December Favourites

Hard to believe we are now in the year 2016, how fast has the year 2015 gone?.

For me a lot has happened in December & I also found a lot of new loves as far as beauty & other various items go. So here are my December Favourites!.


Sunkissed Bronzer & Contour Set.

Back in Sept last year I was lucky enough to be asked to review this stunning Bronzer & Contour Set for the company Sunkissed which I was very excited about. I instantly loved this because of how pretty it looks with the sun & stars embossed in the powder design. Using this just made me love it even more, it is so easy to apply & looks amazing on. It just gives your skin that subtle but beautiful glow & it works amazingly well as a Contour too. I am constantly using this a lot, even more so this December…I have found I’ve just been using it that little bit more often than before, which is why it is in my December Favourites and I cannot believe it still looks as full as it does because of the amount of use I have got out of it & it still looks new. I highly recommend this to try if you haven’t already…you really should!.

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks.

The first Rimmel Lipsticks in Red I’ve ever tried & never stopped purchasing since. Purchased from Superdrug December is definately the month I’ve been wearing red lipsticks the most, I love wearing red Lipstick anytime but even more so this month because as most people know Red is just a full on Christmas shade & I’m sure most people would wear mostly red this month. I love Rimmel so much & it is now 1 of my top favourite brands in beauty. These lipsticks designed by Kate Moss & branded by Rimmel are simply amazing, they are full of colour & just stay on my lips all day & night. Another Lipstick brand I highly recommend & I will always purchase again & again.

Lumiere Eyeshadow & Maybelline Colour Tattoo. 

The Lumiere Eyeshadow bought as a gift to me. I haven’t actually used this as an eyeshadow but as soon as I saw this, I knew what it would be great for…a highlighter!. This eyeshadow is a very light cream colour but it is also very shiny & works amazing as a highlighter to make your skin glow. I apply this to the tips of my cheekbones, end of my nose & the top of my lip just to give them areas more of a highlight & glow. I love this Lumiere & I’m definitely going to be buying it again.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo I have used a lot in December. Purchased from Superdrug I love how creamy these are & so easy to apply. I actually have 3 different shades in these eyeshadows because I love them that much. They really last all day & night. You only need to use a tiny amount as it really goes a long way & they look amazing on your eyes. Another highly recommended beauty product that I will be repurchasing when mine eventually run low.

Derma V10 Black Volume & Length Mascara & The Colour Experts Volume Mascara.

Purchased from Home Bargains

Both I’ve used just as much, alternating between the two throughout December. I love both of these because of the same reasons as they are very similar. They both don’t clump up at all and just go on easily & evenly. I have noticed a considerable difference in volume & length when I have applied these mascaras & they make your lashes look full & really stand out. For a cheap Mascara that cost me around £3 each I am pretty impressed.



St Tropez Body Moisturiser 

Home Bargains

This has been my favourite Moisturiser for quite a few months now, still is & always will be. I cannot rave about this enough, I just love it so much. It smells incredible & the smell lasts for a good 48hrs on my skin. It also makes my skin so soft for days. I love it that much, I have finished 1 bottle & still have another 2 bottles to get through. Once the other 2 bottles have almost gone though I definately will be buying more. Highly recommend this moisturiser to anyone that hasn’t tried it yet.


Purchased from various cheap stores.

December has been so bad for my poor lips, like every year…they become very dry, cracked and peel. Partly my own fault really as I don’t use Lipbalms throughout the year as much as I should, only when it is too late. But these are the Lipbalms that I grab every year.

Vaseline is 1 of the oldest Lipbalms that have been going for more years than I can actually remember, I’m loving the Aloe Vera Vaseline. The retro sweets collection of Lipbalms is more of a recent purchase from B&M’S. As soon as I saw these I just had to try them & I’m glad I did because they are amazing!. The only downside to these is they smell & taste exactly like the actual sweets they are named after, although I wouldn’t recommend eating them…it is very very hard not to lick your lips whilst wearing these Lipbalms. The red egg shaped Lipbalm purchased from Home Bargains  has a very nice strawberry scent & leaves your lips feeling soft. All of the Lipbalms mentioned above I love equally & have all been alternatively used throughout December and happy to say they made my December Favourites.


Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation 

Purchased from B&M’S

Before discovering this foundation, my foundation was varied, usually any that were within my price range & didn’t cost very much. I was very happy to discover that B&M’S (which is 1 of my favourite stores) sold this Rimmel Foundation. Since then I have used around 2 bottles & will continue to use this foundation because I’ve found it gives me great coverage. It applies really easily & to me is just flawless. It is 1 foundation that I will always repurchase & I’m very happy to have in my make up bag.


Derma V10 Anti Wrinkle Cream & Day Cream.

These creams I came across in Home Bargains a few months ago but I’ve been using them more often as part of my morning skin routine throughout December, proberbly due to the harsher weather conditions we were getting that month. These really smell amazing & leave my skin really soft. They have both really helped my face and hands stay soft.


Various nail varnishes I have loved and been using quite a lot recently in December are Rimmel London 60 seconds in Red Carpet. Purchased from Superdrug

W7 Glitter range and Saffron London Gold Glitter. Purchased from B&M’S

All of these have looked amazing on my nails throughout December and especially around Christmas. Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish is the 1 I use more than any other because I love that they are super fast drying & I love all the colours. The others mentioned I loved purely for the fact of how glittery & gorgeous they looked on. Although the W7 & the Saffron glitter nail polishes are not as fast drying as the Rimmel, the wait is worth the end result because they really do look stunning when applied.



Relax & Revive Fizzing Bath Bombs.

These Bath bombs were so good to use, the scent of these were so nice and relaxing. The Rose Bath Bomb was not as strong as the Mango Bath Bomb, but was noticeable. The Mango wasn’t overpowering but a stronger scent than the Rose Bath Bomb. When I used these Bath bombs it did make me feel relaxed and I enjoyed using them & to be honest for 99p each from Home Bargains  I honestly have no complaints. They are definitely worth trying.


Garnier Ultimate Blends.

I saw this Shampoo & Conditioner being highly recommended on another blog post I had read & I apologise but I honestly cannot remember whose blog it was or I would love to mention them here in my blog. Since purchasing these I have loved them instantly. They have Royal Jelly & Honey in them which must be brilliant because since using these my hair has felt amazingly soft and looked in such great condition & shiny. Plus a bonus, my hair smells amazing too. Definately highly recommend.


Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion and Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

Purchased from Superdrug

Simple products I absolutley love and are always my go to beauty products in the winter months for a long time now. So again both of these have been used in my skincare routine. My moisturiser & my cleansing lotion that I use to remove my make-up. They are both fantastic products to use when your skin is suffering in the winter months. They just soften your skin & make it feel less dry.


Of course my blog December Favourites wouldn’t be right without mentioning my top favourite candles. I have raved on about these two candles I think all over the December month, about how great they are, how amazing they smell & pics on my Instagram have been a lot of these candles (Haha)!. Anyway I think most people who follow me know by now…just how amazing these are. They are absolutely my top favourites & will always be in my home forever, purchased again & again.

Thank you for reading & I really hope you liked my December Favourites blog, my apologies it is so long. I seem to have accumulated more favourites than I realised & I did leave some items out because this blog post would have gone on forever Haha!.

What we’re your December Favourites of 2015?

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know or any feedback you may wish to add.

All comments, likes and feedback are always appreciated.



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