7 Instagram Recommendations

Instagram is one of my top favourite Social Media Sites to use on a daily basis and I think it is also the one I’ve been active on for the longest time. I have watched it grow massively over the years. At first I used it to showcase my Photography work, but since my Photography didn’t take off as well as I had hoped it would, I decided to change my path into the world of Blogging and put my Photography skills to a better use. One of my biggest passions has always been Photography and editing, now I’ve discovered blogging..this has also now become my third biggest passion in my life and I’m loving it.

Since becoming a blogger my confidence has grown massively, I still have a long way to go in regards to my confidence…but slowly it is getting better by the day. The amazing thing about blogging is the ability to find and get to know some amazing people, who will help and support you along your journey into the blogging world. I have become so stunned and overwhelmed by just how much people are willing to help & support you. How friendly people are in the blogging community, it is literally like one big family of people who are all supporting each other in their passions and their love of blogging.

I want to share with you some of the amazing people that I have come across & that have inspired me in one way or another, it has literally taken me a full day….yes one full day to choose certain people to put in my blog and it has not been easy at all!!

I have so many people that I chat to and interact with on a daily basis, I wish I could mention all of them, but my blog would go on forever.

So for those people that I haven’t mentioned here in my blog, I do apologise, I wish I could fit you all in. Please, whoever is reading my blog today, go check out my Instagram Here and take a look at everyone who I follow because they are all fantastic in there own way in my eyes.


Tania Michele

I love Tania’s Instagram because it’s always full of fun, laughter and she’s very supportive towards other people including myself. She always leaves other people brilliant comments. Tania shares her blogs, her journey into the blogging world, her travels and what she sees on her journey, also a few little bits of her life in general and adds a few recommendations of other bloggers too. I just love her instagram and I hope one day…I could meet up with her at a blogger’s event or even for a coffee & a good catch up.



Nishi’s instagram is so lovely, I love all the photo’s she shares from make up to her recommendations and her travels too. To me…Nishi makes me laugh no end, she has such an amazing, bubbly personality that you just cannot miss. On any of her social media sites she runs including her instagram, her lovely personality just comes out in everything she posts. She is such a pleasure to know and I hope to meet her one day.



The first thing that I noticed about Holly that instantly drew me to her…has to be her hair, I think her hair is stunning, the colour and style of her hair is amazing. Although I don’t think I’ve ever told her!. Haha! Since finding her Instagram, I have loved Holly’s photo’s. She posts all of her blogging journey, anything that catches her eye (and she really does have a good eye for Insta posts). Haha! Her travel photos are awesome too and with a few funny, general life pics thrown in the mix, it just makes her instagram look amazing. Holly has a really funny but down to earth sense of humour, she makes me laugh a lot! She’s lovely.



Amanda is a lifestyle and food blogger, although she blogs about other things like beauty etc too, her instagram is amazing because she has lots of recipe ideas, food ideas and a lot of fitness posts too. I love her passion for great healthy foods and fitness. Amanda is truely an inspiration to anyone who wants to get fit, healthy and also anyone who wants to find the right balance in foods. Her posts are fresh, shows her life and her fantastic personality. A definate instagram recommendation from me that I will myself continue to enjoy for a long time.



The one area I love the most in Photography is Black & White! It has always been my go to photos to do like forever. Over the years, ive created a fair few myself and they just look amazing to me… like a piece of art. This is what I love about Charlie’s instagram lately, she has a good eye for photography and it shows in her posts, no matter what the photo is that she posts, it always looks good! Charlie has a great personality and this also shows in her instagram. One thing I also love about Charlie’s posts is that she posts a lot of home interior items and I think this is what she specialises in the most, she blogs about a lot of other things like fashion and beauty etc but her thing is definately homely things, which is a big inspiration to me because I love changing things in my home (I get bored quickly).



Since blogging it has made me find my girly side, which I never in a million years thought that I would ever class myself as girly before. And I’ve been loving experimenting with colours, designs and textures. Caitlin’s blog is just like that and more!. It is bright, cheerful, full of colour and her Photography skills are amazing. She has an eye for detail and this shows in a massive way, in all her great posts on Instagram. Recently she has started macro photography with her own Hastag called #mirrordoesmacro which I love because the photo’s you take show every little detail in your close up shots. What is also great about it is, like Caitlin you can put it to good use by using this to socialise and get networking with others through creating a kind of quiz in which people have to guess what the photo is that has been taken…such a clever idea!. Not only a clever idea but the photo’s look fantastic too. Caitlin also posts some gorgeous beauty blog photography, again with attention to detail, she shows you how to make your blog photography look amazing by the use of backgrounds and detailing that fits in well to make your photography look that little bit better. Her posts are just fantastic and she is an instagrammer I highly recommend you follow.




Jemma is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and she continues to make me smile &/or laugh every single day…no matter what mood I’m in. Not only is she the creator/founder of the bloggers group she originally started on Twitter #TheGirlGang  that has now grown in a massive way! But she also runs her own blog and works as a creative design illustrator, designing blog headers, website designs and much more as her self employed full time career. It amazes me how Jemma does so much….yes I have seen ALL her planners!. Haha! She has a planner for literally everything, she exhausts me to watch her explain it all in her very funny Periscope’s. To be absolutely honest when you look at Jemma’s Instagram….what isn’t their to love about it?. Her posts are bright, cheerful and the colours she uses in her posts are just gorgeous. She posts about her work, her blogs and her love for all things beauty related..including her lush hauls, in fact I think..if Jemma had her way she would buy the shops contents. Haha!

Her instagram is full of her amazing creative designs and I love seeing them all! She is one talented instagrammer that you definitely should be following!!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All Comments, Likes and Feedback are always appreciated.

Much luv



2 thoughts on “7 Instagram Recommendations”

    1. Thanks hun! I would’ve loved to fit more in my post as there are so many wonderful people including yourself too hun but my blog would have been huge 😂🙈 I’m so taken a back by how lovely everyone I’ve come across. I’m not used to talking to people who have been so nice and supportive before so it’s kind of overwhelming. Xx


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