Favourite Five Friday


Hey Friends!

Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning in such a great mood & Blog Idea’s just POP! into your head?.  It doesn’t happen to me very often, in fact it is rare & I’m usually the total opposite and  I’m always on the look for Inspiration to give me idea’s for my next Blog, which to be honest I actually hate. I would love to just be able to have idea’s come at ME! 

Anyway I thought I would create a nice chatty post and include my Favourite Five Friday things because I’ve never really done this type of post before and well why not?.
So leading up to this week, I’ve had a MAJOR clean up in our house and rearranged a few pieces of furniture (I get bored of the same things very easily)! I’ve also cleaned my bedroom as best as I could, but not many people know just how tiny our house is!! The biggest room in our house is our kitchen and that’s why if you follow my daily Snapchat Vlogs you will know I Vlog in that room when I’m at home the most haha!. It is ridiculous how tiny our home is, I would really love to be able to find a bigger house but unfortunately we rent and where we live, houses very rarely become available because we have the countryside literally on our doorstep and plus the area is so nice…It took us arout 10 years just to find and get here in this home in the first place!!

For the past few weeks now as some may know I’ve been trying to sort out my hair because I had Black hair and I’m now bored of it (typical me) so I’m now wanting to go platinum blonde and then be able to use temporary wash in wash out dyes to add streaks of vibrant colours into it whenever I like. So going through this process, so far up to now I’ve used Colour B4 from Superdrug and 3x Blonde Highlighter kits. Before last night my hair was a copper red/brown colour, after using the 3rd blonde highlighter last night my hair is now a yellow AND orange colour. Unfortunately I don’t trust any hairdressers so getting my hair done properly is not really an option for me. Two things I won’t be doing again is dying my hair black and using any XXL Live hair dyes. It has been an experience that is for sure and looking back now I actually wish I had written notes on this with photos to be able to BLOG about my experience. Anyway my plan is to now add 2 more blonde hightlighters which should take it lighter and a platinum blonde toner that I’ve seen at Superdrug and tht SHOULD get my hair to my desired shade (fingers crossed). So apart from all of that, all I’ve really done is normal life stuff like shopping and paying bills (what joy)! Haha!

Anyway we are now on to Friday and it is my favourite day of the week as I’m sure it is with most people, so after my little chat, updating you on my past weeks antics (haha)! Here is my


  1. School runs – I won’t lie! As much as I love being a mum (best thing ever)! I hate school runs, because of my Social Anxiety and past bad experiences with people I am just not a people person at all. I won’t sugar coat anything because that just isn’t me! I just hate the whole standing in the playground listening to people gossip and female dog…(I won’t swear in my blogs, sorry yet again just me) haha! But yes it drives me crazy and I find it very hard to bite my tongue with certain things that bug me. So Friday’s, in particular Friday afternoon’s are my favourite.
  2. Drinking – Ok who doesn’t love to be able to either go out or stay in with family or friends having a good catch up over drinks?. It’s the main reason I love and look forward to Friday’s the most. I’m not actually a big drinker and I actually spent many months if not a year without hardly drinking at all, I mean literally like 1 glass of wine or a glass of Bacardi & Pepsi within a whole week or even 2 weeks sometimes. Last weekend was really when we had our first proper good weekend in a LONGTIME! So yes I’m really happy it’s Friday again and another weekend of drinking and catch up’s with family hopefully.
  3. Cleaning – Either leading up to Friday or on Friday I try to get as much cleaning done as I can because I love to just spend the weekends relaxing or just having fun with the family because sometimes you just need that break from the norm! (as they say). Sometimes it doesn’t always work out though…being a CLEAN FREAK, I always find myself still doing the odd bits here and there through out the weekend, just not as much as I do during the week.
  4. Outdoors – If you have read my previous Photography Blogs you will know there is nothing I love more than having a great weekend (by great I mean the weather) to be able to get outside and go for our usual hikes that we go on, mainly in Spring, Summer and Autumn because my body HATES the cold (that’s another story). I love getting out with my family for long walks along our local canal or any kind of events, with my camera (on my phone) and getting some lovely shots of my family out in the great outdoors, wildlife and scenery, basically just anything that catches my eye. So every Friday I check the weather reports for the weekend in hoping that we are going to have a great weekend and be able to actually get out. Now it’s coming back into Spring, I’m checking the weather again…in hope we can get out. Don’t you just love good olde british weather haha!.
  5. Enjoying Friday! – As much as my children ARE my WORLD and I love them more than ANYTHING and as much as I hate admitting it because it must sound awful to other’s, especially people who are not a parent themselves. I love just being able to enjoy 1 last day of a quiet house before a weekend of mayhem, antics. Like I said before I don’t sugar coat anything and I’m not the type of person to tell you how PERFECT my life is, because let’s be honest…What is PERFECT?  Like any normal family, we have stressful times, our kids constantly argue & our home is never quiet at the weekends or in the school holidays. Funnily enough I actually look forward to the holidays more, especially the big 6/7 weeks holidays which is kind of weird….I think that’s mainly because we can plan more fun things to do like going away or just going to the coast for the day, we love it. Anyway I’m sure any parents will understand this 1 haha!


So that is my favourite five things I love about Friday’s!
Do you have a favourite day of the week and why is it your favourite?
I would love to know yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

All comments, likes and feedback as always are appreciated.

Happy Friday!

Much luv.



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