About Me


My name is Lisa, I’m a full-time single Mama to 6 children. I love and have passions for quite a lot in life, with my top passions being: my children, writing and drawing, arts and crafts, photography and every thing that involves being outdoors such as hiking/long walks, nature, wildlife and learning along the way.


I’m originally a Leeds girl (Born & Bred) Leeds will always be my home & I’m proud to say that’s where I grew up, up until the age of 17 when I moved away. Unfortunately at the moment our life is a bit up in the air and we are desperately trying to build our life and make a fresh start! New year (2018) new life, new memories!

My passion has always been Photography for 10+years & I’ve always wanted to become a Photographer, but with no experience this was proving difficult, so I decided to use my photography on my blogging instead.

I’m loving Blogging so much, I’ve come so far & I have learned so much and I have been introduced to so many wonderful Bloggers and Mummy Bloggers along the way, I love meeting new people and I feel very blessed.

Thank you for reading my about me.
Much luv,
Lisa XoX




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