January Empties


How fast has January gone?. It seemed not long ago we were just getting over Christmas then “Bang” another month has gone!. Time is flying way too fast for my liking. Anyway another month gone so here is another monthly empties. I’ve not used up that much this month, which I’m really surprised about because I have used quite a lot of products, but they just seem to have lasted really well and not run out.

TRESemmé Ultra Fine Hairspray.

I’ve been using TRESemmé products for quite a while now and I love them. I use hairspray a lot, because I have very thick, frizzy & naturally curly hair it can become a pain when trying to style it. I have tried to use so many different hair products on my hair over the years, but I’ve found that TRESemmé is the one that works best with my hair. As soon as I’ve styled my hair how I want it, I just spray a little bit all over my problem areas, just to tame my hair & prevent it from becoming frizzy and flyaway. This hairspray is perfect for me because it keeps my style in place all day, it doesn’t leave your hands or your hair feeling sticky which I love. What I’ve noticed with other hairsprays that I’ve used in the past is that on an evening when you start to brush your hair, it is a nightmare to brush out. TRESemmé hairspray brushes out so easily with no difficulties at all. I love their products so much that I also use their Shampoo & Conditioners and deep conditioning treatments which leave your hair feeling amazing for a while.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

This has been my go to product everytime I use my hair stylers, like my straighteners or my hair curlers. It is a fantastic product that really protects your hair from becoming damaged from the extensive heat that your stylers give off. Keratin is also brilliant for taming frizzy types of hair, it tames all of your frizz and leaves you with smooth hair. Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves your hair feeling silky soft afterwards too. I just spray a little bit all over my hair, epecially on the ends of my hair to give my hair that all over protection, you don’t need to use too much as it does go a long way. I run my fingers through all of my hair working it into every strand, the ends too & even through my fringe. This has lasted me so long, I think I’ve had it for about 8 months now which for a 200ml bottle that is pretty good going!. It is just an all round great product to use if you are constantly using hair stylers & straighteners.

You can buy these TRESemmé products or any other of their range from either Superdrug or Boots and any other cheaper bargain stores stock some TRESemmé products too.

Constance Carroll Touch Away Concealer Stick 

I’ve had 2 of these concealers now and they are quite an old brand that I had found in a cheap bargain store for £1.00 each. They are ok for a last minute alternative if you have run out or lost any of the other concealers you own, but I wouldn’t recommend them that much. They look nice but they go on quite thick and sticky & they just don’t feel that great on your skin to be honest. The concealers don’t last very well & they make your skin look greasy after a couple of hours. I didn’t like them at all, I’ve only used this a few times and really I should have got rid of them ages ago. They are in my January Empties because I’ve recently had a clear out & although these have hardly been used, I don’t plan on using them anymore so these are far from being empty but before I throw them away I thought I would give my review on them.


Rimmel London

Rimmel as most people may know have and always will be my all time favourite beauty brand. I just love Rimmel so much and I simply cannot say enough about them, they are my trusted brand that I always use with makeup and with nail polishes too. Rimmel nail polishes are amazing & I love them all, I have so many from their range and I’m constantly wanting to build my collection and buy more. Because 2 of the Rimmel nail polishes are now in my empties, I have an excuse to go out & purchase more!. Haha!. These nail polishes dry so fast and are very long lasting.

I loved using these colours, I love the electric blue shade in the Rimmel #815 Azure, it is such a stunning vibrant colour. I will be buying this again now that I have run out. The Rimmel #510 Euphoria is such a lovely tan shade, it’s perfect for just a basic not too heavy, everyday sort of shade that you would like. Really pretty colour to use. Both around £2.99 from Superdrug

Also the other great thing about these is that once I’ve applied them to my nails, they can still look just as great up to 5 days later with some of them only just starting to chip at this point. The choice of colours with Rimmel are massive, they have so much choice in different shades of the same colours too which is brilliant. Rimmel will definately always belong in amongst my beauty products forever.


