4 Reasons Why I Love My LYDC LONDON BAG

I was first introduced to the brand LYDC LONDON when they became the host in a bloggers chat on Twitter that I had joined & I was very kindly sent a stunning LYDC LONDON purse in the post just for joining in with the chat.

Since being introduced to this brand & checking out their website and twitter page, I just instantly loved them so much more. The range of bags & purses etc they have are simply stunning! At the start of December last year, I noticed that LYDC were doing a competition to win 1 of there beautiful bags and of course being completely smitten over there items, I just had to enter.

On the 4/12/15 it were announced that I had won and I was completely in shock and overwhelmed, yet excited at the same time. It made my day and I was over the moon!

10/12/15 a big parcel had arrived at our door and I knew exactly what it was and yes I did squeal a little bit!



I actually couldn’t believe just how gorgeous this bag was when I unwrapped it. I always go for bigger bags when I shop around, because I know how much I carry around with me. You have heard the term “Everything but the kitchen sink”? Yeah that’s me!. The colours on the bag, couldnt fit me any better, it is just the sort of colours I would go for.


So 4 Reasons why I love my LYDC LONDON Bag

  1. I love all the detailing on the bag, every clasp, zipper and stud on the bag has their own Trademark “LYDC LONDON” engraved on it.
  2. The inside of the bag with the LYDC name printed all over the inside of the bag and their logo badge sewn on the inside adds a really nice touch.
  3. The design of the strap and gold plated detail to the front that holds the strap shut is just a great statement.
  4. It comes with a short handle for an arm hold and a longer belt looking strap for a longer length to hold off your shoulder if you prefer.


On the inside, the bag has 2 open pockets to keep your mobile phone & either a little deodorant or like me…maybe your favourite perfume that you love to carry with you. Also on the inside is a nice little zipped pocket to keep any discreet ladies items or some chewing gum. At the back of the bag is another zipped pocket, big enough for a little notebook or a small diary or even your mobile phone if you prefer to keep it there securely.

I really like the Trademark LYDC  logo on a gold plated plaque detail on the front, bottom end of the bag, it just finishes the detailing of the bag off, giving it a nice designer look.

The bag in itself is very strong & can hold quite a surprising amount of daily items that may require your needs on whatever journey you are taking. It is also perfect for night if you don’t mind carrying quite a large bag out with you because the arm strap would look perfect with any fashion pieces you wear on a nice meal out.

I highly recommend that you take a look on the LYDC LONDON website because they are amazing and create stunning pieces to suit any fashion style, day or night.

You can visit there website Here

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog.

Do you own a LYDC LONDON Bag?

All comments and feedback are highly appreciated.

Much luv



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