12 Apps I Use For Blogging

Not an app but I use my calender for blogging notes.

With so many Applications at your fingertips, it is so easy to literally do anything without leaving your home.

Is this the way our lives are heading?

The list of applications you can download to help you along in life is now endless. Since becoming a blogger, I’ve discovered so many new apps that I didn’t know about before, that have also helped with my blogging in a big way!.

Not only do I love testing out new beauty products, new makeup, new clothes, new shoes, new bags….ok that list is endless too!. Haha!. But anyway I also love testing out any new apps that are trending around, may it be a new game… (Yes I’m a Gamer… #sorrynotsorry). A new shopping app to phone window shop in and my favourite which are photography editing apps, I just love trying out any new apps I hear about.

So even though I’ve cut my list down a bit, so my blog wasn’t too long, here are my 12….yes 12 apps I use on a daily basis.



Colour Touch

This application I’ve had a very long time & I’ve always used it to edit certain photos. The app starts by asking you to upload a photo from your gallery or album, when your photo appears, it is in black & white. It then allows you to edit your photo to only put colour back into your photo…wherever you want the colour. You can zoom in & add the original colour where you want it & choose which to leave black and white. It also gives you the option of different brush sizes to make it easier, so that your less likely to make a mistake & an eraser is included for any mistakes you do make to your photo. All editing can be undone and it doesn’t ruin your original photo. When you have the desired look, you can save it separately and your original will still be okay. I really highly recommend this application if you love photo editing & photo effects. The end result can look amazing.


Another application I have been using for quite some time now and I love it. It is basically a photo editing app. You can create many effects like photo effects built in on the app or you can manually edit your photos yourself using brightness, contrast etc. Aviary also has many other options like frames, blur, strengthening a photo and so much more to make your photos look so much better. Another application that I highly recommend trying.


This is a fantastic application to create any old/new memories you want to put together from photos, building like a collage style flip book. A collection of photos from the past or more recent that you can put together, add a bit of your chosen music and even include a title, to then share to family or friends in many different ways. You can share it online through social media, in a private message, text or even email it someone far away. It is such a fantastic app that basically creates a flip book full of memories to keep or share. It is also great to use for blogging like, an Instagram look book or a quick makeup tutorial style flip book of photos, the many ways you can use Flipagram is endless.

No Crop Video

This is a really good app for Instagrammers. You can create video’s for instagram without cutting out any of your footage size. With some that you try to upload to Instagram, it may cut out a bit of your head if you’re doing a quick eyeshadow look…for example and it basically ruins your video that you spent hardwork creating. This application stops that from happening & it also creates really good quality video too, if you feel that your phone doesn’t have that good quality…when making video’s, this application will make it also look better. Such a clever handy app for blogger’s

No Crop

Again another brilliant application for any avid instagrammers. Same as the video app above but only for photos. It allows any photos you want to share on Instagram to stay the size the photo is without cropping anything out. Also comes with built-in photo editing, frames and basically allows you to edit your photo to however you want it, with the effects & tools provided. Another brilliant app for any blogger’s &/or Instagram users.

Pic Collage

I’ve had this application a couple of years now & I love using it. You can create quotes, messages etc with the built-in text you can add, with a mixed choice of fonts included. You can also create a photo collage and also edit any photos, you can add stickers, backgrounds, photos or pictures from the Internet without leaving the app. The list of things you can use this application for are unbelievably endless. There is just so much you can do, it is a fantastic application for anyone including blogger’s. Another application that I highly recommend.


Another application for instagram. This is a clever app that I have used many times. It allows you to create a collage of photos or just any amount of photos you choose to use. What I do love about it, is that you can create mirror effect selfies and even turn one or more of your photos upside down if you choose to have that effect, an effect that I have seen in many selfies on Instagram & really do look effective. There is also the option to have different shaped frames added to your photos, which is a good effect. A brilliant handy application to have.


