A Few Of My Favourite Things!

It has been a while since I have written a favourites Blog Post, so I thought I would share with you what I have been loving lately instead of doing a monthly favourites post.
Can I just add how shocked I am that it’s only 2 weeks until Christmas!!
How crazy is that!!

I have been really loving a lot of things just lately, so it has taken me quite a while to boil it down to just a few items…to squeeze into a Blog Post without it being too overly long.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

This product has been a total godsend for me, I’ve loved using this so…so much!! I’ve used it day & night literally to death and now it’s almost gone! ( “Cue cry face!” )
I have used this every time I’ve finished cleansing my face as a swap for my usual moisturiser and I have absolutely loved using it. It has made my skin look and feel so much better after wearing a full face of make-up for the day or just when my face has felt incredibly dry.
You can see my full review of this in my Blog Post Here

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Moisturiser

Another item that has also been so good for me is this amazing body moisturiser, it smells incredible and leaves all my skin feeling super soft for days!
I cannot rate this Cocoa Body Butter/Oil Moisturiser highly enough and I really want to do a full review Blog Post on this product very soon. ( Watch this space!)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I love this Micellar cleansing water, after using my facial wipes to remove all the heavy load of my make-up, I use this to give my face a deeper, much more intense clean and to remove any make-up that has clung to my pores that facial wipes don’t usually remove very well.
This does a brilliant job of cleaning my face, leaving my face with a good deep cleansing feeling and I know I will continue to use this for quite sometime. I have used many other cleansers, but this really has come top rated with me and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t used it yet…to try it!

Garnier Skin Active Pure Active 3 In 1

Another Garnier product I have been loving is this Pure Active 3 In 1 face wash, I use this every morning/night  and it really has done wonders for my skin and the horrible trouble I had with my pores. My skin has become so much clearer since using this and I don’t think I could use any other face wash now.
Another highly recommended product from me.
You can read my full review in my Blog Post Here

Sesame Scrub and Orange Spice Soap Bars By Sabai Soaps

I honestly cannot believe how long these soaps have lasted, I still have them and I’m still loving using them. They are not that big in size, like a huge soap bar, but they have lasted as if they should have been. My 2 little soap bars are still clinging on to life in my soap dish and have not seemed to have become much smaller haha!
They both are amazing quality, smell absolutely incredible…so much so that when I first received them (Thanks to Sabai Soaps*) in the post, you could literally smell them before I even opened my parcel.
I use them every time I go in the shower over my whole body and just the smell of using them, makes my showers more enjoyable!!
If you haven’t tried Sabai Soaps yet, you truly are missing out!
You can read my full review of Sabai Soaps in my Blog Post Here


Ooharr and 7th Heaven Face Masks

With my Face masks I simply couldn’t choose just 1 brand that came top rated or highly recommended because both of these brands I have loved and used so much and both are top in my opinion. They both leave my face feeling super soft and amazing for days after using both brands.
And I really enjoy using them again and again, I think I will for quite some time if I’m honest.
I have been using Face masks a lot this past month and I just can’t get enough of them both, I really need to put an order in for some more because I think I’m down to my last 1 or 2 in each brand.
I really want to do a full review on the 7th Heaven Face masks because they are so so good and I think I will when I buy my next bunch of them, which will be very soon.
Ooharr* I did write a full review on and you can read that review Here



Besides my hair Mousse these two products are the only products that have been on my hair lately and that’s because I don’t feel the need to use anything else.
Argan Oil has been my favourite to use for frizzy, uncontrollable thick naturally curly hair…like mine for such a long time now and that certainly doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon!
It tames all my frizz, keeps my hair smelling gorgeous (I have to say myself) and well It does the job!
Schwarzkopf Got2b is an amazing oil that also tames my frizz but mainly has prevented my hair and the ends of my hair from drying out. They have both been a fantastic styling product that I will be using for a longtime. 


Because this Blog Post is becoming quite a long favourites, I’ve added a collection of my most favourite Make-up together in one type of gallery.

Collection Lasting Perfection has been my top go to foundation for a while now and I really love the coverage it gives me and the fact that it stays put all day, without leaving my skin feeling neither dry or greasy which I love in a foundation. I think I am now on my 3rd or maybe 4th bottle of it and I love it, it’s a great foundation to use.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara I’ve been loving so much and I’ve been using a lot, it really makes my eyelashes look fab without any of my lashes looking all clumpy and this mascara has really given my eyelashes some fantastic volume too. Love it!!

Mac Eyeshadow & Mascara have been another two favourites of mine, really loving this Mac mini eye shadow palette that come in these nice basic natural shades, great shades to use anytime of the day…..going out or not!
I have been mixing the shades up a lot to experiment with different variations of looks and I’ve really enjoyed using it. The Mascara has been so great to use and in my opinion the Makeup Revolution above is a great dupe for this Mac Mascara because they are both very similar which I love too because I can’t always afford to treat myself to a good Mac product all the time.
A great Mascara that doesn’t clump my lashes, stays put all day and makes my lashes look amazing!!

Sunkissed Contour/bronzing Palette I have had for quite sometime now and no matter how many times I use it, it does not seem to want to leave haha! Not that I am complaining because I absolutely love this Contour/Bronzer set.
No matter how many different ones I’ve tried, I’ve found I always come back to this one every time, it just amazing and it contours my face perfectly with no hassle to apply.  The Bronzer I tend to use more in summer to give my whole face that shimmery golden look without looking too dark or orange coloured when applied, I just love the whole bronzed type look it gives my face while using it.

Pure Flowers Perfume from Aldi

This has been my top rated favourite perfume this past week or so, after a friend told me about it ages ago…I finally found it and I’m so glad I did because it certainly does not disappoint and I’ve been using it every single day!!
Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep you in suspense a little while longer about why I love it (unless you go find it for yourself that is) as I’m going to write a full review on it because it’s pretty new, but I just had to add into my faves!

Christmas/Winter Faves

Well seen as Christmas is literally on our doorstep pretty much, I thought that I would add these in here because it would be rude not to!  I mean who doesn’t love Christmas scented candles,  Gingerbread latte’s which are the bomb of all winter drinks! And a good bath bomb or few, I certainly started early this year (Oct/Nov)
Yes I have been lighting my Christmas candles early and as soon as the toasty drinks came out (which they hit the shops earlier every year anyway, let’s be honest!) they were in my basket and who doesn’t love a hot tasty drink of Gingerbread Latte to warm us up?!
The bath bombs speaks for itself really! Showers go more out of the window and in come hot baths to de-freeze our poor bodies when we have been battling the cold temps!
(Any excuse to treat ourselves & shop for more cute bath bombs!)


Tomato Soup and Toast is definitely my fave winter meal to warm me up and what I love and eat most of in the Winter months. I’m not a big fan of other soups but Tomato/Tomato and basil etc etc is my top favourite soup to have and I can’t eat soup without some sort of bread….preferably toast as I love toast too!

What are your favourites just lately?
What are you loving/enjoying more of this month?
Do you have any special treats that you eat or use more of in these Winter months?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thank you for reading my Blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv




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