We Are Pregnant! | Pregnancy Bump @ 9 Weeks.

So although some of my followers on my social sites
may already know this news and as the title of this Blog already states…yes I am 9 weeks pregnant!

Let me just firstly say before we get into this new and first of many in my new series of Pregnancy Bump Updates, that this pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned because as some people may know, this will now be our 6th child (judge if you must)!
I felt very reluctant and unsure if to even do a whole pregnancy bump update series of blogs or not because I know how judgemental people can be, especially when it comes to people having big families. After a lot of thought about it, I just thought, well…! People have opinions and that’s fine, but I’m not going to stop what I want to do and what I love doing,  just because somebody has an opinion!
So here we are!


So a few days before the date we found out the news…via Clear Blue, which was 22nd September (and also our son’s 4th birthday)! I was feeling quite ill and I put it down to a cold and a chest infection that I have been suffering with up until very recently and now it has finally decided to leave me….thank god!
I only realised the day before which was the 21st September that I was late (period TMI sorry)!
So the same day we went out & bought a test, but because it was quite late in the afternoon…I wanted to do things right to get an accurate result and so we waited until first thing in the morning!
I don’t sleep great anyway (thank you as always insomnia)! But I was awake from around 3-4 am and all I could think about was this test! So around 4:30am I couldn’t wait any longer, it was killing me…not knowing!

Anyway I won’t go into ALL the details but….


…on the 22nd September (our son’s 4th birthday) at around 4:50am (not exact) we found out that we was due our 6th baby!  To say we was shocked…was kind of an understatement!
I mean please don’t get me wrong we have 5 beautiful children already who are and always will be our world and we love children so much, but when you have set your mind to 5 is enough and spent the last 4 years thinking that exact thing, not even thinking of having anymore let alone planning anymore, it would come as a bit of a shock!!
So we may have spent the next few days in complete shock and it didn’t seem real, still doesn’t if I’m honest, but I think that’s because we found out so early in the pregnancy and in the early stages not much happens…like seeing midwives etc.
As hard as it is to keep anything a secret in our house, we decided to see the doctors straight away, just to get everything confirmed. After everything was confirmed we then told our children, because they would have found out anyway and let’s be honest, it is better to hear that sort of news from us rather than hearing a conversation between us as parents, so we told them and then our family!
(More shocking faces followed) Haha!

Nothing much has really happened in this slow few weeks, I’ve never really had Morning Sickness with any of my pregnancies, so not really had much of that! I think I had 1 school run morning about a week ago where I felt slightly sick, but I was fine! (sorry again TMI)!!
With the shock now pretty much over, we are pretty happy and excited and yet I’m really nervous at the same time…having to go through all this again!
Yes…I know I’ve had 5 already, but trust me when I say that my previous pregnancies have NOT been easy going…quite the opposite in fact! (That’s another whole Blog or few right there)!

We have our first Midwife appointment coming up on 26th October, which I’m kind of nervous about because I have a massive phobia of NEEDLES, it’s actually so bad that I have to go to the hospital to have my bloods done under Entonox…yes gas & air (No Lie) and because my veins don’t play nice, so it takes quite a few attempts…another reason why it’s easier for the nurse to give me laughing gas!

Although I am extremely nervous about it all, my husband & I are also very happy that we are going to have another baby (after the initial shock) haha! I’m just praying that this little bundle of joy will be easier than my previous pregnancies.


Already showing a tiny bump at now 9 Weeks which I’m already loving, but I’m not loving that I’m slowly growing out of all my favourite clothes 😦  Although that is a good thing too….shopping trip!!
Anyway I really hoped you enjoyed reading my Blog Pregnancy Announcement and my first in a future series of Blog Pregnancy Bump updates!

Do you have/had or know anyone with any phobias during pregnancy?
Feel free to share any of your pregnancy stories or Pregnancy stories you’ve heard of before.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

All comments, likes and any feedback is as always appreciated!

Much luv,




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