Soap&Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life

Soap&Glory is one of my favourite brands for beauty products, their products smell amazing and always leaves your skin smelling gorgeous for days. The Scrub Of Your Life is no exception, in fact this body buffer is definitely one that I never want to run out of and I know I will always keep re-purchasing. It just smells heavenly and does wonders for my skin, it keeps my skin so soft and instantly gets rid of any dry patches I may have on my skin. Suffering quite badly with Eczema for most of my life, this body buffer has really helped my skin to become a lot less dry.


The Scrub Of Your Life had actually came in a set with some other Soap&Glory beauty products in a gorgeous Soap&Glory Pink Bag and I was so excited to use them because before recieving that I had never actually tried Soap&Glory before.
The body buffer is amazing, foams up really well so only a tiny amount is needed which I was happy about because I instantly loved it so much that I didn’t want it to run out at all and I just wanted to keep it going forever haha! Sadly I have now run out and I’m definitely going back to Boots to buy more.

Soap&Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life
£7.00 – 200ml Can be found Here on the Soap&Glory Website.

You can either buy Soap&Glory beauty products directly from their website Here or Soap&Glory can be purchased Here at the Boots website or in some stores. (Please check stock availability in stores) If you have never tried Soap&Glory before, I highly recommend that you try their products. This Body Buffer is definitely 1 of my favourites from Soap&Glory and in between testing out other body scrubs etc I use this 1 the most often, when I’m not busy testing out other products for my blogs.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my Blog.

What are your favourite Body scrubs, Body Buffers and/or body bars?

Which bath/shower products are you raving about?

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.



18 thoughts on “Soap&Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life”

  1. I am trying really hard to incorporate body scrub into my life…going to actually attempt to be soft, smooth and lightly (fake) tanned for the sunshine months and keep it rolling into Winter.

    I found this stuff recently and can’t get enough as it fits into my routine in shower and works fabulously with a massage sponge.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves it.

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  2. I’ve been really looking into trying out this brand but they have so many great products to choose from!
    Do you think this is a good starting product of theirs to use? What else from them do you recommend?

    Lovely post and great pictures! Check out my blog too if you wanna xoxo

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    1. Yes I definitely think The Scrub Of Your Life is a brilliant 1 of theirs to start with, I’ve not tried all of the Soap&Glory range but this is 1 I highly recommend. Another product of theirs I recommend is the Spray on Moisturiser mist which is also a top favourite of mine
      Another Soap&Glory favourite of mine which will be coming in my Blogs soon is the Soap&Glory body butter which is also amazing I hope this helps. I would love to check out your blogs, Thank you X

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