My Dr PawPaw Review


Dr PawPaw has always been the one brand I’ve been wanting to try out for a very long time, after hearing so many raving reviews from my other Blogger friends about how amazing the brand & their products are.
So around the 23rd July I noticed that one of my lovely friends Nishi was hosting a competition to win 2 Dr PawPaw products:

Dr PawPaw Original Balm

1 x Original & 1 x Red Tinted Balm

So as you can imagine…I did become quite excited & of course I entered, not actually having the mind set that I would actually win because that is something I never do.
As it turns out, to my surprise on the 4th July I did actually win and I was over the moon, not because I had won at all…but the reason I was mostly happy was because I was finally going to be able to try out this apparently amazing product that every blogger has been raving about!


When my packaged arrived, it was kinda safe to say that I was a little bit more than excited or so my postman & his poor arm would tell you! Haha!

I have now been using both of these Dr PawPaw products since receiving them and I can see what all the hype is about, they are indeed incredible!!
The original (Yellow) Dr PawPaw has become so great for my Eczema prone/dry skin, I’ve actually noticed a huge difference and I have been using it day & night since receiving it. Because I do a lot of housework…being a FT mum, my hands are always in/out of water, constantly cleaning, washing etc etc. This takes a huge toll on my skin and I’ve always struggled with dry skin anyway having to deal with Eczema, but this has really helped in a massive way, it’s made my skin become softer, less itchy and I’ve also noticed it has relieved my flaky skin I sometimes get with Eczema on my hands and face. I have also being using this on my elbows because of constantly leaning on my kitchen bench…before I got my desk, it would take it’s toll on the skin around my elbows and they did become very dry, flaky and quite sore, but this Dr PawPaw Original has cleared it right up and it is now almost fully healed. I have tried a lot of creams before and nothing has ever touched it well enough…to make it fully heal in this way, but this really has which is amazing!!
I have used this on my lips a few times and really noticed a considerable difference it has made when I’ve had dry/chapped lips and applying this has eased the dryness and felt less chapped after using this Dr PawPaw for around 2-3 days.

So yes late to the party on this brand, but I’m so glad I have been given the chance to try this out for myself, unfortunately being on a hefty shopping ban just lately or I would have purchased these to try sooner.
I really love this and I’m very happy with it, I’m going to be quite sad when it has all gone, but It is definitely one I want to purchase again when this little tube runs out…if I can!
Dr PawPaw Red Tinted Balm
Now this Red Tinted Balm kind of freaked me out a little bit…only because it was soooo vibrant red and it said it was to add a bit of blush to your cheeks!
Now I’m not a massive Blush user the best of times and it is very rare that I will use any blusher, especially any vibrant blushers. So I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I was a wee bit too scared to use this as blusher, but I did use it on my lips because their is nothing I love more than a good vibrant red lip colour!
Wow did I love this on my lips! It was a very gorgeous lush red and felt incredible on my lips, kind of like my favourite red lip gloss that I have recently become addicted to, so this was indeed perfect for me and to top it off…it was good for my lips also! Bonus!!
I have used this so much on my lips since receiving it and I really love it!
Normally I use a lip balm under any lipstick or lip gloss I use to prevent my lips from drying out because my lips always dry out after I’ve worn lip products.
Because this acts as a lip balm also…I didn’t need to, when I say I didn’t need to, I mean I really didn’t need to!
Not only does it look great, feel great, but it also protects my lips from drying out, which is fantastic!  And it really does work so well, after using this I’ve noticed my lips have felt really moisturised and super soft.
The redness of the balm doesn’t stay put for too long, I’d say around a couple of hours to maybe half a day…so you do have to reapply, but in my opinion I don’t personally mind reapplying, if it means it is also good for my lips.
This balm is great for an everyday use and on days when you are not wanting to apply too  much makeup, but you’re still wanting to have a nice colour on your lips.
Definitely a lip balm I would highly recommend and a lip balm that I absolutely want to purchase in the future.  

Again a big thank you to my blogger friend Nishi and please go check out her amazing blog and I also highly recommend that you find her on YouTube too, because her tutorials are incredible and she also daily vlogs.
You can find her on Twitter Here where you will also find the links to her YouTube Channel
You can find all her Blogs Here
And don’t forget to check out all the fantastic Dr PawPaw products on their website Here

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Blog

All Likes, Comments and Feedback are as always highly appreciated.

Much Luv





6 thoughts on “My Dr PawPaw Review”

    1. You’re very welcome, it was the least I could do because I was very happy and over the moon about winning them. They really are great for handbags and that’s exactly where they go whenever I go out haha! I love them and they are just too good to leave at home. Xx


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