Handy Blogging Apps


This is a fantastic application that I love to use regularly. Being a blogger, I like to keep track of my social media growth on social sites I use. This is a brilliant for exactly that, you can check your unfollowers, followers, inactive users and follows you back for the social sites Twitter and Instagram. You can also schedule posts, send out automatic direct messages through your messages from Crowdfire. An absolutley fantastic app for growing as a blogger on social media.

If you want to grow as a blogger and getting out messages to send your links to people or even just a welcome message to your new followers to show your appreciation whenever you are busy, then this is an app I highly recommend to you.


This is a great application for scheduled posts to Twitter, Facebook plus other social sites. If you have a lot of things to do or you just want to get on with a new Blog or you have things to do at home, but you still want to get your links to your blogs & other social sites out there to share, then this is a great app to use. Even if you just want to stay active on social media when your busy on a day to day basis doing other things like cleaning or your out shopping, this can help you achieve that in such an easy way. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule photo posts on any or all of your social media. Like Crowdfire you can also schedule messages to be posted at a time of your choice.

This app is brilliant to keep your audience always interested in all of your posts, links and all of your activity you put out there to be shared for others to see, like and leave you comments on. Highly recommend if you’re an avid blogger.

One Note By Microsoft

This app is basically your diary & notepad rolled into one. I love using this application on a daily basis or some days I use it more often. It is great for writing down blog ideas, dates, links you want to keep. Pretty much anything gets you want to write down and keep, you can use this application for it. It has the choice of fonts, bold, italics and you can even set each page to a chosen colour. Photos can be also added if required, audio if you want to keep a memorable to remind yourself about anything and you also can choose to have To-do lists too if you need them. It is a very handy app to keep on your phone and/or tablet.. (I have it on both) Haha!.

It is just a brilliant app to carry with you everywhere and be able to access anywhere if your not keen on carrying diaries and/or notebooks around with you on your travels.

One Note Badge

This comes built-in to your One Note app but it is brilliant because it hovers on your screen ready for you to take any quick notes. With One Note you have to make a new page title etc, but what this little added extra does is… it allows you to just write a little note down as soon as you open it. If something just pops into your head like a great idea or something you remembered for your shopping list you created etc, you just open it, write it down and close it and that’s it!. Anything you write down, it saves itself so need for any fuss, it’s such a convenient, handy little extra that comes with One Note. A very clever application that I love using myself.



Two little extras that are already built-in on my phone & tablet but I had to throw in here.

Kindle App

When all my posts are scheduled & I’ve caught up with everything I’ve done at home or with my daily tasks I’ve needed to do, there’s nothing I love better than to take a bit of me time, to read a good book. Kindle is brilliant for downloading books to read. Some you have to buy but many don’t cost that much at all, I look for mostly free books and there are more free ones on Kindle than people think and some of them are really good reads. Kindle is such a great app to own for people who love to read, I highly recommend it.

Music Player

Anyone that knows me well, will know how much I am obsessed with music, it literally goes everywhere with me and there is not a day that goes by that I am not listening  to music at some point throughout the day, even when I’m out and about, I will have earphones in my pocket ready to use or in my ears already and sometimes my headphones around my neck if I choose to use those that particular day. When I’m home cleaning, before I start…the music goes on, usually pretty loud, I don’t really listen to music low…it’s just not me. I think I was just born with music in my blood because it runs quite high in my whole family. Haha!. My music player is also great to use when I’m blogging, it really helps me to focus and think about what I’m wanting to write and really helps me think of new Blog ideas too. I think the only time I’m not listening to some sort of music is when I’m either sleeping, watching a movie or watching Vloggers on YouTube every night.

What are your favourite apps that you use a lot?

Thanks so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.




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    1. No not at all, not everything is easily found which is a reason why Iove these sort of blog posts myself. They are so helpful for other bloggers to find the information needed to help in better ways in the blogging world. X


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