5 Things To Do On Sunny Days


When the sun comes out to play, there is nothing I love more than being able to get out & making the most of the sun while we have it because let’s face it, it is now rare that we get decent weather these days…especially in the UK!
So in my Blog post I thought I would share with you how I/we love to spend my/our sunny days out rather than being stuck at home.

  1. Picnic – Who doesn’t love a good picnic when the sun comes out?. Finding a nice place to take a picnic and just enjoy the sun whilst having some lunch. Usually for me…the perfect spot would be either by a nice river or a nice canal with amazing views or somewhere high like moorlands with stunning views. If we go as a family, we usually take a ball, my stunt kite (yes I love flying it…big kid, I know)! or some sort of field games. But if it was just me and my husband (extremely rare) we would just take a nice lunch and maybe a bottle of our favourite wine.

  2. Hiking – For over 15 years or more now we have always had a love for the great outdoors, nothing is better than been able to get out for a long distance hike. We would get up early in the morning and pack up our rucksack for the day, taking all our essentials (I will have to do a blog post on this soon) and then we set off walking. Half the time we don’t even plan a certain route, we would just walk and see where our feet takes us. We always have stayed quite local because we don’t have a car as we literally walk most places or use public transport if it’s too far.
    Nothing is better than seeing amazing views and being able to teach our children about the countryside, wildlife and more while we are out and about on our hikes, we love it!

  3. Parks – Having children…we are always taking ours to a local park somewhere and 1 our favourites we visit on a regular basis is literally 10 minutes away from our home and 1 of the reasons why we moved here too.
    It literally has everything for young and older children, to keep them entertained. It has a big play area that covers all ages, for the very young, it has so many slides, swings and even a sand play area and a big skate park, full of ramps for an older teenager. Also in the same area it has a huge cricket/playing field where regular yearly festivals, shows and outdoor markets take place and they even have car shows there on certain days in summer too. Not only does it have all this but it is also situated at the side of the River Aire which is amazing to see because it has a lovely weir which can be very loud at times but so amazing to see and sometimes we have a local Heron visit the weir which is a such a beautiful but rare sight.
    The Leeds – Liverpool canal is also on the other side of the park, so regular views of the barges and the barge bus going up and down the canal is also really nice to see. I could go on & on because it just has so much more in the park and surrounding areas. The whole park is just amazing.

  4. Kite Flying – As previously mentioned I have owned a fair few stunt kites over the years and our children had theirs, I say had because we need to go buy some more because unfortunately at the end of last summer, they got broken. Flying kites are so much fun when you have young children because they just love seeing kites flying (me too haha). Our 2 older children are not AS interested that much now but our younger children still love them and yes I love buying myself a big stunt kite, If you have never flown a stunt kite and you do like kites then I highly recommend you try it, because it is pretty fun especially if you find a good high spot with plenty of wind good ground to cover, it can be amazing!.

  5. Going for lunch – Another thing we love to do on a sunny day is going out for lunch, we have a lot of places around us with a nice garden seating area to be able to have lunch outside and a play area for young children if needed…which is really nice. It’s not often we get to have lunch at a nice restaurant or a local bar so it is nice when we can.

What do you love to do on sunny days?
Where are your favourite places to visit?

Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog.
All Comments, Likes and any Feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.



5 thoughts on “5 Things To Do On Sunny Days”

    1. Aww lovely! We got hiking all the time when the sun comes out and it’s lovely to see dogs out walking too. We are massive Animal lovers especially dogs and cats 😍 X


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