Lavishy Blog Review


On the 19th April I was very kindly offered to be sent some items for review from a lovely company called Lavishy *


Here is a bit of background information that was provided with the items I received to add to my review which is always lovely to hear when and how a company began.

Founded in 2001, Lavishy designs and distributes unique, fun, affordable and Eco-friendly fashion accessories including wallets, bags, travel accessories and even fashion jewellery. They are well designed, well made and well priced. For example, the material we use to make bags and accessories are custom made and tested by SGS as toxic safe (most of the faux leather has toxic content exceed safe level for example lead which can cause cancer and permanent damage to children’s brain.
The materials we use are also recyclable and biodegradable. All jewellery are nickel and lead free. Some of them use recycled materials.

Lavishy products have been featured by leading trade and consumer magazines including the world’s No. 1 trade magazine for gift industry Gift & Decorative Accessories, Canada’s No. 1 trade magazine for gift industry Retail News, Giftware News, Gift Shop, Specialty Retail, Gift & Tableware, Canada’s No. 1  fashion magazine LOU LOU for over 200 times.

Lavishy is represented by leading rep groups/showrooms including New York, Los Angels and Seattle. We also exhibit at trade fairs in Paris, London, New York and Toronto.

Lavishy have been working with many leading independent gift shops, boutiques and speciality stores across the globe. Type of retailers carry our products include: boutique, gift shop, museum/botanical garden/aquarium/zoo gift shop, airport/hotel gift store, book store, art gallery, flower store and garden centre, online store, catalogue, department store, salon and spa.
Lavishy boutique ( showcases our designs and ship worldwide.
You can find their lovely website Lavishy HERE
You can also find Lavishy on:

I was absolutely stunned when I received the above items shown in the photos by Lavishy because they are simply gorgeous! The print and the embroidered design on the pouch & purse are so adorable and I love that on the pouch there is 2 different designs…1 on each side, also how well they just blend together to make 1 beautiful pouch.
I love anything and everything about wildlife, nature, flowers and many things that have that vintage era sort of style, so these items just really took me by surprise and instantly I loved them.
I love the colours used on both of them and how cute is that little flower design on the front of the coin purse?  I love it!
The materials used to create them felt so soft and supple and both are fully lined too, safe to say I am very impressed with the items I received.

Along with the pouch & coin purse, Lavishy  kindly sent me a beautiful pair of earrings (see above pic). They have a lovely design of a bird on them which I thought was super cute!
I love that the silver metal looks like it has been hammered, so they are not just a plain round shape, they have their own style to them which I think is such a great idea.
You can get so many uses out of this pouch, it can literally be used for almost anything & that is what is so great about it.
The coin purse however is perfect for any night out, if you are not wanting to carry something bulky in your clutch to keep your money in or much money at all, then this is simply perfect for any clutch or purse on an evening out.
You can view all of the beautiful items created by Lavishy on their website HERE

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Blog Review for *Lavishy

Have you tried anything by this company?
Which is your favourite Lavishy product?

All Comments, Likes and any Feedback given are always appreciated.

Much luv.



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