5 Favourite Tree Decorations

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is the Decorating…no not DIY decorating, but Christmas Decorating.  There’s such a great feeling of getting all the decorations out of our loft and hanging them all up with my family, putting up and decorating the Christmas Tree. Every year we always leave the star to each 1 of our children in turn to add on the top of the tree.
I also love buying new decorations to add to the tree and our home too and replacing any old decorations for newer ones. Christmas just doesn’t look nice without our home filled with sparkle, glitter and shiny Decorations hung everywhere and I really do love a lot of glitter and sparkles at Christmas!
In this post I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite Decorations that are hanging on my tree, unfortunately I cannot remember where exactly we bought them and how much…so I apologize for not including that information. 

White Sparkly Star Hanging Decoration.
I love this star because it glistens when light is shining on it and it makes it look like it has flecks of rainbow colours on it, it is really pretty. We have had this hanging star for a couple of years now and I still love using it every year, unfortunately we only have the one for some reason and I would love to find the same hanging decoration in the shops so I can buy a few more to match, because it really is pretty to look at.


Red Glitter Bauble
As I said above…I love a bit of glitz at Christmas and these baubles are really glittery, they can be annoying sometimes as they do get glitter everywhere…but they are worth using because they are really pretty.
This photo above does not do them much justice as they are a gorgeous lush red, brighter than what it shows on the photo and they really do sparkle in the light.
These baubles we only got last year, so are still quite new and I just love them.

Giant Tin Copper Bauble
This Copper Bauble I only bought last year too and I actually bought it to go in my Photography props box, but I got it out this year to hang on my tree, because I just love it. It’s quite heavier than all our other baubles because it’s a giant bauble and it really is quite big!

I’m actually unsure how it’s managing to stay on my tree without falling off haha!
It sticks out more than the other baubles because of it’s size but it doesn’t look odd or out of place for some weird reason…it just seems to look fab somehow.

Candy Canes
No tree is really complete without a few Candy Canes hanging on a few of the branches, everyone loves Candy Canes…right?!

I think they look fab on trees and just makes the tree look even more Christmassy, plus they are great to eat as a treat on Christmas Day too.
I don’t think Candy Canes would ever get old and I’m pretty sure almost every household has some around Christmas time.


Christmas Crackers
Last to mention are Christmas Crackers and it just doesn’t seem right without them placed in between the branches of our tree. We do this every year and we always co-ordinate them to match the chosen colours of our decorations hanging on our tree, it just looks out of place otherwise…although this year we have bought our kiddies some of their own too which are a different colour but somehow still look great!

I love pulling crackers with the family at Christmas over Christmas dinner and what better place to keep them.

What are your favourite Christmas Decorations?
Do you have Christmas Crackers on your tree?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post.

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated!

Much luv.




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