Inspirational People

There’s nothing I love more than starting my day with a nice coffee, in my pj’s reading and catching up with some of my favourite bloggers posts. I feel very lucky to have come across some very talented people that inspire me to love what I do everyday, inspire me to keep going and to just enjoy it.

People have also shown me that it is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to have off days & I will not be judged for it. I know now that even though I may not think my blog posts are that good, others may think otherwise. I’ve also learnt that dealing with everyday life like Anxiety, stress and really dark days is ok because I’m not alone in that and it will not last forever…tomorrow is another day. My passion for Blogging and Vlogging has grown in a massive way since reading & watching people’s inspirational Blog posts & Vlogs and just for that alone, I am truely grateful & means a lot to me.  I find it so strange how reading a couple of blog posts in the morning can change your whole mood or perception on daily life. I find it truely amazing. So if you have woken up to what maybe a bad day, my biggest advice (which is something I’m not great at!),…is spending even just half an hour reading a couple of blog posts about life, struggles and even a blog post on how to deal with daily life & I guarantee you that it will change your mood…Or from my perspective it has & I hope with my advice it will change yours too.


Anyway I just thought as my way of appreciation and to show how truely gratefully I am, I thought I would share with you…the bloggers I love and read on a daily basis.

In the frow A.k.a Victoria

I came across Victoria’s Vlog through watching the YouTube Christmas Party on Zoe’s  A.k.a Zoella YouTube Vlog. And I’m really glad I did, she is such an inspirational blogger & vlogger. I love the way she writes & her photos are simply stunning. Her website looks fabulous & very eye catching. She talks about things in great detail & with such passion too.

Her Blogs:

One of my favourite blogs of Victoria’s is:

9 Things I Wish I’D Done As A Teenager.

It is such an inspirational read & 1 blog I really do highly recommend you check out. I won’t say much about it because you should go read it but this really blew my mind, it really makes you think about yourself and your experiences in life.

Her Vlogs:

Inthefrow vlogs

Her vlogs are also just as good, she’s funny and makes me laugh so much. I love how Victoria shows you so much in her vlogs again in great detail.


My favourite Vlogs of hers is her:

Flying To The Alps For The Snow | Frowmas Day 11, 12 & 13.

I could watch them over & over and her others too and because I’ve watched them, it has now got me wanting to watch more travel Vlogs & I have done since. If you haven’t seen her Travel Vlogs yet, go on her youtube channel and watch them, she has a few & they are all fantastic but the Flying to the Alps vlogs are simply mind blowing & breathtaking!.

There are so many Blogger’s and Vlogger’s that I love but Victoria’s is definately my ultimate fave & I would love to meet her 1 day. I have much love & respect for Victoria.


Samantha Maria A.k.a BeautyCrush

Sammi is another blogger & vlogger that I came across whilst watching the YouTube Christmas Party Vlog by Zoe. I think this is what is great about these big YouTube get togethers, because it helps you to be introduced to other Bloggers/Vloggers that you may have not seen before, which I think is fantastic. Sammi is an another one that is very inspirational to me.

Her blogs:

Her Fashion style is incredible because she shows people how to style for literally any occasion & teaches you how to add accessories to match. I myself couldn’t imagine wearing bright colours like electric blue or yellow and even something simple like wearing a gorgeous hat in the summer months, but now I’ve read her blogs…I’m now thinking twice and I’m wanting to try more pieces & have much more variety in my wardobe rather than just sticking to the same style again and again. There’s so much more out there to try and Sammi has definately shown me this in her Blogs, vlogs and stunning photos.

Her Vlogs:


Her Vlogs are so great, so funny & she has an amazing down to earth personality and it shows this in her vlogs, she doesn’t leave anything is simply her and her life with her boyfriend and their 2 dogs which are so incredibly cute and I myself have come to love her dogs too. Here vlogs bring fun, laughter, her life and everything in between. Her vlogmas was also amazing, I loved them and really enjoyed watching them all. If you haven’t seen her blogs, her vlogs and she has a main channel which is also fantastic & I highly recommend you go check them all out. Another person I would love to meet 1 day.


Zoella I have loved for such a long time, even before I started blogging myself in may 2015. Her blogs are bright, cheerful and full of everything you could read about: Recipes, life, Beauty, Fashion even hairstyles. I don’t think I can think of 1 topic that Zoe hasn’t covered in her Blogs, she’s literally wrote about everything but she has been blogging since 2009 I think, if I’m correct?. That is a lot of blogs and for that fact alone she is inspirational to me, I mean wow…that is a long time!. I love Zoe because she is down to earth, she has an amazing personality & I can relate to her a lot in terms of her & my own experience with Anxiety which I never talk about but she is so inspirational to me because she can openly talk about it, not an easy thing to do.. I know!. If you haven’t read her blogs, you should check SOME of them out, not all obviously because there is so so many to read, well unless you have a few months on your hands then… sure go ahead. Haha!. They are definitely worth a read though.

