3 Favourite MakeUp Spring Shades

As I sit here & happily write this Blog post, the sun is shining through my kitchen window, shining on my face and I’m loving it….YES! Spring is finally here!
I’m always looking to try out different ways of wearing my makeup especially because I’m still learning about Beauty and makeup, but everyday I enjoy learning a little bit more and I’ve learnt so much already. So now when different seasons come around I love experimenting with colours to suit each season &/or whatever I’m wearing that day. Like bright shades and pastel colours go well in the Spring and Summer months and cooler and darker shades go well in in the Autumn and Winter months.
Now we are finally in Spring, I thought I would share with you my 3 favourite makeup shades that I’m loving and will be using through out this season.

Before I use any makeup I love to moisturise my face and neck, some people use primer’s as a base, but I never really have (just my preference) Its just 1 thing I’ve found that works for me & my skin. I received this Clinique in a sample pack a while ago and I’ve loved using it. So before adding any makeup I blend this in all over my face and neck.


So this is pretty much my basic everyday makeup, a natural everyday normal daily life look for when you are not really going anywhere, but you still want to look nice. I love nude lipsticks/lip glosses so much, along with any light eyeshadow shades and when I want a bit of a glow to my face…I still use a Bronzer &/or a light blush on my cheeks if I’m at home, this is what I wear the most.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
For quite a long time now I’ve been using this foundation and I really can’t rate it high enough for me personally, it just gives me amazing coverage and is just the perfect foundation for my skin, I love it. It is the only foundation I now use every time I wear makeup. I can use either a foundation brush or my beauty blender, but I do love using my beauty blender that little bit more. For me personally it just helps me blend my foundation better across my face and neck and gives me better coverage.


I haven’t bought that many concealers mainly because I’ve never known before which 1 to go for and which concealer was best to use until now. This concealer is just a cheap 1 I picked up at a pound shop, but because I’ve had it for so long unfortunately the brand name has rubbed off. I usually add concealer under my eyes in a triangle shape, down towards the tip of my nose, around the creases of my nose and my chin.


Bronzers I have quite a lot of and mainly all of them are by *Sunkissed because I just love their Bronzers so much. I add a small amount to my Bronzing Brush and faintly sweep across my cheekbone area.


This big Bronzer is definitely my favourite and the 1 I use the most, I just love the design and how gorgeous it is. This Bronzer has lasted me so long and if you like, you can read my full review of this Bronzer Here


Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Blusher

Not often I use Blusher on my face…even though I own quite a few now. I was very happy to receive this by *Soap&Glory because I’ve never tried this blusher before and I absolutely love it. It really does apply well so I strongly suggest only using a tiny amount…unless you want to go for the whole clown kind of look (Haha!.) I just stroke it faintly on the apples of my cheeks (the very top of your cheek bones) in a diagonal sweep. It gives off such a beautiful pink glow and it is great to use in spring and summer months when you just want a bit of a glow to your skin.

Eyeshadow Base

To create a nice bronze shade to my eyes, I almost always use my gorgeous Maybelline Colour 24HR Tattoo cream eyeshadow. I absolutely love this eyeshadow and it is brilliant to use as a base or looks beautiful just on it’s own. Today I used it as a base, it so easy to apply and really does last 24hrs (hangs head in shame for forgetting to remove my makeup sometimes.) I love how creamy and smooth this eyeshadow is to apply and it feels great on.



Next I applied this beautiful Bronze shade (see above in pic) from my new poundshop eyeshadow Saffron Palette, I am so happy I bought these Palettes because they are so pretty, fairly pigmented and I love the Animal Print on the front. The shades are really pretty and so perfect for the upcoming seasons through out the year. The best thing about powdered eyeshadows is that you can build up the colour by applying more, but I found with these I only needed to apply 2 coats of eyeshadow to get a full on Bronze shade. I highly recommend these palettes to any bargain hunters like myself to try, if they sell them in your local poundshops.



