My Favourites!

Hey Guys!
So since I’ve taken a back seat to my Blogs for a while and now I’m back I thought I would do a quick update Blog Post of my current favourite things I have been loving recently!
The amount was pretty big but I’ve managed to wittle it down to the items I’ve been using the most!
I hope you enjoy!!

I’m forever swapping between hair products, usually styling products mostly. So here is what I have been loving for my hair recently.


Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-licious
Home Bargains £3 Approx
This has been my go to product every time I have wanted to style, nourish or to just put some life back into my hair again…from being dull and lifeless. It is truly incredible and I definitely highly recommend anyone who has dry, frizzy, lifeless hair issues to try it! This has been my saviour this past couple of months & now I couldn’t be without it.
It has put the shine back into my hair, made my hair a lot more healthy and less dry, it works brilliant for styling when I struggle with making my hair move or be in the certain style I want.
I use it mostly on the tips of my hair to strengthen them, but use the excess to run through my hair and that has made my hair much easier to style on a daily basis.
Applying on damp hair, with a combination of a little blast from my hair dryer and styling my hair as I want it and I’m set for the day, without this product making my hair look greasy in anyway.
It is a product I really have been loving and I am now on my third bottle now I think?!
You only need to use a slight amount as a little goes a long way…although I have been going through it like mad because I literally use it everyday and wash it out on a night.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Twisted Curling Mousse
Superdrug – £4 Approx
I have spent so many years straightening my natural curls out because I wanted straight hair and spent many years having straight hair by doing so.
I used to really hate my naturally curly hair because it was always frizzy, thick and used to drive me crazy!
The downside to this though was having to spend almost 3 hours (Yes 3 Hours) straightening my hair every time I wanted it straight and afterwards my arms would be killing!
So recently I decided enough is enough and I took the plunge to no longer straighten my hair anymore, but to embrace my natural curls and to also go on the hunt for a really good styling mousse that not only tamed my frizzy, thick curly hair but find a styling product that also kept my hair in the style that I had originally created that morning and would last all day!
After trying out many mousse products, I finally found THE ONE! This beauty!
I absolutely love this styling mousse because it makes my curls bounce, creates beautiful curls without the added frizz and makes my hair shine like never before.
I use this almost everyday, especially on going out days when the weather is really nice and I want my hair looking great.
Unlike other mousses I tried, this did not make my hair sticky, nor did it leave my hands in a sticky mess either.
It tamed my frizz no problem and keeps my curls looking great…even at the end of the day.
This is definitely a mousse I’m going to be using for a long time to come and I am now really happy I decided to embrace my curly hair and ditch my hot irons.

Argan Oil
Home Bargains  £2 Approx
If you have read my Blogs before, you will know just how much I love Argan Oil and you have seen this mentioned before in my Blogs. So yes I am still loving Argan Oil, it just really helps my hair stay strong, healthy and takes away any dullness in my hair. I use this in alternate to my Got2b Oil-lishious either because I like to change and use a different product and/or because I have run out of the other product. I actually used this before my Oil-lishious product and have been using it for many months now as you may already know and even though I have found another oil to love, I just cant seem to leave this one alone either…but it’s kind of boring using the same products day in, day out and it’s nice to have a change.
The only downfall I do have with this  Argan Oil that I have recently found out is that I have to use a towel on the floor because I’m quite mad when comes to spraying products in my hair! I mean it goes everywhere and Argan OLil is incredibly slippery when accidentally sprayed on the floor. Other than that minor issue I love this spray, it’s my go to for a quick easy fix if I’m in any kind of rush or like I said…I just want to change what product I use in my hair.
It doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling greasy, but it does make my hair look very healthy and so easy to style when applied.
Not a product that I will be removing from my daily hair routine anytime soon.


