What’s In My Bag??

I haven’t yet done a “What’s In My Bag?” Blog, so I thought…New year, new gorgeous bag…Thanks again to LYDC London I’m still in love with it. And new contents in my bag. So here it is….




I love my LYDC London bag so much, but I’m not going to say too much about it because it is going to feature in one of my fashion review blogs coming very soon.

So “What is in my bag?” Let’s have a peek!.


Here’s a little pic I took just before emptying the contents for my blog shots. This is how my bag usually looks, pretty full I know. I don’t do things in small sizes, I think I really do carry everything but the kitchen sink!. Haha!.


  • Headphones
  • Earphones

One thing that not many people may know about me is the fact that I am literally obcessed with music, it is a great passion of mine & music goes everywhere with me. I’m constantly listening to music & there is so much music, artists new & old etc that I love.

The reason I carry both headphones & earphones in my bag is because I love both of them but my earphones after a while tend to hurt the inside of my ears so when this happens I switch to my headphones. Strange carrying both around when I could just use one set I know but I just love them both equally & both provide amazing quality sound, plus my headphones are fantastic for blocking out more outside noise than my earphones do.


Big & small make-up bags.

Big Make-Up Bag.

  • Foundation’s
  • Blusher/Pallettes
  • Bronzer/Contour Set
  • Eyeshadow Pallette
  • Rimmel Nude Lipstick
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Red Lipsticks
  • Estee Lauder Red Lipstick
  • Estee Lauder Little Black Primer
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR
  • Eyeliners
  • Lipbalms


Small Make-Up Bag

  • Cheap make-up  brushes
  • Clinique moisturiser
  • Chanel mini Mascara
  • Rimmel Scandle Eyes Flex Mascara
  • Beauty blender
  • Loose pots of eyeshadows
  • Mini pots of Highlighters


Real Techniques Clutch, Real Techniques & my Leather Black Gloves.

My Real Techniques brushes came with this stunning clutch bag to keep them in & I absolutely love them. I recieved from my husband at Christmas. My Leather Gloves I’ve had for many years & are amazing, they are Fleece lined & are still in great condition even after a few years. They have always kept my hands toasty warm in any freezing temps. I’ve had them for so long, I’ve actually forgotten where I purchased them from.


Samsung Galaxy Tablet

This is my saviour, I love it!. I use it to watch all my favourite Vloggers, watch any of my favourite series I want to catch up on, Movies, I also use it for gaming & of course my Blogging too. I would indeed be lost without my Samsung tablet, it is like having a mini laptop because I also have a keyboard that attaches to it!. It is just amazing & it goes everywhere with me.

My pencil case & my notebooks.

These have recently made an appearance in my bag because I love to draw, doodle & also take notes anywhere I go. I just love how cute these are.


Another amazing Christmas present from my husband which I love is this brilliant speaker. It is battery operated & plugs into your earphone socket in any device….phone or tablet!. The sound quality is amazing & with the up/down volume feature, it has a pretty loud sound too.

Purfume, roll on deodrant, gum & sanitary items.

I’ve had this Umbro exotic woman Purfume for so long & it really has lasted well. You only need to spray a tiny amount & it lasts all day. It wasn’t very expensive from what I remember which is brilliant for the quality.

Dove is one of my top favourite brands & I love this roll on Deodorant, I prefer to keep a roll on Deodorant in my bag rather than a spray because I hate the thought of accidentally spraying it in someone’s direction. A roll on is much more discreet to use whilst out & about.

There is nothing worse than smelly breath, especially while out shopping so I’ve always got at least 1 packet of gum with me all the time. As for the sanitary items (pretty self explanatory haha)!.


My extra large purse.

I love this purse, it fits everything!. Cards, cash and even has a zip for loose change. It’s more like a clutch than a purse it’s that big. The pattern is cute too & reminds me of spring/summer seasons and to be honest who doesn’t love flowers?.


I’m forever cleaning out receipts from the bottom of my bag, I had quite a few to clear out but most of them are always from Superdrug because it’s my favourite store & I’m always in there.

So that is “What’s In My Bag?” I really hope you enjoyed this blog & thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

Do you have any strange or random items in your bag?

Leave me any comments or feedback you wish, they are all highly appreciated.




10 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag??”

  1. So good to know I am not the only one who carries loads of stuff with her! For me, it’s 2 planners, a notebook, a to-do list pad, a make-up bag full of little pots of lip stuff, perfume etc, and a big purse. Plus earphones and headphones. Haha. We’re very similar! Was great reading this post! x x

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  2. Such a great post, I was inspired to do my own until I realised just how bad the inside of my bag was!! I did however find two lovely photos of my children in the zip pocket so that made me smile. I’m going to have a good sort out and do a similar post so thank you for the inspiration and helping me find those photos! Lola x

    Liked by 1 person

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