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April Favourites

There has been so many item’s that I have been loving this past month so sadly I have had to wittle it down to just a few things, otherwise this Blog would have been pretty long!

So here is what I been loving in April!

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water.

Simple products have always been my favourite for such a long time now, they are so gentle on the skin and are not heavily perfumed like most skincare products are. Having Eczema prone skin as well…the Simple Skincare range just really helps a lot because they really are kind to skin…especially sensitive skin.

I have never tried Micellar water before but a lot of fellow Blogger’s have been highly recommending Micellar water.
So yeah…I got on that trend straight away.

When I was looking in Superdrug they were so many by different beauty brands and it was so hard to choose….until of course I saw the  Simple Micellar water and like I said because I love Simple Skincare,  I didn’t think twice.
I’m really glad I bought this because it has been so good for my skin when it comes to removing my makeup (when I don’t forget).  My makeup literally just flies off my skin with this and I don’t need to use much to get all my makeup off, I think I end up using about 2 cotton pads and it’s all off, it is amazing!
I’ve also found with this Micellar water that it also hydrates my skin too and my skin feels so good after using it. Personally I highly recommend this Micellar water to anyone….especially if you’re like me and you have Eczema prone or sensitive skin.

Delight Touch Skincare.
Delight Touch Skincare products are absolutely amazing and if you have never tried them…I highly recommend you do give them a whirl!
Not only do all their products smell incredible but they feel amazing…using them on your skin. I have absolutely loved using Delight Touch’s Skincare range & I think I’m definitely going to buy more from their range when mine run low.
I have done a full Blog post review on some of their skincare that the people from Delight Touch kindly sent me for review and you can see my full review HERE

Rimmel and Makeup Revolution.

Of course Rimmel would be in my monthly favourites somewhere, if you have been following my blogs…you will know they are my TOP FAVOURITE brand!
Rimmel foundations I absolutely love and this 25hr Rimmel foundation has been my favourite for a while now (my 4th bottle in pic) and I have to buy more because this has all gone (boohoo!)
It has great coverage for me because I love full coverage foundations and this covers EVERYTHING!! Which with my spot/dry/flaky prone skin…I really need it.
The best thing I love about this foundation is that even though it is full coverage it just doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, in fact it really does feel nice and totally wearable all day…even into the next day.
(yes I forget to remove my makeup sometimes….I’m only human!)
This is definitely going to be my go to foundation for quite a while yet, I’m happy with it so It’s a keeper for me.

My love for Rimmel grew in a MASSIVE way when they brought out the absolutely stunning Highlighter/Blush/Contour palette, I mean OMG the packaging alone is stunning…
Who doesn’t love the prettiness that is Rosegold?
Ok anyway moving on!
I have been loving this palette so much and it has been my go to item every time I wear makeup.
The highlighter is so pretty and so highly pigmented that you only need a tiny amount on your brush, It does have a little fall out so I usually give my brush a good tap before applying.  But this highlighter really does make you glow and it stays put all day, I’ve had so many people ask me which highlighter I use since using this, and saying how pretty it looks so I am more than very impressed with this already.
I’m not a big fan of Blusher and it is quite rare that I will use Blusher but this is a really nice shade, it is not too over the top or full on in colour and again you only need a tiny amount unless you like the whole clown face look. This really puts a really nice bit of colour on the apple of your cheeks, which I do like some days…blusher is just not something I use a lot, but it is still pretty. If you do love using blusher, you will love this.
I love using Contour because I have quite chubby cheeks…I really need that Contour on my cheeks haha!
I love how a simple brown shade can just sculpt your face to make it look defined and create more of a shape to your face, Contour for me is a god send and I love it. This Contour in the palette is a really nice shade, it is not too dark and it just works so well for me. I only need to use a tiny amount to see an effect and again I have had quite a few compliments. This definitely 1 of my top favourite Rimmel makeup items, that I will be buying again and again.

Makeup Revolution.
I haven’t used that many items in the Makeup Revolution range but I have bought enough to know they come a very close second in my top favourite makeup brands because I love them and I just want to own everything by them! Haha!
This highlighter is absolutely stunning and dare I say (cue shock face) it has been my go to highlighter more than the Rimmel highlighter 😱  shocking I know! Haha!
Never did I ever think something would ever become more beautiful to me than a Rimmel item. This ONLY JUST comes in top for me though and the reason is because it is that little bit more pigmented than the Rimmel highlighter and gives me that little bit more glowing look to the tops of my cheeks. I mean just to look at it you can see just how pigmented it truly is before even swatching it! This has been the one I have been wearing the most when I wear makeup and one thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t have as much fall out as the Rimmel highlighter, which is also why it made first between the two highlighters that I use. Both the Rimmel and this Makeup Revolution highlighter are the ones I am going to have in amongst my makeup forever….well as long as they are still around that long! Haha!

Saffron Eyeshadow Palette
Saffron makeup I discovered while shopping in poundshops which has been for quite a while now because if you have followed my blog posts for a while…you will know how much of a bargain hunter I am, I am literally obsessed with bargains and I think I always will be.
I love Saffron makeup because the majority of their items are bewtween £1-£3 and they really are fantastic quality for the price.
Using these eyeshadows are amazing because you don’t need to apply much to get a good colour on your eyes, they really are full of colour and the colours are so gorgeous. I was drawn to these also because of the packaging, I love animal prints and so I just had to own these and of course because of the very pretty shades just made them more beautiful. If you are a bargain hunter like myself then I highly recommend you try these because they really are gorgeous.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick
In the shade #720 Notting Hill Nude
As much as any Blogger I love a good nude lipstick shade and I do have quite a few but again Rimmel tops it off for me. I’ve had this lipstick about 8months now and it has been so good to me because I have had it such a long time, it really has lasted me well and I wear this more than any of my other lipsticks. It is a really nice lipstick that I find myself reaching for every single time, I love how glossy it looks on my lips and it really does last all day without drying out my lips. I love it.

