in one way or another, it has literally taken me a full day….yes one full day to choose certain people to put in my blog and it has not been easy at all!!

I have so many people that I chat to and interact with on a daily basis, I wish I could mention all of them, but my blog would go on forever.

So for those people that I haven’t mentioned here in my blog, I do apologise, I wish I could fit you all in. Please, whoever is reading my blog today, go check out my Instagram Here and take a look at everyone who I follow because they are all fantastic in there own way in my eyes.


Tania Michele

I love Tania’s Instagram because it’s always full of fun, laughter and she’s very supportive towards other people including myself. She always leaves other people brilliant comments. Tania shares her blogs, her journey into the blogging world, her travels and what she sees on her journey, also a few little bits of her life in general and adds a few recommendations of other bloggers too. I just love her instagram and I hope one day…I could meet up with her at a blogger’s event or even for a coffee & a good catch up.



Nishi’s instagram is so lovely, I love all the photo’s she shares from make up to her recommendations and her travels too. To me…Nishi makes me laugh no end, she has such an amazing, bubbly personality that you just cannot miss. On any of her social media sites she runs including her instagram, her lovely personality just comes out in everything she posts. She is such a pleasure to know and I hope to meet her one day.



The first thing that I noticed about Holly that instantly drew me to her…has to be her hair, I think her hair is stunning, the colour and style of her hair is amazing. Although I don’t think I’ve ever told her!. Haha! Since finding her Instagram, I have loved Holly’s photo’s. She posts all of her blogging journey, anything that catches her eye (and she really does have a good eye for Insta posts). Haha! Her travel photos are awesome too and with a few funny, general life pics thrown in the mix, it just makes her instagram look amazing. Holly has a really funny but down to earth sense of humour, she makes me laugh a lot! She’s lovely.



Amanda is a lifestyle and food blogger, although she blogs about other things like beauty etc too, her instagram is amazing because she has lots of recipe ideas, food ideas and a lot of fitness posts too. I love her passion for great healthy foods and fitness. Amanda is truely an inspiration to anyone who wants to get fit, healthy and also anyone who wants to find the right balance in foods. Her posts are fresh, shows her life and her fantastic personality. A definate instagram recommendation from me that I will myself continue to enjoy for a long time.



The one area I love the most in Photography is Black & White! It has always been my go to photos to do like forever. Over the years, ive created a fair few myself and they just look amazing to me… like a piece of art. This is what I love about Charlie’s instagram lately, she has a good eye for photography and it shows in her posts, no matter what the photo is that she posts, it always looks good! Charlie has a great personality and this also shows in her instagram. One thing I also love about Charlie’s posts is that she posts a lot of home interior items and I think this is what she specialises in the most, she blogs about a lot of other things like fashion and beauty etc but her thing is definately homely things, which is a big inspiration to me because I love changing things in my home (I get bored quickly).



Since blogging it has made me find my girly side, which I never in a million years thought that I would ever class myself as girly before. And I’ve been loving experimenting with colours, designs and textures. Caitlin’s blog is just like that and more!. It is bright, cheerful, full of colour and her Photography skills are amazing. She has an eye for detail and this shows in a massive way, in all her great posts on Instagram. Recently she has started macro photography with her own Hastag called #mirrordoesmacro which I love because the photo’s you take show every little detail in your close up shots. What is also great about it is, like Caitlin you can put it to good use by using this to socialise and get networking with others through creating a kind of quiz in which people have to guess what the photo is that has been taken…such a clever idea!. Not only a clever idea but the photo’s look fantastic too. Caitlin also posts some gorgeous beauty blog photography, again with attention to detail, she shows you how to make your blog photography look amazing by the use of backgrounds and detailing that fits in well to make your photography look that little bit better. Her posts are just fantastic and she is an instagrammer I highly recommend you follow.




Jemma is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and she continues to make me smile &/or laugh every single day…no matter what mood I’m in. Not only is she the creator/founder of the bloggers group she originally started on Twitter #TheGirlGang  that has now grown in a massive way! But she also runs her own blog and works as a creative design illustrator, designing blog headers, website designs and much more as her self employed full time career. It amazes me how Jemma does so much….yes I have seen ALL her planners!. Haha! She has a planner for literally everything, she exhausts me to watch her explain it all in her very funny Periscope’s. To be absolutely honest when you look at Jemma’s Instagram….what isn’t their to love about it?. Her posts are bright, cheerful and the colours she uses in her posts are just gorgeous. She posts about her work, her blogs and her love for all things beauty related..including her lush hauls, in fact I think..if Jemma had her way she would buy the shops contents. Haha!