On my Lips I’m using this pretty LipGloss by Makeup Revolution in a shimmer light pink shade, unfortunately it doesn’t state the exact shade name or number on the lipgloss. It is such a pretty shade and I would definitely say it’s a great 1 to use if you like nudes or something on your lips with not too much colour, but love shimmery lips. I love how shiny this makes your my lips look. I don’t use lipgloss that often but I do love pale or nude shimmer ones the best and these are what I wear the most.
Makeup Revolution are an amazing brand for makeup and I love all the products I have of theirs and what I’ve seen that I NEED to buy VERY SOON!



I have a lot of Mascaras I love but as many know that Rimmel wins for me everytime, I’ve always loved Rimmel and this is definitely the Mascara I use the most. It just gives me great length, looks great on and stays put all day.

So here is my finished Bronze look. I love using bronze colours in Spring/Summer because it just reminds me of the sun and getting a tan…It is also a great Autumn look too, so this look can pretty much get you through most of the year.

Instead of making this Blog super long with so many photos, for the next 2 looks I’m just going to show you the eyeshadow shades and Lip colours used because I used the same makeup like foundation, bronzer and blush etc.

I love using vibrant stand out bold colours in Spring and Summer, especially any that sparkle, shimmer and glitter in the sun because let’s face it…who doesn’t love adding a bit of sparkle, glitter and glam to their eyes?. So after applying my base, foundation and contouring in the usual way…
I choose 2 green eyeshadow shades from my Saffron eyeshadow palette for my eyes, first the darker shade of green that my eyeshadow brush is placed on that you can see in the above pic. I added a tiny amount to my brush and brushed this across my eyelid. Then I used my new Saffron sparkle/glitter gel eyeliner to sweep a line at the bottom of my eyelid, just above my top eyelash to create a nice shimmer edge look to my eyes.

Again I used my Makeup Revolution LipGloss because this is a nice shimmery colour, because I knew it would look really well with this look I’m creating for my eyes.

 Used my trusty Rimmel mascara again for my lashes, I love how the brush on this mascara is thick and full looking because I’m not very keen on the thinner, smaller brushes on Mascaras. It maybe just me but I’ve always found that thicker brushes create a much better volume look.

So this is my finished shimmery green look (excuse my messy multi-coloured hair.)

For this next Spring/Summer look I used all the same makeup as mentioned previously again and for my eyeshadow look I used the Blue eyeshadow (shown in the above pic) from my Saffron eyeshadow palette, again swept across my eyelid twice to create a good amount of colour that would stand out. I then took my smaller pointed sponge and used the other lighter blue shade to the left of my brushes and created a deep harsh eye line just above my lashes to give my eyes an extra shimmery look that stood out a bit more. This look on my eyes I’ve worn a few times this week and received some really nice comments, so I thought I would add it here to show you how I created it.

For this look I decided to use my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade #066 Heather Shimmer, I really need to buy some more of this because I’m down to the end and to use this, I have to apply it with 1 of my Lipstick Brushes (Haha) so definitely need to buy another in this shade. Its such a lovely nude/light brown shimmer shade and looks so good on.

Again I used my Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara for my lashes, I think this is 1 mascara I’m going to be using for a very long time because it is just an amazing mascara to use.

And this is my vibrant Blue eyeshadow finished look. I think this shade is definitely my favourite out of all these looks, this is one that I’m going to be using the most these next few months.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.
I really hope this helps you in some way to get some Spring eyeshadow ideas of your own to create for this season.

Which colours &/or shades are you loving for this Spring/Summer?

Which makeup brand/s are your favourite?

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.






4 thoughts on “3 Favourite MakeUp Spring Shades”

  1. I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, particularly for the warmer months as they are the only base that seems to stay put on my when it gets hot. You’ve chosen some great colours for your spring/summer makeup. I love bronze shades too, as well as corals. I do like a bright pink now & again, but it isn’t one of my go-to shades. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the Colour Tattoos are my favourite eye creams. They are so pretty. 💖 All I’ve been wearing lately is nudes and bronze shades…with the odd vibrant spring shade like a blue, green or orange thrown in on the odd occasion. Pink never used to be my go to shade and in fact I used to avoid it and now I love pinks haha X


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