Zoella’s Vlogs

I’ve always had a love of YouTube and watch any random videos I come across and get recommended. I think Zoella’s was literally like that (Sorry if that sounds bad!.) But indeed I just stumbled across Zoe’s channel and I couldn’t remember for the life of me which of her vlogs caught my eye because it seemed so long ago, but I’m so glad I did. She is hilariously funny & watching her vlogs just makes me laugh no end.  Together with her main channel both are so great to watch, I guarantee you that they are always full of fun, laughs and huge randomness but this is another reason why I love Zoe…Yes for her randomness!. Haha!. I too am pretty random and another reason why I can relate. Her vlogmas was so amazing and I loved watching every single one of them. I love how over excited she gets about Christmas, it is amazing and very funny to watch her. She’s just awesome!! Go check out her vlogs. I really hope to get to meet her 1 day for a good chat.

PointlessBlog A.k.a Alfie Deyes

Of course we couldn’t miss out Alfie!. Alfie has a Gaming channel, a Vlog channel and a main channel, all of which like Zoe’s brings fun laughter and even more randomness. I’ve not seen much of his gaming channel (I’m sorry!.) Haha! But I do love his main & Vlog channel. His main channel is full of hilarious challenges that are indeed very funny to watch and he gets up to all sorts. I guarantee it will bring you so much laughter. His Vlogging channel is brillant, daily Vlogs of Zoe’s & his own life, friends and all the fun & even funnier random things they get up to, either at home, walking the streets with his camera or out and about somewhere. I really enjoy watching them every night and I’ve even got my husband watching them some nights. If you haven’t checked out his channels, you really should. I’m looking forward to seeing more of both Alfie’s and Zoe’s channels. He really inspires me to want to Vlog more myself on a daily basis but due to nerves, Anxiety etc I do find this so hard, but I will continue to try.



Styled By Charlie

Charlie Pallett is a blogger who not only writes for herself and of course with a love for blogging but also writes for the Metro online, which I must admit I’ve never read her blogs on there, but i do love her blogs on her website, they are fantastic to read.

Charlie covers Interiors, Beauty, Baking and Fashion. I’ve only come across her blogs recently but instantly I loved them. Her style of photography she uses on her blogs look amazing. Her attention to detail in every blog post is simply inspiring & her website looks fantastic. I will continue to look forward to reading her blogs daily.

StyledByCharlie Vlogs

Charlie has a lot of vlogs I still have yet to catch up on, but from her vlogs I have seen I love. I also love her make up hauls, her skincare routine & even her puppy Arla (the pug) is oh so super cute to watch. Charlie just seems a lovely blogger and I look forward very much to seeing more from her & hopefully getting to meet her 1 day. You should go check our her blogs & her vlogs.

Jemma Dorkface @ Dorkfaceblog

Jemma is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational people I have ever come across. She has created what must be by now 1 of the biggest groups running on Twitter called TheGirlGang which the last time I checked has over 1000 members. It is a group of bloggers all on Twitter who help, inspire and encourage other bloggers with much love and so much support in anything they do. Not only has she created & is running this group, but she is also a full time blogger and illustrator, which means she designs blog headers, logos and creates custom illustrations for people. Her life is literally packed with so much and above all this, she still makes the time to chat to fellow bloggers like myself. She is absolutely inspirational to me just because she is so organised and everything she does is written down, scheduled and planned. She’s the most organised person I’ve ever come across. Her blog website is amazing, lovely, bright & very eye catching. Her blogs are inspirational, fantastic and enjoyable to read and can even be so hilarious. She makes me laugh so much, her personality just comes alive in her Blogs and this is another reason why I think she’s amazing. I just love her personality. Go check out her blogs and join The girlgang if you haven’t already, it is an amazing group of bloggers who all just inspire, help and empower other bloggers so much.

So many more bloggers I love also, but to mention every single blogger that inspires me or bloggers that I read on a daily basis…this blog would be a very long blog!.

What I will say is that every single blogger I speak to or chat with on a daily basis or every couple of days.. I do love to chat to and I appreciate every single chat, catch up or even just a..”Hi, how are you?” It makes me smile to chat to people.

Again I do apologise for not including more people & recommending more blogs that I really love reading daily, perhaps I need to do another one of these posts at a later date to be able to include more people.

Thankyou so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments, feedback and likes are always appreciated.

Much luv.




14 thoughts on “Inspirational People”

  1. What a lovely post, just stumbled across your blog for the first time. I also write inspirational posts, and this has given me inspiration to write even more 🙂 will definitely be coming back to read again x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really great post hun. You are inspirational too, do you know you were one of the first bloggers I really got to know through twitter and you’ve inspired me so much, with a large family and health problems of your own I think you do an amazing job and your blog is always a fantastic read. Always remember that there is going to be a newbie blogger who looks to you for inspiration just like you do to your lovely ladies in your post. And of course, I love Victoria, Sammi and Jemma too 🙂
    Sharon Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much hun! Such a lovely think to say. I don’t really see myself as an inspiration to others…because I’m just me if that makes sense. It’s just who I am haha. But it is so nice to hear that someone else thinks that, kind of overwhelming actually. So happy to get to know you hun. Xx


  3. You’re honestly so awesome 🙂 I love how you shared the people who inspired you, and how you are inspiring me too! I have been realizing lately as well that reading some blog posts in the morning is a great start to the day!

    Liked by 1 person

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