Her instagram is full of her amazing creative designs and I love seeing them all! She is one talented instagrammer that you definitely should be following!!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

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Heaven Skincare By Deborah Mitchell


Heaven Skincare

If you have never heard of this brand before you can view and read my previous Blog I had written about one of their products… Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel Here  or alternatively make a quick visit to their lovely website linked Here

18th September was the last time i had written a beauty review for Heaven Skincare By Deborah Mitchell. So when Heaven Skincare contacted me again to review this gorgeous *Heaven Dream Oil Serum, which can be found Here I was very excited and I happily accepted. Since discovering Heaven Skincare and trying their beautiful Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel, which can be also found Here I fell in love with the product instantly and I just knew straight away that this was an amazing brand. Their products not only smell absolutely amazing but they also create a spa like sensation while using them on your skin. When using the products, you instantly feel relaxed and calm.


Heaven Dream Oil Serum

When this Serum was delivered in my post, I became very excited & straight away I didn’t hesitate to open it to smell the scent and instantly I was overcome with such a stunning floral scent. Not at all overpowering but just a calming aroma.  It reminds me of a favourite perfume that you may own and instantly fall in love with because of how it smells.

I have noticed with Heaven Skincare products that a tiny amount goes a very long way and that is definately the case with this Serum. I only added what I thought was a small amount and even the amount I added into my hand was a little too much, but you never know really how much to use until you try it for the first time.

The first time i tried this on my skin was the same day I recieved it. I decided to add this into my daily skincare routine that I stick to day and night. When it came to use this Dream Oil Serum on my skin, I instantly fell in love with it. The gorgeous aroma was just invigorating and instantly soothing, it made me become very relaxed when massaging the Serum into my skin. It was very soft, easy to blend and the whole experience of using this for the first time felt just like as if I was in a spa and it would definately feel more like this if someone else had applied it on my skin for me also. The consistency of this Serum wasn’t very thick or watery and it didnt feel overly greasy in any way either, it is just a nice aromatic oil blend that immediately felt nice in my hand. It blended really well when rubbed together in my hands and again when applied to my face. After using Heaven Dream Oil Serum for the first time, my whole face just felt incedibly soft and soothed. Because I had used my hands to blend this Serum on my face, my hands also became very soft and noticeably smooth. I’ve had this Serum in my daily skincare routine for at least a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love using it. It is a Serum I would definately highly recommend to anyone, especially to anyone who suffers with dry or tired skin. This Serum not only revitalises your skin, but makes your skin feel youthful and incredibly soft. As well as using the Serum alone in your hands, a couple of drops can also be added to your daily face cream to use that way, if you so wish to.

°Heaven Skincare Dream Oil Serum Features.

  • Super boost non-performing skin and skincare with just a drop of Heaven serums
  • Light, beautiful smelling oil works as a serum to condition and keep skin supple. Balances dry or greasy skin back to normal. Ideal for help eczema and sensitive skin. Induces sleep.

Light, beautiful smelling oil, for skin conditioning and moisturising, works as a serum
A conditioning treatment for all skin types
Helps scarring
Helps redness
Stops boils and helps oily skin

If suffering from Eczema, dream oil kills the microbes which causes this condition.

Skin type; All skin types, good for eczema

Why would you want to buy this?; Greatest quality of ingredients in any oil. Beautiful flexibility and softness that lasts.

Emotion; Creates well-being and aids sleep. Helps a feeling of happiness and love – quite strongly!
Contra-indications; Geranium, on a very rare amount of people who can be allergic.

Emotion; Fear stops fear of rejection


Essential Oils: Organic Sandalwood, Organic Geranium, Organic Lavender
Base: Organic Calendula, Soya bean, Jojoba, Grapeseed
Vitamins: E, A



  • 15ml – £28.00
  • 30ml – £55.00


Have you tried any of the Heaven Skincare range By Deborah Mitchell?

Do you have a Heaven Skincare favourite?

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

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All areas marked with (°) the information was gratefully provided by the Heaven Skincare By Deborah Mitchell website which can be viewed via the direct links provided. All information was correct at the time of writing this blog and I am not held responsible for any future changes &/or amendments to this information.

