I Won A Spaah! Facemask


Quite a while ago I entered a competition ran by the lovely Alisha Valerie and I won this really nice Spaah! Face mask, so I was very excited to try it because I’ve never tried this before. The day it was delivered I just had to try it that night. I love the packaging with the vintage style look and the name is quite unique. When delivered it also came with a lovely handwritten letter by Alisha on some very pretty paper, which I have kept and will be adding it to my blogger’s board (another blog about that soon).


Applying the face mask I was quite surprised at how thin and clear it was, it didn’t look thick like most face masks and it was quite thin. Even though the product came out a white colour, once applied and I began to smooth around my face, it became quite clear and colourless which I thought was great. I know some people can be quite self conscious when it comes to face masks, so this is a handy alternative. I loved the feel of this face mask on my skin, it was cold but soothing and made my skin feel pretty good wearing it. The scent was quite subtle and not too strong, just nice. After wearing the mask for 5-10 minutes I washed it off with warm water and was really happy with how super soft and hydrated it had left the skin on my face. It is a face mask I would buy again if I saw it in the shops or online because unfortunately the company that made it, no longer stock this face mask which is a shame because it is really nice. Since first trying the facemask I have continued to use it and I’m still enjoying using it, alternating between my many other face masks I’m still using.

Feel free to check out Alisha Valerie’s Blog Here

Thanks for reading my Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Which Face mask’s have you been loving?

Which Face mask’s are your favourite that you recommend?

All Likes, Comments and any Feedback are as always appreciated.

Much luv.




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