Beauty Facial Cleansing Pad

For a while now I’ve been looking at different facial cleansing pads to try to use with my daily face washes, but with so many different ones in all shapes, sizes and by different brands it is hard choosing which would be suitable. While out shopping my husband surprised me by bringing one back to try because he knew I had been looking.


At first I was kind of sceptical because it looked kind of abrasive and maybe too harsh to use on my skin but I thought I would give it a try.

I really like that it has a suction cup on the back for ease of storage close by in the bathroom and that it has a ring shape so you can fit your finger(s) through to be able to grip the cleansing pad whilst using it. I was really surprised how soft it felt and the small bristles was soft too, it was actually pretty impressive and I became quite excited to try it out.



On first contact with my skin I was really surprised just how soft this actually felt on my face, it felt really soft and not abrasive at all. Each bristle against my face was also non abrasive, not scratchy or uncomfortable in any way and in fact using this facial cleansing pad felt more like getting a soft exfoliating massage. The ring fit comfortably over my middle finger and didn’t slip out at all whilst using it and this was good because I was able to easily cleanse my face.


I love the nice teardrop like shape of this facial cleansing pad because of the point at the top, this means its so easy to get the pad into the hard to reach places like under your eyes, in the corners and easily around the nose area. It was so easy to use, not abrasive in any way and was actually quite nice to use in my daily routine.


After I finished using the pad I noticed how soft and exfoliated my skin felt and was even more impressed that the skin on my face and neck was not red or in anyway over exfoliated or sore.
It is definitely a facial cleansing pad I would highly recommend to try and I am absolutely buying more in the future.

Have you ever tried these facial cleansing pads before?

Which facial cleansers are you loving at the moment?


Thank you for reading my Blog.

All Comments, Likes & Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv.



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