4 Inexpensive Perfumes

Perfume is a big love of mine, I love all the quirky shaped bottles & some can be very pretty to look at. I don’t like many that are too overpowering & strong, I prefer scents to be floral or have a nice spicy aroma to it. Fragrances I tend to reach for have to be long lasting but give you that wow factor as soon as you smell it too. Any perfume that gives you that instant wow factor is a good scent in my opinion. Some big named fragrances in stores usually come with quite a price tag & that is okay if you can afford to spend that much on one you have been wishing for or that you know is highly recommended by others. But what if you want a really nice perfume without the big price tag?

Here are 4 cheaper perfumes that I have loved that I’ve found in discount stores nearby.

All prices of around £5 – £15.


Story Of Flower

This perfume has a very light, fresh & floral scent. Kind of like a spring morning or a summer breeze or that’s what comes to my mind when I spray it. It’s not overpowering but you only need to add a small spritz on each side of the neck & it will last all day. It is very similar to a type of musk you would buy from The Body Shop, it has a very similar aroma. It is so lovely.


Cool Mademoiselle

This perfume is another musky type of fragrance but with a bit more of a spicy aroma to it. Slightly stronger but still not too over powering. This has quite a long lasting scent which is really good. I’ve noticed when I have used this perfume & been wearing scarves, after a couple of days… the scent has still been there. Long lasting fragrances are definately a win with me.


Such a lovely deep spicy fragrance, I really love this perfume a lot because it’s so different to my other perfumes, it’s quite hard to put into words but it has a certain Autumnal type of aroma to it. It’s not strong but it’s definately not light scented either, more of an in between really. It does last all day on your skin & a good few days if sprayed on or near clothing or scarves.



The apple shaped bottle attracted me to this perfume, it did have a green leaf shaped top but unfortunately that has become lost somewhere, but I have had this perfume the longest & even though I use it fairly often, it has lasted a while. You only need a small amount with this fragrance because if you spray too much, it can be slightly overpowering. Again it has a spicy aroma to it. Not musky but not a light scent either. It is hard to describe exactly what this smells like but it really does smell gorgeous. One thing I have noticed whilst wearing it, is that it’s the type of perfume that gets stronger, the longer you wear it which you don’t get with many inexpensive fragrances.

All of the above scents I’ve used quite regularly & always loved the smell of them. Everyone has their own taste & their own style of perfume they love, so although this maybe the type of fragrance that I love & wouldn’t mind using, I know everyone has their own opinions & taste in relation to fragrances.

What are you’re favourite perfumes that you are loving?

Do you prefer quality branded fragrances or do you like trying new cheaper fragrances as well?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog & I hope you enjoyed reading it.

All comments & likes as always are very much appreciated.

Much luv.





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