My Fashion Changes


Fashion styles or trends have changed so much throughout the years & are still changing rapidly this present day.

Some are a drastic big change…like a whole new style, a new wardobe full of items you thought you would never wear. Some are just minor changes…like a new colour change. For whatever reason fashion will never change, fashion is constantly growing, getting bigger & better…year after year. More brands, more companies with their own take & their own creativity on the next big trends. It’s endless!.



Most of my blogs so far have been on the categories Lifestyle & Beauty, yet very little on Fashion, which I now want to do more blogs on because although I love the other two categories, fashion I love just that little bit more.

So before I fully begin on the fashion side of blogging that I have planned, I thought it would be fun (a bit cringe worthy for me)…to take you on my journey through my trends, I hope you enjoy!.




All my life up until around the age of 28 I have permenantly worn black, my wardobe was filled with black clothing, all gothic, grunge, rock chic style clothing. Even my big black hair like in the pic above, which I’m now trying to change too but is proving difficult to get it to a lighter brown.

I still even own one of my many long black coats, although it has now seen better days so I don’t think I’m going to keep it much longer. I still have a passion for my biker/rock chic style everytime we have the rock/biker event on here every year (that’s a future blog coming for the summer). My gothic trend started to fade around the time I hit 25 – 28. I just wanted to change for myself because the gothic/rock/biker trend is all I’ve known and I wanted a brand new makeover…so to speak!.

I do have plenty more cringing photo’s but fortunately…coughs erm I mean unfortunately they are all on my hard drive and no way of getting to them until we purchase another Pc or Laptop.



I have loved the Rockabilly style for so long but have never ever had enough confidence to be able to pull it off & it was on my mind so much that I was allowing it to stop me from trying it for myself & I don’t know what it was, but I just woke up, thought no more about it & went for it. I love the dresses, the accessories and the hair styles. I wasn’t really into all the music too much but I did like the odd old tune. Funnily enough though all the Rockabilly dance routines fascinated me, saying that however I know I could never try them myself. So i changed all my wardrobe, bought a couple of beautiful dresses (see pic) and they are still hanging in my wardrobe until summer comes again & i will be wearing them. I think Rockabilly fashion will always be a love of mine.

img_20151005_124329.jpg So this is me today.

Now up to a recent pic, my style has changed so much since many years ago. I still love my Rock/Biker chic & Rockabilly styles and that will never change, it’s something I love and I’m very passionate about. I never thought I would see the day when I would own a dress or even a skirt and become all girly like I have. Now I’m just loving fashion so much & I can honestly say that I now purchase & wear what I love without a care.

My motto is if I love it, I will buy it & wear it. I’ve grown to not care as much, I think because of my age & I just wish I had got this in my head many years ago.

Now when I look in the mirror wearing bright colours I smile & getting comments about how great I look, it makes me feel uncomfortable because I’m not used to getting lovely comments but it also makes me feel on top of the world and it has given me so much confidence in myself too.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I really hope you enjoyed reading it.

All your comments, feedback & all your likes are highly appreciated.

Much luv.



8 thoughts on “My Fashion Changes”

    1. If found it so hard to change my look, I think I just got fed up of wearing the same things and now I just wear what I love the look of. I still get a bit conscious about what I wear but nowhere near as much as I used to. Thanks for your comment X


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