Finally Getting Organised!

In the 35 years now that I have been on this earth (eeek!) one thing I have never ever been good at…I’m ashamed to say is organisation! Which in my mind is soooo bad! I mean c’mon I’ve had like a good 20 years to get organised, yet no matter how much I’ve tried…I’ve failed!
(bows head in shame)
So this year (2016) I decided that I’m going to try again and FINALLY
I think I’m getting it right!
(only took me this long to get it right, better late than never I suppose!)
. With the help of Blogging & mainly reading other people’s Inspirational Blogs that have helped me so much this up coming year, here are the ways I’ve learnt to be organised so far!

S Planner/Samsung Planner.
This Planner/calendar that is built in on my Samsung s6 edge plus has been my first start to getting organised, especially on the go too. I’ve finally figured out how to use it (I’m terrible with technology…but I’m learning!). First I used it to add in all the updated Blog chats and times, days etc so I could keep up with them and be able to join them when I can. Then I started to use it for my daily routine and that is going well too. Now…It is cram packed with everything like Blog post ideas and lots of other things I have scheduled, as you can see in the pic above and that only shows just one month…yes it’s actually all planned for the whole of my life while I’m still a blogger (#proud!) LOL!


This is the one app I’m so happy I have discovered, I actually read and found about One Note on somebody’s Blog Post and straight away I knew I would get it and love it…and I really am loving it, I highly recommend One Note to anyone because it is so easy to use and you can have it on your phone, tablet and/or Pc/Laptop! It has so many uses, you can literally use to organise your entire life (no exaggeration). This is the one app I use everyday…almost all day without fail. All my links are on it for schedule posts on social media and a long list of Blog ideas for when I get stuck on what to write about. All my up coming Blog notes are on my One Note and even links to other brands, websites and even my favourite Blog address links are in there too. It’s just my one app to go to on a daily basis and has helped me in a massive way to get better organised.


I have to honestly say Notebooks have been the bane of my life! For a few years now I have created quite a collection of them and even though I take at least 1 of them with me in my Handbag or any bag I’m using that day…I never get it out to use it! (Facepalm!) LOL!
I do write in them sometimes, the odd note here and there but I just don’t use it regularly enough to check back what I’ve wrote or keep up to them, I’ve even got a lot of Notebooks with nothing in them at all, they are literally just gathering dust. As for throwing them out or donating them..that just won’t happen either, I always keep them just incase! Haha! I’m terrible.

So this where I am up to as far as organising goes, I’m not sure if there is something I’m missing or if I’m being organised in the right way…but it is working for me so far, so I’m happier and proud of how far I have come! It’s only taken me 20+ years haha!.

How organised are you?
Do you have any great idea’s to be more organised?
What apps or ways have you found to be more effective with being more organised?

Many thanks for taking the time to read my Blog
All comments, likes and feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.




6 thoughts on “Finally Getting Organised!”

    1. Thank you! I will check it out. I just use 1 on my phone for quick notes and a planner while busy and/out but I use my One Note as a back up because I have all my links, post ideas and pretty much everything on there 😊❤ I love One Note


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