Delight Touch Daily Skincare Review

Hey friends!
Out of all my Blogs I write my favourite category has to be Beauty and finding new products to try is one of my favourite things I love doing. On the 1st March 2016 a brand new company called Delight Touch followed me on Twitter and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t very intrigued as to what products they had available on their website. As with every follow I receive from a new brand, I always love to have a peek on their website and look at what products they have to offer. I really liked the look of the website and the wide range of products they have, the packaging on their skincare range looked really pretty yet simple and not too busy looking.
On the 11th March 2016 I had received a message from Lou at 
Delight Touch

After reading the message I felt very happy and honoured to be asked to try out their range of skincare and I became quite excited…awaiting the arrival of their products coming in the post. After a few days they came in the post and I couldn’t wait to try them.
Having Sensitive and Eczema prone skin, I always test a little bit of each product on my skin for 24 hours first…just incase. I was pretty confident they would be fine as the skincare I received were all organic (which I loved) but better to be safe than sorry!


Organic Rosehip & Nigella Face Moisturiser
Essence of Tangerine & Sandalwood with Sea Buckthorn Extract. 100ml – £18.00
When I first applied this moisturiser to my finger tips, the first and most distinctive quality I noticed about this moisturiser was the scent. The scent is incredible and instantly made me love it and I became even more excited to try it out.
I loved the fact that this skincare range were all pump action bottles, which I love in most skincare products because they are so easy to use without the worry of using too much. Applying this to my skin it felt very creamy and soft, yet cooling and relaxing too. Blending it into my skin I noticed that it blended very well, was easy to apply and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily, using this moisturiser and the aroma being very apparent, it also made it feel almost like a Spa treatment which I found very relaxing. After using this moisturiser I became very happy at how soft my face was to the touch and have since loved using it in my daily skincare.



wp-1459777531354.jpgOrganic Sea Kelp Night Cream.
With Sandalwood, Frankincense & Chamomile Extract. 100ml – £19.00
The best time for skincare for me that I enjoy the most is on a night before bed because it feels so relaxing and helps me sleep better at night, so when I saw this night cream I was very happy.
A noticeably soft and soothing cream with an incredible scent that is instantly relaxing when applied. A thinner consistency but just as good to apply, blended in well & quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all, it just left my skin feeling very soft. This night cream again…like the moisturiser made applying the cream feel like a Spa experience, with how relaxed it made me feel together with the incredible aroma on my skin just made me feel so calm and ready for sleep.



wp-1459776739556.jpgOrganic Cucumber Cleanser.
A tantalising fresh & light cleanser with a fruity essence of Ylang & sweet Orange.
50 ml – £12.00
This is a lovely cleanser and again like the other 2 products in this skincare range had an incredible scent, but each had their own individual aroma as well which I really loved. When applied on my skin I noticed that this cleanser felt more cooling than previous two products and it felt so nice and soothing to apply. I used this in my daily skincare after using either my facial wipes to remove my makeup or my cotton wool pads and makeup remover I sometimes use also. I’m glad I used the cleanser after this stage because usually when I remove my makeup, my skin can start to feel dry and a little irritated because I have such sensitive skin and deal with Eczema…But this made my skin feel so soothed and relaxed afterwards that it just took that feeling away instantly, which really impressed me. The consistency again was quite thin but like the others in the skincare range was easy to blend in and simply left my skin feeling so relaxed and soft afterwards, without any oily feeling or residue left on my skin.

I have loved and even now I’m still really loving using these skincare products by *Delight Touch and I’m happy to say that they will be in my alternating skincare routine for quite a while because even though I have been using them for the past 2+weeks, they really do go along way as you only need to use a small amount and they are still almost full and I’m very happy about that.
Overall in my own opinion, I am more than very happy with these products and I would highly recommend anyone to try them.
You can view all of their products on the *Delight Touch website Here

Have you tired any of the products by Delight Touch?
What Skincare range are you recommending to other people?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.
All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.





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