January Favourites


January has been quite big for me, with so many favourites I could have put into this blog, but if I did…this blog would have gone on forever!. So I’ve decided to write about just a few beauty items I’ve been loving & because January has been such a cold month so far, I thought I would throw in a couple of winter items i wear regularly when out & about too. So here goes!.

For Christmas from my husband I received a beautiful Ugg white scarf & I love it!. It is thick, very soft and traps the heat in so well. Last year in the sales I bought this multi coloured snood type scarf, I love the colours & even though it is not very thick material, it wraps around my neck twice because it so long, so it really does keep my neck warm. I’m not a big hat wearer & I don’t own that many hats, but the type of hats I do love are oversized beanies & trilby style hats. This black knitted oversized beanie (shown in the pic above) I wear a lot because I love it so much, it is thick & really oversized, so it covers my ears & still hangs at the back. It’s great for keeping me warm…no matter how cold it is.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.

This has been my go to foundation for quite a while now & I love it, it has great coverage & lasts perfectly all day. I love that it is not thick and doesn’t make my face look oily and it also covers up any blemishes so well. Definately going to be the only foundation I will use for a longtime yet.

*Sunkissed Bronzer and Contour Set.

I’ve had this gorgeous set for quite a while now and I’ve loved it everytime I use it, it is the 1 set I reach for the most when it comes to doing my contour or if I just want a nice bronzed glow look on my face. I just love this set. I was so happy when I was very kindly offered to try this by Sunkissed because I had my eyes on this set for a while, I mean it is just so pretty. I love how it has been designed with the sun shape being the contour and the bronzer part has the beautiful little stars detail, it is just lovely to look at, I remember when it first arrived, I just didn’t want to touch it!. Haha!. It has actually surprised me how long I’ve had it because it doesn’t even look like any has been used at all and I do use it a lot. I’m very impressed with it and I would highly recommend it to anyone!.


Real Techniques Clutch & Brush Set.

Another Christmas gift from my husband was this brush set. I’ve been wanting some real techniques brushes for a while now, so I was very excited when I got these. I love the colour of these and was very happy when they came with a clutch to keep them in. The clutch is in a gorgeous silver colour. These brushes are incredibly soft & I just love using them. Now I have them, I want more of the brushes from Real Techniques.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Pallette.

I’ve recently become a big fan of this brand & I love all the beauty products they do, this eyeshadow Pallette is no exception. I have been using this almost everyday in January, it has really pretty shimmer shades & one of them which I’ve used the most is sadly almost used up. These apply really well & stay put all day, it is definately an eyeshadow pallette I will be repurchasing when it has all gone.

Technic Eyeshadow Pallette.

These two pallettes I actually found in my local chemist, but I’ve had a few beauty products from Technic now and they are surprisingly very good. All their products are only very cheap at around £1 – £5 so you would think they wouldn’t be very good quality, but they really are!. I love the shades in these Pallettes, they are really pretty and apply so well too. The colours don’t last all day but I would say they lasted a good half a day, which for a cheaper beauty item is pretty good. I have been using Technic makeup for a while now and I know I will continue to use their brand.

Sunkissed Contour, Blusher & Highlighter compact set.

This set is so pretty, I love how small and compact it is and yet with so much product packed in to them. The highlighter I use a lot, it has been my go to highlighter everytime. The highlighter gives off a beautiful sheer glow and I’ve had many people comment on it, asking me what highlighter I use, so with that alone shows how great it is. The Blush I’ve not used that much, but that’s because I’m just not a big fan of blush. The Blush does look very nice on & gives you a lovely rose tinted shade, I just don’t use blusher that much. The contour I love & it looks the same contour I have in my big sunkissed pallette. I love the mirror too, so easy to use when on an evening out. Sunkissed is definately in my favourite brands to use, I love a lot of their beauty products that I’ve tried so far.

You can find all the Sunkissed products Here

Rimmel Kate Moss Red Lipstick.

I love these lipsticks by Rimmel that Kat Moss created, the red colour is so full on and very pretty. I’ve always been a fan of red lipsticks and I’ve used a lot of red lipsticks over the years but these ones by Rimmel are definitely my most favourite yet. I currently have two shades of red and I love them both. These are the lipsticks I can guarantee I will wear the most anytime I go out on an evening. The great thing I love about them is that once applied, they make your lips look fuller & just give you that gorgeous vibrant red look and it does stay put all night. Another beauty item that will always be in amongst my makeup items.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex Mascara.

I’ve been loving this Mascara & even though I own a few mascaras, this is the one I’ve been grabbing the most this month. I’m not a big fan of long thing brush heads on mascaras, I find them harder  to apply for some reason & I always end up with mascara everywhere!. I love this mascara because not only does it have a short but thick & fuller brush head, it also applies perfectly with no mess. Once applied this mascara leaves my lashes looking so long & doesn’t clump or clog my eyelashes together which I also love. This gives my eyelashes a great curl at the ends & still manages to look just as great on at the end of the day/night. Definately a repurchase for me.