Classics Pump It Up Nail Polish Remover

£2.00 Home Bargains

Ok this was one of them times when you’re shopping around & you get that 1 item that you haven’t seen before and the concept of it just catches your eye. As soon as I saw this, straight away I thought what a brilliant time idea!. Soon as I get home from shopping and I put all my food shopping away, I begin to put away any of my beauty items that I may have bought that day. I arrange all my items on my bed and sort through them because I always put my beauty items in certain places, maybe an OCD thing I don’t know. Anyway this less odour, less spills, less waste nail polish remover I placed on my bed & straight away it tipped over, baring in mind I had just bought it so it hadn’t even been opened yet. I didn’t think anything, I just picked it up and noticed that almost half of the nail polish remover had spilt all over my bed, I checked the bottle to see if it had been split open anywhere but nope no splits, no cracks…nothing!.

Safe to say this product that apparently has “less spills” didn’t live up to the advertising gimmick on the front of the bottle and Instantly I was not impressed.

Directions Of Use

To use this: you flip open the lid, turn the nozzle slightly and with a cotton pad or cotton ball you press it down in the nozzle area where it is dipped down in the middle, where the liquid comes out to form a small puddle in the dipped area. Once applied to the cotton wool you use to remove your nail polish in the usual way.

With half of the bottle left, I did get to try this after a few days of purchasing it and now I was left feeling like I wish I had never purchased it because everytime I used it, it just leaked everywhere and made such a mess. Even trying to remove my nail polish was a task in itself, safe to say it was not easy at all & after feeling like I was just using water to remove my nail polish and after some extensive scrubbing, getting covered in nail polish on my hands & my clothes…the nail polish finally came off!.

So very safe to say I won’t recommend this Nail polish remover & I will definately not be purchasing it again.


Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Colour

When I first purchased this I loved it, quite a few times I’ve used this and it has always been so good. It lasts a while, I wouldn’t actually say 24hrs as mine didn’t stay put that long and I did notice I had to reapply it after around 4 hours, but in saying that I don’t mind reapplying a lipstick if I think it’s a good colour, it looks great on and I love it, which with this I did.

When I am trying out a new lipstick I purposefully do not use lipbalms because I like to see if a lipstick dries out your lips like this & if it does make your lips become very dry, quickly like this, then to me this is no good.

It was only after around maybe 6 weeks of constantly using this a few times that I started to notice that my lips were rapidly becoming very dry. I had almost finished this lipstick so just used what was left.

Not a lipstick I would repurchase again, although the lipstick looked really good and I loved the colour, I was just not very happy that using it had dried my lips out so much.


Disclaimer: All of the products named above were all purchased myself and none of the products named were sent to me for any kind of review. These are from my own experience & my own honest opinion only.

What products are in your empties this month?


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. All comments & any feedback are as always highly appreciated.

Much luv.



7 thoughts on “January Empties”

  1. That’s great post! I wrote about my January empties too! You might want to check it out 😊 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m forever using Lipbalms but if I’m testing out new Lipgloss or lipsticks I stop using Lipbalms to see if they do tend to dry your lips out, best way to test them I find. But that’s just my way, it might be just my lips that don’t agree with that type of Lipstick I don’t know haha. It seemed ok for 1st couple of weeks after using it. X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the Maybelline 24 hour lipsticks! I have two shades and wear them constantly. So good.

    I’ve just posted a January Empties article, would love to hear your opinions on some of the products if you’ve used them! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t you ever get really dry lips? Since using mine, my lips have become very dry to the point of cracking. That’s never happened with any other lipsticks or lipgloss I’ve worn. Sure I’ll take a look. 😊 Xx


      1. I have found that because the lipstick is very matte, you do have to apply the conditioning balm every now and then to keep your lips from sticking closed, but I’ve just gotten used to that. I also agree with it flaking and not lasting the best – but that is only when I’m out drinking or eating.

        I haven’t noticed any long term drying effect, but then to be fair I’ve never suffered with any dryness or cracking on my lips so I guess I’m quite lucky in that sense :/

        Thanks for checking out my post! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

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