My Top 5 – 2016 Goals


New Year’s Resolutions are made every year & very few stick. This year I’m setting myself not resolutions but goals, achievements to set myself to aim towards throughout this new year!.

Here are my 5 achievable realistic goals.


  • Social – To become more social!

Get out & meet people. Something I have struggled with most of my life due to suffering with Social Anxiety.

  • Confidence – Build it!

My confidence has grown so much since starting Blogging & Vlogging. It has helped me so much, but I still struggle with it quite a lot.

  • Photography – Better use & design.

New ideas & better ways to use design & objects to make my blog photography better, I want all my Photography to be my own creation & not just the use of free downloads for bloggers.


  • Better Blogging & Vlogging.

This is the top goal of mine I want to achieve the most. Both are not great and I want them to be better. I want people to enjoy reading my Blogs, I want to provide fantastic content. I want to do more Fashion as these are the blogs I would love to do the most.

With my Vlogging I want to have enough confidence to be able to just Vlog anywhere, anytime without worrying about people staring or me feeling like I’m making a fool of myself talking to a camera in public.

  • Fashion Style – Better & newer me!.

New year, new wardrobe. My aim for this year is definately to clear out the old & go shopping for new clothing. My fashion style is drab & not how I would like so this is an absolute must for me as soon as possible. New year, new style!.


I am really looking forward to what the future holds this year, it is already better now so I am very excited to see what is to come.

What are your goals this year?

Do you like setting New Year’s Resolutions?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Any comments, likes & feedback are always appreciated.



16 thoughts on “My Top 5 – 2016 Goals”

  1. I totally know what you mean with the Social Anxiety! I’d love to join some groups to meet new people in my local area but the thought of walking into a new group of people scares the life out of me! How are you getting on with this since January? Hope you’re getting on ok.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah I’m better than I was chatting to people etc but I’ve no idea if I can go to blogger events or meeting people yet. I’m hoping that will change.


  2. Love your blog posts. I am still trying to keep up with my New Years Resolutions, but unable to so far. So much I want to do but being a working mummy of 2 it is very tricky, as well as my Illustrations and Etsy. but will get there, just need to stop these bugs, bring on the sunshine 🙂

    Stacey xxx

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  3. Good luck with building your confidence and improving your photography! It seems like you really know what you want to achieve this year. Best of luck with it! 🙂 xxx

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  4. Feel like I should just copy and paste these 😂😂 Pretty much my goals too including the fashion style I went from goth/alternative to ‘comfy’ anything large & warm 😬 definately need to change that after looking back at old pics! Xx

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    1. Haha! I’ve gone from gothic most of my life up until about 5 years ago to retro/rockabilly style fashion. Now I’ve started blogging my fashion style is totally mixed up of anything that’s trending & there’s not a lot out at the minute I don’t like. I’ve kinda gone from being a tomboy all my life, never wearing a skirt or even a dress & now I’ve found my girly style. It’s so weird haha. But I love it. Xx


      1. Haha so similar I guess I dress like a tomboy atm – jeans, trainers, baggy hoody.. Closest I get to girly is a vest top 😂 Im soo fussy about what’s comfortable & never know what kinda stuff to buy! I’m hoping to drag a mate out this year & let her loose at lakeside picking stuff out for me to try on that I wouldnt normally look at 🙈 It’s great you finally found your girly style and love it haha xx

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        1. Yes I used to dress exactly the same around 5-8years ago. Think I’ve just got bored of the same style & now I’m much happier I’m trying new clothes out. Still need to improve but I’m getting more girly slowly 😂😂 X


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