May Empties

Hello Lovely Peeps!

Firstly I want to apologise for not Blogging for a while.
I kind of decided to take a little break to spend with my family, which now I know I really shouldn’t have taken as long of a break because it has knocked my confidence backwards in a major way. Don’t get me wrong I love having family time but what was supposed to be 2 weeks break ended up becoming a lot longer. I don’t know why but it just threw all the confidence I had grown….back again!

Anyway I am back with another Blog Post for you!
Spending time with family meant I haven’t used that many products in the month of May, so unfortunately I haven’t got that many empties, but I will show you what I have and why I have been loving them.

May Empties


Nivea Express Hydration Hand Lotion
I’m a big fan of Nivea products and they have been my saviour for such a long time, keeping my hands moisturised and softer than usual. I have very dry hands, especially with the amount of cleaning I do throughout the day and the amount of times I am constantly washing my hands. Nivea creams are so soft and lovely to use and they really do help to hydrate and moisturise my skin and I will be purchasing this again.

Delight Touch Organic Cucumber Cleanser
Delight Touch Organic Sea Kelp Night Cream

Delight Touch Organic Cleanser £12.00
Delight Touch Night Cream £12.00

I absolutely love this Organic Skincare range by Delight Touch they are amazing & they smell incredible. Since I’ve had these, I haven’t stopped using them and using them day and night has actually made me look forward to doing my skincare routine all the more, just because of the way they smell and how fantastic they feel on my skin. They have made such a difference to my skin, my skin feels much softer to the touch (as said by my husband…haha!) and they really have made my skin smell incredible for a long time after using them. I would definitely highly recommend you try them, if you haven’t tried them yet! I am very sad they are all gone and I will be putting an order in for some more very soon.


TRESemme Ultra Fine Hairspray.
Home Bargains Approx £2-£3
I love Tresemme products and I have done for quite sometime now, I have used and tried most of their Shampoo and Conditioner ranges. The hairspray especially I love to use to stop my natural curly hair becoming wild and frizzy…at least for a little while. (my hair IS NOT easy to tame).
I love this hairspray because it is so easy to use and washes out very easily. Tresemme just makes my hair so easy to work with while using it to create any different styles that I choose. What I also love about it, is that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling very greasy or sticky afterwards.
I have since moved on to another product especially for curly hair, but I can guarantee that this will be back in amongst my hair styling products all too soon.

Argan Oil
Home Bargains £1.00
Another hair product I have loved and been using for such a long time now. I love Argan Oil so much, it is perfect if your hair becomes very dry easily &/or quickly and you want to add that extra bit of life back into your hair, also great for people who dye their hair and lose all the moisture that you get with dying your hair a lot. I have used so many hot oil treatments and hair waxes and nothing does better than this!! I have always found I go back to this every single time.
I love how it doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling greasy at all but it does make my hair look and feel amazing, also less dry and frizzy.
This is 1 hair product that will be amongst my hair styling products forever and a day!
Highly recommended to anyone that suffers with dry, damaged hair.

Fantastic purfum
If you have been following my Blogs for a while, you will know how much I love a bargain and how much I love bargain shops like Poundland & any other Pound shops that I may come across.
This is exactly where I found this beauty! Fantastic! (Such a great name)
Not all of the cheap poundshop perfume can be great, I know I have tested dozens or more and they haven’t smelled much better than a toilet cleaner to be honest. So when I saw this, my expectations were not very high at all….until I tested it!
This perfume ”Fantastic” smells incredible and I have used this almost everyday since buying it, it has lasted me such a long time as well because you only need to spray a tiny amount and it literally stays on your skin all day. I have had so many people ask me what perfume it was and where I bought it from. (yes it really is that nice).
The only downside to a perfume I fall in love with is that I spray it everywhere, I don’t use tons but I spray a little bit on each side of my neck, on both wrists, In my hair (yes my hair!) Because who doesn’t love great smelling hair? (#sorrynotsorry) haha! I even spray a little on my clothes and the scarf I’m wearing that day.
It isn’t an overpowering scent but it just simply smells incredible, its not even a smell I can describe because I don think I can compare it to any other perfume. You would just have to keep your eyes peeled in your local Poundshops to see if they have it and I’m hoping that my poundshop has it in, because I will definitely be buying it again.

So guys unfortunately that is all my empties from the month of May, my apologies once again for it being so few. Hopefully now I’m back I will have more for my June Empties.

Have you tried any of the items I mentioned above?
Which products are you sad to see gone this month?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

All comments, likes and any feedback are as always appreciated.

Much Luv.



2 thoughts on “May Empties”

  1. Great post and lovely photos. I love Nivea products, been using them on and off for years. That purfume sounds beautiful. I finally popped into Home Bargains and wow what a brilliant shop, some of my favourite products at really great prices and I found a few new beautys too 🙂
    Sharon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love Home Bargains, we are in that shop almost everyday haha! It is so fantastic for great bargains…especially in summer. Xxx


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