15 Funny Yorkshire Terms


Hey Friends!
In the uk 23rd April every year is the date that celebrates St George’s Day so I thought I would do a humourous post for you, I hope you enjoy reading it. 

15 Yorkshire sayings/slang

  1. Let’s have a butcher’s? – Lets have a look
  2. See a man about a dog – Do a deal
  3. Don’t get ya knickers in a twist – Don’t get worked up
  4. Give ya a bell – I’ll ring you
  5. You’re the bees knees – You are awesome
  6. That looks a bit dodgy – That looks very strange/ suspicious
  7. Bob’s ya uncle – There you go
  8. Don’t you look the dog’s dinner – Don’t you look nice?
  9. On ya Bike – Take a walk/go away
  10. Fancy a brew? – Would you like a cup of tea?
    11.You having a laugh? – Are you joking?
    12.Just what the doctor ordered – Just what you needed
  11. Beat around the bush – Avoiding a question
  12. Rings a bell that – That sounds familiar
  13. It’s chucking it down – It’s raining

What is your favourite sayings/slang phrases?
Leave a comment with any slang terms that you know of!

Thanks for reading my Blog, Happy St George’s Day!

Much luv.





7 thoughts on “15 Funny Yorkshire Terms”

  1. Loved reading these! English is not my 1st language but I think/dream/use it every day 🙂 I do love a good idiom and have used a number of these. Some are beyond me though lol. Always great to learn something new 😀
    When I lived in Northern Ireland friends gave me a little book with all the phrases and sayings. First page I happened to open it at was with the word “eejit” 🙈 lol
    xox Nadia


  2. Such a lovely post, perfect for St George’s Day. It made me smile. My grandmother used to say “Don’t get ya knickers in a twist”! Now I’m going to ask my hubby “Do you fancy a brew” 😊
    Sharon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha Thanks hun. Yeah, so many sayings and slangs that make me laugh so much because it makes me remember family that used to come out with them a lot X


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