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Valentine’s Day Look


Valentine’s Day isn’t such a big thing for me. It’s not a day I can say I like too much. I’m married, but let’s just say I’m just into the whole romance thing. Anyway I thought since it is valentine’s day I would share with you a valentine’s day makeup look.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. Best foundation I’ve ever used, I love it.

Sunkissed Bronzer and Contour Set used on the cheekbones, jaw line & down the sides of my nose.

Technic Eyeshadow Pallettes – Shade Burgandy/Plum used on the eyes

Lumiere double ended eye liner – Black

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer. Love this eyelash Primer.

Estee Lauder Red Lipstick in the Shade Red Ego. Such a beautiful colour to finish off that Valentine’s day look, who doesn’t like Red on day like this?.

Rimmel Scandle Eyes Flex Mascara. Love this Mascara, it really separates my lashes & makes my lashes look longer and really makes them stand out.

Brushes used – Real Techniques. I absolutely adore Real Techniques  Brushes.


Just a simple yet quick look for Valentine’s day that I love.

Thanks for reading my blog!.

What are your favourite pieces to use on Vday?.

All Comments, Likes & Feedback are always much appreciated.

Much luv.


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Top Ten Tuesday


Everyday I love to be inspired or look for inspiration. Since becoming a blogger I’ve noticed just how much inspiration there is in the world, my eyes just needed to see it and notice it. It reminds me of what is important and what isn’t such a big deal. There is inspiration everywhere you look and even inspirational people among us, we are just so busy with daily life that we miss it. I have come to realise this and now I want to treasure every minute of any inspiration I find in my life and learn from it.

Here are my Top Ten Tuesday Favourites:

♡ 1. People

While out & about, have you ever just sat on the nearest bench and looked at people walking by? I mean just sit and really look, imagining what their life must be like behind closed doors, look at their body language and emotion as they walk by. These people are my inspiration!. When i sit and just relax and really look, it makes me realise that nothing is perfect and rosy, that every single person has a story to tell. Who would have thought that just people walking by you can be your inspiration & yet you don’t even know them!.

Try it for yourself for 10 mins out of your daily life, what’s 10 mins to gain some inspirational thoughts?.

♡ 2. Blogs

I love to spend a good hour at least on a morning with my morning coffee & breakfast just reading other people’s blogs. It gives me so much inspiration, not only to write Blogs myself but also when I read quite deep blogs, it makes me realise again about life and just how hard life can be. Yes I have my own daily struggles, but so do others and sometimes it is very hard to read some blogs without getting a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. But this gives me inspiration into thinking I can write these sort of posts myself about my struggles and maybe help somebody else with a bit of inspiration too. Writing about myself and my daily struggles is one of the hardest things to do and I find it so hard to do, it is a struggle all on it’s own. But seeing other people’s blogs really helps me and inspires me so much.

Reading blogs is definately in my top favourites of things to do.

♡ 3. Books

I love reading, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down in a quiet place with a really good book. I used to read a lot but over the past couple of years it has become less. Books fascinate me so much, there’s so much inspiration in books through many different categories from Real life to fiction and even auto-biographies have the ability to inspire. It is so easy to just get lost in a book & find that inspiration you need, to look at life from a different perspective or just to see what life can be really like, sometimes we need to realise how lucky we should feel no matter what.

♡ 4. Walking

As a family, my family have always loved hiking/walking long distances along canal waterways and many moorlands etc. There’s nothing better than being out and about, away from noise and traffic pollution and just viewing the world from different angles. The views we are surrounded by near my home are out of this world and are just simply breathtaking. It gives me so much inspiration, just seeing the world from high up or seeing wildlife, nature and the beauty that surrounds us. A long walk in quiet surroundings really does help your brain to get into gear because when you are constantly seeing the views and what is around you on your walk, it really helps you to think and see things from a different light.

♡ 5. Magazines

I love to buy and read magazines like fashion, beauty or even home style magazines. They all bring some sort of inspiration, it gives you inspiration to help you write your next blog or create that look book you have been struggling to put together. There is so many different magazines for almost every subject and hobby out there, it’s hard not to find some sort of inspiration somewhere. Magazines don’t have to cost a lot of money either, I love a good rummage in charity shops as many may know and their is nothing better than finding a bargain and saving yourself some money that could be put to good use. So many ideas for blogs or a project you maybe interested in, you are sure to find something to inspire you in any magazine.