Body Collection Lipstick – Shade Pink Mist.

During the day when I know I’m going out & about to do my daily tasks, I love to wear makeup but I don’t like wearing anything too heavy or full on. Nude or very light lipsticks are the beauty items i wear for during the day. These body collection lipsticks are really pretty & I have this one and a Nude Beige Lipstick too. The downside to these cheaper branded lipsticks is that you do have to reapply them, but I love the colours so reapplying doesn’t bother me at all. These have lasted pretty well because I’ve had them almost a year now and I’m still going to get a lot of use out of them, which I think is pretty good going for a cheaper lipstick.

The Colour Experts Blush Spice Island.

I love this blusher pallette because it has different shades of blush to choose from and the lightest shade I’ve found works fantastic as a highlighter. Even though I don’t use blusher too much, these do look lovely on and this pallette is just really pretty. Not something I would repurchase because I don’t use it that much, but I do love using it when I feel I need a little more colour to my cheeks. A beautiful pallette for anyone who loves blush a little bit more than myself.

Nivea Pearly Shine Lipbalm.

I absolutely love this lipbalm so much, not only does it leave your lips super soft and really works on clearing up dry lips, but when applied it also leaves your lips with such a pretty sheer pink colour which I love!. This goes everywhere with me and I’m constantly using it when I’m not wearing any makeup or if my lipstick  wears off then this goes on. Im a big fan of Nivea products, so this is definately always going to be a repurchase for me.

Estee Lauder Red Lipstick & Estee Lauder Little Black Primer.

I recently won a competition on Twitter by beauty expert Dave Lackie in which I had won these two gorgeous items by Estee Lauder. I was really excited when I received these in the post all the way from Canada!. The red Lipstick is just such a stunning shade, very vibrant & I also really love the packaging with it’s magnetic lid, shiny gold colour on each end & the designer name written in black on the top end. The packaging is just very pretty to look at. 

The Estee Lauder Little Black Primer is something I’ve never heard of before. It is a Primer that works as a base that you apply before you apply your mascara or you can wear on its own as a mascara. It is not a beauty item I’ve ever come across before but I do love it. At first I was unsure about it, as it does have a long thin brush head, but it was surprisingly easy to use. Used as a Base it helps your lashes separate, look longer & become more curled on the ends, after using this I did see the difference it had made to my eyelashes & it is a really good beauty product. Definately something I would go out & buy.


Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo.

I think this eyecream is going to be in a lot of my monthly favourites because it is just amazing. I have this eyecream in 3 different shades because I just love it that much. It is easy to apply, it feels amazing on and really lasts all day. I love how they have a creamy texture & they give that very sheer sleek look when applied. The packaging is very cute too. Definately 1 I would repurchase & is always going to be in amongst my makeup items for a longtime.

I think I have a bit of an obsession with makeup bags, I love to find and buy new makeup bags to change when i get bored of the ones that I’m using…Yes I use more than 1 at a time. Haha!. I have a big white makeup bag that I use to carry my bronze & contour pallette, eyeshadow pallettes, my foundation, my face powder and my beauty blender, then my smaller gold Makeup Revolution bag which goes inside this bag holds my mascaras, concealer, lipsticks, eyeliners, Clinique moisturiser, lipbalms and my single eyeshadow pots. Then I have my newest purchase, my animal print brushes bag that holds some of my cheaper makeup brushes and of course my Real Techniques clutch with my real techniques brushes inside too. Yes safe to say I think I’m a little mad!. Haha!.  Speaking of my new purchase, I actually found this animal print makeup brush bag in a charity shop for £1.00 so obviously I couldn’t resist that!. It fits a lot of makeup brushes of most sizes and has many clear zipped pockets inside. It also has a long deep pocket that goes right down the full length of the bag, although I’m unsure what you would put in there because the bag folds up to a clutch style. The velcro removable mirror is also another great feature, altho it isn’t a very big mirror it does come in handy.

Clinique Daily Moisturiser.

I recieved this 15ml sample through the post when I signed up to their website and I love it so much, it hydrates my skin so well and leaves my skin feeling really soft. It has now left me wanting to try more of cliniques products and I even want to buy the full size of this moisturiser too.

Woman Exotic Eau de Toilette 50ml

I’ve had this Purfume for such a longtime now, I’d say around 2 years to be exact & I do use it quite a lot but it just never seems to run out. You only need to apply a tiny amount because it does last all day and even though it doesn’t have an over powering smell, it is still quite a strong scent. It has a lovely floral scent that isn’t very sweet, it is more like a deep musk sort of scent. I love the smell of it, it smells amazing. The only downside to this is that I’ve had it that long now, I cannot remember where I bought it from. If I did find it again, I would definately repurchase it.

Well that is my favourites for January, I’m looking forward to seeing what will be in my favourites for February!.

Have you tried any of the items I’ve mentioned in my January favourites?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

All comments, likes and any feedback is always appreciated.

Much luv.



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