Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

Garnier have always been one of my big faves for beauty, I’ve used so many of their products from Garnier Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s to Moisturisers and creams. So I was very excited when I found and signed up to a website called BzzAgent They help bloggers by sending out products to test for Blog Reviews and they sent me some new *Garnier Ultimate Blends products to try.
I’ve never tried these before so I was very happy and couldn’t wait to test them out, I have tried the Ultimate Blends Hair Care Range but not the Skincare Range.


This is the set I received in the post.

*Ultimate Blends Body Restoring Lotion10ml
Even though these are only 10ml sachets, they do go along way as only a small amount is needed. Royal Jelly is 1 of my favourite ingredients so I was very happy to see these in the set, they smell amazing and the lotion was so thick and creamy and felt amazing on my skin. I used this after having a shower to moisturise my skin and it did just that. It made my skin feel so soft after just the first use which I was very impressed about and left my skin with an amazing scent afterwards. Applying this lotion I was happy that it didn’t feel at all greasy on my skin, was so easy to apply and blended in quickly and very well. Definitely a beauty product I would purchase in the future.

*Ultimate Blends Body Soothing Hydrating Lotion – 250ml
Any beauty product that says hydrating on it, is definitely a win for me because I have such dry skin and suffer on a daily basis with Eczema, Hydration is one thing I go for the most with my skincare…so again I was very happy to see this product too.
This did not disappoint at all! I used this on a daily basis whenever my skin felt dry and I also used this on my face and hands at night before bed. It felt very cold when applied, but soothing at the same time and instantly I felt it working on my skin to moisturise and rehydrate. It felt so soft on my skin and didn’t feel at all greasy, I was really pleased at how quickly the lotion blended in to my skin and instantly made my skin feel moisturised without any tacky feeling that you get with some creams, it just felt really nice and left my skin smelling amazing and soft all day or night.

Ultimate Blends Face & Body Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm – 200ml
I loved this soothing balm so much and was constantly using this on my hands because my hands are always getting dry due to constant cleaning and always using cleaning products everyday, it takes it’s toll on my hands. I did use this on my body a couple of times after the shower, but because I had the other hydrating body lotion, I decided to keep this to use mainly on my hands and feet if needed. As soon as I removed the lid…it smelt incredible! I think because this was in an open jar and a bit more in your face, I could smell it a lot more and I’m so glad because it really does smell so nice. The consistency is very thick yet creamy, applying it to my skin…again like the hydrating lotion it felt so soft and really cold but nice on my skin.  This has simply been my go to every time I’ve needed to rehydrate my hands and make them feel soft again, It has had a permanent place in my bag and I’ve taken it every where with me. This has definitely made a big difference to my hands and I’ve only needed to use small amlounts…so this is going to last me almost forever, but I love it so I’m happy.

Ultimate Blends Body is definitely going to be among my beauty products for quite sometime now and I will be definitely buying them again if they ever run out. I highly recommend them to anyone with sensitive skin or Eczema prone skin.

Have you tried the Garnier Blends Body range?
Which Garnier product is your go to item that is your favourite?
Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog

All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.



8 thoughts on “Garnier Ultimate Blends Review”

    1. I love these Garnier products, I’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner before but not these and they are so nice. I’ve used them almost every night since writing this review. Xx


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