♡ 6. Shopping

Yes the one thing that most of us, especially us women love to do is shop and believe it or not there is inspiration everywhere!. It is a brilliant idea to just walk around shops to find that next blog you want to write. With so many stores stocking lots of fashion, beauty and homeware items, the inspirations you can gain are endless and it gives us a good excuse to go browsing round shops!

♡ 7. Web Browsing

With the World Wide Web at our fingertips, it is undoubtedly a massive way of finding inspiration easy. So many social sites that are constantly sharing ideas, tips and help to increase ways of finding resources that will aim us in the right direction of thought. Then you have Google which is huge by itself!. Finding something to inspire us online everyday is extremely easy and all you need to do is look.

♡ 8. Applications

With so many apps on Android & ios there is no reason not to find something to inspire. Online book apps like kindle can provide inspiration, blog websites. Social sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are also great ways. Pinterest is my most favourite social site to find things that inspire me all the time, with so many people constantly sharing posts on Pinterest, it is very easy to find things that help our minds work, as well as give us inspiration to begin a new hobby that could lead us to bigger things later in life. The options are endless when it comes to online searching through great apps that are mostly all free for us to use.

♡ 9. Television & Movie’s

Another fantastic way to find things that helps our brains perform well and get us thinking are the many TV programmes that are available to view, like drama, documentaries and even real life TV like reality shows even gives us some form of inspiration as we look into the world of others. It is all a form of inspiration, one way or another to be used in many different ways. Movies are also inspirational, to maybe write Blogs on out favourites or the recommended movie blogs and even seasonal movies like Christmas and halloween are all ways of using the content to write a new Blog or to make us feel a certain way with emotions.

♡ 10. Holidays

Taking a trip somewhere new and out of our comfort zone, out and away from daily life & experiencing different cultures or way of life is truely inspiring. Trying something new & being in a different country, place or amazing looking surroundings can all be a way of giving us thoughts and feelings that can be written down in a journal or write in a blog. Even if you cannot travel too far, just a different area of the world no matter how far or how near can be just as great and give us the same feelings. There is literally so much out there to explore, to set our minds free and to make us think of different ways of life. The world is literally out there to be explored no matter where you end up. The limits are endless with how much inspiration is out there waiting to be found.


What gives you inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration the most?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, feedback and likes are always appreciated.

Much luv.



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12 Apps I Use For Blogging

Not an app but I use my calender for blogging notes.

With so many Applications at your fingertips, it is so easy to literally do anything without leaving your home.

Is this the way our lives are heading?

The list of applications you can download to help you along in life is now endless. Since becoming a blogger, I’ve discovered so many new apps that I didn’t know about before, that have also helped with my blogging in a big way!.

Not only do I love testing out new beauty products, new makeup, new clothes, new shoes, new bags….ok that list is endless too!. Haha!. But anyway I also love testing out any new apps that are trending around, may it be a new game… (Yes I’m a Gamer… #sorrynotsorry). A new shopping app to phone window shop in and my favourite which are photography editing apps, I just love trying out any new apps I hear about.

So even though I’ve cut my list down a bit, so my blog wasn’t too long, here are my 12….yes 12 apps I use on a daily basis.



Colour Touch

This application I’ve had a very long time & I’ve always used it to edit certain photos. The app starts by asking you to upload a photo from your gallery or album, when your photo appears, it is in black & white. It then allows you to edit your photo to only put colour back into your photo…wherever you want the colour. You can zoom in & add the original colour where you want it & choose which to leave black and white. It also gives you the option of different brush sizes to make it easier, so that your less likely to make a mistake & an eraser is included for any mistakes you do make to your photo. All editing can be undone and it doesn’t ruin your original photo. When you have the desired look, you can save it separately and your original will still be okay. I really highly recommend this application if you love photo editing & photo effects. The end result can look amazing.


Another application I have been using for quite some time now and I love it. It is basically a photo editing app. You can create many effects like photo effects built in on the app or you can manually edit your photos yourself using brightness, contrast etc. Aviary also has many other options like frames, blur, strengthening a photo and so much more to make your photos look so much better. Another application that I highly recommend trying.


