5 Steps To Daily Skincare



Having very sensitive skin can be quite difficult when trying to find the right balance, especially when I’m wanting to find a good daily skincare routine that actually works to leave my skin feeling hydrated, moisturised and silky soft. After trying a few different skincare products over the last few years, I’ve finally found these certain products that help me get into a good daily routine. I use these products on a morning after my usual face wash and on a night after I’ve just washed my face again before I go to bed.

My daily morning & night time face wash that I’ve always used are either a Tea tree face wash or a Witch face wash I really love too. I’ve found that both of these products give my face a good deep clean and leave my face tingling afterwards, which is the first sign that the products are doing what they should. They have always been perfect for my sensitive skin, they leave my skin really soft & have never caused me any irritation.

On a day that I am wearing make-up, before I wash my face I remove my make-up throughly using T-Zone Shine Control Cleansing Wipes by the company Brodie & Stone you can purchase them Here I have used these face wipes for quite a few years now and they have always been great for my skin, each wipe cleans away all of my make-up quickly, without causing me any irritation to my skin & leaves my skin feeling soft.


Left no make-up – Right make-up on

After taking off all my make-up and washing my face, to give my skin an extra deep clean, I use Deep Action Pore Cleansing Pads by Superdrug these are brilliant for targeting spots, getting rid of any blackheads and just giving my face a good deeper clean.


Each pad is textured to help with exfoliation and the witch hazel helps to tighten pores, whilst Camomile extract also helps to soothe the skin. When I first bought these, I was quite wary about them because I thought they would be too abrasive on my skin, but they actually felt quite nice and didn’t leave my skin sore at all, as long as you are not rubbing too hard on your skin obviously. Just a simple yet gentle wipe over a couple of times around the areas of my face that needed the most attention.



The great thing about using these is shown right there in this photo, I washed my face thoroughly & then used the face wipes and then used these pads. As you can tell just how much they really do deep clean your face and pick up some parts you may have missed like 1 corner of your face or even a slight bit on your neck. This is exactly why it is better to give your skin a good deep clean this way, rather than just washing your face with any face wash and then just carry on with your routine thinking that your face is clean!.


After cleaning off all of my make-up, I love to give my face a good cleanse and I love using this Boots Time Dimensions Conditioning Cleansing Cream. It is so creamy and smells amazing, with a nice soft, purfume scent. I apply a small amount to a cotton wool pad, gently sweep the cleanser across my whole face & then remove with a bit of water on a clean cotton wool pad. Afterwards it leaves my skin feeling really soft & hydrated.


I have a few different brands of moisturisers but find myself reaching for this St.Tropez body moisturiser the most. When I first found this at Home Bargains  I did realise after reading this in store, that it was for people who used fake tan, to make tans last longer but after smelling how great it was, to be honest I didn’t care!. Haha!. It smells amazing & leaves my skin feeling so soft. I’m really happy I decided to buy it, because I now love this moisturiser and I have been using it everyday and every night.


Having always suffered with eczema my skin becomes very dry quite easily, so I’m forever on the look out for the next best or any recommended hand creams. Nivea have always been in amongst my beauty products, ranging from deodorants to lovely lipbalms and even many different Nivea hand creams. So I always make sure I use a good hand cream in the morning & evening as part of my daily skincare routine & even throughout the day sometimes as well, especially whenever my skin feels particularly dry. Nivea Express Hydration purchased from  Home Bargains is brilliant. It makes my skin feel hydrated instantly, absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin feeling so much better for a quite while. You only need to use a small amount because a little goes a long way. Not only do I use this on my hands after I have finished my face, but for extra hydration I also use a small amount on my face.


So that is my daily & nightly skincare routine I have so far, that I have stuck to for the past year now. This may or may not change in the future because I’m never afraid to try something new.

What products do you use and recommend for skincare?

Have you 1 item in particular that is your all time favourite?

Thank you very much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Much luv.



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