5 Christmas Wine | Blogmas With LisaG


Well my inspiration came for today’s Blogmas post because we cracked open some Wine & I thought “Why not do a blog on my favourite wine”?


The Original Mateus 

This is a new wine for me, I have not tried it before tonight but I love Rose wine & this is what it said it was so thought “Why not”?  I’m glad we bought it & in fact I wish we had bought two bottles because it is such a lovley crisp but fruity wine to drink. In all honesty it was the bottles rounded shape that drew us to this bottle, it was just lovley to look at. It was only when we saw that it was a Rosé wine that it made us make the decision to purchase it. If you love this type of wine then I do highly recommend this, it is a lovley fruity drink.


Blossom Hill Grenache Rosé 

Blossom hill is my all time favourite wine, it is the wine I always buy because I just love the taste. Very fruity yet crisp but not too dry. I only ever drink mainly Rosé wine, it is my favourite kind and I don’t really drink anything else. Blossom Hill is definately highly recommended by me.


Blossom Hill White Zinfandel

This is the first of Blossom Hill’s wine I ever drank, it is what got me drinking and loving this wine from having this as my first bottle of wine ever!. It’s so fruity and so fresh and tickles your tastebuds or it did for me when I first took a sip of it. Since then I have tried other of their Rosé wine and loved them too.



Blossom Hill Crisp & Fruity

This wine is not much different to the other from Blossom Hill, I always find they all have a very similar taste & I’m no wine expert. But they are all fruity & very tasty, even a little sweet but not too sweet. But I do love them all so I thought I would add this bottle in as well because I know we have had this and I love it as much as the others.


Jacob’s Creek Muscato Rosé

I am not a big fan of Jacob’s Creek I have to admit but when I went for a meal & a drink with my husband, all they had was this after I asked for a Rosé wine so I thought I would give it a go. I had not tried the Jacob’s Creek Rosé before. I was very surprised because although it seemed a bit drier than Blossom Hill, it was still very fresh, very fruity and such a nice taste. It didn’t seem to leave a very tart after taste that I have found with some Wine, so yes all in all this was a win in my opinion because I did enjoy drinking it & it is a wine I would purchase again.

So although  a bit of a different post for me, I thought it is Christmas & what is Christmas without a few drinks to celebrate.

Really hope you enjoyed reading!.

What is your favourite tipple at Christmas time?

What are your favourite drinks that you would recommend?

Much luv.





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