This is a fantastic application to create any old/new memories you want to put together from photos, building like a collage style flip book. A collection of photos from the past or more recent that you can put together, add a bit of your chosen music and even include a title, to then share to family or friends in many different ways. You can share it online through social media, in a private message, text or even email it someone far away. It is such a fantastic app that basically creates a flip book full of memories to keep or share. It is also great to use for blogging like, an Instagram look book or a quick makeup tutorial style flip book of photos, the many ways you can use Flipagram is endless.

No Crop Video

This is a really good app for Instagrammers. You can create video’s for instagram without cutting out any of your footage size. With some that you try to upload to Instagram, it may cut out a bit of your head if you’re doing a quick eyeshadow look…for example and it basically ruins your video that you spent hardwork creating. This application stops that from happening & it also creates really good quality video too, if you feel that your phone doesn’t have that good quality…when making video’s, this application will make it also look better. Such a clever handy app for blogger’s

No Crop

Again another brilliant application for any avid instagrammers. Same as the video app above but only for photos. It allows any photos you want to share on Instagram to stay the size the photo is without cropping anything out. Also comes with built-in photo editing, frames and basically allows you to edit your photo to however you want it, with the effects & tools provided. Another brilliant app for any blogger’s &/or Instagram users.

Pic Collage

I’ve had this application a couple of years now & I love using it. You can create quotes, messages etc with the built-in text you can add, with a mixed choice of fonts included. You can also create a photo collage and also edit any photos, you can add stickers, backgrounds, photos or pictures from the Internet without leaving the app. The list of things you can use this application for are unbelievably endless. There is just so much you can do, it is a fantastic application for anyone including blogger’s. Another application that I highly recommend.


Another application for instagram. This is a clever app that I have used many times. It allows you to create a collage of photos or just any amount of photos you choose to use. What I do love about it, is that you can create mirror effect selfies and even turn one or more of your photos upside down if you choose to have that effect, an effect that I have seen in many selfies on Instagram & really do look effective. There is also the option to have different shaped frames added to your photos, which is a good effect. A brilliant handy application to have.


Handy Blogging Apps


This is a fantastic application that I love to use regularly. Being a blogger, I like to keep track of my social media growth on social sites I use. This is a brilliant for exactly that, you can check your unfollowers, followers, inactive users and follows you back for the social sites Twitter and Instagram. You can also schedule posts, send out automatic direct messages through your messages from Crowdfire. An absolutley fantastic app for growing as a blogger on social media.

If you want to grow as a blogger and getting out messages to send your links to people or even just a welcome message to your new followers to show your appreciation whenever you are busy, then this is an app I highly recommend to you.


This is a great application for scheduled posts to Twitter, Facebook plus other social sites. If you have a lot of things to do or you just want to get on with a new Blog or you have things to do at home, but you still want to get your links to your blogs & other social sites out there to share, then this is a great app to use. Even if you just want to stay active on social media when your busy on a day to day basis doing other things like cleaning or your out shopping, this can help you achieve that in such an easy way. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule photo posts on any or all of your social media. Like Crowdfire you can also schedule messages to be posted at a time of your choice.

This app is brilliant to keep your audience always interested in all of your posts, links and all of your activity you put out there to be shared for others to see, like and leave you comments on. Highly recommend if you’re an avid blogger.

One Note By Microsoft

This app is basically your diary & notepad rolled into one. I love using this application on a daily basis or some days I use it more often. It is great for writing down blog ideas, dates, links you want to keep. Pretty much anything gets you want to write down and keep, you can use this application for it. It has the choice of fonts, bold, italics and you can even set each page to a chosen colour. Photos can be also added if required, audio if you want to keep a memorable to remind yourself about anything and you also can choose to have To-do lists too if you need them. It is a very handy app to keep on your phone and/or tablet.. (I have it on both) Haha!.

It is just a brilliant app to carry with you everywhere and be able to access anywhere if your not keen on carrying diaries and/or notebooks around with you on your travels.

One Note Badge

This comes built-in to your One Note app but it is brilliant because it hovers on your screen ready for you to take any quick notes. With One Note you have to make a new page title etc, but what this little added extra does is… it allows you to just write a little note down as soon as you open it. If something just pops into your head like a great idea or something you remembered for your shopping list you created etc, you just open it, write it down and close it and that’s it!. Anything you write down, it saves itself so need for any fuss, it’s such a convenient, handy little extra that comes with One Note. A very clever application that I love using myself.



