My February Favourites

A bit of a late Blog post but I thought I would write it anyway! So many items I’ve received this month that I’ve really loved using the most through out February, but I have had to downsize my monthly faves to just these few items or this blog would have gone on forever and nobody has got time for that! HaHa! Enjoy!


My first and what I’ve been loving the most of course is my LYDC LONDON bag to which I’ve written a blog review about, so if you haven’t read it yet, you can read my blog Here I was very happy when I received this bag, it has been literally everywhere with me and I’ve had so many lovely compliments about it.


Real Techniques Brushes

Even though my husband bought me these brushes for Christmas from Superdrug, I had to put them in my favourites again because I use these brushes almost every time I apply my make up and I’m loving them and the whole quality of them. They are amazing brushes, so soft yet very strong, I never lose any of the bristles out of them and they are still in perfect condition just as they were when I bought them…well when they are clean they are! I can definitely say I’ve been using these a lot in February. You can visit the Real Techniques online Here

wp-1452543386648.jpg I’m really happy to be able to add these Freeman Beauty Skincare products again in my favourites, even though I use them a lot, I’m quite shocked they still haven’t yet run out. But the bottles are all full size and you do only need a tiny amount of each product per use. I’m still loving these very much and they have done wonders for my skin, I love them all but my favourite out of them all is still the HoneyDew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask. The sleeping mask is just amazing and I absolutely love the smell, I find myself using this more when I can’t sleep very well at night, because of the beautiful scent from this sleeping face mask, it really does help to relax me and also helps me drift off to sleep when I’m finding it so hard. You can read my full blog review of these Freeman Beauty Uk skincare products Here


Apatchy London

Another item that I’m proud to add into to my February favourites is my Apatchy cosmetics case, I mean who wouldn’t add this into their favourites?. It is just so damn gorgeous! I’ve never had a big love for pink up until I received this in a competition I won, since then I have loved anything & everything pink. I just love this so much, I love the design, the glitter because who doesn’t love a bit of glittery goodness in their life? And let’s be honest a woman can never have too many cosmetic bags!  Check out my full Apatchy London Blog review Here



Rimmel London

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you will know I have been a massive fan  of Rimmel beauty products forever and I probably will still love them for many more years to come, so no surprise that some Rimmel products are in my favourites every month. Rimmel lasting 25hr foundation is the best foundation I’ve used and still use every single day. It just gives me the perfect all over coverage and stays put all day and into the next day too (Yes sometimes I do forget to take off my makeup cringe) haha!  One thing I will say is that, this foundation has never caused me to breakout in spots or caused my skin any irritation, which I also love about Rimmel and why they will always be my number 1 favourite make up brand and I’m pretty sure always will be. Another firm favourite of mine is the Kate Moss Lipsticks in the red shades. I’ve always been very self conscious when it comes to change or trying something new and most of my life I have always worn dark lipsticks, so going to a bright a red lipstick was very scary. These are the first red lipsticks I had tried and absolutely loved and still do. I wear them a lot, especially going out on a night or for a meal. If you have never tried these lipsticks yet and like me you are a bit hesitant about going for that full on lush red colour, I highly recommend these lipsticks because they changed my perception about experimenting with different shades & going brighter and I now love them. Most of Rimmel’s products can be found at most Superdrug stores or Here online.

HeavenSkincare Dream Oil Serum

Quite a while ago I came across Deborah with her amazing brand Heavenskincare and to be honest I am so glad I did because her brand of skincare products are truly stunning! I was very happy when I got to try the first beautiful product from her range which was the Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel which you can read in my blog post Here And then recently I was very kindly offered to try this stunning product by HeavenSkincare too. This gorgeous Dream Oil Serum is amazing, I instantly loved it & I’m still loving it. I use it daily in my skincare routine. You can read my full blog review Here HeavenSkincare I highly recommend anyone to try because I know you will love their products as much as I do because they are so beautiful and really do wonders for your skin. If you’re wanting to find out how great they are, then you will just have to read my blogs to find out.


Spaah! Face Mask

Only blogged about this face mask today, but it is in my February favourites because I have been using this quite a lot and I love it. I won it in a competition with a big thanks to Alisha who ran the competition and you can visit her Twitter page Here and go check out her Blogs via the link on her Twitter page too because she is a fantastic Blogger and I love reading her blogs when I get the chance. For the full Blog review on this Face Mask you can find it Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my February Favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

What has been in your favourites lately?

Which products have you been loving and recommending recently?

All Comments, Feedback and Likes are always appreciated.

Much luv.





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