Life Through A Lens

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For over 10 years now my biggest passion in my life has always been Photography. There’s nothing I love more than getting outdoors, going for a long hike and taking my camera with me. I used to own a Canon DSLR 1100D but unfortunately I’m not great with technology and even though I spent a couple of years wishing for a decent camera, I sadly couldn’t figure it out & I made the very difficult decision to sell my camera & my plan is to now buy a smaller camera. I’m wanting a Canon G7X or something very similar. Because I’m wanting to do daily vlogs, I think this would be more suited for me.

I love everything about the great outdoors, nature, seeing and discovering amazing places, views and just anything I’ve never seen before. I’m a firm believer that beauty is everywhere you look, you just need to open your eyes and see it!. I have to admit that I do tend to become quite annoyed when I hear the words I’m bored!. Seeing the beauty in life costs nothing or very little because it is right on your doorstep, you just need to see it. If you become bored, get out…go for a long walk or even a short walk if you cannot manage long distances. One thing I love to do is walk to higher ground, as high as I can get a good view and just sit, watch and listen to the world, listen for what sounds I can hear and what I can see, look out for any wildlife or anything that is beautiful to look at, which in our world is a lot.

Many people are so busy with daily life, they never just stop, look and listen to the world we live in. I have sometimes sat in a city and just watched people walking by and just wondered what there life is like?. What do they do in their daily life?. What struggles do they go through?, if they do go through struggles on their life!. Not enough people in this world does this, just stops and looks…I mean really looks at life, opens their eyes and just sees it. The world is flying before your eyes, time is getting faster and days are just going by and when do you ever just stop for 5 -10 minutes to just look and listen?.

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Here’s my slideshow of my Photography I’ve taken over the years, doing exactly what I mentioned. Just sitting and looking, spotting something I found beautiful and all the photo’s I’ve taken on my walks that have cost me nothing. Just my family, me and my camera. Because I didn’t own my Canon camera that long, most of these photos in this whole blog were taken with my Samsung Camera Phone.


Here are a few of my personal family pics I have also taken that i thought i would share. Yes I edit all my Photography to make them look better & all I have ever used is simple free downloaded android apps, no Photoshop programme was used.

My apologies if you found this a bit long, but the beauty, the nature and just everything in our world is precious & timeless?. I just wanted to make people think about how precious it is and to try to open some people’s eyes to the beauty that is right on your doorstep, that doesnt cost a penny to view it and you just need to go look for it and see it, to appreciate how beautiful life really is.

Thankyou for reading my blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading & looking at it.

Much luv,



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