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Hiya Friends!
So probably as much as any Blogger I have a big love (more like obsession) for stationery and at home…in my bedroom I have a 3 drawer arts/crafts storage box/s that I keep all my Notebooks, Organisers and a little more stationery and arty bits ‘N’ bobs than I probably would ever need.
So when I saw The Letteroom was running a competition on Twitter to win some personalised pencils in any colour of your choice…of course I had to enter it…right?
I mean who doesn’t want their Blogger name on their own pencils…AND in any colour of your choice?!
Of course you would! Haha!

As with any competition I enter, I just enter without a thought that I would win which to me if you have your mind set that way, it is more of a great feeling…if you do win!
So I didn’t even imagine I would win at all but
On the 31st March my name was announced that I did in fact win the competition and I was soooo happy!
So here are my winning pencils:


with a massive thank you to The Letteroom they are gorgeous and I love them.
They came in a beautiful box with my name added, which I loved and they were just really well presented and I will always keep them in this beautiful box.


I just love the gold lettering they used to personalise them and how pretty they look in the colour I had chosen.  I’m just so happy I decided on Pink because they are gorgeous!
The Letteroom does a lot of personalised stationery items and other items including Homewares, gifts and even celebratory items. The list of items is beyond massive and I highly recommend that you check out their website….they are absolutely amazing!!!
You can check out all of their beautiful items on their website HERE
If you are lover of stationery and also any lovely homewares like myself…then you will love
The Letteroom

What are your favourite stationery items?
Do have a secret obsession with all things stationery?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Blog.

Much luv.



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