Top Ten Tuesday


Everyday I love to be inspired or look for inspiration. Since becoming a blogger I’ve noticed just how much inspiration there is in the world, my eyes just needed to see it and notice it. It reminds me of what is important and what isn’t such a big deal. There is inspiration everywhere you look and even inspirational people among us, we are just so busy with daily life that we miss it. I have come to realise this and now I want to treasure every minute of any inspiration I find in my life and learn from it.

Here are my Top Ten Tuesday Favourites:

♡ 1. People

While out & about, have you ever just sat on the nearest bench and looked at people walking by? I mean just sit and really look, imagining what their life must be like behind closed doors, look at their body language and emotion as they walk by. These people are my inspiration!. When i sit and just relax and really look, it makes me realise that nothing is perfect and rosy, that every single person has a story to tell. Who would have thought that just people walking by you can be your inspiration & yet you don’t even know them!.

Try it for yourself for 10 mins out of your daily life, what’s 10 mins to gain some inspirational thoughts?.

♡ 2. Blogs

I love to spend a good hour at least on a morning with my morning coffee & breakfast just reading other people’s blogs. It gives me so much inspiration, not only to write Blogs myself but also when I read quite deep blogs, it makes me realise again about life and just how hard life can be. Yes I have my own daily struggles, but so do others and sometimes it is very hard to read some blogs without getting a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. But this gives me inspiration into thinking I can write these sort of posts myself about my struggles and maybe help somebody else with a bit of inspiration too. Writing about myself and my daily struggles is one of the hardest things to do and I find it so hard to do, it is a struggle all on it’s own. But seeing other people’s blogs really helps me and inspires me so much.

Reading blogs is definately in my top favourites of things to do.

♡ 3. Books

I love reading, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down in a quiet place with a really good book. I used to read a lot but over the past couple of years it has become less. Books fascinate me so much, there’s so much inspiration in books through many different categories from Real life to fiction and even auto-biographies have the ability to inspire. It is so easy to just get lost in a book & find that inspiration you need, to look at life from a different perspective or just to see what life can be really like, sometimes we need to realise how lucky we should feel no matter what.

♡ 4. Walking

As a family, my family have always loved hiking/walking long distances along canal waterways and many moorlands etc. There’s nothing better than being out and about, away from noise and traffic pollution and just viewing the world from different angles. The views we are surrounded by near my home are out of this world and are just simply breathtaking. It gives me so much inspiration, just seeing the world from high up or seeing wildlife, nature and the beauty that surrounds us. A long walk in quiet surroundings really does help your brain to get into gear because when you are constantly seeing the views and what is around you on your walk, it really helps you to think and see things from a different light.

♡ 5. Magazines

I love to buy and read magazines like fashion, beauty or even home style magazines. They all bring some sort of inspiration, it gives you inspiration to help you write your next blog or create that look book you have been struggling to put together. There is so many different magazines for almost every subject and hobby out there, it’s hard not to find some sort of inspiration somewhere. Magazines don’t have to cost a lot of money either, I love a good rummage in charity shops as many may know and their is nothing better than finding a bargain and saving yourself some money that could be put to good use. So many ideas for blogs or a project you maybe interested in, you are sure to find something to inspire you in any magazine.



♡ 6. Shopping

Yes the one thing that most of us, especially us women love to do is shop and believe it or not there is inspiration everywhere!. It is a brilliant idea to just walk around shops to find that next blog you want to write. With so many stores stocking lots of fashion, beauty and homeware items, the inspirations you can gain are endless and it gives us a good excuse to go browsing round shops!

♡ 7. Web Browsing

With the World Wide Web at our fingertips, it is undoubtedly a massive way of finding inspiration easy. So many social sites that are constantly sharing ideas, tips and help to increase ways of finding resources that will aim us in the right direction of thought. Then you have Google which is huge by itself!. Finding something to inspire us online everyday is extremely easy and all you need to do is look.

♡ 8. Applications

With so many apps on Android & ios there is no reason not to find something to inspire. Online book apps like kindle can provide inspiration, blog websites. Social sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are also great ways. Pinterest is my most favourite social site to find things that inspire me all the time, with so many people constantly sharing posts on Pinterest, it is very easy to find things that help our minds work, as well as give us inspiration to begin a new hobby that could lead us to bigger things later in life. The options are endless when it comes to online searching through great apps that are mostly all free for us to use.

♡ 9. Television & Movie’s

Another fantastic way to find things that helps our brains perform well and get us thinking are the many TV programmes that are available to view, like drama, documentaries and even real life TV like reality shows even gives us some form of inspiration as we look into the world of others. It is all a form of inspiration, one way or another to be used in many different ways. Movies are also inspirational, to maybe write Blogs on out favourites or the recommended movie blogs and even seasonal movies like Christmas and halloween are all ways of using the content to write a new Blog or to make us feel a certain way with emotions.

♡ 10. Holidays

Taking a trip somewhere new and out of our comfort zone, out and away from daily life & experiencing different cultures or way of life is truely inspiring. Trying something new & being in a different country, place or amazing looking surroundings can all be a way of giving us thoughts and feelings that can be written down in a journal or write in a blog. Even if you cannot travel too far, just a different area of the world no matter how far or how near can be just as great and give us the same feelings. There is literally so much out there to explore, to set our minds free and to make us think of different ways of life. The world is literally out there to be explored no matter where you end up. The limits are endless with how much inspiration is out there waiting to be found.


What gives you inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration the most?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, feedback and likes are always appreciated.

Much luv.




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