Sunkissed Giant Bronzer
It is hard to believe the amount of times I have used this Bronzer By SunkissedBronzing and how long I’ve had it. It was first featured in my Blog review which you can read Here
I’m still loving my Bronzer and use it alternatively amongst my other bronzers I own that I use for contouring.  Even today it still looks almost new and that hardly any of it has been touched, even though I’ve used it quite a lot of times and only the brand name on the lid has faded slightly.
This bronzer is amazing and I love how you only need a tiny amount and a slight sweep across each cheekbone to get a good desired contour effect that lasts all day!
I highly recommend anyone to try this contour because I just love it so much and I love how it looks and the whole look of the patterning in the powder is also just super cute, I can remember not wanting to touch it because I loved the detailing so much and even that has lasted really well.

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette
Coral Glow
If you have been following my Blogs for a while now, you will automatically know just how much I love Rimmel as a brand & how they have always been my first love when it comes to a Makeup Brand.


As most Bloggers who seemed to jump on this band wagon for a big love for RoseGold as did I, although I think I was little later than most (typical for me haha)!
Anyway as soon as this beauty hit the shops I wanted it and it seemed as usual I was the last Blogger on earth to purchase it (It’s really not a competition though) but you know what I mean.
Just looking at this sculpting palette, it looks gorgeous with it’s RoseGold frame and design, it is just super cute!
This is still in my top favourites, even though I’ve had it a while now…I am still loving it just as much. I don’t use the blush section as much because as I have said before, I’m not really a blush type of gal. As you can tell from the photo above, I’ve used the contour/bronzer section the most. I don’t use this to contour that much because in my own opinion I don’t really think it is that pigmented enough to use as a contour effectively, but I have been loving it as a bronzer to lightly brush over my face and neck to give me that bronze type of glow, especially on summery days when I just want that shimmer type of golden glow to my skin.
The highlighter section I really do love and find it gives enough pigment for a good highlight without having to plaster it on repeatedly. I use both the Bronzer and the highlighter regularly and alternatively in between using my other brands and I really do love them both, I have used the blush a couple of times before and I really do like it, I just don’t use blush that often.
I love taking this with me wherever I go because it’s small, compact and will fit in any bag, so this is very handy for evening’s out.
I just love this palette so much and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet tried it.

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation
Cool Beige 3  £5.99
Ok so I have to admit I wasn’t a lover of this foundation at first, I wasn’t keen on the way it looked on my skin and it felt so different on my skin compared to other foundations that I’ve used before, their wasn’t one actual reason that I could say yes that’s it, it was more a mixture of little reasons and I couldn’t actually pin point one main reason out as to why I didn’t like it. It certainly took me a while to get used to using before I actually came to now loving it. After weeks of using it and trying it with my sponge, then my brushes and then back to my sponge. I’ve actually never had an ongoing battle with a foundation before, so that was kinda fun haha!
So why do I love it now?
Because it gives me great coverage, covers most of my imperfections without the need for a separate concealer (although I always use concealer no matter what) and with it being an illuminating foundation, it gives off a kind of shimmer glow that I’ve not seen with any other foundation I’ve used before. Even with all that, what I also love about it is that it doesn’t make my face look shiny nor dull, it just gives off a nice light cover that lasts all day.
The only thing I can now put it down to as to why I didn’t really rate it before was because my foundation is one part of my makeup routine that I don’t change that often and because this was so different to any of my other foundations I’ve used before, I think it was that…that made me feel a bit strange about using it!
Now I really love it and have been using it everyday for the past few weeks, I’m not saying this is definitely the foundation I’m going to be using for the next few weeks or months, but I’m definitely loving using it at the moment.
I’m a bit unsure if I would repurchase it again, but that’s not to say I don’t love it because I really do, it’s just not a foundation that I would definitely commit to using for long periods of time in the near future.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara £2
Makeup Revolution Mascara Awesome Lash £3

Not that I need much Mascara because I really don’t, I have so many already, but I haven’t been able to resist temptation with Makeup Revolution lately. I love all their Makeup and they have become a very close second in my favourites Makeup brands. So when I called into Superdrug a few weeks ago and spotted these beauties, I just couldn’t resist picking them up.
The one and only thing I love with Mascara is volume!!
How they make your lashes look without the need to use any fake lashes
(not that I ever have). But in my opinion I believe Makeup Revolution Mascaras really create this look and I love that about Mascaras.


