10 SnapChatters You Should Be Adding

SnapChat – Millions of people use it everyday to chat, daily vlog, promote their content & social media, even have fun playing with the funny face effects that come with SnapChat and change on a daily basis. Like a lot of Social Media, SnapChat has taken the world by storm, even celebrities, brands and businesses are loving it. It has become so big that you can now watch vlogs from around the world on certain events, clips from the latest match or ball game and even something as big as the Oscars can be watched on their now.

When I started Blogging, I also started my own YouTube Channel. Making videos on Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion just like my blog. Unfortunately I only created 3 before I realised that editing with a phone, just wasn’t that easy for me…someone with little knowledge about editing videos. So I made the decision to stop until I could buy myself a Laptop. So when I heard about SnapChat I knew it would be great to use for my daily Vlogs. Personally for me, I love Snapchat. It has helped me so much with my confidence on video and just learning to have fun with it rather than being so serious, which I realised I was doing on my channel. I would now recommend anyone who is wanting to start a YouTube channel, to try SnapChat first before diving in because it just gives you that confidence first before throwing yourself into the deep end so to speak.

Blogging has helped me to find and get to know some amazing people and so far to say that I would love to meet a lot of them for a meet up over coffee. Snapchat has become great for many others like myself for daily vlogging, promoting their sites & just chatting to other bloggers. So many I love watching on Snapchat that just bring laughter and just generally make my day happier. So in my blog post I thought I would share with you the 10 people I watch and enjoy the most on a daily basis and I think you will also love and I recommend you to add them for yourself.

