4 Favourite Things At Christmas

There is so much about Christmas to get happy and excited about!
Christmas Decorating 
Holidays at Christmas
Wrapping of all the Presents
The list of our chosen favourites can be endless!
There is so many different things around Christmas that excites us all in certain ways and we all have our own favourite things that we love and become happy about.


In this Blog Post I thought I would share with you my top 4 Favourite Things At Christmas
Things that I love, what means the most to me and what excites me more than anything at Christmas time!

Christmas Movies!

Who doesn’t love a classic or new Christmas movie to watch as soon as December hits us?!
The choice of movies at Christmas are literally endless now, from old classics, to more modern titles and even brand new movies coming out every year.

There’s nothing more relaxing at Christmas time than sitting down on a night with your favourite naughty treats, a nice giant mug of hot chocolate, topped with cream and too many mini marshmallows or any preferred hot drink of your choice and just sprawling out on the sofa in your favourite warm Pj’s, comfy winter wolly socks/slippers and your favourite throw or blanket(s) with some fantastic Christmas movies!
It is definitely one my favourite things to do almost every night throughout December!

Christmas Presents.

Christmas shopping is one of the most exciting, yet most stressful things to do at Christmas.
I love Christmas shopping, just that hyped feeling of joy and excitement that warms my heart so much at being able to go out and look for that extra special gift that I know my family members or my close friends have been wanting for so long or a certain present that I buy for them, that will bring them great happiness once opened!
Just the excitement alone of seeing that glow and expression on a persons face when they’re opening there presents is just amazing in itself.
There is nothing I love more than seeing peoples faces light up and shine with happiness when opening presents, it’s really an incredible feeling.

Shopping can also bring so many stressful times too, overcrowding in shops, extremely long queues that can be so time consuming and make you feel all hot bothered inside.
After all the shopping and the presents are ticked off your list, you’ve then got to think about gift wrapping, cards and any chosen ribbons, bows or other decorative items you wish to add to your gift wrappings to make them look that extra special. It’s never ending!

It’s all worth it though when the big day comes right?!


Christmas Dinner.

Ahh Christmas food shopping!
A time that we can really go crazy, splash out on everything luxurious and on everything that’s not really healthy or anything that’s particularly good for you.
(but it’s only once a year right)?!
There’s so much to choose from…from different meat selections (because not everyone has Turkey) to all the vegetables known to man and yes including Sprouts in some households
(gips at that thought…sorry) Potatoes and the many different ways of eating them, personally I love Roast Potatoes and Mashed Potato!

So much selection to choose from and not to mention all the desserts on offer that you can buy or make, from an endless variety of cakes to biscuits and different chocolates galore that have our taste buds tingling.
The Christmas food shopping lists just go on and on and that’s before you have even thought about drinks and then we have Boxing Day to think about too, which we have another big Christmas like Dinner all over again.
Christmas food shopping…even though can be stressful, can also be really exciting seeing all the delicious items to buy, make or even Christmas baking puts us all in a great mood ready for the big day!
My favourite thing to do at Christmas is to bake lots of delicious biscuits, treats and goodies to enjoy over the holiday period. There’s nothing I love more than having a kitchen filled with that gorgeous aroma of freshly baked treats!


Christmas Is All About Family

My most favourite and thee most important thing about Christmas, above anything else is the ones you love dearly, the ones that you are close to and treasure the most in your life is family!
Taking away all the extras, all the decorations and all the fancy things that surrounds us this holiday season, nothing compares or even comes close to being amazing without family by your side.
Not everyone in life is fortunate enough to have their family there on the big Christmas day, which if we think about it…is very sad, but unfortunately there is certain reasons in life that makes us become separated from our family and the ones that we love and all we can do is make the best out of what we have at that time.
But if you are lucky enough to have your family around you this Christmas just stop for a moment, look at them and just think how lucky and fortunate we are to have this blessing, treasure and love them more than ever.

Christmas is all about Family and no matter what we do or don’t have this Christmas, that is not important at all!
They are material things that don’t even matter, all the stresses of Christmas shopping, present buying and troubles of gift wrapping those most awkward of gifts, none of it matters without Family to share it with!
It’s the perfect time to settle our differences, make that special, bigger effort to let a family member know how much you care and love them and most of all pay them a visit…if only just for a day, with or without gifts does not matter, just the thought is the one thing that counts the most at Christmas!

Christmas Eve every single year in our traditional way, we always as a family give our children their own Christmas Eve box, supplied with a few inexpensive items such as a toy (younger ones) or a gadget or something they need (older ones) plus little snacks, treats etc and sit down every night, settle them down and watch family Christmas movies.
We do this every year religiously and we all love it, it’s a great way to spend family time and unwind, relaxing before the chaos of the big day.

Do you have any family Christmas Traditions that you stick to every year?
What are your most favourite things about Christmas?
What are your most favourite treats to buy/have/eat at Christmas?

Leave me a comment and let me know, I would love to hear them all!

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Post.


Much luv.


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