Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday’s are the perfect day for rest, relaxation and pretty nice lazy days!
We love our Sunday’s for sometimes (not always) doing the same, we get everything done…like cleaning, shopping and DIY jobs done throughout the week, so when it comes to Sunday we don’t have to do much if it’s a rainy day or generally a really cold day.

On warmer days it is a totally different story, we love nothing better than to spend our Sunday getting out into the countryside that surrounds our little village that we are very lucky to live in!


Surrounded by more trees than you have probably ever seen in your life and endless amounts of green in every square mile that surrounds you, cliffs and rocks like something from the stone ages, incredible views as far as the eyes can see surrounding you and every where you look there is some sort of wildlife, cute looking farms and animals like Deer, Horses, Cows, Sheep, and even the odd Goat skipping about here and there!
So with all this on our doorstep and of course a love….no a passion for the great outdoors, wildlife and nature, it’s pretty obvious that we are outside more than in during the much warmer months. (Winter we hibernate more) haha!


In the woods is definitely one of our favourite places to be and go for lovely peaceful long hikes, we love everything about the woods. It’s so peaceful and serene and it’s an amazing place to teach your children about many different aspects of the countryside and how to take care of everything that surrounds us that lives, like trees, wildlife and important rules of the countryside. As a family we have always loved learning about everything in the world and we can’t seem to get enough of wanting to learn more.
Hiking/walking is not always about learning, it’s also about quality family time, having fun, discovering new places, finding new pathways to walk along and even the excitement of finding something or somewhere you haven’t seen or been before.
Nothing is better on a Sunday than grabbing your walking boots, hiking poles and a packing up a lovely picnic to go for a nice day out hiking/walking.


Rock climbing
Being where we live surrounded by lots of cliffs and rocks, you get to see a lot of pro rock climbers and even groups of climbers and sometimes even tourists that come here in Spring/Summer and go climbing these massive rocks. (scary to watch for me)!
We can actually see them and how tiny they look from our back garden haha! We’ve also seen scary moments of some being rescued on a night (night climbers) because you an see all the lights of people running around the cliffs and helicopters above, it can be pretty scary but no reports of any serious accidents as yet (phew)!
Every time we go out walking on a Sunday we always expect to bump into at least a few of the rock climbers either walking about or in mid climb.
When we are out walking our boys and I love going rock climbing also, by Rock climbing I mean the smaller, lower rocks, we leave the great big rocks to the pros! Haha!

Along this path is the perfect place to take children for “smaller/beginner rock climbers” no ropes needed. The rocks here go all along this path way and are much much lower down to the ground, some literally a jump distance from the floor, some quite a bit higher but totally safe and secure for older children 5+ my boys love it…and so does my daughter too actually, but growing up with all boys, it’s kind of hard not to find that boyish side of you haha!

As well as woodland walks/hikes, we also love having a long walk along our local canal, our little ones love seeing all the house boats and barges that are often seen travelling up and down and the people are so nice and always give our children a wave and say hello, which is lovely!
We also taking bread or bird food and feeding the geese and ducks that are always around and some are really friendly because they are given a lot of attention from so many people also visiting the area. On our canal walk days, we usually end the day with a small picnic and maybe an ice cream for dessert before we head back home for our Sunday Dinner.

Happy Sunday to everyone!

What is your ideal Sunday like?

What do you do as a family or with your family for fun?

I would love to hear your stories of what you get up to at the weekends!

Thank you for reading my Blog, I do hope you enjoyed reading it!

All comments, likes and any feedback as always is appreciated.

Much luv.




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