  1. Aisling Keenan – SnapChat: aislingmkeenan | Irish Deputy Beauty Editor at Xposemag, She’s very funny in her Snaps and talks about daily life and anything beauty related. She has a great sense of humour that I guarantee will brighten your day watching her.
  2. Beauty By Nichole – SnapChat: colliiiee | Irish Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. Nichole Snaps about her daily life in everyday vlogs and is very funny. She is also a very talented Makeup artist and to see her work, I highly recommend that you find her on Instagram to see just how talented she is.
  3. Gill A.K.A EyelinerFlicks – SnapChat: eyeliner-flicks | Irish Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. A Rockchic at heart with a love for dogs, Metal & Disney. Gill’s Snaps are full of her life with laughs, her hauls with the odd hair dying story thrown in for good measure. She is such a pleasure to watch on SnapChat because she is very funny and always makes me laugh and in no weird way at all…I love her hair dying stories haha!
  4. Helen A.K.A thelovecatsinc – SnapChat: thelovecatsinc | Style & Beauty Blogger from the NorthEast UK who has a passion for Fashion, Beauty and anything recipe related, Helen’s daily Snaps are brilliant to watch, She Snaps daily about her OOTD, hauls and lots of recipes which I love and anyone who loves to cook would. She makes amazing desserts that will leave you wanting her to deliver them to you Haha!
  5. Hayley A.K.A itsjustmehayleyd – SnapChat: itsjustmehdh | Mummy to be & with a passion for Beauty, Hayley’s Snaps are brilliant! She Snaps about her daily life, hauls and recently all about her love for her unborn baby due soon and her preparation for her new bundle of joy. She is such a lovely friendly funny person who always makes me smile.
  6. Jane Jones – SnapChat: janejonesjj | Jane I added recently from watching her on Periscope after an invite to watch her scope from another person I talk to on Twitter & SnapChat and I’m really happy that I added her. Her Snaps are hilariously funny to watch, so far I’ve seen her show an example of trying to vlog while having children around which was my favourite thing to watch of hers and made me laugh so much because I have children myself, it was just a perfect example of true mum struggles in a vlogging/blogging world. Her loves are testing out apps for review on her YouTube channel, SnapChat and chatting on Periscope. I highly recommend you add Jane if you love watching people who are really funny because she is indeed hilarious and has a brilliant sense of humour and she just makes me laugh so much watching all her Snaps.
  7. Jemma A.K.A Jemma DorkFace – SnapChat: jemmamorgan | I’m sure so many of you will already know Jemma (A.K.A The Queen of GIF’s) because she is widely known on Twitter for creating #TheGirlGang which is a massive group for many bloggers which is now joined by thousands of bloggers all over the Twitter world. She is also an extremely talented designer, illustrator and such an amazing blogger. She is always spreading kindness and gives a lot of bloggers such great support in their blogging journey. Her Snaps are hilarious to say the least, she is extremely funny and just an all round fantastic person to get to know. She Snaps basically all about her life, behind the scenes of her talent, her work and her massive busy work schedule with a lot of hilarious moments in between. You will also find Jemma doing the odd periscope which she also shows you a behind the scenes look at what she does and how she plans her days out, as well as in her tutorial blogs. I highly recommend Jemma to add on SnapChat because shes just a fantastic friend to so many including myself and it’s such a great pleasure to get to know her more everyday.
  8. Lily Pebbles – SnapChat: lilypebbles | A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle London Blogger. Lily’s Snaps are all about her daily life, daily travels and to any events, hauls and her love for cooking. She is brilliant on SnapChat and really funny to watch. She promotes her YouTube Channel and her blogs. You should go check out her Channel, her vlogs and tutorials are fab.
  9. Nishi V – SnapChat: nishi.v | A Beauty Blogger and YouTuber. Nishi is such a great person I can happily call a friend and I would love to meet her 1 day, she has such an amazing, funny sense of humour, so down to earth and very friendly. I love chatting to her often on SnapChat and on Twitter. She puts me into a fit of giggles most of the time I watch her daily Snaps. She vlogs her daily life, daily travels and promotes her blog and YouTube chanel. If you are not following Nishi and haven’t subscribed to her channel yet, you really should! She creates many makeup tutorials that are so easy to create yourself and takes you through them step by step, she is just brilliant and definitely deserves a lot more viewers than she has now. Out of all the amazing people I have come across and got to know, Nishi is definitely the 1 person I feel closest to because she’s just so lovely and a pleasure to know and watch her everyday (in a non stalkish way). Haha! If you are not following Nishi, then please do go follow her and subscribe to her channel because she really does deserve so many more people following her on her channel.
  10. Sunny Lenarduzzi – SnapChat: sunnylenarduzzi | The Social Broadcaster. On Sunny’s Snaps, she shows you her daily life and chats to you about how you can monetize your message across your social media. She also has a youtube channel that you should follow if you are wanting all kinds of tips and help on growing your audience and much more. She has endless tutorials on her channel which she also promotes and talks about in her Snaps. She is very talented in what she does and I for 1 have learnt a lot from Sunny’s skills that she likes to teach to others to help you grow in social media. If you are wanting all this information to help you in social media then I definitely highly recommend you add Sunny and also find her on YouTube for more detailed tutorials. Aside from all this she also vlogs her daily life on her Snaps and is so lovely and funny to watch. It’s great to see what she gets up to when she is not always busy promoting and helping people.


I hope you found this blog handy and find some new people here to add if you haven’t come across them already then please go check them all out because they are all amazing in their own way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Please feel free to add any recommendations of your own in the comments below, it’s nice to share and promote other people to others and what you love about them.

You can find me on SnapChat here:


All Comments, Likes and Feedback as always are appreciated.

Much luv.




8 thoughts on “10 SnapChatters You Should Be Adding”

    1. Yeah I am the same…even now I get so nervous but it will get better I know. Snapchat is how I started and it does make your confidence grow. I don’t think I would have ever got filming back on my channel if I didn’t use that to practice with first. I’m so happy I did as it has really helped boost my confidence to be able to film on my channel again Xx


    1. Hi, thanks for adding me. I will be back Vlogging on Snapchat next week, I’ve had a few issues with my phone so I can’t get on my Snapchat until then. X


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