10 Spring Favourites

Hey you lovely people! 😊💖

With Spring now in full swing & summer days slowly coming back (wahoo!) I thought I would write a blog post all about the things I love about Spring, their is many but I’ve whittled it down a bit to my 1o favourites.


  1. Sunny Days. – After the winter months, who doesn’t get excited when the sun begins to arrive?. Sun just makes everything great, it puts me in such a brilliant mood, makes me want to get outdoors, go for long walks and get some photography shots too. It feels amazing to have warmer weather back after feeling so cold for what seems like forever. The Sun brings out the best times & the best memories like sun bathing, getting together with friends & family having barbecues and even days out or holidays to the beach.

2. Wildlife & Nature. – I love absolutely everything about the great outdoors. I find it breath taking and fascinating to see the world around us grow. Trees, flowers and even seeing new babies in the wildlife. It just amazes me so much. I just love being outside & seeing new places & new growth that is going on around us. Many people are too busy to just stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us.

  1. Holidays. – The holidays…when we do get some sun always makes me want to just get out for the day with my family, heading to the beach is the perfect day trip for me when the sun shines. The beach has been a big love for my family & me & I would love nothing more than to be able to live by the beach 1 day…even though I would miss the countryside too. The beach just brings so much fun and it is relaxing to be able to just get away in new surroundings even for just a day. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was travel and see new places (maybe 1 day).


  1. Easter. – Let’s face it not many people in the world has a dislike for chocolate and what a fantastic excuse to have a binge for a day or a full weekend, I mean it only comes around once a year…so why not treat yourself?. Easter for me brings fun with my little one’s too, Easter egg hunts and being able to bring them joy by creating fun games & gifting them lovely Easter eggs and other such treats.

  2. Shopping. – New Clothes, New Trends like dresses, skirts, summer tees and new shoes…need I say more?. Who doesn’t love buying new staple pieces for our wardrobe when warmer weather comes around?. Finally being able to pack away all our thermals and thick winter items until next year, then going out and buying new clothes ready for the upcoming summer! I for 1 absolutely love shopping and like many others I’m sure…have a pretty big obsession with shopping in general, let alone just clothes and shoe shopping.

  3. Spring Cleaning. – Another pretty big obsession of mine is cleaning, when I’m not busy blogging, scheduling my posts and going shopping, I’m always cleaning my home everyday (sometimes a bit OCD too!.)
    Spring makes me want to do it more, I don’t know what it is about Spring that just makes me want to have a right good clear out, but I love it!! It really makes me feel good too, out with the old and in with the new every Spring! I clean literally everything and everywhere. There’s nothing better than waking up on a morning, having a coffee, putting on my favourite tunes and having a right good clean, it puts me in such a great mood for the day.

  4. Decorating. – Spring always puts me in the mood to have a good change around & no I don’t mean changing around the furniture in my home, I mean changing the look of the rooms in my home (Haha.)
    I always get bored of things very easily and I love to make my home look new, with new little accessories etc…here and there around my home. I love decorating and creating a whole fresh new look. This year I’m wanting to make my home all bright and cheerful with whites and with a few pastel shades too.


  1. Scents Of Spring. – Another thing I love about Spring is the different smells that come alive like freshly cut grass, new flowers in bloom and being able to throw open the windows and just letting the fresh air flow through my home. I love buying new flowers to put around my home, it just makes my house smell so good and puts me in a great mood. Even though I do suffer quite badly with hayfever, it still makes me love all the scents of Spring everywhere and doesn’t stop me wanting to smell everything in this season.


  1. Sounds Of Spring. – I love waking up in the morning, the sun shinning & the birds singing (a bit clichĂ©) but I love listening to the sounds and it just puts a big smile on my face. Rain is another lovely sound, I really love the warm weather and even though rain isn’t always nice…especially being out in the rain, it is so soothing…relaxing to hear it and even more so on warm nights with the bedroom window open. I love sitting in a quiet place while out hiking with the family and just listening to every little sound that surrounds us.


  1. Colours Of Spring. Springtime is when everything blooms, grows and just fills our world with so much life and colour. Colour changes with trees as flowers on trees blossom and everything that was once dull and drab becomes greener and fresher. It’s so pretty to see so much colour blossoming in Spring and stunning colourful flowers everywhere.

What are your favourites about Spring?
What are your favourite things to do in Spring?

Thank you so much for reading my Blog.
All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.
I hope you all enjoy the Easter holidays and have lots of fun.

Much luv.







5 thoughts on “10 Spring Favourites”

  1. This was such a lovely post. I reallylove the Spring too. The lighter evenings and better weather definitely help lift your spirits and the colours are really pretty after the darkest of winter. Being a chocoholic, Easter is one of my favourites about Spring! I really enjoyed reading this 💕 xx
    Sharon from

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  2. This is such a lovely post. I love the Spring, it’s my favourite season. Lighter evenings and better weather definitely help lift your spirits and colours of spring are so pretty after the darkest of winter. Being a chocoholic, Easter is definitely one of my favourites about Spring! Really enjoyed reading your reasons for loving spring 💕 xxx
    Sharon from


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