Work In Style With LYDC London

With a lot of things in life, I am a pretty easy going, no fuss kinda girl.
I’m always happy to try new things and I love to experience and discover new places.
The only thing I am very particular with is Fashion and Style and I dread going shopping for myself sometimes, I can be shopping for hours and STILL not
find anything that takes my liking.
(I actually drive my husband mad)!

When it comes to Fashion, I know what I like and I am not afraid to try out a new style…especially if something really catches my eye!.

On the 1st April 2016 I received an Email from the lovely people at LYDC London with a fantastic opportunity to work with them once again.
(You can read my previous LYDC Blog posts HERE and HERE)
So you could say I was a little bit more than excited to be working with them again.

Having worked with LYDC before, they have instantly became my top most favourite brand for Fashion and Design…simply because their pieces are just INCREDIBLE! If you haven’t heard of the brand or visited their website, I really think you should! You view their full website HERE

Sartorial Croc Laptop Bag in Black by LYDC

Recently purchasing a new HP Laptop with thanks to my amazing husband who bought it for me as an Easter gift. I knew I needed a good quality Laptop bag that I could use for my Laptop to be able to take out with me on days when I’m really busy and I can just keep up with my Blog posts and also be able to edit and upload my video’s where ever I go.
So I was very excited when LYDC London had very kindly given me the amazing opportunity to try out and review this stunning yet sophisticated piece.
This beautiful Laptop bag has been created with such style and elegance…it is so beautiful.
Together with it’s beautiful surrounding patent Croc pattern all over the front and rear of the bag, this is definitely my style of bag to use on a daily basis.


What I loved most about this Laptop bag is how much room it has to fit in  everything I need for the day so as well as holding my Laptop I can also fit in my everyday essentials which is fantastic.
With a zipped main compartment down the middle which comfortably holds my Laptop and also has two 2 little slip pockets that could be used for a small bottle of perfume or any other smaller items you may want to use the pockets for and a bigger zipped pocket next to the smaller pockets that could be used for a mobile phone.
It also has a separate side compartment down each side of my Laptop bag with a secure press stud fastening, which is brilliant because it allows me to take my other items that I need on a daily basis, such as notepad(s), stationery etc. It even fits my deodorant and any makeup inside if and when I need them too, as well as offering extra protection to the central compartment containing my Laptop.

Another little quirky feature I noticed and really liked about this bag was the handy leather cuff with press stud fastening on the bag handles, which is a great way of keeping them together when carrying around. The annoyance of handles falling off your shoulders every 2 minutes is real….I know! (Haha).

As well as having the carry handle option, the lovely
*Sartorial Croc Laptop Bag also comes with a separate long carry strap which can be attached to the bag via clips on the ends of the carry strap and 2 D rings attached to the bag which is easily and quickly attachable. While carrying my Laptop in my bag, using this optional long strap, I was surprised at how comfortable it felt on my shoulder and the fact that it did not feel too heavy or weighed down on my shoulder at all or that I even struggled in any way, it really wasn’t at all uncomfortable which is great.

I love that the Laptop bag can be held or carried in just about any way a bag can be carried and I thought it looked great which ever way I chose to carry it around on the many days that I have been using it while out and about. Even just hanging the handles on the middle of my arm was fine and it didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. I am very impressed and I’m more than very happy with it because it is just a fantastic bag that screams quality and I know it will be a bag that is indeed going to last me a very long time.

This brand new *Sartorial Croc Laptop Bag just arrived on to the LYDC London website in April this year and this bag can be viewed and purchased HERE
It also comes in two other very pretty colours as well as the Black that I have shown here in the photos.
It is definitely worth visiting the 
LYDC London website because they have such a variety of wonderful pieces that I’m sure you would find something that you will also love for yourself.

A big thank you to LYDC London who continue to astound me with their gorgeous pieces.

Have you purchased any items from LYDC London?
What are your favourite pieces from them?

Thank you so much for reading my Blog post.

All comments, likes and any feedback is always highly appreciated.

Much luv.



5 thoughts on “Work In Style With LYDC London”

    1. Thank you, yes it is a brilliant bag. I still use it a lot and still love just as much. It’s surprising just how much you can fit into it, to say it is just a laptop bag. I highly recommend it.


    2. Thank you for the lovely comment and yes I love my laptop bag, mainly because to say how small it looked, I couldn’t believe how much I manged to fit in my bag as well as my laptop. I use it everytime I fancy going to work in a cafe or even when I go to the library.


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