May Wishlist

Hey Friends!

I thought I would share with you a few things from my wishlist, these are a few items that I have been wishing for this past month, either items that I have seen on Pinterest or just online window shopping (because we all do that….right)!
All items mentioned in this post are items that I am really wishing for &/or items I’m planning on purchasing hopefully this month or soon after!


Just a little disclaimer to say that all images used on this Blog post today are not my own but they are images  that I have searched for either on Pinterest or on Google (Window Shopping)!
Thank you!

White Desk
his is an item I have wanted for quite a while, since buying my laptop actually.
I want a desk that I can also use for Blog Photography if ever I wanted to, plus I have recently taken up a big love for white recently and this desk is just really nice!

At the moment I am using my kitchen bench and on a night…my living room coffee table or my lap and it isn’t exactly ideal, I really would prefer a nice white desk that I can fit in my living room.


Beautiful Bedroom Mirror
Ok so I have loved these types of mirrors for quite a while, but when I saw this 1 on Pinterest I instantly fell in love with it!
I mean how gorgeous is this? Ok so unfortunately this isn’t something that I’m going to be able to afford to buy myself anytime soon but it is in my wishlist because it would be a big wish of mine to own 1 just like this. I found this only a few days ago on Pinterest & it is now on my wishlist, so I had to add it here. (I can dream, haha)!


Ring light
I absolutely love these Ring lights, not only are they very handy for great lighting to use when taking Blog photos but now I have started back on my YouTube Channel again, these are great for when filming. These are quite pricey I know but I am determined to save up and buy 1. They are amazing for great lighting (so I have heard). It will take me a while to save for a ring light but I definitely want to buy myself a ring light as soon as I can.

Okay so on to a few Fashion items I have seen this month so far!

Adidas Gym wear
I have been loving Adidas Sports wear/Gym wear recently, they have some gorgeous pieces in their range that I really want to treat myself to. I have always had a big love for Adidas, it is my go to brand for anything Yoga or Gym related. I love the colours and also these patterned tights/leggings they have. So I can see an Adidas haul coming along very soon because I need a few bits to wear at the gym.

Adidas Superstars – Gold/RoseGold
These trainers I spotted on Pinterest about 3 weeks ago and as soon as I saw them I wanted them because they are gorgeous!
I’ve always had a love for pretty much everything in Rosegold since the whole Rosegold trend started and to be honest I think most Bloggers have as well.
Superstar trainers have also been a favourite of mine and over the years I have had quite a few pairs, but I’ve not bought any for a while. These are definitely very high up on my wish list, so expect a haul with a pair or two of the Superstar trainers included in there very soon.

Denim dungaree dress
Denim is another fashion trend that has kind of taken over recently and I myself have hopped onto that trend too. I’m loving Denim again, especially now we have better weather. The Denim Dungarees and Dungaree dresses have always been a favourite with me, so it was only a matter of time before I would be planning to buy a few denim pieces. Denim has been a fashion piece for such a long time though to be honest and I don’t think that is ever going to change. Spring and Summer are definitely the perfect seasons to be wearing them and I have recently seen some customised pieces which are really nice.
So yes definitely a purchase for me very soon.

These style of shoes I have seen become a big thing this Spring, everyone is wearing them and I have to be honest I wasn’t that keen on them in the black (shocking I know)!
That is definitely something I thought I would never in a million years hear myself say because If you know me well enough by now, you will know I used to wear everything in the colour black all the time and I still own quite a lot of Black clothes that I couldn’t really part with.
Anyway…I saw these in this red colour and I have totally changed my mind about them.
I love these in red they are gorgeous and now I really want them, it is so weird how changing the colour of an item can make such a big difference.
I have nothing against the black shoes in this style, I just wasn’t that keen on them for me and for some weird reason this Spring I have literally gone colour mad, I am loving everything bright and colourful and these for me are just really pretty.

Bluedio HT Turbine Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones
I first saw these mentioned by 1 of the people on YouTube that I watch called xAmeliax
they are wireless and work via Bluetooth which is fantastic. The white headphones (yes back to white again) Haha! they are really nice and having a massive obsession with music, I listen to music pretty much all day everyday.
I really love music and always have, if I’m seen out I have either got earphones in or headphones on literally everywhere I go…well If I’m travelling alone anyway.
These are gorgeous and believe it or not they are not that expensive, when I searched for them on google (good olde google)! I found that I can pick some up for around £20-£30 which is brilliant to say how great they are rated and recommended.
I really cant wait to get a pair for myself.

Makeup Revolution Brave Palette.
When this palette first hit the shops I was very excited because my husband said he would buy me it, so as you can imagine just how excited I really was…that was until I found out how quick this palette was selling. For around 2 weeks after this being released I tried and tried to buy it and our local Superdrug kept selling out of it and unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of it.
As life usually goes…since then I’ve never had another opportunity to purchase it, due to needing other things or some weeks being put on a spending ban etc.
So this is still definitely high on my wish list and I cant wait for it to be mine.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection.
Lastly in my wish list is the stunning Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes…I mean how beautiful they are??
They are indeed stunning and very blog photography or Instagram worthy, they look amazing!
I do own the purple set of Real Techniques but I really do love these brushes and now I really want these beauty’s.
Of course the rosegold metal brushes are my favourite but I honestly just love them all and I am definitely going to be purchasing this collection asap!

Well that is my May Wishlist done, just a few items I am lusting after haha!
It maybe some time when I can get a few of these but this is what I am loving most and what is on my wishlist for the lovely month of May.

Thank you for reading my Blog post.

What are your favourite items that you have in your wishlists?
Is there anything here that you are really wanting too?

All comments, likes and feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.



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