I love them both, the black volume mascara is incredible and really lengthens my eye lashes and opens them up to give a good fuller lash.
The pink Awesome Lash Mascara doesn’t give me volume that much as the black one does, but does really well at separating my eye lashes to make them look more vibrant and makes them stand out.
I love owning Mascaras that creates different looks to your eyes in this way.
Definitely a repurchase on both of these Mascaras for me and I am really happy I bought them both, even recently I’m still using them and I’m still loving them.



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
£1.29 -125ml
Since buying this about a month ago I think it was now, I have absolutely loved it for taking off my makeup and cleansing my face and neck.
Not only does it take off all my makeup very quickly, but it also cleanses my skin and I can really tell the difference afterwards. My face becomes smoother and just feels amazing…so much so that I look forward to when the day ends and I can wipe off all my makeup and thoroughly give my face and neck a good cleanse.

Before discovering Micellar water I used to use just normal face wipes and at the time it was good enough, but I always remember I went through a lot of them, just to remove the makeup from my face, then I had to use a separate face cleanser afterwards to get that same fresh, clean feeling after removing my makeup at the end of the day.
Now I use this Micellar Water, it does the full job but much quicker and I’m not having to use different products on my face because this cleanser does it all in one go…pretty much!
If you have never tried Micellar Water before and like me you use facial wipes, I highly recommend that you give this a try and you will see the difference it makes.
I still use my trusty facial wipes, don’t get me wrong but they are kept in my bag for emergencies only, like a makeup error or just a quick fix if needed.
I could never change from using Micellar Water now, I just love it too much.

Cuticura Skin + Balance Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturiser
Purchased from Home Bargains £2 Approx
A brand I have previously reviewed before and I am still loving for my Eczema Prone skin.
A few months ago now I purchased this and the Cuticura Skin + Balance Hydrating Facial wash and sadly my facial wash has now all gone, but I am still loving my moisturiser, which is also almost gone too.
These products have been amazing for my skin and I have used them everyday and will no doubt be buying more when I spot them on my next shopping trip.
They are both great for preventing dryness and any Eczema from flaring up, I highly recommend them if like myself you suffer with dry, sensitive and/or Eczema prone skin.
You can read my full review of these products Here

Sabai Soaps £4-£5 Each Approx
Still going as strong as ever are two these beauties and I’m still loving using them as much as ever, I cannot rate this company highly enough for their incredible handmade soaps!
They smell incredible and feel super soft on your skin, the scent on your skin after using them lasts for days…which I love and they leave skin feeling amazing afterwards.
Before discovering this company I’ve always used shower gels and other such soaps, but these soaps just made me fall in love with soap bars all over again and still am loving them, if not more!
You can read my full review on each of these two beautiful soaps Here
If you have not tried this brand of soaps before, I highly recommend you take a look at their website and try them out, you will not regret it!
You can find all their amazing products on their website Here

That is it for my recent favourites just lately, thank you so much if you have reached the end of my blog! I know it was quite a hefty Blog with lots packed in.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog
I would love to know what your favourites have been recently!

All Likes, Comments and Feedback as always are appreciated

Much Luv



6 thoughts on “My Favourites!”

  1. Wow, so many great looking products there, especially those mascaras and the bronzer. I absolutely love Garnier Micellar water, I’ve tried a few of the newer ones they bought out but much prefer the original pink top one. Argon oil is just wonderful, I’ve uses this brand before and it really does help look after my dry hair.
    Great to see you back!

    Sharon xx

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