3 Christmas Glitter Nails | Blogmas With LisaG


Christmas isn’t Christmas without that bit of sparkle, glam or a lot of glitter!. We love Christmas not just for the presents & all the trimmings but also for getting glamed up and ready to party.


Recently I treated myself to some W7 Glitter Nail Polish for over the Christmas season, I love these nail polishes and they are very glittery & look so pretty on. There is so many ways in which you can use them with a Base colour underneath & either glitter on the tips of your nails, create a pretty design with the glitter or just give yourself that full on sparkle by using it on your whole nail. In my opinion there is no such thing as too much glitter around Christmas time, the more glitzy the better.


W7 Multi Dazzle 

This is the nail polish I’m wearing at the moment and I love it. On its own it makes your nails look very shiny with the glitter of the multiple colours you get in this nail polish, it can also be worn on top of an undercoat in a different colour. However you wear it, it looks amazing. As long as you only add a thin layer it is fast drying, not as fast as 60 seconds like some nail polishes but definitely within 2mins.


W7 Gold Nail Polish

Gold Glitter is an absolute must at Christmas in my opinion, it is just a gorgeous, glam Christmas colour. This W7 Gold nail polish doesn’t disapoint because it is just so glittery & shiny. It is a great statement piece that would look fabulous with anything you decide to wear at home or at any Christmas Parties.


W7 Nail Polish – Red

Another must have at Christmas is some Red Glitter Nail polish, to make yourself look all glam & sparkly. Red glitter just says Christmas. I love this colour, it is so rich and very just stands out & looks so pretty on.


Are you a fan of all the glitter, sparkles & the glam for Christmas?

Which are your favourite colour/s to wear this season?

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

All Comments and Likes are appreciated.

Much luv.



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