Two little extras that are already built-in on my phone & tablet but I had to throw in here.

Kindle App

When all my posts are scheduled & I’ve caught up with everything I’ve done at home or with my daily tasks I’ve needed to do, there’s nothing I love better than to take a bit of me time, to read a good book. Kindle is brilliant for downloading books to read. Some you have to buy but many don’t cost that much at all, I look for mostly free books and there are more free ones on Kindle than people think and some of them are really good reads. Kindle is such a great app to own for people who love to read, I highly recommend it.

Music Player

Anyone that knows me well, will know how much I am obsessed with music, it literally goes everywhere with me and there is not a day that goes by that I am not listening  to music at some point throughout the day, even when I’m out and about, I will have earphones in my pocket ready to use or in my ears already and sometimes my headphones around my neck if I choose to use those that particular day. When I’m home cleaning, before I start…the music goes on, usually pretty loud, I don’t really listen to music low…it’s just not me. I think I was just born with music in my blood because it runs quite high in my whole family. Haha!. My music player is also great to use when I’m blogging, it really helps me to focus and think about what I’m wanting to write and really helps me think of new Blog ideas too. I think the only time I’m not listening to some sort of music is when I’m either sleeping, watching a movie or watching Vloggers on YouTube every night.

What are your favourite apps that you use a lot?

Thanks so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.



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January Favourites


January has been quite big for me, with so many favourites I could have put into this blog, but if I did…this blog would have gone on forever!. So I’ve decided to write about just a few beauty items I’ve been loving & because January has been such a cold month so far, I thought I would throw in a couple of winter items i wear regularly when out & about too. So here goes!.

For Christmas from my husband I received a beautiful Ugg white scarf & I love it!. It is thick, very soft and traps the heat in so well. Last year in the sales I bought this multi coloured snood type scarf, I love the colours & even though it is not very thick material, it wraps around my neck twice because it so long, so it really does keep my neck warm. I’m not a big hat wearer & I don’t own that many hats, but the type of hats I do love are oversized beanies & trilby style hats. This black knitted oversized beanie (shown in the pic above) I wear a lot because I love it so much, it is thick & really oversized, so it covers my ears & still hangs at the back. It’s great for keeping me warm…no matter how cold it is.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.

This has been my go to foundation for quite a while now & I love it, it has great coverage & lasts perfectly all day. I love that it is not thick and doesn’t make my face look oily and it also covers up any blemishes so well. Definately going to be the only foundation I will use for a longtime yet.

*Sunkissed Bronzer and Contour Set.

I’ve had this gorgeous set for quite a while now and I’ve loved it everytime I use it, it is the 1 set I reach for the most when it comes to doing my contour or if I just want a nice bronzed glow look on my face. I just love this set. I was so happy when I was very kindly offered to try this by Sunkissed because I had my eyes on this set for a while, I mean it is just so pretty. I love how it has been designed with the sun shape being the contour and the bronzer part has the beautiful little stars detail, it is just lovely to look at, I remember when it first arrived, I just didn’t want to touch it!. Haha!. It has actually surprised me how long I’ve had it because it doesn’t even look like any has been used at all and I do use it a lot. I’m very impressed with it and I would highly recommend it to anyone!.


Real Techniques Clutch & Brush Set.

Another Christmas gift from my husband was this brush set. I’ve been wanting some real techniques brushes for a while now, so I was very excited when I got these. I love the colour of these and was very happy when they came with a clutch to keep them in. The clutch is in a gorgeous silver colour. These brushes are incredibly soft & I just love using them. Now I have them, I want more of the brushes from Real Techniques.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Pallette.

I’ve recently become a big fan of this brand & I love all the beauty products they do, this eyeshadow Pallette is no exception. I have been using this almost everyday in January, it has really pretty shimmer shades & one of them which I’ve used the most is sadly almost used up. These apply really well & stay put all day, it is definately an eyeshadow pallette I will be repurchasing when it has all gone.

Technic Eyeshadow Pallette.

These two pallettes I actually found in my local chemist, but I’ve had a few beauty products from Technic now and they are surprisingly very good. All their products are only very cheap at around £1 – £5 so you would think they wouldn’t be very good quality, but they really are!. I love the shades in these Pallettes, they are really pretty and apply so well too. The colours don’t last all day but I would say they lasted a good half a day, which for a cheaper beauty item is pretty good. I have been using Technic makeup for a while now and I know I will continue to use their brand.

