4 Christmas Red Lips

Christmas as everyone knows is the time for anything and everything that is festive!!
Present buying, gift wrapping, cards and all the trimmings in between and after all that you then have all the Christmas food shopping to buy and get all ready for Christmas!

Within all the stresses that surrounds Christmas, we also have the good times at Christmas too.
For some people there is all the glitz, glamour of parties and/or work do’s we may be invited to, a time to forget all the stress we have been under at Christmas and make ourselves look fabulous.
A time to relax with our families & our friends over drinks and meals, to be able to just let our hair down and really celebrate Christmas!

So you have your favourite party wear and your favourite shoes and when it comes to make-up the obvious choice around Christmas is the very brave wearing of a beautiful Bold Christmas Red Lip!
No other shade could be as perfect for parties and what better time to bring out the reds!

In this Blog Post I share with you my 4 favourite reds that I will be choosing from to wear this year, I very rarely brave a red lip, but Christmas is definitely the perfect time to bring out that seasonal shade.

Estee Lauder – #250 Red Ego

I love wearing this Red lipstick, it is such a beautiful shade, applies really well on my lips and has a quite thick consistency without the feeling of being caked on.  It gives a nice full colour and lasts on my lips for quite a while without the need to reapply, which is perfect for parties. 
It is a Red lipstick I definitely recommend purchasing.

2True Pro 8hr Power Lip Colour – Angelina

This Lipgloss is the brightest shade of Red I own, it is very vibrant, but beautiful in colour and I love it. It applies very wet looking but dries like a matt and a little warning…it does dry very fast!
It can be more a little more difficult to apply than any other Lipgloss I’ve used before, I’ve made a few mistakes whilst using this previously, like over applying and slipped a few times too, so it does take quite a steady hand, maybe a few tissues/wipes and a bit of patience. 
But once applied the end result is worth it because it really does look amazing on and certainly has lasted me on a full night out without needing reapply.


Sweet Sheen Lip Balm By Makeup Academy

If my lips ever feel more dry than usual, the last thing I want to do is apply a Lipstick or LipGloss that is going to enhance that, so when I found this beauty from Makeup Academy I was very pleased. 
It is a Lip Balm with added moisturiser, but gives a subtle shimmer of colour in this beautiful Red shade too…which is fabulous. 
So even when my lips feel a little poor, I can still wear a gorgeous Red Lip without the worry of my lips drying out even more.  
I have noticed while using this that you do need to reapply throughout a night out, but in my opinion I would rather use this and reapply, than use a LipGloss or Lipstick that is going to dry my lips out even more. 

Rimmel By Kate Lipstick – #01 Red Nose Red

Since Kate Moss first released these beautiful Rimmel Lipsticks, I have always loved the Reds.
They are such a gorgeous vibrant shade and I’ve now owned and worn quite a few Reds since they hit the store. 
They have never made my lips dry out whilst using them and they have stayed put on my lips most nights that I’ve been out with family and friends.
I love these Lipsticks and they’re small enough to fit nicely in any clutch purse and perfect for that Christmas Bold Red Lip!

What are your favourite shades to use at Christmas?

Are you brave and dare to wear the brightest Reds or do you prefer to not be as bold and daring and choose a more subtle shade?

I would love to hear what your favourite Lip shades are in the comments!

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post!

Much luv.



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