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Because I’ve being doing so many serious Blogmas posts throughout December, I thought I would change things a little and throw in a bit of comedy to cheer some of you up that have been following & reading my Blogmas posts.

It’s Christmas! It’s good to laugh!.

How good are you at wrapping presents?

Some presents can be a little too obvious to wrap for some people. Enjoy!. Haha!.


A Chair

Unless this comes flat packed this is what you would have to deal with!.

I wonder if the person who received this for Christmas, guessed what it was?.


A Power Drill

Most power tools come in there own case but I guess this didn’t, much harder for the person buying it to wrap as you can see. I’m sure they wouldn’t guess this gift….would they?.


A Pan

Pans are also usually in boxes, but I know you can buy them separately. I would say it would be hard to guess, but that would be a lie because it is pretty obvious what this is, let’s face it. Haha!


A Teddy Bear

Hmmmm!. Kids sometimes are not very good at guessing, maybe they wouldn’t guess what this was…?  Haha!.


A Bike

Well as funny as the caption is on this picture, I don’t think Xbox have gone to great lengths as the Nintendo Wii in creating this for an indoor pursuit!. Haha!


Ok I’ve saved the best until last, I mean I didn’t even bother to name what this is, I think this above all the rest is a little over the top!. Obviously created as a joke, I mean they have even wrapped the phone. Hahaha!.

Hope reading this made you laugh a little bit. If not…then don’t worry I’ve added a little extra for you. Enjoy!.

Have you ever received the most funniest or even the worst Christmas Present?



A Gift Of Nothing?

Yes this is a gift you can actually buy for someone, I have seen these on Amazon. It’s basically the packaging with nothing inside it. I know people are hard to buy for if they had everything, but this is not the greatest gift.



All I can say to this really is…..why?

Why would you want to wear underpants that have been made into what looks like gloves on your hands?  This is definately up there in the top 10 of the worst Christmas presents ever!.


Nose Shower Gel Dispenser 

This is another why?

Why would you want to look at this in your bathroom every single day, let alone get shower gel or soap from it’s nostrils!. Haha!. Another worst Christmas Present maybe?


Deluxe Bacon Wallet

Ok you would have to love Bacon or be pretty addicted to bacon to want this for a Christmas present. I would love to buy this as a joke, just to see the look on a certain persons face. Haha!. I couldn’t even guess as to how anyone would react to a present like this.



This is actually something I could see either invented and out on the market already or soon will be. The most laziest contraption I’ve ever seen. Definately would be on my top 5 list of worst Christmas Presents in the world ever!.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading all this & it gave you a laugh or if it even made you smile or cheered you up, then I am happy.

Which are your best and/or worst gifts that you have had or you have gifted?

Thankyou very much for reading.

All likes & comments are appreciated.

Disclaimer: All illustrations shown are sourced from and I do not claim them to be my own.




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