Sunkissed Contour, Blusher & Highlighter compact set.

This set is so pretty, I love how small and compact it is and yet with so much product packed in to them. The highlighter I use a lot, it has been my go to highlighter everytime. The highlighter gives off a beautiful sheer glow and I’ve had many people comment on it, asking me what highlighter I use, so with that alone shows how great it is. The Blush I’ve not used that much, but that’s because I’m just not a big fan of blush. The Blush does look very nice on & gives you a lovely rose tinted shade, I just don’t use blusher that much. The contour I love & it looks the same contour I have in my big sunkissed pallette. I love the mirror too, so easy to use when on an evening out. Sunkissed is definately in my favourite brands to use, I love a lot of their beauty products that I’ve tried so far.

You can find all the Sunkissed products Here

Rimmel Kate Moss Red Lipstick.

I love these lipsticks by Rimmel that Kat Moss created, the red colour is so full on and very pretty. I’ve always been a fan of red lipsticks and I’ve used a lot of red lipsticks over the years but these ones by Rimmel are definitely my most favourite yet. I currently have two shades of red and I love them both. These are the lipsticks I can guarantee I will wear the most anytime I go out on an evening. The great thing I love about them is that once applied, they make your lips look fuller & just give you that gorgeous vibrant red look and it does stay put all night. Another beauty item that will always be in amongst my makeup items.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex Mascara.

I’ve been loving this Mascara & even though I own a few mascaras, this is the one I’ve been grabbing the most this month. I’m not a big fan of long thing brush heads on mascaras, I find them harder  to apply for some reason & I always end up with mascara everywhere!. I love this mascara because not only does it have a short but thick & fuller brush head, it also applies perfectly with no mess. Once applied this mascara leaves my lashes looking so long & doesn’t clump or clog my eyelashes together which I also love. This gives my eyelashes a great curl at the ends & still manages to look just as great on at the end of the day/night. Definately a repurchase for me.

Body Collection Lipstick – Shade Pink Mist.

During the day when I know I’m going out & about to do my daily tasks, I love to wear makeup but I don’t like wearing anything too heavy or full on. Nude or very light lipsticks are the beauty items i wear for during the day. These body collection lipsticks are really pretty & I have this one and a Nude Beige Lipstick too. The downside to these cheaper branded lipsticks is that you do have to reapply them, but I love the colours so reapplying doesn’t bother me at all. These have lasted pretty well because I’ve had them almost a year now and I’m still going to get a lot of use out of them, which I think is pretty good going for a cheaper lipstick.

The Colour Experts Blush Spice Island.

I love this blusher pallette because it has different shades of blush to choose from and the lightest shade I’ve found works fantastic as a highlighter. Even though I don’t use blusher too much, these do look lovely on and this pallette is just really pretty. Not something I would repurchase because I don’t use it that much, but I do love using it when I feel I need a little more colour to my cheeks. A beautiful pallette for anyone who loves blush a little bit more than myself.

Nivea Pearly Shine Lipbalm.

I absolutely love this lipbalm so much, not only does it leave your lips super soft and really works on clearing up dry lips, but when applied it also leaves your lips with such a pretty sheer pink colour which I love!. This goes everywhere with me and I’m constantly using it when I’m not wearing any makeup or if my lipstick  wears off then this goes on. Im a big fan of Nivea products, so this is definately always going to be a repurchase for me.

Estee Lauder Red Lipstick & Estee Lauder Little Black Primer.

I recently won a competition on Twitter by beauty expert Dave Lackie in which I had won these two gorgeous items by Estee Lauder. I was really excited when I received these in the post all the way from Canada!. The red Lipstick is just such a stunning shade, very vibrant & I also really love the packaging with it’s magnetic lid, shiny gold colour on each end & the designer name written in black on the top end. The packaging is just very pretty to look at. 

The Estee Lauder Little Black Primer is something I’ve never heard of before. It is a Primer that works as a base that you apply before you apply your mascara or you can wear on its own as a mascara. It is not a beauty item I’ve ever come across before but I do love it. At first I was unsure about it, as it does have a long thin brush head, but it was surprisingly easy to use. Used as a Base it helps your lashes separate, look longer & become more curled on the ends, after using this I did see the difference it had made to my eyelashes & it is a really good beauty product. Definately something I would go out & buy.


Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo.

I think this eyecream is going to be in a lot of my monthly favourites because it is just amazing. I have this eyecream in 3 different shades because I just love it that much. It is easy to apply, it feels amazing on and really lasts all day. I love how they have a creamy texture & they give that very sheer sleek look when applied. The packaging is very cute too. Definately 1 I would repurchase & is always going to be in amongst my makeup items for a longtime.

I think I have a bit of an obsession with makeup bags, I love to find and buy new makeup bags to change when i get bored of the ones that I’m using…Yes I use more than 1 at a time. Haha!. I have a big white makeup bag that I use to carry my bronze & contour pallette, eyeshadow pallettes, my foundation, my face powder and my beauty blender, then my smaller gold Makeup Revolution bag which goes inside this bag holds my mascaras, concealer, lipsticks, eyeliners, Clinique moisturiser, lipbalms and my single eyeshadow pots. Then I have my newest purchase, my animal print brushes bag that holds some of my cheaper makeup brushes and of course my Real Techniques clutch with my real techniques brushes inside too. Yes safe to say I think I’m a little mad!. Haha!.  Speaking of my new purchase, I actually found this animal print makeup brush bag in a charity shop for £1.00 so obviously I couldn’t resist that!. It fits a lot of makeup brushes of most sizes and has many clear zipped pockets inside. It also has a long deep pocket that goes right down the full length of the bag, although I’m unsure what you would put in there because the bag folds up to a clutch style. The velcro removable mirror is also another great feature, altho it isn’t a very big mirror it does come in handy.

Clinique Daily Moisturiser.

I recieved this 15ml sample through the post when I signed up to their website and I love it so much, it hydrates my skin so well and leaves my skin feeling really soft. It has now left me wanting to try more of cliniques products and I even want to buy the full size of this moisturiser too.

Woman Exotic Eau de Toilette 50ml

I’ve had this Purfume for such a longtime now, I’d say around 2 years to be exact & I do use it quite a lot but it just never seems to run out. You only need to apply a tiny amount because it does last all day and even though it doesn’t have an over powering smell, it is still quite a strong scent. It has a lovely floral scent that isn’t very sweet, it is more like a deep musk sort of scent. I love the smell of it, it smells amazing. The only downside to this is that I’ve had it that long now, I cannot remember where I bought it from. If I did find it again, I would definately repurchase it.

Well that is my favourites for January, I’m looking forward to seeing what will be in my favourites for February!.

Have you tried any of the items I’ve mentioned in my January favourites?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.


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January Empties


How fast has January gone?. It seemed not long ago we were just getting over Christmas then “Bang” another month has gone!. Time is flying way too fast for my liking. Anyway another month gone so here is another monthly empties. I’ve not used up that much this month, which I’m really surprised about because I have used quite a lot of products, but they just seem to have lasted really well and not run out.

TRESemmé Ultra Fine Hairspray.

I’ve been using TRESemmé products for quite a while now and I love them. I use hairspray a lot, because I have very thick, frizzy & naturally curly hair it can become a pain when trying to style it. I have tried to use so many different hair products on my hair over the years, but I’ve found that TRESemmé is the one that works best with my hair. As soon as I’ve styled my hair how I want it, I just spray a little bit all over my problem areas, just to tame my hair & prevent it from becoming frizzy and flyaway. This hairspray is perfect for me because it keeps my style in place all day, it doesn’t leave your hands or your hair feeling sticky which I love. What I’ve noticed with other hairsprays that I’ve used in the past is that on an evening when you start to brush your hair, it is a nightmare to brush out. TRESemmé hairspray brushes out so easily with no difficulties at all. I love their products so much that I also use their Shampoo & Conditioners and deep conditioning treatments which leave your hair feeling amazing for a while.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

This has been my go to product everytime I use my hair stylers, like my straighteners or my hair curlers. It is a fantastic product that really protects your hair from becoming damaged from the extensive heat that your stylers give off. Keratin is also brilliant for taming frizzy types of hair, it tames all of your frizz and leaves you with smooth hair. Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves your hair feeling silky soft afterwards too. I just spray a little bit all over my hair, epecially on the ends of my hair to give my hair that all over protection, you don’t need to use too much as it does go a long way. I run my fingers through all of my hair working it into every strand, the ends too & even th