Swizzle’s Refreshers Body Scrub

When I’m out Shopping I am always on the look out for bargains & any of my favourite  brands or brands that I love that maybe on offer because if you have been reading my Blogs &/or following me for sometime, you will know how much of a bargain hunter I am! I also love picking up new products I’ve never tried before to test out so I can write new review’s for my Blogs. One of my favourite places to shop for bargains is B&M’s I love looking at what new beauty products they have in.
When I was last in B&M’s which was around Christmas time, I picked up a few items, 1 of which I spotted was a Swizzle’s bath set for around £4.00. I picked up the Swizzle’s lipbalms quite a while ago and loved them (as you can tell I have a thing for lovely retro items). They came in a stack of 3 tubs


  1. Bath Salts 50g
  2. Body Butter 150ml
  3. Body Scrub 240ml

Instead of trying all of them at once and making a big blog about all three, I thought I would review them all separately and give each product a fair review.


The packaging is very vibrant & look exactly like the sweet wrappers used to look, very eye catching and perfect for any girly girls (if that makes sense). I noticed after taking off the outer packaging, that they were quite tough to pull apart because they are heavily stuck together with glue. The inside was also sealed to prevent any spillage which is good, but again I found the seal was kind of fiddly and hard to remove because it didn’t seem to have a pull tab to grip on to.


After eventually being able to remove the seal, straight away unfortunatly I noticed how watery this Body Scrub was which was a bit disappointing, by watery I mean there was a small pool of water above the actual product. The Body Scrub’s texture is like a sort of gel but very very watery, I noticed the scent was very nice, not too over powering. The texture wasn’t too great,  very watery and it felt and looked quite a lot like hair gel which to be honest was not too impressive for a body scrub, infact the whole feel of it was just not very pleasant at all. Upon applying this Body Scrub to my skin, instantly I noticed that whatever scent was there…was now gone and I couldn’t smell anything.
Another thing I also noticed was that it didn’t foam up at all and still stayed in a gel like state on the skin, which was also disappointing. In my own personal opinion, it didn’t really do much for my skin and certainly didn’t feel like a Body Scrub at all, it just felt more like a watery gel that didn’t even feel, smell or even look like a soap product. Although this didn’t seem very good for me, I would say it would be perfect as a gift for any little girls that love quirky bath luxuries.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

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4 thoughts on “Swizzle’s Refreshers Body Scrub”

    1. Yes I was pretty happy to find them, so yeah I was a bit disappointed. They would be lovely as gifts for any young little ladies. Thank you for your comment. X


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