My win with Apatchy London

I don’t like to come across as bragging & this is not my intention with this blog post. This is my way of thanking certain brands & as a thank you I like to mention the brand in my blog with a nice review.

I do love sharing my stories with my readers in my blogs & I really hope you love reading about them.

So 3 weeks ago I entered a competition on my Instagram to win a beautiful personalised Cosmetics Bag & included the winner’s name initials in a lovely design on the front.


5 days ago I was told by DiaryDirectory the company who was running the competition for Apatchy london that I had indeed won. I was very happy & excited. I recieved my parcel by postal delivery on Thursday 7th January.


I was very happy & impressed with how well & just how pretty it looked in the packaging. It came in a brown box & then when I opened it, I saw this beautifully presented gift box with a lovley green ribbon & a very nice hand written card of congratulations.


The gift box lid has a magnetic side opening which was very nice. In the box the gift was also wrapped in nice label branded tissue paper.


I love the whole design of the box & the colours too which are a Black outside & a bright illuminous Green interior, it looked very well presented. I actually love the gift box that much that it would be the sort of box you wouldn’t want to throw away.


Inside I was also happy to see that the company had included 3 small catalogue type booklets, showing you other items they sell in great detail. I loved looking through these & I have seen a couple of items I would love to order in the future.


As soon as I opened the tissue paper I think I may have just squealed a little bit with excitement….okay maybe a lot (Haha)!. I was very happy & excited at how pretty it looked, the colour pink is not a colour I would normally go for but the shade is a nice dull pink & not vibrant or too much.

The initials are made of a soft material with a velcro backing to be able to remove the letters if required which I think is a fantastic option. The front of the initials has beautiful sequins which gives it that sparkle. I especially loved the black union jack shaped flag design behind the letters that have been created by being stitched together & keeps the initials stuck in place, very clever. The top of the Cosmetics bag has a nice black tassle like keyring design attached to the zipper which is a nice touch added.

The Cosmetics bag itself is quite a nice size, bigger than it looked on the Instagram photo. Not too big that it wouldn’t fit into your handbag, unless your chosen handbag was quite small. It is a good size to hold quite a bit of make-up needed if travelling around & when you’re needing to reapply at any time throughout the day. It can also be great for carrying mini travel beauty items when travelling on holiday or a weekend away.


The bird design on the back is so lovely & very well created by embroidery in such great detail which finished of the whole look of the bag beautifully. It’s safe to say I am very pleased with it & so grateful that I had been chosen to win.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog & I hope you liked reading it.

All your comments, likes & your feedback as always is very much appreciated.

Much luv.



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