Favourite Five Friday

Hey Friends!

Welcome back to the 2nd in my new series of Chatty Blogs!
Just to explain in depth why I decided to make these a REGULAR Friday series?. Well I thought it would be nice to have 1 day out of the week where I can create a blog, to be able to keep all my readers updated with news etc, about what I have been up to the past week, my thoughts on general daily life things that have happened in that week and well just a nice general chit chat to you guys really!
I’m going to add a few questions in here for you as well to be able to create a bit more of a friendly interaction from you all too, please feel free to COMMENT below or TWEET or MESSAGE me if there is anything that YOU would like to see me post in this chatty blog for you, that YOU would be interested in reading…I’m always wanting to hear great ideas from you guys, especially since I decided to create this CHATTY BLOG to be able to chat to you all a bit more, so yeah let me know!


So Spring is HERE & we have finally started to get some sun, is it me or does it seem like we have waited forever for the sunny days to come back?. I can’t really speak for anyone else but for me personally, when Spring arrives & the sun starts to shine…it makes me want to have a big SPRINGCLEAN!!  And that’s exactly what I did this week! I pretty much attacked my whole house with anti-bacterial spray, a few cloths & had a good change around, even sorted out my bedroom!
1 thing that not many people online know about me is that I get BORED with things very easily & I’m always wanting to change something or I am constantly trying to make things look better!  Does anyone else do this?, I’m sure you do!
I love having a GOOD clear out and a clean up in Spring, it just makes me feel like I’m getting ready for the summer.
What do you love doing around Springtime?
Do you love a good Spring Clean?


Blog Photography
I’ve started to learn soooooo much about Blog Photography & learned just how easy it is to
find items around the home that I didn’t even think of and items that I could’ve been using to make my photos look better, even little cheap accessories that I could buy to add into my photos, it’s surprising how many little things you can find in shops, buy & add them to your photos and they make your photos look so much better. So this is also what I have been doing this past week. Wilkinsons at the moment have some BEAUTIFUL items in to be able to use for Blog Photography, they have fake flowers, some lovely stationary items to use and a lot of accessories that are really cheap to buy.

So from Wilkos I bought some fake but pretty Spring flowers, some tiny pastel coloured pegs and some tiny diamante/fake gem stones (you may have spotted these already in my blog photography.)
Because of learning all this, my Blog Photography is looking that little bit better and I’m no longer finding the need to trawl through free photography downloads for bloggers websites as much as I was, I still have the odd photo saved that I’ve found on these websites that I’ve kept just in case I need a quick last minute photo, but most of the photos I used to use have all been deleted and replaced by my own creativity which I’m loving! I love how becoming a blogger makes you much more creative and the want to be a creative person grows so much. In my opinion having a passion for Blogging, sparks other passions that grow with you like being more creative and you appreciate so much more.
Has your Blog Photography changed much and in what way?
What are your favourite items to add to your Blog Photography?


Future Goals
This week I thought I would add a NEW FEATURE where I’d like to let you know of my future plans, like my plans to buy certain items or idea’s I’ve come up with that I feel like I want to share with you guys for an open discussion etc…etc!
Anyway my plans for this next couple of weeks: I want to buy some cute little plants, like mini cacti’s/succulents or just something with a bit of colour too…like a mini flower pot maybe?  To add into my blog photos to brighten them up a bit more now SPRING IS HERE! So yeah my upcoming plans are Spring Blog Photography Shopping! And I really do love shopping…lets be fair who doesn’t?.
Also on my future goals list is that I need to find more backgrounds for my photos, I love white but I don’t want my photos to look the same all the time because it then becomes BORING and I love being CREATIVE, so I’m wanting to find more patterned backgrounds and I also want to stick to THEMES too, I would love to find something that would look really nice to represent the seasons and any other events that I blog about that I could use themes for also. Themes seem to be the key thing with blogging now,  I’ve noticed it has become WIDELY
 popular lately. I think this is great.
The only thing I couldn’t do theme wise is INSTAGRAM! I mean how do some people on Instagram do that? They have it all themed and looking gorgeous, I really don’t know how it works but I honestly don’t think that with everything else I have going on Blogwise and with daily life that I know I couldn’t keep up to that too.

Do you have any future goals for this next week or two?
Got any big changes coming up this next couple of weeks…that’s getting you all hyped about?


Favourite Five Friday!
So on to my five things I’ve loved this past week.

  1. Themes – Its amazing to see different Bloggers own themes & how they have there own things set out and I love seeing them and reading about how you crated your themes too.
  2. Shopping – Now I know what I’m wanting to do with my Blogs and how to make them better, my wishlist is growing (uh-oh!) so I’m loving shopping lately.
  3. The Sunny Days – I’m so happy to add this here because I’m so happy to see the sun is back so I had to add this into my faves list! Fingers crossed for more sun please.
  4. Growing – Watching others grow is so satisfying, I don’t know about anyone else but for me, those who I see post everyday or Blogs I read a lot of..Its just amazing to see how much bigger they are growing! With followers or just general blogs looking better (not that they didn’t look fab before, but you know what I mean.)
  5. Creativeness – If anyone would tell me 10 years ago that this is what I would be doing with my life now and how creative I have become, I think I would have seriously fallen down on thee floor laughing my head off. Haha! Its crazy to think where life takes you. I’m loving how creative I am now and ways of thinking than ever before. I would never ever class myself as a creative person…EVER! But I’m now slowly gaining more confidence in my self and even starting to believe in myself a little more and I’m loving it.

What are your favourite things from this past week?
What has really stood out for you that you have loved?

Feel free to comment & let me know how you all are and what you have been up to this past week?
After all this is why I made this series….to get chatting with you all and find out a bit more about all my readers (nosy I know) and allow you to get to know me a bit more too (If you would like to) Haha!

So that’s it for this week guys!
I hope you enjoy these Chatty Blogs?
Please feel free to leave me any honest feedback (even if it seems bad! Don’t worry, I’m a big girl…I can take it!) Haha.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.







6 thoughts on “Favourite Five Friday”

    1. Yeah I do a little bit, I don’t think I ever would be able to stick to a certain theme because I love too many various colours & different topics to put in my Instagram feed. Thanks so much Sharon 💖 XoX


  1. Gosh, Instagram themes are a nightmare haha! I go back and forth with the notion of it, but I think it’s very difficult to maintain for beauty bloggers. It’s hard to capture the true colours of makeup with a theme and I imagine it’s easier for fashion/lifestyle bloggers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah they are, I really don’t get how some bloggers keep up to their themes..I’ve tried to start a theme and I just can’t seem to follow it through 😂 X


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