About Me


My name is Lisa, I’m a full-time mum  to 5 children & #6 is due in May 2017.
I’m also a full-time carer to my disabled husband, who is also my rock and my strength!
He helps me get through each day, dealing with my mental health the best way I can.


I’m originally a Leeds girl (Born & Bred) Leeds will always be my hometown & I’m proud to say that’s where I grew up, up until the age of 17 when I moved to where I live now, on the very edge of the countryside in the lovely village of Baildon & I absolutely love it here!
It’s peaceful, quiet and packed with everything I love, Wildlife, Nature, endless places to go for long hikes and breath taking views of pretty much every square mile as far as the eyes can see!!   

My passion has always been Photography for 10+years & I’ve always wanted to become a Photographer, but with no experience this was proving difficult, so I decided to throw myself in a different direction…Blogging!


My Blogging started in May 2015 with my love for Photography, now almost 2 years on & my Blogging has grown so much, after a much needed Blog makeover and a new design, I’m now Blogging about anything that takes my liking.

I’m loving Blogging so much, I’ve come so far & I have learned so much and have been introduced to so many wonderful Bloggers and mummy Bloggers along the way, I love meeting new people and I feel very blessed.

Thank you for reading my about me.
Much luv,
Lisa XoX




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