Nivea Pearly Shine Lip balm
If you know me well, you will know how much of a fan I am of Nivea products. I love Nivea so much and I literally own a lot of their products, from moisturisers to body creams and even about 3 or 4 of these amazing lip balms.
These lip balms really keep my lips from drying out and sometimes if my lips are really dry I will use this under a nice light pink lip gloss, not that I need to wear lip gloss on top because when applied this lip balm gives that lip gloss look with a nice pink shimmer which is really pretty.
I like to apply this on a night if I have worn makeup that day, just to put moisture back into my lips and to stop my lips from drying out.
I have so many lip balms but this one is definitely the one I reach for the most, especially this past month with all this bad weather we have been having.

Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss
Another favourite of mine from Makeup Revolution is this lovely pink shimmery lip gloss, I’m not a big fan of pink lips and I don’t own any pink lipsticks but  I love a good shimmery lip gloss and this is so pretty. It isn’t often I wear lip gloss because I prefer lipsticks mainly but I find lip gloss handy to have for touch ups when you’re out on a night out or when you are out during the day and you just want that shimmery no effort lip that you can just reach for and apply even without needing a mirror to apply it.  This does have a good shimmer to it which I love and it is not a too in your face full shade of pink, it’s just a very light pretty pink.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara
Mascara is the one makeup item that I honestly do not need (so why do I wear it I hear you ask?)
I wear Mascara because I love my lashes to stand out and I never wear false lashes (I’ve never even tried them before) I have very long dark lashes (or so I’m told) so I could get away with not wearing mascara but I love that mascara just makes my lashes stand out more than usual and creates a longer lash.
Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex is amazing because it really does create volume (not that I need it lol) and just makes my eyes really stand out which I love. The only downside to this  mascara is that I have found that it is terrible to remove as it sticks like glue, but that has not put me off in any way because the way it makes my lashes look…it is worth the extra scrubbing. My eyelashes look longer, thicker and more full on which for me personally I love.
I have so many different mascaras but this is definitely the one mascara I always go back to every time.

Lydc London Cosmetics Pouch
I received this cosmetics pouch when Lydc London were hosting in a bloggers #FBLChat and I was so happy because….well just look at it! It’s gorgeous!!
I love the colour because it has that rainbow shimmery glow to it, the kind that in any angle it looks all different colours. From purple to pink and then with a hint of gold and…well just so many colours in different lighting, it is just omg so pretty!
I have done a  full blog post review on this beauty, which you can find HERE
The second thing I loved about this that caught my eye was the chain, at first I was thinking ”Ok this is a nice keyring accessory” (yes I’m that stupid!) Haha!
Then it dawned on me (half an hour later) what it was..!
It is so you can clip it inside your bag and it is harder for anyone to pinch it in case you used it for money, jewellery or any other valuables and how clever! Just a brilliant idea.
I love how this is so versatile and you could literally use it for any daily things that would fit into it. For the first couple of months I didn’t use it, it was just put on display on my shelf…it is pretty to look at, let’s be honest!
Now I use it to keep all my hair bobbles, clips and any of my hairbands in one place in my handbag instead of just been thrown into the bottom of it, because I really have a habit of just throwing things in my bag all the time (still do) But since using this I have stopped throwing my bobbles etc in my bag and find I spend less time digging in the bottom of my bag to find one when I needed. There is just endless amounts of ways to use this stunning pouch and it really is mesmerising to look at because of the ever changing colour effects.


Towards the end of April I entered a competition
to win some personalised
and surprisingly I had won. I was very excited that I was able to choose my own colour of pencils and have my name on them….how awesome is that?
They came in this beautiful gift box with my name on which I really loved and I am keeping them in this cute box forever. I just love these so much hence why they belong in my monthly faves!
You can see my full blog post review of these beauties HERE
All their links are also on that blog post and I highly recommend that you check out their website because it is literally insane just how much personalised items they have for you.


Lavishy are a lovely fairly new company that make very beautiful items and I was very happy when they asked me to review some of their products and write a blog post on it.
These are so beautiful and they wanted to make something personal to me that I loved and they really did just that!
They basically tailor to your loves, right down to colours and how each item you order will look so it is right for you and you will love what ever you order. They are simply amazing and their creations are just so beautiful.
Please check out my full blog post review HERE and their amazing website which is linked on my blog post because I guarantee you will love them just as much as I do.

So that is it for another month, I actually cannot believe another month has gone by already, time is really flying!

What are your monthly favourites?
Which are your favourites from my monthly blog post?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog post.

All comments, likes and any feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.



8 thoughts on “April Favourites”

  1. Great post as always hun. Some really lovely favourites there. I’ve used Simple products before as they are so gentle on the skin especially good for people with sensitive skin. Rimmel and Makeup Revolution are two of my favourite brands, I have some lovely Rimmel lipsticks and two MR eyeshadow palettes which I absolutely love at the moment. I have that Nivea lip balm, it’s one of my favourites and I have it in my bag everyday. 🙂
    Sharon xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I always love reading favourites – maybe that shows how nosey I am lol. My monthly favourites is deffo vlogging! I tried it for the first time the other day and sent it to some loyal followers to see what they thought before I try it out on youtube. Got good reactions so hence why it’s my favourite!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think we have a little bit of nosiness in us somewhere haha! I love vlogging and have been practising on Snapchat for a while now before I start Vlogs on my channel, it’s a great way to practise and make yourself feel less nervous. X


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